tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersShe Didn't See It Coming

She Didn't See It Coming


I had seen her at a stop light while driving around looking for a spot to eat. She drove a red Pontiac Sunfire, the convertible kind that no self-respecting man would be caught dead in. She was gorgeous, at least from what I saw from my elevated platform of the SUV I was driving.

She was petite, her frame looked so slender but with just enough muscle to it that she didn't look weak. Her skin was a dark tan, her hair matched almost perfectly to it. Well, maybe her hair was a little lighter. She was wearing a yellow tank top, and I'm pretty sure that those perky C-cup tits underneath weren't supported by a bra. She had those huge glasses that teenage girls love to wear these days covering most of her face. Those just made me look at her lips more closely. She had a perfect pair of dick sucking lips that glistened with lip gloss.

She didn't even notice me. Most of the snotty girls like her never did. Unless you are a straight asshole to them they won't give you a minute of their time. I made my mind up in a heartbeat, this was a challenge I could accept. Girls like her just needed to be given a choice they couldn't refuse.

The light turned green and she took off with whatever shitty music that was blaring on her radio assaulting my ears. I pulled into the lane behind her and followed her from a few cars away as she made her way through the city. I knew where she was going just based on the general direction. I was proven right as she pulled into the parking lot of the mall. Girls are so predictable. Thankfully parking proved to be pretty horrible, forcing her to park well away from the doors. That didn't stop her from cruising around the fucking parking lot 40 times still looking for a Princess Parking Space to open up. It was tough not being suspicious as she hunted for a parking spot, but I was fairly certain she hadn't seen me. When she did finally pull into a space I parked about ten spaces closer to the entrance.

I sat behind my tinted windows and looked in my rearview mirror as she sauntered past my Durango on her way to the doors. I saw those big tits bouncing and could definitely make out her nipples slightly raising the fabric of that tank top. God she looked good. I switched mirrors as she passed and got a fleeting glimpse of a thick black girl ass.

Yummy, I thought to myself. I'm not an ass guy but damn that looks good.

I sat in my Dodge for what seemed like fucking hours, in fact it was fucking hours. This girl must be a hardcore shopper. I wonder what else she was hardcore at. She looked to be about 19, maybe 20, so she must be pretty experienced. I'd get her to do what I want, one way or another.

The sun had been set for about thirty minutes when I spied that bright yellow tank top making its way through the cars on the way back to her space. I quickly got out of my own car and made my way to the middle ground between our cars. All the spaces were full and I checked them all for occupants, all clear. She came out between two cars about four spaces down from my car. I was in luck that no one was around, even more lucky that she seemed to be completely engrossed in texting on her phone with one hand while the other carried bags from Abercrombie and about seven other stores.

I nonchalantly walked towards her, pacing my stride so that we would meet right at the back of my SUV. The distance closed and I couldn't fight the urge to dress down her entire slim body. Her shoulders seemed to be a little wider than I had first thought, but other than that she was like a fucking swimsuit model walking down the runway.

10 feet away, I looked her in the eyes, she still texted obliviously.

6 feet away, my heart pumped adrenaline through my muscles.

4 feet, I made my move.

I turned directly in her path and my left hand shot out to grab her by her slender throat. My right hand pulled the small Glock from the back of my pants and pointed directly into her left eye. The look of absolute shock was priceless. Those full lips opened as she gasped in surprise. She dropped her phone and it skittered under the car next to mine. I held her windpipe tight and all she managed was a squeak of protest.

I couldn't see her eyes through those fucking sunglasses, but she could see mine, and the steely intent that was pinned there left no doubt as to what I wanted. She was frozen in place. Shocked and even if my hand wasn't squeezing her throat she would have been speechless.

"Get in the fucking car," I said as I tilted my head towards the SUV. "Make a sound and I put a bullet through both your knees before I put one through your face."

She nodded stiffly and turned towards the car. My hand went around to the back of her neck and gave just enough of a push to assert my control. She opened the right rear door and actually took a moment to throw her shopping backs into the back before she climbed up. I couldn't believe this bitch still couldn't wrap her mind around what the fuck was about to happen. Maybe all that shit she just bought was more important than her safety. Girls and their fucked up priorities. As she climbed in I got a good look at her ass. It wasn't outrageously big, like some women tried to make it, but it was more than a bump, and looked firm. She sat down and slid over when I pushed her. I climbed in beside her and shut the door behind me. As the dome light faded I saw her face turn toward me and a hint of fear laid on the expression behind those glasses.

