tagLoving WivesShe Fooled Me

She Fooled Me

byDG Hear©

"Honey, I'm going out with the girls at work for drinks Wednesday," said my wife Angie.

"Wednesday, who goes out for drinks on a Wednesday?" I replied.

"It's April 1st, April Fool's Day, we go out and act like fools," she said and smiled.

We've only been married going on two years and it's been a bit of a bumpy ride. I met Angie my senior year of college and we got married shortly after graduation when I received my degree in Electrical Engineering.

Angie received a two year degree in Business Management, but actually wanted to be a secretary. If truth were known she went to college looking for a husband. At least that's what her friends said. I'll do my best to explain how I found all this out.

Let me see, where should I begin? Every since I was a kid I would take things apart; radios, recorders, microphones and anything else electrical. I needed to see how things worked. I remember my parents always telling me to make sure things weren't plugged in so I wouldn't get electrocuted. I surprised my parents on how many thing I was able to repair.

I do have to admit a lot of times I had a few parts left over, but that was all part of learning. As time went by I got more involved in how things worked. While I was in high school I won a number of awards in science and received a four year scholarship.

While I was in college I even had some patents pending for electrical parts. I was somewhat of an inventor. I took present day electronics and made them better. I got my patent on a wireless microphone not any bigger than a button. It could hear a conversation of up to a hundred feet and I was able to connect it to a wireless recorder.

I wasn't a geek and I did party a lot. That's how I met Angie, at one of the parties when she came up to me and introduced herself. To say she was a good looking women would be an understatement and who wouldn't want to make out with a sexy babe.

Angie was blonde with below the shoulder length hair and the curtains matched the rug which I found out later. She was very light complexioned with an angelic face. Before the evening was over we were having sex. After that party we were a couple. We had sex at least twice a week. I knew she wasn't a virgin but neither was I. There aren't many virgins in college especially sex pots like Angie.

I really liked her a lot and she said she loved me. We were together for four months when I graduated. I started at an electrical firm my senior year even before I graduated. Angie came by the firm a week after graduation and looked scared. "What's the matter, Angie?" I asked.

"I missed my period and I might be pregnant. I don't know what I'm going to do." She started crying.

"Everything will be fine Angie." I thought for a few seconds and blurted out, "Let's get married!"

"Really? You'll marry me? Do you love me, Brent? I don't want you to marry me just because I might be pregnant."

Angie was raised in foster homes and hardly remembered her parents. Her dad was in a prison somewhere and her mom gave her up and she never saw her again. She was just a kid when all this happened. She had no brothers or sisters.

"Listen, we can fly to Las Vegas this weekend and tie the knot. Maybe we'll even let Elvis marry us."

Angie was smiling. "I love you so much," she said as she kissed me. Was this a mistake? I really didn't know but I really did like Angie and she was one beautiful woman and a tiger in bed. A guy could do a lot worse, I thought to myself.

We flew to Las Vegas and spent five days there and got married. I had called my parents from Las Vegas and told them the good news. My dad told me I was smart running off to get married and saving a ton of money. Mom was crying over the phone and wished she could have been there.

I came from a wealthy family and my dad was also an electrical engineer and the head of the department where he worked. He was hoping that I would come and work for him after I graduated but I wanted to be on my own for a while. I wanted to prove I could succeed without my dad's help. Mom was more of a homebody and volunteered for everything. My parents had a wonderful marriage.

My parents met Angie at my graduation and I remember them saying what a beautiful woman she was. I can't say they loved her because they really didn't get time to know her all that well. When Mom asked me why we were getting married so quickly I told her that Angie might be pregnant. "Mom, I wanted to do what is right."

The honeymoon was great. We got a honeymoon suite and had sex everyday, most days more than once. Watching other men paying attention to Angie made me a bit jealous but it was nice to know that other men found her as beautiful and sexy as I did.

