tagGroup SexShe Did What?

She Did What?


“She did what?”

“She cut all the seniors from the squad.”

Lincoln School District Superintendent Dan Rogers looked incredulously across his desk to Assistant Superintendent Mike Conti. “How can you have a cheerleading squad without any seniors?” Dan asked.

“Liz said the sophomores and juniors were better. She said senior girls are at the age where their bodies are developing and they aren’t as athletic and, uh, agile as the younger girls,” Mike said sheepishly.

Liz Morgan was the young, first-year cheerleading coach at the high school. Today, she was Dan Rogers’ biggest headache.

Dan stared at Mike. “How many girls got cut?” he asked.

“Three. They had been on the squad for two years. JV before that.”

“And all three mothers have contacted you?”

“Yeah,” Mike said. “They asked for you, but Susan put them through to me. All three had called by 10 this morning.”

Dan put his palms on his forehead. “Jesus fucking Christ. That’s three sets of parents upset their precious daughters can’t be cheerleaders and three more sets of parents who will explode if we tell them a mistake was made.”

“Apparently the women have talked to each other, because each one indicated they would organize a boycott of the football games if the seniors weren’t reinstated,” Mike said.

“The operating levy is on the ballot in three months, Mike. We don’t need this. You know as well as I do that people care more about a perceived injustice like this than they care about the quality of education. Besides, we can’t let this get to the Board of Education” Dan said.

“I know. We need to work out a compromise. Quick.”

“I ended up talking to Conti, just like you and Debbie, but you know he’ll take it right to Rogers,” Carol Drennan was saying into her cell phone while driving to the athletic club.

“I hope so,” Nancy Charles said. She took another sip of coffee. “What’s the next step?”

“Well, Rogers and Conti are hired by the Board of Education,” Carol said. “If we don’t get satisfaction from them, we take it to the Board. That puts it into the newspaper and they are screwed at that point. We need to make sure Debbie is ok with that.”

“She’ll do anything, you know that,” Nancy said, leaning back in her chair at the kitchen table. “She wants this as bad as us.”

“I know. Listen, we’ll use the Board threat for now and see if we can’t work out a compromise.”

“Perfect,” Nancy said smiling.

The following day, Dan and Mike sat again in the Superintendent’s office. Dan hadn’t slept well the previous night, mulling over in his mind the various options they had. They could back Liz’s decision to cut the girls; they could reverse her decision; they could let the seniors back on the squad and not remove any of the new members; they could let the squad members vote.

“Liz swears the younger girls had better try-outs than the seniors,” Dan was saying. “You can’t argue with her reasoning there. But it’s bad politics.”

He stared out the office window. “I’ve decided we have to let the seniors back on the squad. But we can’t let the mothers think a simple phone call and threat caused it to happen. There’s prestige involved here. Not so much for the girls, but for the moms. Let’s find out how much they are willing to give up for the prestige.”

A meeting was scheduled for the next evening at Carol Drennan’s house. In attendance would be Carol, Debbie, Nancy, Dan, Mike and Liz. Carol was a former stewardess. She was a petite flirt with gorgeous golden blonde hair falling over gorgeous shoulders, stopping just above gorgeous breasts. She was a human Barbie who didn’t belong to a health club as much for her health as she did to watch the men watching her.

Debbie Filmore was a housewife. A cheerleader in college, she had married an attorney right out of college and never worked. She was 5’ 6”, 120 pounds, brunette and well tanned. Her friends knew her as someone who would have sex with a light pole if you gave her enough wine.

Nancy Charles had plans. They included early retirement, a rich second husband and cosmetic surgery. She was a realtor—a successful one. The personal photo on her web site showed enough skin to border on soft porn. She had a body and used it.

Debbie and Nancy arrived early. Carol wore a silky, blue shirt that clung to her figure and dark blue pants. Debbie wore a soft short sleeve sweater over a denim mini skirt. Nancy was in a dress with spaghetti shoulder straps and a plunging neckline.

When the school officials arrived, refreshments were served and small talk prevailed as the group sat in the family room. Liz Morgan, at 25 clearly the youngest in the group, sat and listened. She was expecting the worse, being considered by the women as the cause of all the alleged problems. But, she believed she was right and was prepared to defend herself.

“So, tell me your position on the cheerleading issue,” Dan finally worked into the conversation.

The three women looked at each other before Carol said, “We feel that having been on the squad for two years should give the girls the right to cheer as seniors. They’ve put in a lot of hours the past couple years and shouldn’t be punished now.”

“I don’t think this is punishment,” Dan said. “Liz was hired to coach the squad. She held tryouts and, in her opinion, chose the best cheerleaders.”

“But, the girls have earned the right to be on the squad,” Debbie said.

“It’s a privilege, not a right,” Mike added. “You earn it by being better than the others.”

