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She Forgot Morning



She forgot morning, not just this morning, but every morning for as far back as she could remember. It wasn't that she slept late, sleeping through all those mornings, no, each day her alarm went off at seven a.m. and when she got home after work there were breakfast dishes in the sink. Looking over her email, she found that she had diligently read her email each morning and in some cases responded to the email, it's just that she didn't remember a bit of it.

Once she really became aware of the problem she would take time during her lunch break to sit down, remaining very quiet and simply try to remember what she did that morning. It was no good, she would simply spend the entire hour just looking off into space, her mind completely blank. Afraid to mention her problem to any of her friends, she wondered if she was going crazy, if perhaps she should get some therapy.

It wasn't until she received flowers from a man she didn't know that she really began to worry. The card on the flowers said, I had a wonderful time this morning, it was signed Bill Wilson. Reviewing her company's employee list she came across a Bill Wilson, but after asking around she learned he was a staff accountant who had been with the company since long before she'd been born.

Certain it was a different Bill Wilson, she didn't send an email or try to reply to the old guy. She told herself he must have been married for years and any contact from her would certainly be awkward for him. She tried to contact the flower company but they weren't very helpful, not willing to give out a phone number or address, they did say the flowers were ordered by an individual, not a company. That had been obvious to her.

The next day was just like before, she spent her lunch time trying to remember what happened that morning, but she just couldn't remember. She did notice a box of chocolates with a note signed by Bill Wilson once again. When she asked around the office she found out it didn't come by a delivery service, someone put it on her desk personally.

She finally decided she would go visit this Bill Wilson in accounting and convince herself once and for all he wasn't the Bill Wilson giving her flowers and candy and thanking her for wonderful mornings she simply can't remember. It was a short elevator trip up to the twelfth floor after which she headed down a long corridor to the back entry into accounting.

Quietly asking one of the accountants there where Bill Wilson's desk was, she walked over to his cubicle but found he wasn't at his desk. Noticing two chairs across from his desk, she sat in one and waited.

In a few minutes she saw a tall, balding man, walking toward the desk. He was bent over a bit as he walked and one of his hands seemed to tremble a bit. Stepping into his cubicle he didn't look at her but immediately said, "Charlotte, you can sit there all day and I won't... Oh, excuse me, you're not Charlotte. Oh my, this is a surprise, I didn't expect you to stop by.

"Do you know me?"

"Of course I know you Katy, are you joking with me?"

"No, I'm not joking. Just exactly how do you know me?" she asked.

"Katy, we've known each other for two weeks now. Known each other very well, if you don't mind me saying so."

"So then we..."

"It's been almost two weeks," he replied with a puzzled look on his face.

"Bill, I am sorry, I think I am going crazy here, crazy or something. I can't remember what has happened to me in the mornings."

"You mean this morning?"

"I mean every morning for the last two, three maybe four months. You say we met about two weeks ago?"

"Yes, in a coffee shop near the bus stop. We had coffee, you asked me to come up to your apartment, something about a light switch..."

"A light switch?"

"Yes, I had bragged I was an electrician before becoming an accountant. One of your switches had a short, I checked it out for you. It was a broken switch, did your super ever get it replaced? He didn't the last time I was there."

"I don't remember."

"You don't remember if you got the switch fixed?"

"I don't remember any of it," she replied nervously. "And you said we..."

Bill nodded.


Looking around Bill leaned forward, "Why don't we take an early lunch, it's a bit of a delicate thing to talk about here."

Bill took her to a nearby restaurant where they got a booth way in the back. They ordered quickly and while sipping tea, Bill filled her in.

"I had turned the breaker back on and you were reaching for the switch. I grabbed your hand so you wouldn't touch the switch and perhaps get shocked. Then you took hold of my hand and pulled it to you. With one hand you unbuttoned your blouse and then you guided my hand inside your blouse.

"You weren't wearing a bra and suddenly, for the first time since my wife died eight years ago I was touching a woman. I was very nervous, not sure exactly what was happening. When I just touched your breast without doing anything more, you knelt down in front of me, opened my pants and took me in your mouth. Like I said, I hadn't been with a woman in a long time, so I didn't last long before I... ah, had an orgasm in your mouth."

He stopped talking while the food was set on the table. They thanked the waitress and Bill started again, "Wanting to please you, I began opening your pants, but you took them off, along with your panties. You led me into the bedroom and we got on your bed. I don't think I could have kneel in the kitchen like you did, so there on the bed was perfect. You spread your legs and I kissed you there, used my tongue a bit until you had an orgasm.

"We then got dressed and drove me into work. We've met in the coffee shop every day since then, but I only come up here every two days because, well because I'm just not as young as I used to be. Anyway, I did order you some flowers and I bought you some chocolates."

"Bill, forgive me, but I don't remember a bit of this," she said.

"You do act differently from when I see you in the morning. I mean you aren't as forward, not that I mind you being forward in the morning, I need you to be forward. It's just you are different now."

"I don't know what is happening to me," she said, fighting tears.

"Okay, Katy don't cry. We just need to figure this out, have you talked to a doctor?"

"No. And you've called me Katy three times now, my name is Sarah."


She nodded, "My full name is Katy Sarah Allentino, but only my grandfather ever called me Sarah," she said suddenly feeling almost queasy.

"Sarah, Katy, either way I think it's time you went to a doctor."

"Look Bill, will you do me a favor? Will you tell me what happens each morning I bring you up to my apartment?"

"Okay Katy, but you still need to go see a doctor or at least talk to someone."

She nodded, sipping her tea before they stood up to head back to work.


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