tagLoving WivesShe Finds Out Ch. 02

She Finds Out Ch. 02


The pressure was too much. I could not take it. "Kristen...please..."

"Are you begging me to stop?...cause that is what it sounds like to me. What is wrong you watch all those videos of girls fucking guys with strap-on dicks and yet you cannot handle these extra large anal beads yet?"

I was doing a mental check of what has happened to me in the past 24 hours that led me up to this point. Kristen found all my porn and gave me an incredible day of sex of kinky play and then decided to call into work and wake me up by sitting on me and stroking my dick with a thick handful of lube before covering it ice water and stopping orgasm. Oh and that was at 6 AM. After my dick had practically shrunken to nothing she pulled out what I knew was going to be dangerous, my new steel chastity cage, and locked it on my dick. The cage was heavy and thick and gave my dick hardly any room to move at all once it came back to life. Having been tied up before bed last night I had not anywhere to go when I was awakened by her that morning. She was developing this sinister plan to exploit every sexual fantasy I had looked at and she was enjoying the hell out of it. With me locked up and nowhere to go she turned around and leaned in close...

"Baby...I have a little problem. You see I decided to drink that whole pot of coffee while I was getting some things ready early this morning...and well the toilet is all the way on the other side of the room. So I took the liberty of making one of my favorite purchases yesterday on the way home from work at the adult bookstore. I promise you are going to LOVE it and will use it quite often. "

She jumped off me and reached down under the bed and pulled out a funnel gag. I knew exactly what it was because I had looked at several videos where it was used. It was perfect for piss consumption. It strapped on the sub's face and controlled the flow of the liquid into the mouth and there was no escape. Kristen gave me a deep tongue kiss and then applied the gag to my face.

"Baby my bladder is so full. So the real question is...are you thirsty, because I am going to fill you up with my sweet golden nectar?"

She lowered herself over the funnel and my face and no sooner did I hear the stream of her pee hitting the hard plastic funnel. I could barely even prepare myself for the taste of it. The flow started through the opening and filled my mouth like a fountain. It was so warm and salty and although my first thought was oh my god this is gross. I could not go anywhere and before I knew it I was not just letting it flow in, I was sucking on the gag to get it quicker. Kristen looked down and saw me straining for it as her pussy continued to gush into the filling funnel.

"Oh my god you little pervert...you sure do like my pee don't you?

She started to press on her bladder to get every bit of it and I heard her start to spurt the last drops in before she stopped. The flow continued until I was sucking air. The salty pungent taste was coating my mouth and making me salivate. I must have guzzled down two glassfuls of Kristen's pee and all I could think about was having more. She climbed off the bed and reached under the bed for something else. What else could she have under there? Well no sooner did she pull out a dildo with a remote. My first thoughts were that I was in for some anal play. She climbed back up on the bed above me.

"Baby seeing as we have your face all prime for taking my juices...why not some more? I mean I noticed how much you love eating my ass and squirting on your face so I figured I would give you a little more. She turned on the vibrating dildo to what seemed like an incredibly high pace and although I thought she was going to shove it right into herself she turned and dragged the thick 7" black cock vibrator over my chastised cock cage. The vibrations were insane and my cock immediately strained against the cage in anticipation of more. No sooner did she pull it away and pour some lube on it. She stroked it to cover it from head to base and without any hesitation she shoved all of it in her ass. She shuttered in excitement.

"Fuck baby!" "I bet you wish that was your cock in my ass that did that. Oh my god it is filling me up so much."

The vibrations were making go crazy. She squatted close the funnel and did not even need to hold the dildo in her ass because she was clinching it so tight. With one hand on the remote and the other furiously flicking her puffy moistening clitoris she rhythmically moved over top of me. It was pure ecstasy to watch her pleasure herself.

"Baby. Baby! Baby!!!!...