There was a period of silence as the group watched each other. Carol finally said, “We hate to take this before the Board of Education. Isn’t there some way we can settle this among ourselves?”

“Sure,” Dan said. “You can show us how much this means to you.”

Again, there was silence as the two sides to the argument observed each other. “What do you mean?” Carol asked.

“I said, you can SHOW us how much this means to you,” Dan said with emphasis.

Carol and Dan locked eyes for what seemed an eternity. Then Carol stood in front of the couch she had been sharing with Debbie. Slowly, her hands moved to the top button of her blouse and she unbuttoned it. Then the next one. Working her way unhurriedly down the silk blouse, she undid each button while staring at the Superintendent.

When she pulled the shirt out of her pants to reach the final buttons, it fell open revealing the top of her breasts and small portions of a light blue bra. The room was deadly quiet. All eyes were on Carol as she let the shirt hang unbuttoned.

Carol gently opened the shirt and slid it off her shoulders. It fell down her arms and she placed it on the end of the couch. She stood facing Dan before sliding down the side zipper of her pants. She pushed them down her hips and the top of her matching blue panties became visible. She reached behind her to lower the pants farther and bent slightly to drop them to her ankles. After stepping out of the pants, she reached down to get them, her full breasts straining against her bra. She placed the pants on top of her blouse and looked again at Dan.

She walked across the room to Dan and stood so her legs were straddling his. Carol reached behind her, unhooking her bra. She let it fall into her hand and threw it on the floor next to her. She leaned forward slightly and sat on Dan’s legs.

“I really, REALLY, want my daughter to be a cheerleader,” Carol said softly, almost whispering it to the Superintendent. “Let me show you how much.”

Carol’s hand was between Dan’s legs, gently pressing down on his ever-hardening cock. She undid his belt and pulled down the zipper. Although she expected him to protest at any second, she reached inside the opening to his boxers and pulled out his cock. It was semi-erect, but already thick with a large, red tip. When Carol gripped it tighter and stroked it, she could feel it throb.

She looked at him with an expressionless face, then stood again and placed her legs inside his. Dan’s cock had fallen to one side, but continued to grow. When Carol got on her knees, he knew what was next.

Debbie and Nancy had watched intently, but had not moved. Now Debbie stood and walked to the opposite end of the couch, where Mike sat. Standing directly in front of him, she pulled off her sweater, revealing large, round, well-tanned breasts. Her long legs extending from under her mini skirt were spread apart, hiking the skirt up even higher. She ran her hands down the outside of her thighs, then up the insides until they disappeared under the skirt. She closed her eyes as they passed near her pussy.

“Take off your clothes, Mr. Conti, and I’ll show you how much I want my daughter on the squad,” Debbie said in a low, sexy voice.

Mike stood in front of her and began to strip. Meanwhile, Carol was sucking the Superintendent’s fully erect cock with slow, methodical precision. Her breasts swung in rhythm to her head action, her blonde hair falling on his legs. After a few more minutes, Carol backed away and stood. She pulled down her soft panties, exposing a neatly trimmed pussy and small ass. Despite her age, the trips to the health club had maintained a flat, smooth stomach. Her hips and thighs were in equally fine shape. She reached down and pulled Dan’s pants and boxers to his knees. After taking off his shoes and socks, she removed his pants and underwear. His cock rose from between his legs like a flagpole.

She sat on his lap again and unbuttoned his shirt. Carol pulled it off, admiring his naked body. She wrapped a hand around his penis before lifting herself from his legs and inching forward. Slowly, she placed the cock at the entrance to her pussy. When she felt the tip inside her, she lowered herself gently. Inch by inch, Dan’s cock disappeared inside her warm, wet opening. Carol sighed as she reached the end of the shaft and felt him harden even more. Her breasts hung in front of his face, the nipples bright pink with excitement.

Mike Conti was nude. Debbie looked him over approvingly before reaching for his cock. She stroked it softly as it hung, feeling it twitch in her fingers. Then she reached inside her skirt and pulled down her panties. They fell to her ankles and she kicked them off. Turning so she faced away from Mike, she unzipped her short skirt and lowered it. As she bent forward to remove it, her soft, round ass stuck out toward the admiring onlooker. She ran her hands lightly over it before turning back around to face Mike.

His stiffening cock gave her the evidence she needed. He would not refuse her advances now. She moved forward until their bodies touched.

“I want you inside me,” she whispered into his ear, making sure her breasts leaned against his chest.

Debbie then sat on the floor in front of Mike and stretched herself flat on her back. Spreading her legs slightly, she ran her fingers over her flattened breasts and nipples. Before Mike could get on his knees, Debbie’s hands were sliding across her pussy lips. Mike knelt between her legs and leans forward so his cock hovered above her breasts. She quickly held it in her hand and pressed it down against her tit, rolling it back and forth across the nipple. Soon, he was rock hard.