She didn't really flirt with anyone but talked nice to everyone. When she was asked to dance she told everyone we were on our honeymoon and she would only dance with me. That made me feel pretty good.

After we got home we found a nice apartment and Angie started filling it with furniture. Two more weeks went by and when I got home Angie had a nice dinner made and said she had something to tell me.

"What is it?" I asked.

"I got my period today; I'm not pregnant. I'm sorry, I didn't lie to you I really thought I was. Can you forgive me?"

What could I say? "Angie, it's ok. I would have liked to have a rug rat or two but we have plenty of time for that. I should call Mom and let her know since she won't be having any new grandchildren right now."

I have an older sister and my parents do have two grandchildren but I thought she might be looking forward to our first child. I called her and she said, "I guess it wasn't meant to be yet. You two are young and have a whole life ahead of you. I just wished you would have waited before getting married. After all, you just went together for less than half a year."

We ate dinner and Angie said she would make it up to me in the bedroom. I have to admit that she was quite the tiger in bed. After giving me oral sex till I was about ready to climax she got on top of me and rode me like a bronco till I came twice. After I came the first time she stayed on me pelvis to pelvis and just rubbed back and forth till I got hard again.

She had the flattest tummy from working out and I loved to rub my face on it and kiss the light blonde fuzz just below her belly button. Her tits weren't big but they were a handful and stood up when she lay on her back. I loved to suck on her areolas surrounding her nipples and watch her nipples get hard. I have to admit, my wife was one sexy woman. She often went without a bra and I could see her nipples when she got excited.

I've always been an easy guy to get along with and rarely argued or got mad. I just took life a day at a time and tried to do what was right. Angie told me she applied for a secretarial position in a large insurance agency that was in the same building as my office.

It was a six story building and had a parking garage for businesses and guests. Employees received a parking pass and guests would have to pay or get a receipt from the business they visited. The company I worked for had offices on the second floor and the insurance agency Angie applied for a position at had offices on the fifth floor.

I was working when Angie came into my office and told me she got the position. She was really happy about it and I was happy for her. She was going shopping to buy a few outfits for work. She mentioned to me that one of her college girlfriends worked there.

When she told me it was Sheila I remembered that Sheila was one of her wild girlfriends. Some of my friends had dated her while I was going with Angie. She was very sexually active and partied a lot according to my friends.

One day I remember Sheila coming up to me in college and wanted to have sex. It would have been a no brainer if I wasn't going with Angie but I turned Sheila down. It was then that she told me that Angie just wanted me for my money and knew I would be wealthy some day.

I didn't say anything to Angie about it but I knew it would be something I'd have to watch and see how their friendship went. My secretary, Rose said that one of the agency's bosses, Jim thought he was a gift to all women and I might want to warn Angie.

Rose was in her forties, married and had two grown kids of her own. She would be a grandma in a couple of months. I asked her how she knew so much about this agency and she said that when you've been in the building for nearly twenty years, you hear a lot of things. She mentioned that this Jim fellow was on his second marriage. His first ended when he was caught cheating. "Some men never learn," she said.

I told her thanks and that I would mention it to Angie. Needless to say I didn't have a good feeling about this. I did mention it to Angie when I got home and she said that I didn't have anything to worry about. Sheila had already told her about Jim. She was happy to have a good job and something to do besides going to the exercise gym which was located in walking distance from the office.

Things seem to be going good and I did talk to Jim at a New Year's party that their company had. I didn't think much of him; I had met him before but never really talked to him. I didn't like the idea that he kept talking about Angie and what a wonderful employee she was.

Normally I would be proud but I wondered where all the complements were coming from. Angie never talked much about her job other than she liked it. They did have an employee Christmas party that she went to with the other girls in the office. Sheila, Barb and Mary all went to their party. Spouses weren't invited; it was employees only. That just seemed odd to me.

Our company had a Christmas party and the spouses attended as well as guests for those that were single. Earlier in the day there was a kids party that I attended even though we didn't have any kids I felt I should be there.


