tagMatureShe Forgot Morning Ch. 05

She Forgot Morning Ch. 05



The morning seemed to drag for Sarah, she did look forward to sneaking off with Bill for a quickie, but much more importantly she was interested in getting a bit more insight in those disconcerting gaps in her memory. Bill brought up some interesting possibilities regarding her attraction to him and her relationship with her grandfather. Of course she was a bit concerned about it all and had pretty much decided to follow Bill's recommendations about seeing a shrink regardless of what happened when they met at lunch.

About fifteen minutes before lunchtime she picked up the phone and dialed Bill's extension. They agreed to meet down on the first floor in the elevator lobby in several minutes. She had just enough time to grab her purse, make a run to the restroom and then head back to the elevator lobby. When the elevator arrived on her floor, she stepped inside and rode down.

As the doors opened she spotted Bill already waiting for her and waved. Bill smiled and they headed through the doors toward the bus stop. They were still early for the lunch crowds so when the bus stopped they sat together on a nearly empty bus. Both were a bit nervous, so they didn't talk much and without a lot of riders they arrived at the stop nearest Sarah's apartment a bit quicker than they expected.

Stepping off the bus she led Bill into her building and then to her apartment. She unlocked the door and led him inside. They headed straight back to the bedroom and both began to undress, without kissing or touching each other. Once they were both naked they looked at each other in silence until Sarah finally broke the ice, "Well, what do we do now?"

Smiling some Bill said, "Wow, we suddenly got so clinical about all this. I want to help you with this problem because I want to spend more time with you. I mean you Sarah and not Katy and while what we are doing here may help lead to that end, I am also here because I sincerely want you."

Moving over to him and embracing him Sarah said, "I'm sorry, I'm just so nervous now. I mean when we touch I want it to be me that stays with you. I also know we are here to find out what brings Katy out, so I may not be able to stay."

"Well I know what brought her out last night and it would be logical to do that."

"Bill wait," Sarah said, kneeling, "let me do this for you. Let me do this before we take a chance on her coming." She reached out and grabbed Bill's cock and slowly began stroking it. As it grew to fully erect, she opened her mouth and slipped it over his cock. While she continued stroking she began Billbing her head back on forth on him while her tongue circled the head.

She could feel him leaning his hips forward, pushing a bit deeper into his mouth as she increased the speed of her stroke. Slowing down the Billbing of her head, she began sucking him, twisting her head a bit as she did. Keeping her tongue in motion she could see his knees begin to shake some.

Removing her hand from his cock she grabbed his hips with both her hands and turned her body, moving him over to the edge of the bed. He sat down spreading his legs wide as she moved one hand back to his shaft while the other cupped his balls. Stroking him again while she gently squeezed his balls she could hear him moan and then felt his cock suddenly increase in girth as he pushed forward and came.

Feeling his cum splash into her mouth, Sarah swallowed several times and then pulled her head back. Looking closely at his cock she slowly stroked it, licking up the last droplets of cum as they were squeezed out of his tiny hole.

"Oh Sarah, that was wonderful."

"And look Bill, it's still me," she said.

"Of course now comes the next step and you know what that means."

Sarah nodded and climbed onto the bed. Leaning back she rested her head in her pillows and spread her legs. Bill crawled up and began kissing her thighs, slowly working his way toward her pussy. He kept glancing up at her face to see if there were any drastic changes in her expression as he got closer and closer.

He then kissed from her thigh over to her slit and slid his tongue quickly up to her clit, looking at her face. She looked as him and said breathlessly, "I'm still Sarah." Bill nodded and then moved down her slit to her pussy. Ever so slowly he slid it inside her. Suddenly he felt her thighs tense up and she moaned, "Oh grandpa no. It hurts grandpa."

Bill immediately stopped and sat up. He looked at her face and knew it was Katy. She reached down and pulled his head up to her breasts, holding his head against them. "You can fuck me Bill, just don't dot that."

Bill just rested his head on her breasts wondering when Sarah would return. After about twenty minutes he carefully sat up and saw she was sleeping. He got dressed and then sat at the edge of the bed. Gently nudging her feet he woke her up and asked, "Sarah."

She smiled and nodded.

"I think it's time to get some more help."


"Yes, just as soon as I slipped my tongue into your pussy she cried out, 'Oh grandpa no. It hurts grandpa.' Sarah, I think your grandpa may have done something, something you need to work out with a professional.

Nodding she stood up and grabbed her clothes. Stepping into the bathroom, she got dressed and then the two of them headed back to work.


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