He repositioned himself so his cock was between her legs and reached under her for her ass. Lifting it just a little, he pushed his cock down until it met her cunt. A couple quick thrusts and his cock was surrounded by the moist warmth of her body. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around his waist. They began fucking in earnest with his hands still kneading her supple ass cheeks.

By now, Carol and Dan were practically bouncing on the couch having serious sex. When the Superintendent wasn’t holding her breasts or sucking a nipple, they jiggled up and down in unison with her movements. He felt her cunt systematically squeeze his cock, attempting to force the cum out of his balls.

Nancy and Liz had so far watched the action from chairs located close together at one end of the room. Nancy observed the 25-year-old cheerleading coach squirm in her seat more than once. Was it embarrassment or horniness? Being a woman of action, Nancy would find out.

She stood and moved beside Liz’s chair. “Does this turn you on?” she asked.

“Huh? Well, uh…,” Liz stammered

They watched the other two couples, various sounds of lovemaking spreading throughout the room.

“It makes me horny,” Nancy said. “All those naked bodies make me want to join in. How about you?”

Nancy leaned over the arm of the chair and slipped her hand inside the top of Liz’s sleeveless shirt. Her fingers crossed over the top of the young woman’s breasts and inside the left bra cup. Liz began to speak, but couldn’t when Nancy put Liz’s nipple between her thumb and forefinger.

Nancy unhurriedly unbuttoned the top two buttons of Liz’s shirt. After once again feeling inside Liz’s bra, Nancy finished opening the shirt, pulling it out of the young woman’s pants. She walked behind the chair and put her hands on either side of the open shirt. Liz leaned forward slightly and allowed the realtor to pull it off her shoulders. Liz pulled her arms out and laid the shirt beside the chair. She leaned back and let Nancy slide both hands down her shoulders, across her chest and onto her breasts. Liz reached behind her and unfastened the small bra. Nancy pulled it off.

Liz’s breasts were not large, but their young firmness and erect nipples made up for it. Nancy felt herself tingle with sexual excitement as she molded them in her hands. She kissed Liz’s neck and felt her twitch.

“It’s alright,” Nancy said. “When you want to stop, tell me.”

Liz said nothing. Instead, she stood and motioned for Nancy to stand with her. When they were together, Liz lifted the straps of Nancy’s dress over her shoulders and let the dress fall to the floor. Nancy wore a strapless bra and bikini briefs. As Liz’s hands reached for her breasts, Nancy removed the bra. Her splendid tits made Nancy’s look like she was a preteen. Liz outlined them with her fingers and held them in her palms. Then she knelt down and pulled off Nancy’s panties.

“You have a magnificent body. I’m very jealous,” Liz said quietly.

“I’d love to see all of yours,” Nancy replied.

She quickly removed Nancy’s pants and panties, exposing beautifully shaped legs and ass. The women caressed each other, their hands feeling each other’s butts. Cautiously at first, then with passion, they kissed. Their tongues darted back and forth, moans of pleasure coming from both women.

It took no time for them to get on the floor. They alternated time at each other’s breasts, hands reaching between legs, finding ever-enlarging clits. Eventually, they found themselves in a mutually agreeable sixty-nine position.

Across the room, Carol and Dan were on the verge of orgasms. Oblivious to nearly everything going on around them, they concentrated on each other’s imminent lustful explosion. Dan was the first to climax, thrusting his cock wildly into Carol. He lifted his ass off the couch and groaned as the first wave of cum shot from his cock deep inside her. It was followed by several more, strengthened by the sounds of Carol’s own orgasm. She whimpered nearly inaudible sounds at first, then moaned loudly over and over as many waves of orgasm hit her.

Mike and Debbie heard the lustful sounds above them and increased the speed and veracity of their own fucking. Mike lowered himself even further and harder into the woman as her legs tightened around him. She was the first to cum. Her cunt constricted around his cock and her body shook. Soft shouts of pleasure joined those of the other pair as she came again and again. Mike finally couldn’t hold back, and streams of hot, white cum poured into Debbie. He lifted her ass until his balls smacked into her each time he entered her. She felt the cum hit the back of her womb and wished the session would never end.

Liz and Nancy’s heads were buried deep between each other’s legs.

“Oh, yes. Right there,” Liz moaned.

Within minutes, they too were experiencing life changing orgasms. The young cheerleading coach was realizing that, despite her many boyfriends, she WAS attracted to the girls, just as she suspected. She doubted that any of them could please her like the woman who now sucked on her clit, making her cum until she cried.

Nancy, too, was finding out her heart was with this other woman. All the times she had fucked male buyers and sellers to close a deal were simply business. This was true pleasure. And she came thinking about the two beautiful women who would be staying at the house long after the school officials had left.

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