tagMind ControlShe Didn't Scream

She Didn't Scream


All through my life I was a straight A student and ambitious enough to excel at most things I tried. The small successes in my early life led me to believe I would make it big someday. Or at least that is what my plans were. Unfortunately my plans in life had been unrealistic. You know the ones where I would be a millionaire and retired by the age of 30. Oh yeah and have an absolute goddess for a wife. But real life isn't like that.

I was still single and working a monotonous job in the city getting closer to thirty each day. There was always a lot of work to do each week and I usually had limited contact with my coworkers unless you count Mondays when everyone is discussing the football game that was played on Sunday.

I could not believe I spent four years of college and ended up in isolation reading spreadsheets and using data to forecast business outcomes. Ok, I wasn't actually in isolation but rather an office with solid walls and an outside view of the city which I only saw when facing away from my desk.

The pay was very good but the position could be lonely sometimes. My daily schedule was dictated by the commuter train schedule as I rode the West River Metro into the downtown area each day. But it was on these train where the absence of a social life became entertainment.

You see, I became a people watcher. Trains in the morning can be a hush zone with many people reading books, listening to earbuds and music, or sleeping. But even in silence the ride could get interesting watching the people who followed the same mundane schedule as I did. My favorite pastime was watching a cute little girl who rode the same segment as I did daily.

Her appearance and behavior was bizarre. Every day it was the something different. When she got on the train it was if she was looking for me. But she would either sit in front of me or directly behind me ignoring the seat I would leave for her each day. The train ride home from the city each afternoon was the same way.

On one occasion the only seat left was next to me but she chose to stand in the aisle holding one of the ceiling straps instead of taking the seat. Her other confusing action was that she would sometime stand at the front of the car and face back looking directly at me with no emotion or facial expression, just a blank stare. It was however strangely inviting.

She frequently wore a colorful scarf almost like a collar around her neck. Most of these scarves had a shiny stone or locket or something else that she would move around with her fingers never looking away from me. I couldn't take my eyes of her even if I had wanted it seemed. And she knew it never turning away from my gaze either.

What I learned over time about this girl is that she drove a little red Volkswagen beetle and boarded at the same station I did. Day after day I would smile at her and say hello but she would never respond verbally. She would look down, she would look away, or she would stare into my eyes coldly, but she would never do or say anything that altered from her routine. It was also apparent that she didn't focus on anyone else on the train which concerned me.

When she sat behind me I was nervous and couldn't tell myself why. I thought I heard her whisper but couldn't be sure. She was just a young wild child in my eyes. A cute one but never the less bizarre.

One could choose to ignore someone like this and go on about their day but I couldn't. I couldn't function when she was near and it bothered me. It bothered me that I was a suit and tie person with proper grooming and presented well and that she was a girl who looked different every week.

One week she would have Jet Black hair with a colored stripe and the next week she would be a blonde with a pixie cut. Her clothing consisted of complete Goth chick outfits to little school girls skirts she wore with her pixie hair.

One day she wore tight red leather pants with a white see through blouse that not only showcased her chest but also prominently displayed a red push up bra underneath with her nipples pointing out.

Yoga pants in spectacular colored prints that sometimes looked hysterical on her, to prints that were hinging on obscenity showcased her legs occasionally and even then no smile or facial expressions to go along with them.

And my favorite was the pajama pants and sleep shirt she wore occasionally complete with a throw blanket that she would wrap herself in and lean against the train window as we rode for an hour into the city each morning. Was I the only one paying attention to this girl? And if so why? She was screaming out for something but I didn't know what to make of it. Her presence would lull me into a daze waking up only when we made it downtown or right before my stop coming home at night.

Every chance I took to say something to her failed as she would stare me down in isolation? My work was now suffering, I wasn't eating right, and my house was obsessively clean as I used cleaning as a way to forget about her. And no matter what I did I found myself getting to the train station earlier each day in anticipation. I once walked the wrong way following her though the city just to see where she went each day but had to turn back when I was over a mile out of my way and unmistakably late for work. A second attempt had her walking a different route and still took me far from where I needed to go, but this time in the opposite direction from the first time. I didn't figure out where she went each day. Surely no employer would allow that type of bizarre behavior to go on.

And then they started. The first night I woke it was to an image of her standing over me in her red leather pants. A few nights later I dreamt that I rolled over and found her in my bed with her pajama pants on. Night after night I would dream of encounters I would have with her in each of the different appearances she had. Only like in real life, she never would say anything to me. I longed to hear her voice. Little did I know, this was causing major changes in me?

I woke each day anticipating seeing her and I ended up going to bed early each night hoping I had dreams of her. And all along she was right there close enough to touch each day. I no longer had the suspicions that she was seeking me out. I purposely walked to another portion of the train platform one day so I could board a different car and sure enough when I looked up she had taken the seat directly across the aisle from me.

The dream...

With all rationale aside I started thinking dangerously. I just had to be with this girl. We were in such contrast that it only made sense in my mind. I could just follow her home? I could follow her to work? I could wait until she sat down first and then sit next to her? I could take her? Yes, I could just take her. Why not? Nobody had even noticed her each day but me. Who would think she was missing or anything was out of the ordinary if neither of us were there? I just had to have her. My dreams were no longer satisfying my hunger for this girl. She was comfortable with herself and that was something I wanted to get at.