My hand returned to the back of her neck as I spoke to her, "Let's get started right. You are a gorgeous girl. I would pay lots of money to fuck a girl like you. Hell, I might even pay you after this if you do what I say. Would you like that? To walk away safe, and with maybe a few hundred bucks to go back in there shopping with?"

She had to nod her head at my two pronged question. Of course she wanted to walk away safe.

"That's a good girl. What's your name sexy?" I asked as my hand firmly kneaded the back of her neck.

"Carla," She said weakly.

Her voice was shaking, and I just noticed that her own hands had a white knuckled grip on her thighs. She was paralyzed with fear. I saw her chest heaving in short breaths. Those tits jiggled slightly at each one.

My right hand, with the gun, sat relaxed on my lap, pointed directly at her stomach. I looked at her smooth black legs. There was just enough light from the parking lot lamps that her beauty wasn't lost to the dark. I rubbed my stiffening dick through my jeans with the heel of my hand.

"Take off those fucking glasses," I demanded. My voice softened as I continued, "I want to see your pretty face."

She released her death grip on her thighs with both hands and gingerly took her glasses from her face. She brought her hands back down and looked into my eyes. Her expression was of fear and apprehension, punctuated with a little glisten of tears over her hazel eyes. The mix of her eyes and those thick, full lips made my dick harder.

I gave her my best disarming smile as I said, "My god you are gorgeous. I had no idea that you were this close to perfect."

She cracked a false smile and weakly said, "Thank you."

"Kiss me with those beautiful lips," I encouraged.

She sat frozen still but with a little nudge from my hand on her neck she leaned in and touched her lips to mine. It was a dry kiss, her nervousness had seen to that. So I parted my lips slightly and took her bottom lip between mine. I kissed it and wetted in with my tongue. She involuntarily licked her lips after that. She didn't want dry kisses, not even in a situation like this. I kissed her more firmly. She parted her lips to my invading tongue and for a split second it seemed that she leaned into the kiss more than what I pushed her.

I brought my gun up to the side of her face and gently cupped her cheek with a mix of the heel of my hand and the grip of the pistol. She kissed me harder. She timidly probed into my mouth with her own tongue, licking my lips. I sucked her bottom lip into my mouth and gently bit down on it. I swear she used a car driving by behind us as cover for a moan that vibrated in her throat.

I broke our kiss and pulled her face away from mine by the nape of her neck. "Lift your shirt," I commanded.

She obeyed and grabbed her tank top by the bottom hem. She slowly slid it up her body, revealing the playground that I would be enjoying. Her stomach was flat, with rounded hints of a six-pack of abs. She hand a belly button piercing with a pink jeweled flower facing up towards my inspecting eyes. But the real prize was delivered when I took my hand from behind her head long enough for her to slip the shirt all the way over her head. Her large tits didn't sag a centimeter from where the tank top had showed them to be. They were gorgeously smooth, dark breasts. Her areolas were slightly darker than the rest of her skin, and her small nipples jutted up almost in defiance of my acts.

She held her breath expectantly as I lowered my lips down to her supple tits. My tongue swirled around her areola on her right breast. She tasted faintly of vanilla. She must have used that powder that girls put on their skin. My whole mouth closed around her nipple as I sucked slightly on the little bud. It hardened in my mouth and there was no denying the moan that escaped her lips this time.

I brought my lips back up to hers and kissed her hard. I still had to push her into it, but not as hard this time. She was coming around. I broke our kiss and rested my forehead against hers. Her pouting lips were just scant millimeters from mine. The hair I felt between the fingers of my hand was slightly coarse. I wondered momentarily if she had extensions in. Most girls with her color did if they had hair as straight as hers.

"I want you to unzip my pants, and start sucking my dick. Do you want to suck my dick so that you can go home safe tonight?" I asked.

Again she nodded at the question and moved her hands, not trembling anymore, to my crotch. I moved the gun around to my side so it was just pointing forward. She unbuttoned and unzipped my fly. She hesitated for a second after that. I pretended to scratch an itch on my leg with the butt of the gun. This got her attention as I saw her hazel eyes follow it back and forth.

