tagMatureShe Forgot Morning Ch. 04

She Forgot Morning Ch. 04



Bill remained with Katy as she finished eating, tossed the dishes in the sink and got dressed for work. They walked together to the bus stop and Bill noticed she had become less talkative and much quieter. On the bus Katy rested her arm on the empty seat in front of her and then rested her head on her arm. In a few moments she seemed to drift to sleep until shortly before they reached the bus stop nearest their office.

When she woke up, Bill could tell by her facial expressions that it was now Sarah sitting beside him. She looked over at him and smiled. Bill could tell she was wondering what had happened so he moved closer to her in the seat.

He whispered, "Do you remember me coming over last night?"

She nodded.

"Well it was going well, do you remember ordering Chinese food?"

"Yes, that's right I forgot all about dinner."

"Anyway things were normal until we began to clean up dishes. You had begun washing the plates and I came up behind you."

"Yes, you grabbed my ass. I remember turning to face you and then I don't remember any more."

"After you turned, we kissed and then I unbuttoned your blouse but had a bit of trouble with your bra, which you unfastened."

"Okay, I vaguely remember that."

"Then I kissed your breasts, sucked on your nipples and then began unfastening your pants. We got those off of you along with your panties and then I kneeled down. Your hands ran through my hair, if I recall, and as I pushed my tongue into you, you called me 'Grandpa.' I immediately paused for a moment and then you... well, by then you were Katy, Katy said my name and asked me not to stop.

"I continued pushing my tongue into Katy and suddenly she said, 'No,' and pulled my head away. She then moved into the living room, sat down on the floor, spread her legs and asked me to fuck her.

"I pulled off my clothes and got down on my knees, something I paid for later, and then she guided my cock into her. Besides the ache in my knees and back from doing it on the floor it was wonderful. I wasn't able to hold off long enough for her to come, instead I came and then as I was getting up I said to her, 'I'm sorry Sarah.'

"She acted perplexed and asked why I called her that, saying her name was Katy. Thinking back on it I should have noticed the change, I mean it was pretty clear when I pushed my tongue into her and she called me 'Grandpa' that Katy was there."

"So it's something to do with my grandfather," Sarah said offhandedly. "You do remind me of him some if you don't mind me saying so."

Bill smiled and shrugged his shoulders, "I'd have preferred you said I reminded you of Brad Pitt, but hey, what can I say? Regardless, it seems like Katy's appearances may have something to do with your grandfather. Do you recall any thing that may have happened with him?"

"No, just normal grandfather and granddaughter stuff the best I can remember. I mean he died about six or seven months ago."

"Wait a minute, you said you have been forgetting what happened to you in the mornings and it started about six months ago. That was right..."

"Right after my grandfather died. I had never thought of that. Do you think there is a connection?"

"I would be willing to bet there is a connection."

The bus screeched to a stop and Sarah and Bill got off the bus and headed into their building. They walked together in silence in through the lobby and got on the elevator together. Bill pushed his floor, but Sarah didn't push hers, instead she rode up to Bill's floor and followed him to his desk.

Bill sat down at his desk and watched Sarah sit down in the chair across from him. She just began talking, continuing their conversation, "That has to be it, something about my grandfather."

"Do you remember him, excuse me for saying this, but do you remember him touching you or hurting you in any way when you were young?"

"No, not that I recall."

"Well, I think it is worth investigating, perhaps go see a shrink who can do hypnosis. Maybe they can uncover what it might be."

"Look, I had an idea. This has happened pretty much the same time each day. What if you and I go to my apartment at lunch and have sex, you do what you did yesterday and see if Katy comes then."

"Okay, but either way I think you need to see someone."

"Agreed, we do lunch together today and then we'll make arrangements from there."

"It's a date," Bill said as Sarah stood up and headed to the elevator.


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