I could not move to grab her, but I knew what was about to come. She squatted and put all her weight on the funnel as my head got pushed down deeper in the pillow. She came so hard that her gushing cum splashed out of the funnel some and hit me in the face. Her cum kept shooting out of her as I heard it splash about in the funnel. Before I knew it the flow hit my mouth. I sucked and sucked on the gag for it. The taste was similar to her pee, but somewhat sweeter and made me love it even more. I did not even notice she had stopped coming and slid off of me as I was so focused on getting every last drop I could. As I opened my eyes she was turning off the vibrator and sliding it out of her ass. I stared at her and could not believe how hot she looked. Her whole front was slick from the lube being spread over her perky DD tits and I could see how swollen her clitoris was from the stimulation. She walked over and unstrapped the funnel gag from my face and got up on the bed and straddled my body in reverse and pushed her ass up to my mouth as she bent forward towards my dick. I struggled to pull my head forward to lick her ass. Right as I was about to pierce her gaping ass with my tongue I felt her warm mouth take my caged dick in her mouth. She rolled the tip of her tongue over my pee hole which was undoubtedly covered in pre-cum at this point. The sensations were incredible and the pain increased as dick was trying to expand. I could barely take the teasing at this point and wanted to cum so bad. Hoping to detour her I thrust my tongue into her gaping hole. I could taste the lube as well as the remaining cum and pee left from her dripping cunt. As I tried to get my tongue farther in she pushed back on my face smothering me in her thick round ass. She was still teasing my cock as she started to rock in and out on my tongue. She finally released my cock but kept rocking. Without even so much as a moan she shot cum all over my face and neck and then followed it with a huge scream. I did not even know it was coming. I was drenched in her juices and loved it. She turned around on me and leaned into my neck and started licking and sucking her own cum off me.

"Oh Tim you taste so good with my cum all over you. What? You did not think I'd like tasting my own cum. I love tasting it...well I guess not as much as you though."

I was sitting there covered in her cum and my dick was still as hard as it could possibly get inside its cage. I never thought I could make it through such a hot kinky experience without cumming. Little did I know that the fun was not over. All of a sudden the doorbell rang. Kristen got a big grin on her face.

"Oh baby, just in time."

She threw on her robe that barely covered he ass and hurried to answer the door. I could hear Kristen talking to what another woman. As they got closer I could hear her say that we just got through my first fill and that I was more than ready for more. I could hear their voices get louder I all of a sudden had realized that someone other than my wife was about to see me tied to my bed with a chastity cage on and covered in my wife's cum. I could not go anywhere so all I could do was turn my head and wait to hear a reaction.

"Oh my god!" "You were not lying. He's just laying there at your mercy...this is going to be fun."

It was Diane, Kristen's older sister. I could not believe it. I thought maybe a friend of hers when I heard another women's voice, but certainly not Diane.

"Diane, this is not all that it looks like. What are you doing here?" I tried to plead even though I was already humiliated.

"Is that any way to treat my sister?"

Kristen walked next to the bed and grabbed my cock and pulled at the cage. The pain stopped me from saying anything.

"Diane I think it's time we really see what he can take."

Kristen leaned and kissed me, sliding her tongue in my mouth I could take taste cum and I knew she could still taste her sweet pee lingering in the corners of my mouth. She kept kissing me deep and erotic as her fingers ran across my chest. As she pulled away I saw Diane stripping off the remaining clothing she had on. Diane had the same coke bottle shaped body as Kristen. Tiny waist, not the DD's that Kristen had but a good perky c cup, but she had an even rounder, bigger but that I had always loved to see in a bikini in the summers. Finally seeing her naked confirmed all my suspicions about how good she would look naked. She had these perfect tiny little hard pink nipples that I wanted to lick and bite and I could see her large clitoris puffed out on her cunt. I had no idea about what was going to happen, but after the morning I was open for anything.

"Why don't we get him how you want him so he can enjoy both us." Diane said this like they had come up with diabolical plan for me.

Kristen untied both my feet and although I tried to move my legs some to get some feeling back she immediately grabbed the tie still attached to my leg and pulled it up to a ring that was attached to the top of our bed frame. She tied the other one. I was now lying on my back with my legs up in the air and was still excited for whatever was next.

Diane walked around the side of the bed while I heard Kristen rustling through a bag next to the bed. She got up on top of me and straddled my chest. The warmth of her cunt on my chest was pushing me to the edge, let alone getting to stare at her tits that I wanted so desperately to wrap my mouth around.

"How long have you wanted this you little pervert. I should have known all those summers sitting out by the pool when you were checking out my ass and tits. Well I have got news for you, Kristen learned how to be this kinky slut from me so I'm going to show you how it really works. To start, I brought you a present."

Diane started to lean back and felt something hard push on my chest. As she rolled back on her butt my eyes fixed on her glistening, gaping cunt. She must have been fucked right before she came over. All of a sudden I saw a bright red plug that was stuck in her ass. She pushed forward and suddenly my face was buried in her cunt. I was overcome by the sweet taste of her pussy and the fruitiness of what must have been lube still on her lips. Diane was loving it as she started to grind into my face. She leaned forward and I finally had my chance to suck on that clitoris I had seen puffing out of her summer bikinis for long. As I went to town on it sucking, biting, rolling it over my tongue I felt her pull the plug out of her ass. Before I had a chance to get all I wanted from her clitoris she immediately lowered her gaping rosebud over my mouth. The plug made her gape so much that when I tried to rim around her my tongue fell deep into her ass. My tongue was welcomed with a thick salty glob of what I knew was cum and she could feel my tongue licking it up.