She grasped the waist band of my pants and I helped her ease them down around my ankles. I don't wear underwear, so as the jeans passed the tip of my downward pointing dick it slapped up and against my stomach, almost grazing her cheek as it did. My pants around my ankles, she moved her hands back up and put them both near my dick, one on my stomach and one on my leg, and hesitated again. Perhaps she didn't think I was serious. I left no doubt in her mind when I moved the gun up to her face, which was angled down at my dick.

"Suck my dick or suck down a bullet," I said tersely.

I heard her breathing stop in reply to my threat. She leaned forward and grasped my dick with her tiny hands. My dickhead touched her lips, and then went through. She pressed down farther and my dick hit the back of her mouth. She pressed down more and my stiff 9 inch dick went into her throat. This slut deep throated me on the first pump!

I grunted my approval as I heard her make swallowing sounds on my cock. Her tongue snaked underneath it and barely managed to touch my ball sack. I leaned my head back as she started to throat fuck herself. Up and down her head went, but never did my cockhead plop into her mouth, it stayed in her throat. She must have done this for 45 seconds before she came up for air. A long string of spit hung between her lips and my dick. She looked at me with a glare that conveyed hate and lust at the same time. She looked down at my dick, opened wide, and slowly took me down her throat again. She did this two more times before she came up off my rock hard cock sputtering and gagging. She used her hands to double stroke my cock as she caught her breath. I wasn't sure I could take much more of this blowjob, so I decided to go farther before I blew my load.

"That's a good girl," I said as I exchanged a sloppy kiss with her. Now we're gonna lay you down so I can lick that sweet, young pussy of yours, ok?"

She actually smiled a devious little smile as she said, "Ok."

She sat up with her back to me, presumably going to lay down right where I was sitting. But instead I urged her into the back cargo area where her shopping bags were while I laid down the back seats. Now we had a wide open space to fool around in. My back windows of the SUV were almost blacked out and it was night, so I had no worries about being discovered.

She laid her topless form down with her head facing the front of the car. I moved my body directly on top of hers. Our lips met again and she kissed me earnestly, willingly. She was really getting into this. My body grinded above hers, my hands all over her big tits. She moaned and whimpered and my fingers roughly twisted her nipples. Her hands moved down my back and cupped my bare ass, my pants were still around my ankles. She kneaded my cheeks in her hands and kissed me fervently.

I started to back down her body and kissed my way as I went. My lips caressed the sides of her neck as my hands left her breasts. My lips replaced them shortly and I slathered them both in a healthy tongue bath. My hands fumbled with her jeans button, could I be the one getting nervous now? I'm about to like and poke a 19 year old pussy. Ten years younger than me, this would be a new record for me. My thick 9 inch prick bobbed underneath me as my knees came under me in the tight confines of the car. My thick monster wanted to tear that pussy up. My balls wanted to shoot my load all over her pretty face.

I leaned down and kissed just above the top of her jeans as the button came undone and the zipper opened. I grasped the belt line and her panties hidden beneath as I started to tug them down smoothly. I kissed the newly exposed areas as I went, farther and farther down. I heard her hold her breath as I neared her pussy. A little bit farther and my prize would show itself.

Her pants caught on the fabric of the SUV floor so I gave an extra firm tug and SMACK, I was hit full on in the lips by a semi-hard black cock! I stared in disbelief at it for a moment. She had a dick. And it was as big as mine and growing! In my shocked state she seized her opportunity.

She brought both her knees up and solidly connected with my chin. The powerful strike stunned me as my head whipped back and struck the ceiling of the car. Her right hand came around in a haymaker improvised in the tight space. She clocked me in the temple and I rolled to my right side and onto my back. Her deceptively strong figure rolled right on top of me with a hand on my throat and my gun in her hand.

My gun! What the fuck?! I didn't remember setting down as I had put the seats down. This was one crafty bitch! She put the gun directly against my left eye and stared down into my open one.

"'Let's get this started right,'" She quoted. "You're my slut now. You are going to do everything I say or I'm going to put a bullet through your head and burn this truck down with your body inside. You want to live right? You want to make me happy so you can live right?"

My situation was precarious. As long as that gun was on me I couldn't make a move to defend myself. She had me and she knew it. So I nodded slowly.