Planning her abduction took a few days but came together well I thought. She parked in or around the same spot every day and could easily be predicted. I would just park near her and at the end of the day I would kidnap her. Sounded easy enough. Someday she would be mine. Someday she would have to make a sound. Someday I would hear her voice.

It was bound to happen and sooner or later she would be bound to be mine. All I had to do that day was wait for her. When the train pulled into the station I moved around to the back of the van I had rented the evening before. She approached the area near her car cautiously and I suspected that she knew something was up. She turned back towards the train a couple of times and then opened the door of her car just as the train started blasting its horn signaling it was leaving the station.

With the noise of the horn and the sound of the large diesels engines running up to speed as a cover I wrapped my arms around her and pressed the chloroform rag against her face. She reached for my arm but instead of pulling it I felt like she was actually holding on instead. With her body tight against mine I was able to put a hood over her head and put her in the van and drive away. This had all been easier than I thought. No struggle, no fighting, and completely void of any resistance. And still no sounds from her.

She woke to the warmth of the bedroom I had her in. A comfortable secure eye mask was in place and her hands were tied above her head. The rest of her was free and she was not gagged. I had laid in bed next to her for over two hours watching her breath. Before the mask was put on I looked at how beautiful she was up close. I might have been partial since she was unclothed and lay naked in my bed but in my opinion her figure was perfect. The thing that surprised me is that her skin was so pure. There wasn't a hint of a tattoo anywhere on her and other than her ears I found no piercings.

She was also lacking any tan lines and did not appear to have ever been in the sun. This body in front of me was pure. She never struggled with her restraints and at first I wasn't sure if she was even awake until she used one of her feet to scratch her opposite leg and then wiggle around until she was comfortable.

Touching her face gently I turned her towards me and gave her a kiss on the lips. Her response was to kiss back and actually try and lift her head to me. Kisses were left in trails up and down her face and then moving down I covered her from her head to her toes in kisses. She mewed as I hit different erogenous zones under her ears, along her neck, around her now prominent nipples which stood almost an inch high on her chest, and finally along the folds of her pussy. Her body was without a doubt incredible. It was there that I stopped and maintained a focus on bringing her pleasure orally.

Her first orgasm rocked the bed pretty good with her hips trying to bounce my tongue off of her. The soft cuffs on her wrists kept her from turning but she did twist side to side pretty good trying to remove me from her sensitive folds.

I worked my way back up to her face kissing along the way stopping once again to attack her nipples that were heaving in response to her heavy breathing post orgasm before making it up to her lips once again. They welcomed mine and we enjoyed each other's mouth tentatively for a short time before exploring for an even longer time. It was no secret to me and probably not to her either since it was resting on her leg but my engorged member was waiting in anticipation of completing our bond. Moving in between her legs I positioned myself for the correct angle to penetrate her. She let out a little gasp as I put the tip in and used slow ministrations trying to coax me in further.

I obliged slightly and pushed a little further when all of a sudden I felt it. There was resistance. Her maidenhead was intact. This beautiful creature was a virgin. It made sense. Everything else about her was so pure, this should have been expected as well. I began to panic. Pulling out I rolled to the side of her and kissed her cheek. As I started processing everything she spoke for the first time ever.

"Please don't stop!"

But I just couldn't. I wanted her first time to be special and even though it would be great if it was with me, I didn't want her this way anymore. I now felt guilty about what I was doing. And what was I even thinking? The more I thought of it the worse my thoughts got. Why wasn't she resisting. She hadn't struggled at all and almost seemed willing. In fact asking me not to stop meant she was willing but why? Could she possibly know I was her captor? And then it dawned on me.

"She never screamed? She never screamed?" I heard myself say in my thoughts.

It wasn't too hard to get her dressed. She almost seemed to be crying but she was at least cooperating. I put her back in the van and took her to her car. Leaving her hands slightly tied would allow me to get out of the area before she could free them up enough to remove her blindfold. And even if she caught a quick look, I would never be seen in this van again.

The original intention of ravishing her never came to pass that weekend while I sat at home scared out of my wits. I expected the police to arrive at any moment but they never did. I kept replaying everything in my head especially the moment she climaxed and the sound of her voice telling me not to stop. In all of the time I have watched her and tried to connect, I had never heard her voice. Now all I could hear over and over was her telling me not to stop. Monday would be nerve wracking as I tried to figure out how to approach this. I guess the easiest way to prove guilt was to change my behavior so it was best to do what I always did and not look any different than normal.

My little angel of purity pulled into the parking lot right after I did on Monday and walked up to the platform staying about twenty feet behind me. I glanced at her a couple of times to find her staring right at me which had me turning away quickly. Stop doing that, I told myself. The train was early by a minute but took forever in my brain. Now my focus was on finding a seat. Moving to the middle of the almost empty car I took a seat and slid to the window.

