tagLoving WivesShe Finds Out Ch. 01

She Finds Out Ch. 01


She finds out: Its only Just beginning.

Kristen and I have been married for over 3 years now and dated for a few years before we got married. We always had a good sex life. It was pretty vanilla other than some toys that found their way into the bedroom from time to time. She has always kept herself in good shape and has these perfect perky 34D boobs, thin waist and thick hips and sexy butt that I can't get enough of. She has always treated me like a king in the bedroom. Even giving me deep throat blowjobs to wake me up some mornings sometimes, which is certainly one hell of a wake up call. However, despite how great she made me feel I never really opened up to her about all the kinky things I have found on the internet when looking for porn to jack off too. I was always worried about the judgments or what she would think if she found out about my fetishes like bondage, cuckolding, watersports and curiosity towards forced bi. Little did I know I was about to be exposed and my life would never be the same.

"Tim, can you come down here?" I trudged down the stairs still a little groggy from the long hot shower I much needed from a long day of work the night before. I came into the den to find Kristen on my laptop that I must have left out. She had this look of bewilderment on her face.

"Tim, what the hell is all this shit you have been looking at?!?"

"What do you mean?" All of sudden it hit me, I had not been deleting my browsing history lately since Kristen bought her new laptop and no longer needed to use mine. I was immediately concerned at what she was going to say.

"Tim, I have never seen so much god damn porn in my life. Since when are you into all this stuff and why the hell haven't you been telling me about any this if this is what you want? Are you cheating on me? Cause we have a serious problem if you are going out and fucking other women to get this kind of action?

After finally calming her down and trying to explain how I just found a lot of it on sites and got more curious and turned on by it over time she seemed to not understand still, but at least was not furious. She gave me a reluctant kiss as she got her things together and went to work. I was anxious all day long as I worried what was going to happen next. The day went on and once again with looming deadlines at the business I co-owned I made it home late. As I pulled in the driveway I was concerned she was going to be mad at me even more for getting home late. I walked into the house and it was dark with no sign of her making it home from work. It was not much like her to not leave a note or call me so I gave her a call. No answer. I left her a voice mail and decided to take a shower and laid down on the bed upstairs to close my eyes. I must have dozed off, but felt this weight on me as I awoke. As I opened my eyes and tried to roll I was immediately scared. I was tied by all fours to the bed posts and my wife was sitting on me in reverse cowgirl position tightening my left ankle.

"Kristen, what are you doing to me"

"Oh, what?!? Now you are going be all coy with me like you don't know what's going on? You little pervert. I have seen all the shit you have been looking at! This morning I downloaded all the porn you have been watching onto my flash drive. I have seen everything yo have ever shot a load to in the past two weeks and believe me..you must have cum a lot. I know because I actually came 5 times in my office from it all too. "

"Wait you did what?!?..I was not even referring to the fact that she downloaded all the porn I had seen. I was more surprised at the fact that she was playing with herself. She has always been someone who would rather be touched by someone else than just touching herself. She always complained she couldn't make herself cum without more stimulation.

"That's right. I took my vibrating egg to work today and shoved inside me. I kept my wireless remote right there and when I needed to I turned that thing on high and slide my skirt up and fucked my pussy so good till I came again and again!" Is this turning you on? This is what you want right? Some kinky little girl who is going to do nasty shit so you can get off on it. Well I have news for you. I have always been a little kinky too, I guess I just needed a reason to let it out. So now that I have you right where I want you this is what is going to happen. You are now my little hubby slut. You are going to anything that I want. No matter how kinky or much you try and refuse I know you will do it because otherwise I will divorce you and make your life hell. I want neither of those things, because I want you and I want all of this sex that I have missed out on cause I thought you were too vanilla to ever go for this. I have written this contract stating you agree. You will sign it now and then we can begin.

I could not believe how much had changed in one day and how I was seeing my wife. She still had her work clothes on and yet I could feel my pants getting wet as my dick was rock hard poking her sweet ass. "Kristen, I love you and we don't have to do this. We can make our sex life anything we want. I will sign it but can you untie me. Please, I promise I will do anything you want."

"Oh, no need to untie you." She grabbed some lipstick off the night stand and a coated her lips with a smooth layer. She then kissed the bottom of the letter. She leaned in close. I tried to lean forward to kiss her but she stopped me. "Pucker up, you're turn to sign." I puckered up and closed my eyes for a second. All of a sudden I felt the lipstick being brushed across my lips. I tried to pull away but could not. She held me and made me take the lipstick.

"Kiss it!"

