tagMind ControlShe Forgot Morning Ch. 07

She Forgot Morning Ch. 07



Sarah returned to work after her session at the hypno-therapist and saw her phone flashing with a message. Pretty sure it was Bill who left the message, Sarah just put her stuff down and dialed him up. He answered on the second ring, "Accounting, Bill speaking."

"My phone is flashing, did you call?"

"Yes, I was just wondering how things went today."

"Well, we had a hypnosis session and I found I woke up in the waiting area making an appointment for my visit tomorrow."

"What did he say?" Bill asked.

"Nothing really, he planned to do several sessions and then have me in to discuss his findings. Today was a quick introduction and then we went into hypnosis. He plans for the hypnosis for the next few meetings and then we'll get together and discuss his findings. From there he said he can review possible treatments."

"So what do you think?"

"I don't know I'll just have to see how the next few days go."

"What about us getting together?"

"Well Bill, I'd like perhaps going out for lunch or dinner, but I think we maybe should hold off anything more, at least until I get a bit further along in treatment."

"Is that something the doctor said?"

"No, it's just me, I want to get this thing worked out before I can divert my attention to you. I hope you understand," she finished apologetically.

"Look Sarah, I understand, the most important thing is to get you well. I'm a patient guy."

"Thanks for being so understanding," Sarah said.

Lunch turned out to be just a quick jaunt down to the deli on the first floor of their building. It was really too noisy to talk about more than some general issues. What was currently happening in Sarah's life was not something she wanted to shout out in a crowded deli. In the evening after work Sarah and Bill headed alone to their own apartments.

The following day Sarah went back to the therapist, enduring just a short wait before the receptionist ushered her into the office. Once again she stepped into a dimly lit room, but this time she moved straight to the chair by the light. Once seated she saw the doctor step out of the shadows and sit down on the stool in front of her.

"Once again you'll need to watch the disc as it spins in the light. As we did yesterday, when we are finished you'll be a bit groggy and may not realize where you are until you spend a few minutes in the waiting area. My receptionist will help you."

"Okay," Sarah replied, focusing her eyes on the spinning disc as it sparkled in the light. Once again his voice became a drone and she automatically began to undress. Today he told her only to remove her blouse and bra. She unbuttoned her blouse, placed it neatly over the arm of a chair and then reached behind her and unfastened her bra, putting it on top of her blouse.

She felt the doctor's hands clasp her breasts and gently squeeze them. After a while she could feel a pleasurable sensation as he licked and sucked on her nipples. His beard scratched her soft skin a bit, but it kind of added to the experience. In a moment he pulled away and she heard the sound of a zipper and could smell the musky odor similar to one she had smelled before when with Bill.

When she felt the doctor's cock brush against her cheek, she turned her head and slipped her mouth over him. He was smaller than Bill, much easier to manipulate in her mouth as she began to suck. Taking one hand she moved it up and began stroking his shaft as she continued sucking.

The therapist began breathing hard and moaning a bit while she continued sucking and stroking him. She began running her tongue over the head of his cock while she Billbed her head and noticed his breathing quicken. He began thrusting his hips forward, pushing himself deeper into her mouth and then he arched his back, moaned loudly and came, spurting into her mouth. Quickly swallowing, she held him in her mouth, gently sucking until his cock began to shrink.

When he pulled it out, he slipped his cock back into his pants, zipped up his zipper. Only then did he tell her she could put her bra and blouse back one. He then said, "As you step through the door and hear it shut, you will forget everything that happened after I began spinning the sparkling disc. Do you understand Sarah?"

"Yes," she replied fastening her bra and spinning the clasp to her back. She watched the therapist as he watched her grab each breast, position it in the bra and then grab her blouse. Once she buttoned it up she walked to the door and closed it behind her, hearing the distinct 'click' as it pulled to.

"Appointment?" she asked.

"Yes the receptionist, you wanted me to make you an appointment didn't you?"

"Oh yes, same time tomorrow?"

"That will be fine with me."

Sarah took the small slip of paper from the woman and then walked across the waiting room. Opening the door she stepped outside and headed to her bus stop.


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