It was in early February Angie said she wasn't feeling well and went to the doctors and she told me that the doctor said she had the stomach flu and needed to rest for a couple of days. She stayed home and pretty much stayed in bed. I came home early the next two days to take care of her.

She was taking some medication every four hours that the doctor prescribed. I stopped at the local restaurant on the way home from work and brought her home some soup the first day. The second day she said she was feeling much better and wanted something more solid and I stopped and picked up some fried chicken.

She was up walking around and said she was going back to work on Monday. We didn't have sex for over a week. She said she felt drained, tired and just wasn't in the mood but would make it up to me when she felt better. I gave her a kiss and told her everything was fine.

When I took out the trash at home a couple of days later I found her pill bottle that the doctor gave her a prescription for. It was a pain killer. I had to wonder why she needed a pain killer for a stomach flu. I had to wonder if she was telling me the truth.

It was the last weekend in March when she told me she was going out with the girls in the office on Wednesday.

"Wednesday, who goes out for drinks on a Wednesday?" I replied.

"It's April 1st, April Fool's Day, we go out and act like fools," she said.

It bothered me that she wanted to go out and drink with the girls. I thought that part of our life was somewhat over and we would do things together. I couldn't tell her she couldn't go. I thought about following her but I didn't think I would make a good private eye and would probably be seen by Angie or her friends.

She did tell me she was going to drive so she would drink less. That gave me an idea. I could try out one of our newest products. It was the microphone that I had invented. It was the size of a button which I put in a side pocket in her purse. I had it connected to the wireless receiver/recorder that I invented. It would record for a distance of up to a mile.

I put the recorder in the corner of the trunk of her car under a blanket. It would record for up to eight hours so I put it in her car as she was getting ready to go out. I did have a remote start for the recorder but it was only good for a hundred feet. The recorder would shut off automatically.

She said she would see me in a few hours and off she went. Things have been a bit strange ever since her stomach sickness. I was hoping that maybe I was over thinking these things and everything would be fine. I've been reading to many stories lately about cheating wives and often wondered if Angie might be cheating on me.

Damn! I hated thinking this way. I had dozed off in my favorite chair when the phone rang. It was Angie, she said she had drunk to much and was unable to drive.

"Honey," she said. "I drank to much and need you to come and get us. Joe, Mary's husband will be by to pick you up and we can take our car home. I'm sorry."

I guess that was better than driving drunk. Maybe they did just have a few drinks and I was over thinking everything. Joe pulled up out front and I went to meet him.

Joe was in his fifties and a pretty decent guy. He and Mary have been married for over thirty years and seemed to get along fine. I asked him if he was mad or aggravated having to pick up Mary. He laughed and said he and Mary had an agreement ever since they got married that she shouldn't be afraid to call him if she needed him. She has done it quite a few times but he would prefer to pick her up than her being drunk or riding with someone who was, in this case Angie.

We arrived at the lounge and the four women were still having a drink. Joe laughed and Mary stood up and said, "There's my man," and kissed him. She was pretty well along as were the other three woman. I told Joe I would take the other two women and drop them off at their homes and he and Mary could go on home.

Sheila kept looking at me but she wasn't really smiling. I wasn't sure what to make of it. She was the only single women in the group. Barb I didn't know that well. She has been married about five years and is a little more quiet than either Sheila or Angie.

Angie smiled at me and said that Mary thought she should call and let me drive everyone home. She hoped I wasn't mad at her. I told her I would much prefer her to call me than drive intoxicated and I would guess her friends would prefer it too.

I looked around and saw a few men staring at the women. The place wasn't very crowded seeing it was a Wednesday night. Sheila looked over at me and said, "We're tired from fighting off all these men all night." She then looked over at me and said, "April Fool! We didn't fight them off."

Barb laughed and slapped her on the arm and held her finger up to her mouth in a 'Shhh' manner; Angie just laughed. I didn't think a whole lot about it as I walked three drunk women to the car.