She pushed the paper against my face and I kissed it. That was it. I was all hers. She set the lipstick and paper on the night stand and before I could try and do anything else she had moved down and to slide off my pants and started working my cock in her hands. She used all my pre-cum to lube it up and slide the tip between her finger tips. I was going crazy. The feeling of being tied up and unable to grab her was driving me crazy. She stopped for a second and took off her shirt and exposed her barely covered boobs in a sexy lace bra which I had bought her. Her skirt and slide up and I could see that she must have taken off her panties earlier when she was getting off to the porn. She grabbed her tits and pushed them together as she looked me. "You want to fuck me so bad right now, don't you?"

"Yes, Please..Please fuck me now." As much as I didn't want to feed her desire to tease me, I couldn't help it. Only seconds in to this and all I could think about was her grinding my cock until I came inside her. She's been on the pill for a long time and loves feeling me shoot inside her and it was all I needed at this point.

"Okay baby...I promise I'll fuck you but first I need to see if you learned anything from all those face sitting videos you have been watching. Is this how it works?" Before I knew it she slid up my body and straddled my face. She completely sat on my face and smothered my mouth and nose into her dripping pussy. I did not care that I could not really breathe. I did everything I could to lick and suck every drop of her juices into my mouth. I had to have it. I needed it. She squirmed with excitement as I could hear a muffled moan from the depths of her. She lifted up slightly and I gasped for air. Before I could get enough she sat back down. As she leaned back I took a long lick and got near her ass and she let out a little squeak. Thinking she did not like it I tried to go back to her clit, but she slid further back until her rosebud was right over my mouth. I had always wanted to rim a girl and probe her ass with my tongue but had never got the chance. What made this even more tempting was all the cum from her getting off all day and the excitement now left her sweet nectar all over her ass. I jumped right in and shot my tongue straight into her rosebud. She pushed down on my face and started grinding against me. "Fuck you little pervert...rim my fucking ass! Fuck! Fuck! Oh" All of a sudden a gush of liquid shot all over my face and head. Holy shit she squirts from anal. I was turned and on and surprised at the same time. I just started licking her all over.

"Baby you made me cum so hard. Looks like I got you a little dirty."

"Sweetie, you can do that anytime." I was saying this to my wife who was now sitting with her legs spread wide open about 6 inches from face who just squirted all over me from me rimming her ass. It was like every fantasy was coming true.

"Well I think it's time you give me your squirt." She slid her hips down perfectly so I slid right inside her. She rode me hard and fast and I knew I was not going to last. She leaned back and my dick started to rub her g spot hard. That was the final straw...i pumped cum shot after cum shot deep into her pussy. I let out a deep moan and fell forward and kissed me.

"Ooo baby you sure did fill me up. I can feel wanting to get out. It's a good thing I made it to your cream pie downloads to know well enough that you need to clean up this mess you made."

"But baby I..." Before I could utter another word she had remounted my face and smothered me with her gaping, cum filled pussy right over my mouth. Although Id tasted my cum a few times before out of curiosity while jacking off the cream pie videos I had only dream about eating it out of Kristen. The smell and taste hitting my lips and thrown any second thoughts out of my mind and I dove in. I stuck my tongue out and started to lick from the rim of her asshole straight into her gaping pussy and found my tongue shoveling a thick warm load of her cum and mine straight into my mouth. The combination of it all had sent me over the edge. I was so turned on and hungry for her I kept licking an sucking every part of her pussy till I could not taste another drop of my cum. She did not want me to stop though and leaned back once more so that I would lick her ass again. I rimmed and rimmed her again until I could feel her tensing around my tongue. I pulled out and tried to clean up so I could feel her squirt on my face. I opened my mouth as she gushed her sour salty nectar in mouth. I swallowed all of it as she collapsed off of me.

"You are one kinky little pervert. You think this is hot...you haven't experienced anything yet."

She went to untie my feet and noticed my rock hard dick.

"Hmm...Well we can't just leave you like this now can we?" She lowered her mouth around my dick and started sucking up and down as she twisted her hand. I was sensitive as could be already and knowing that she tasted her cum on my dick was enough to push me over the edge. I shot the cum deep in her mouth as she pushed my dick down her throat. She pulled me out of her mouth and leaned up to kiss me. I did not even hesitate and opened my mouth. She slid her tongue and my load right into my mouth as we kissed each other back and forth exchanging it. She pulled away and I swallowed it all.

"Good boy!" She untied my feet and we walked to shower to clean up. I had just experienced the hottest and most satisfying sex ever. I was scared and excited at what else her mind was thinking up for me.

To be continued...

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What a bunch of real shit!!

You have to be realy insane!! Try mental help!!!

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Great keep up the writing loved the storie so hard, Thank you

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