"Oh he found it Kristen and he loves it."

Just as she said that I could feel Kristen push something up my ass. Little did I know Kristen had a bag full of dildos and plugs was intent on getting my wide enough to take anything she wanted. The first dildo she slid inside me was only 6 inches and not too thick. Any pain I felt was canceled out by the gushing cum from Diane's ass into my mouth that was keeping me busy. I was guessing it was her boyfriend's cum. Recently she started dating this tall, black volleyball player who I'm sure kept her big round ass full if she was this much of a freak. His cum was sweet and thick and just kept pouring into my mouth. Just as my ass was warming up to the dildo and I was savoring Diane's ass, I felt Kristen pull the dildo out. All of sudden a huge pressure pushed on my ass. I pull my face away for a second...


"Are you begging me to stop?...cause that is what it sounds like to me. What is wrong you watch all those videos of girls fucking guys with strap-on dicks and yet you cannot handle these extra large anal beads yet?"

Diane quickly stopped me saying anything else by smothering me with her ass. Just as soon enough lube allowed a huge bead to slip into my ass. It must have been 2 inches in diameter and filling me to no end. The sensation was driving me crazy and I went to town sucking on her Diane's asshole. Kristen moved on the bed and now straddled my stomach behind Diane and started to massage Diane's nipples and kiss her neck. Diane started to moan really loud and grind my tongue deeper into her ass. I could not believe that Kristen and I were double teaming her sister right now. I was so fucking horny.

Diane started getting really loud and Kristen knew she was close.

"Damn it Tim suck her clitoris and feel her cum!"

Diane slid down so I could suck her clitoris and boy did I. I sucked on that clitoris like I was trying to get every drop of cum out of her.

"Fuck! Fuck! Tim swallow my fucking squirt!"

I did not think and just reacted. I opened my mouth wide and pushed to her gape. All of a sudden a wave of sweet cum splashed in the back of my mouth. Diane was screaming in ecstasy and pulling my face into her with two hands. I kept swallowing as much as I could before she collapsed off the side of me in exhaustion. Kristen leaned forward and started kissing me deeply again and sucking the juices from my mouth. She pulled away with a smile on her face.

"I think it's time we let you out of your little cage."

Kristen grabbed a key from the side of the bed and unlocked me. No sooner was I that I was rock hard and throbbing for pleasure. Diane then untied my hands and Kristen got off to unlock my feet. I was finally free and yet I did not have any thoughts about anything other than shooting a huge load of cum somewhere. Kristen had me turn on all fours and started pulling the bead out of me. I was so numb at this point I barely even winced as it fell out of me. Kristen then stuck a large prostate toy inside me and I could feel it making me want to cum. Then she turned it on and holy fuck did it send me for a ride. She grabbed Diane's big red plug and licked the rest of the cum off it and had Diane assume the position to take it. She gladly accepted it and then chose an nice short thick one for Kristen. Kristen yelped in pain and pleasure as Diane shoved in her ass. With our asses all stuffed and mine making me closer and closer to cumming they moved on top of me. Diane reversed herself onto my face letting me taste her pussy while Kristen mounted my throbbing dick. I couldn't see anything but was in pure heaven as Diane's ass and pussy had me buried in her juices and Kristen was bucking on my dick so hard I knew I would not last. Feeling everything about to explode inside me I did my best to distract myself so I could enjoy the both of them. I wrapped my arms over Diane's thick thighs and pulled her deeper into my face. I furiously tongue fucked her clitoris. They both kept moaning louder and louder and together they both came. Diane's squirt covered my face and mouth as I opened it to try and get more. Kristen shot off my dick gushing all over me and Diane. Diane fell forward and started sucking Kristen's cum off my dick. The rhythmic motion put me over the edge. I must have cum for what seemed minutes. She held every drop in her mouth and turned to me and I opened my mouth as she started to make out with my push all my cum into my mouth. I swallowed over and over again. She kept kissing me deeply and then Kristen came up next to us and we all started kissing each other. We were covered in cum and all exhausted. Kristen let me turn off the vibrator as we all hoped in the shower but we all kept the plugs in for the rest of the afternoon.

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