tagMatureShe Forgot Morning Ch. 02

She Forgot Morning Ch. 02



She returned to work that afternoon finally aware of what had happened the last few mornings, unfortunately, she knew nothing of what had happened to her in the morning for almost six months before that. The consolation of this was she found out she had met Bill Wilson from accounting, a seemingly safe and very dear man. While he was old enough to be her grandfather, apparently she had enjoyed the time they spent together the last several mornings. If only she could remember.

She worked through the afternoon fully aware she would go home for the evening, do whatever it was on her calendar to do tonight and then go to bed. Tomorrow she would remember going to bed, but nothing before about ten o'clock a.m. when she showed up for work. She wouldn't remember anything from that morning.

Remembering lunch with Bill Wilson she was glad he was as understanding about it all as he had been. It must have been a bit difficult to comprehend that the woman he had sex with over the past few days didn't remember any of it. A humble man, he showed genuine concern about her health, rather than take her loss of memory as an affront to his ego. He even commented that he was flattered a woman like her would even have considered him as a partner for sex.

It did trouble her that he called her Katy. It was her first name, but the only person to call her that was her grandfather, who had died years ago. She guessed Bill may have reminded her of her grandfather, but she really didn't want to think of that a lot. Bill had convinced her to see a shrink about her problem though and she planned to devote the rest of her afternoon to finding someone who might help.

Suddenly it came to her, why call a shrink when she had another option? She picked up her phone and dialed in Bill Wilson's number. He picked it up on the second ring, "Accounting, Wilson speaking."

"Bill, this is Sarah, I mean Katy..."

"You mean Sarah don't you?"

"Bill, I'm not sure what I mean, but I've been thinking about what we talked about at lunch."


"Look, before I go too far with anything, I was thinking that somewhere between when I go to bed and when I get up in the morning, something happens," she said.

"Something like Sarah becoming Katy?"

"Exactly, and since you've been close to Katy, I wonder if perhaps, well, if you came home with me tonight maybe, it would either not happen or maybe you could see what causes it."

"So is this an invitation?"

"Well yes, I mean..."

"Katy... ah Sarah, the answer is yes. I'll head directly home after work and then come back to your place."

"Thank you Bill," she replied.

"See you about seven tonight."

The rest of the day passed uneventfully and by five-thirty Sarah headed home. She quickly cleaned up her apartment so when she heard Bill knocking on her door at seven-ten, she could open the door without being embarrassed. Bill was there holding a small bouquet of flowers.

"Sorry I'm late, decided to pick these up," he said.

"Shasta daisies, I love those."

"They were on sale."

"You're not supposed to tell me that," she said smiling.

"So what's for dinner?"

"Dinner? Oh, damn I didn't think about dinner. Look do you like Chinese?"

"Chinese is good," he replied.

"I'll get it delivered, just a minute."

She grabbed the phone, ordered the food and then invited him to sit down on the couch. Sitting down in a nearby chair they talked a bit, but mostly they sat there in an uncomfortable silence until the food arrived. They both went into the kitchen and got the food out on plates and then sat down at the kitchen table.

"I hope you like it, it's not the best around, but it's convenient."

"It's pretty good," Bill replied.

They ate in another uncomfortable silence and then got up to put the dishes in the sink. Sarah went to begin washing the dishes when Bill reached out and grabbed her ass, squeezing it lightly.

Sarah whirled to quickly face him and felt his hands run up her sides to her breasts. Looking down she saw her grandfather's hands gently kneading them, she watched as they trembled slightly unbuttoning her blouse and reaching around to unfasten her bra. He fumbled with the bra until she reached her hand up and helped, letting it fall to the floor.

Looking down on his balding head and gray hair she felt his tongue circling on her nipples, then felt him suck one into his mouth. Moving her hands down, she held his head against her, her mind spinning. She then felt him kissing down her stomach as his hands unfastened her pants. He pulled down her pants and panties as Sarah notice how hard she was breathing and as she felt his mouth and tongue slide through her pubic hair she felt faint.

Grabbing for a chair she sat down, while Bill, intently following her, kneeled in front of her. Then Katy opened her legs and watched the gray haired man move his head between them. His tongue pierced her wet opening and she whispered, "Grandpa."

Pausing, Bill glanced up and said, "Huh?"

"Bill, please don't stop, don't stop Bill."

Immediately she felt his tongue dip into her pussy again and then it moved up to her clit, just like Gran... No, not that... she reached down and pulled his head up. Bill looked surprised, "Don't you want..."

"Fuck me Bill, just fuck me."

Then she backed into the living area, sat down on the carpet and opened her legs. Bill quickly pulled off his clothes and kneeled between her legs. Katy reached out and grabbed his partially erect cock and stroked it. After it hardened some more, she leaned back and guided him into her.

Bill gingerly pushed his cock into her and then withdrew. His knees already ached some, but he began thrusting in and out of her. She responded, raising her hips up to meet him, but she seemed more sedate that when he had been eating her. As he thrust into the hilt, he paused before withdrawing, grinding against her clit, trying to please her.

Continuing to move in and out of her, grinding against her clit before each withdrawal he felt himself getting closer and closer. He tried counting to himself, diverting his attention as he looked around her apartment, but nothing worked and he quickly arched his back and came, spurting his cum into her pussy. Resting his head on her breast, he knew he didn't satisfy her. He remained there until his cock slipped out of her.

"I'm sorry Sarah..."

"Sarah? Nobody calls me that, I'm Katy."

Bill looked at her. She did seem different, from earlier in the evening. She was different, but then again she was the same as when he met her the previous mornings. Whereas Sarah was neat and efficient, Katy was less organized, certainly not as neat. As they dressed, her clothes looked unkempt and her hair was out of place. Now of course they just had sex, but he had a feeling Sarah would have stepped into the bathroom and fixed herself back up. Katy didn't.

Bill flexed his knees some and then moved back to the kitchen to clean up the dishes, something he had interrupted Sarah from doing. Just as he turned on the water Katy said, "Oh leave those, I have someone come in during the day and clean up here."

"Okay," he said, hanging up the rag and walking into the living room. He sat down on the couch as she found some video and plugged it in. She came and sat on his lap as "It's a Wonderful Life" began playing. Bill dozed off before the scene at the bridge.


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