tagMatureShe Forgot Morning Ch. 03

She Forgot Morning Ch. 03


Bill woke to the smell of coffee and cooking bacon. He was still on the couch fully dressed, so he stood up and stretched. Aching all over he limped into the bathroom, splashed cold water on his face, went to the bathroom and limped back out to the kitchen.

"Good morning," Katy said, "How do you want your eggs?"

"Scrambled is fine."

"Scrambled is so boring, you sure?"

"Okay, sunny side up," he replied. "Do I have time for a shower?"

"Yeah, the bacon is doing fine and I can hold the eggs until you get out."

Bill grabbed his bag and went back into the bathroom. He turned on the shower and as the water was heating up he quickly shaved and then brushed his teeth. Undressing he checked the water and then stepped into the shower. Letting the hot water run over his body he felt a bit of relief in the ache in his shoulder and neck. Sleeping on a couch all night is not something to do at his age.

Grabbing the soap, he lathered up and began scrubbing his face when he heard the door open. He held his face in the water to rinse off and see what was happening when he felt Katy's hands on his back. By the time he got his face rinsed she was standing behind him with her hands wrapped around him grabbing his cock. The feel of her breasts against his back and the tickle of her pubic hair on his ass was nice and he began to feel a tingling in his cock.

She reached out and grabbed the soap and then returned to his cock, stroking it with her soapy hands. Bill could feel it beginning to get hard, but just wasn't sure it would get hard enough to please Katy. He reached behind himself and moved his fingers down through her curly pubic hair and slipped them into her slit. Moving downward, he worked them into her pussy and once he got them wet with her juices, he withdrew and then slid up to her clit.

Gently pinching the tiny nub between his index finger and thumb he carefully slid up and down the length of her clit. The two of them continued jacking each other off, Katy working her hands quickly up and down his, only half erect, cock, while Bill gently moved his fingers on her clit.

As they continued Katy slowed down her manipulations of his cock and she began moving her hips, pressing against Bill's fingers. When she let go of him completely, Bill turned and kneeled down in front of her. With the fingers of both hands, he carefully pulled her lips open exposing her clit.

Moving his face in close to her he ran his tongue up her slit and onto clit. He slowly licked her as she reached her hands down and held his head. After licking the clit he wet his lips and sucked it into his mouth while hooking his tongue underneath it. Her hips pushed her pussy against him as she moaned loudly.

Sensing her orgasm, Bill pushed two fingers into her pussy as he ran his tongue in circles over her clit. Katy moaned loudly and then Bill thought her heard her say, "Oh grandpa," as she arched her back and came. Leaving the fingers of his right hand pushed into her cunt, Bill reached around behind her with his left hand and held her ass. Feeling her pulsations slowly subside, he pulled his fingers out of her and then stood up, embracing her.

In a moment she reached back to his cock, but Bill grabbed her hand and shook his head, "No." Nodding she pulled her hands away as Bill reached and turned off the shower. "I'm sorry Katy, it's just been too soon since we last did something."

"It's okay, I just thought morning was best for you guys."

"It usually is, unless I've had some incredible sex just the night before. Even if it did get hard you'd wear your arm out stroking it."

They climbed out of the shower, dried off and got dressed. Katy hurried back into the kitchen and by the time Bill came out of the bathroom, she set his breakfast down in front of him. Two eggs sunny side up, two slices of bacon, some toast and an orange juice were ready for him to dig in. Bill began eating, wondering when Sarah would return. He had an idea at what might be bringing Katy into her life.

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