I felt her weight on my chest as she straddled me. What's more is I felt that little bit of extra weight from the surprise in her panties. She moved the barrel of the gun around to my temple and removed her hand from my throat.

"Go ahead. Look at that bad boy," she encouraged.

I moved my head up and there just scant inches from my chin was a large cock perfectly illuminated by a far off parking lamp. I couldn't get a good view from this angle, and hesitated as I thought about why I wanted a good view of her dick.

With her free hand she reached back and finished taking her pants off. They brushed my now limp dick as she threw them to the side. She looked down and smiled at me with a smug expression. She scooted her hips up and my head instinctively lay back down to avoid the monster between her legs. It was unavoidable though, as her knees jammed firmly into my armpits she took her tool in her fist and laid it across my cheek. It still wasn't fully hard yet and it reached all the way up to my hairline and past. Her heavy balls sat solidly on my throat. Their weight was noticeable. How the fuck hadn't I noticed all this before?!?

"Lick it bitch," she commanded.

I turned my head back towards the ceiling and her thick prick fell off to the left side of my face. My hands came up and grasped it double fisted, moving it back to position above my lips and forehead. From this angle I could only lick the middle third of her dick. I held my tongue out and hesitated. She responded more forcefully than I had when I was in control.

She moved her gun hand back around behind her and I flinched as I felt the cold steel between my naked legs.

"Lick it or I'm going to fuck you with a .45 caliber dildo," she said smoothly.

I hesitated no longer. My tongue reached out and gave her dark shaft a long, sloppy lick. I felt the cool steel disappear from between my legs, but what troubled me was I felt my cock begin to stir. I held the top of her dick still, while my bottom hand slowly started stroking of its own accord. I licked again, and again. I planted soft kisses on it as I felt it stiffen. She was almost fully hard now, and I had to pull her cock down to me as it strained to stand tall and proud.

Her massive dick, while about as thick as my own, surged to 10 inches in my stroking grasp. Jesus this things was a monster! I continued to pump and lick her shaft, getting it nice and sloppy so my hand could work faster. Her hips raised and thrust forwards, shoving her shaved ball sack into my mouth. My hands, moving of their own will, released her dick and moved around to her ass cheeks. I gripped on to her firm, muscular globes and pressed her farther into my mouth. I sucked on ball on its own, then the other, then tried to fit both in but couldn't. I nibbled on her taint slightly and she pushed even farther forward. It was a bit awkward, she was thrust so far forward, but my tongue found her asshole and teased it with short licks and pokes. I've done this to girls before, so it was almost comforting to do it on her in light of all the shock I had gone through.

She raised her body up and slid off me to the side. Her frame settled into a half seated position against the driver's seat. She laid there naked, her tits pointed firmly at the ceiling, and her dick sticking up ramrod straight. She stroked that mighty monster slowly in the pale light. Her eyes glittered in the dark.

"Suck this hard cock. You know you want to. You want it in your mouth. You want it down your throat. You want to suck the cum out of it," she seductively told me.

I moved as if in a trance. I got on my hands and knees in front of her. My dick stiffened as I moved closer. She held it up for me, that massive cock. It looked so good. So tasty. I wondered what her cum would taste like. I moved in to find out. I gave her slippery cock head a slow wet kiss. Whispering hello to it. I felt her hands on the back of my head pushing me down. I took that bulbous black head into my mouth and to the start of my throat.

My gag reflex kicked in and I came up off of her cock sputtering and coughing. I looked at her long dick and from what I could tell I had only gotten about 3 inches into my mouth.

I looked up at her with begging eyes and said, "Please help me deep throat you like you did to me."

She grinned from ear to ear and guided my head back to her big black cock. I swirled my tongue around the head, tasting what had to have been precum. I put it in my mouth and went to the same depth as before. My gagging started again and I started to come up but Carla's hands held me still. She pushed down with steady pressure and I felt her cockhead stretch the opening to my throat. She pushed firmer still as I struggled to gain control of my gagging. She pushed more and I felt her dick slip past that tight ring and into my throat. She pushed harder still. I'm sure she was reveling in feeling every single inch slide past my lips. Farther and farther still. I swear to god her dick was about to touch my heart when I felt her stomach on my nose and her balls on my chin. I started to come back up since I had reached my goal, but she held me there and slowly started rocking her hips back and forth, throat fucking me.

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