"What all did you women do? I never heard of celebrating April Fool's Day."

"Oh, we just play games and acted silly," replied Barb. All three women were acting giddy and were quite intoxicated.

"It's a woman thing," said Angie. "We can't tell men what we do. We just joke around and have fun. We don't do anything wrong."

"So why did you ladies drink so much?" I asked.

"It was a drinking game we played," Sheila responded. "One person would make a statement and if everyone has done it then the woman making the statement would have to take a drink."

"What if one or more of you didn't do this thing, whatever it is?" I asked.

"Then the ones who didn't do it would have to take a shot," Sheila responded. "We can't tell you any more, we said too much already." They all started giggling.

I dropped Barb off first and helped her to her door. Next I took Sheila home and she spread her legs as she got out. I could see her panties and she knew it and smiled at me. I couldn't help but stare at the brown patch that the thin white panties barely covered.

I walked her to the door and she told me if I wanted to see more I could stop by anytime. I knew she was drunk but had to wonder if she knew what she said. She staggered and reached over and grabbed my package. I couldn't help being a bit hard after what I had seen and she asked if she had done that to me. I opened her door and she invited me in saying Angie wouldn't mind.

Angie was passed out in the car but I knew better than to go inside and told Sheila goodnight and walked back to the car. All kind of thoughts went through my head as we drove home. I've been true to Angie since we got married and hoped she had too.

I helped Angie into our apartment and began undressing her. Her panties were damp. I could smell her sex in them. She must have got off or at least excited at the lounge. She was awake now and said, "Fuck me Brent! I want to make love right now. Come on Baby, I need it."

I undressed and we had sex. As she lay there I fucked her hard. I thought about Sheila and even pretended I was fucking her. I came so hard. Angie kept telling me how good it felt and that she never felt me come so hard. She fell asleep before I even got off of her. I slipped on a pair of pajamas and went out to her car and retrieved the recorded disk and decided to replace it with another.

I felt it was wrong to spy on my wife but I had to wonder what these women talked about. What got my wife so hot and bothered? I put the new disk in wondering if they would talk about their night out the next day at the office. I put the recorded disk in my home office desk drawer thinking I would listen to it over the weekend.

Angie got up for work and was a bit hung over. She did remember us having sex the night before but didn't say much about their girls' night out. She apologized again to me for having to come and get her. I told her that was a lot better than her driving drunk or having some other man driving her home.

She dressed for work and left shortly before I did. When I drove into the parking garage I pulled up near her car and started the recorder with the remote starter and then parked my car and went into the office.

I got my mind off my wife and into my job. We were updating the wireless and remote capabilities of video and audio equipment. It was a new age in communications and our company was one of the leaders in innovation. I was proud to be part of it besides making the big bucks.

Just before closing I received a call from Angie. She told me she had to go away on a business meeting on Friday and would be back late Saturday. When I asked her who all was going she said, her and Sheila, Jim and Allen.

There wasn't much I could say other than I would miss her. She said we could make up for it on Saturday night after she got home. I did tell her that would be nice and hung up.

We talked a little about her trip that night and I told her I didn't think much of Jim and knew he flirted with the woman. She told me it was strictly a business meeting and she and Sheila were sharing a room and Jim and Allen another. I had nothing to worry about and she would see me Saturday night.

Sheila stopped by the next morning and drove Angie to the office. Angie had a small suitcase since she could never get all her stuff in an overnight bag. I remember her telling me one time when she was dressed sexy that, "To look this good it takes a lot of preparation."

I had a hard time at work on Friday keeping my mind clear and went home after lunch. I brought in the second disk from her trunk and took the first one out of the drawer. Before listening to them I had to ask myself if this was right to invade Angie's privacy.

I knew I would feel bad about it if there was nothing incriminating on them which I hoped would happen. I thought back to how things changed throughout the years. My parents and grandparents seemed to hold it together more than my generation.

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