tagMind ControlShe Forgot Morning Ch. 09

She Forgot Morning Ch. 09



Sarah returned to work and gave Bill a call, unfortunately he didn't answer so she left a message and tried to get back to work. She was excited because something was telling her there was a breakthrough of some sorts, but she just didn't recall what happened. She would just have to wait until the next day's appointment and find what the therapist had to say.

Bill didn't call back until about three thirty, but when he did call she seemed so excited that Bill felt compelled to caution her. "Now Sarah, he may be just outlining a course of action on how to get a handle on everything. These things often take time you know."

"I don't know Bill, I just feel good about it all."

"Do you feel like going out, or is a celebration too premature?"

"I don't want to jinx it Bill, let's see what happens tomorrow," she replied.

They talked for a few more minutes and then both needed to get back to work. Sarah worked late to cover for some of the time she missed in therapy. It was nearly seven o'clock when she headed out for her bus. She figured she'd go home, take it easy and then in the morning roll in like always, wondering about another gap in her life.

The evening was odd, she stayed up and watched the late show, something she hadn't remembered doing in a long time. After she turned off TV she read a while and then fell asleep. In the morning she woke up, fixed coffee and breakfast and then did the dishes. Something she knew hadn't been done in over six months.

Sarah got dressed and climbed on the bus a bit stunned. She was headed to work after spending the evening and the early morning entirely cognizant of what she was doing. Could the therapy have worked?

As soon as she got to work she called Bill, but he didn't answer. She did want to talk to him but as her appointment time was getting closer he still hadn't called back. Promising herself she'd call him once she got back, she headed off to the therapist.

The bus ride seemed to take forever, but finally it pulled up not far from the therapists office. She climbed off the bus and swiftly walked in the front door and through the lobby. The receptionist quickly jumped out of her chair and opened the door for Sarah.

Once in the office she sat down in her chair and watched the therapist as he walked over and sat down. He reached out, took her hands and said, "Sarah, I have good news, I think I have gotten through to Katy. I don't think she will bother you."

"Do you know why she came?"

"Sarah, I believe your suspicions about your grandfather were true and the best I can tell, Katy became a defense mechanism for you. Whenever he started hurting you, Katy would take over. She endured the pain and humiliation so you didn't need to."

"But why did it start happening so much, I mean every night it seemed," Sarah said.

"Something must have triggered a memory for you and then later when you started dating the man who looked a bit like your grandfather, she just stepped in."

"Can I keep seeing the man?"

"Well, I'd like to have one more short session with you. The outcome of that session will help me determine if he might be a problem for you. So if you don't mind..." he paused, reaching for his disc.

Sarah watched intently as it began to spin and sparkle. In a few moments the therapist asked her to lift her skirt and pull off her panty hose and panties. She complied and then sat down on the chair.

She closed her eyes as she felt the doctor's beard rub the insides of her thighs. Then she felt his tongue slide in between her lips. He pushed it into her pussy and let his tongue circle inside her again and again. The deep probing of her cunt continued for several minutes before he moved his head upward and licked and sucked her clit.

Sarah came quickly, arching her back and pulling his head into her. Then she relaxed, letting him pull his head away.

She squinted at the therapist and then asked, "Have you done this each time I was hypnotized."

Standing with his hand on the door he said, "Yes, I felt I needed to."

"You had sex with me each time?"

"With you and Katy. You see I had to have sex with you to meet Katy."

"Is that true doctor?"

"I am not a doctor, but yes, I believe it is true," he replied, "And today, I had to confirm that Katy wasn't going to come back. I had to do exactly what I did."

"Do you have sex with all your clients?"

After she asked that question he paused for a moment and then grabbed, pulling it so the lock would click loudly. With the click of the door, Sarah forgot everything that had just happened, even her interrogation of him. He simply sat down and explained to her about Katy again, but this time leaving out any uncomfortable details.

Sarah thanked the therapist and asked if she needed to come back any more. The therapist thought about it for a few moments and then said, "Why not come back in a week or two for a follow up. See my receptionist about an appointment."

Sarah made the appointment and then headed for her bus, she couldn't wait to get back to the office and call Bill with the good news. In the meantime the therapist was just beginning to hypnotize another woman, his cock was already hard.


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