Before I even had settled down she sat next to me. For the first time this little angel actually sat next to me. We didn't speak beyond me saying 'Good Morning' and not hearing a response which was normal for her in the past. But this wasn't normal as she sat right next to me staring at my face the whole ride into the city before getting up and being the first off of the train. For me it took a few minutes to compose myself before I stood.

I had a feeling I would not ride home alone and I was right. In fact she was waiting at the entrance to the car and followed me to my seat and we almost sat down simultaneously.

"How was your day?" I asked.

But she ignored me and looked me in the eyes and stared. I didn't know what to do so I stared back. This is what she was looking for as we stared at each other because she finally for the first time ever smiled at me. Clearly I was no match psychologically for her.

"So why did you stop?"

"Pardon me?"

"You heard me, why did you stop. What changed your mind?"

I made another attempt to deflect her question but didn't get very far.

"Ok, you can answer that question later. But can I tell you something?"

"Yes." I said. Finally she was talking.

"Old Spice." She said.

"I am sorry?" I asked confused.

"Oh come on. You know, the little white bottle with the ship on it. When I was a little girl my father wore it. I will never forget what he smelled like. Even though he passed away when I was six, I kept one of his shirts because it smelled like him."

"Oh you mean my after shave. Yes, it is Old Spice."

"Can I show you a picture?" She asked next.

"I guess, yes you can show me a picture."

She took a picture out of her purse and showed it to me. It was a picture of me only I did not remember taking it. I was standing at a barbecue grill cooking. It was not something I ever remembered doing. Could it have been edited with Photoshop? I looked at it for a long time before she said anything.

"You see it too don't you? You look just like him."

"Who is this? I don't understand."

"This is my brother before he was killed in Iraq. This is my favorite picture of him."

"Wow, I am so sorry."

"Oh no saying sorry for this. What I want to know now is why you stopped."

I paused a little too long for her so she continued.

"Look, each day I ride this train with a man who smells like my father and looks like my brother. Don't you think that freaks me out? I have watched you for a long time and wanted to talk to you but I have been so scared. What do you say to a person who reminds you of two people you love that have died?

Then one day this same guy kidnaps you and attempts to rape you. When you finally tell yourself it is ok and this is something you subconsciously wanted he stops. I was left by two people I loved and not wanted by a person who reminds me of them."

"I am sorry, you don't understand. I stopped for a good reason." I tried to reason into the conversation.

"Really? What could possibly be a good reason for hurting me?"

"I never intended to hurt you. I just allowed you to take over my thoughts and I became obsessed with seeing you daily. I wanted so much to be nearer to you but you wouldn't talk to me." I said.

"So then why did you stop? I wanted you so bad at that moment."

"I stopped because of how pure and perfect I thought you were. You are incredibly beautiful and I love the fact that each day you are just as pretty as you were the day before no matter how you look."

I was looking into her eyes as I said that and continued.

"Only I made the mistake of wanting something just for me when it should have been for both of us. When I found out you were still pure I could not do it. That is something that should be special and you should be looking into the eyes of the person you share that with."

She didn't say anything or respond. But instead she reached up in her seat and kissed me on the lips. We remained in an embrace until we were thrown forward in our seats approaching the next station.

"What if it is something we both want. Can we make it happen then?" She asked.

She followed me home in her little bug and pulled into my driveway almost hitting my parked car. We didn't even talk as she followed me into the house and towards the bedroom.

"Go on ahead of me and get ready, I will be right there." She said as she turned into the bathroom. "And close your eyes when I tell you to."

I could hear noise in the bathroom but couldn't tell what she was doing. After a couple of minutes she called out for me to close my eyes. Now it was my turned to be concerned as I was laying naked in my bed and on my back with her in my apartment. I felt the bed move and shift a couple of times but kept my eyes closed as she repeated her instruction again. When she was finally in position she called out.

"You can open your eyes now!"

When I looked up there she was standing there in her tight red leather pants. The thing that scared me was that now she also had red leather cuffs over the sleeves of her white blouse and was holding a red riding crop with a very scary smile. I watched as he raised it and it began its whipping descent towards me. I screamed out loud.

...end of dream.

"Hey, Phillip wake up!"

"Phillip it is our stop, wake up!"

I could feel something or someone shaking my shoulders. I could also hear a voice telling me to wake up. When I opened my eyes she was looking right at me in her red pants and blouse, but she wasn't holding a crop, she was holding the strap above her that is used when the car is full.

"Come on sleepy head, it is a long way back if you miss this station."

Waking out of a sound sleep to see her standing there, the girl I have been obsessed with waking me from my sleep meant she noticed me and made sure I got up in time to get off of the train. I grabbed my things and headed off of the train car and onto the platform behind her. She never looked back and continued towards her car as I tried to catch up.

"Thank you." I called out ahead hoping she would stop.

"Your welcome." She replied while maintaining her stride.

"Do you have a second to talk?" I asked sounding stupid as I searched for a reason to talk to her.

"What?" She said as she turned and looked at me with an almost angry face.

"How did you know my name?"

This brought a laugh and the first smile I ever saw from her face and it was incredible. You can now add definitely cute to all of the other attributes I had for her in my mind. But she took a step toward me and said.

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