tagRomanceShe Forgot Morning Ch. 12

She Forgot Morning Ch. 12


Still in each other's arms Bill whispered, "It is so nice to do that and still have you here with me."

"I know, what would Katy do?"

"Often I had to stop immediately, apparently going down on her is what triggered it the quickest. Once or twice she let me finish, but most times I had to stop. We'd wait for about twenty minutes and then we would start again. At first I thought maybe you were playing a kinky game and I was just going along with it. Later I realized it wasn't a game."

"Did you talk with her much?" Sarah asked.

"I tried, but she wasn't very talkative and when she did talk, it was like talking to maybe a twenty year old."

"Not an old woman like me?"

"No, no I didn't mean that, she just seemed to be too into herself, her social life, not really worried about anything else. Well, except when she went on about grandpa."

"That must have been uncomfortable for you."

"Like I said, at first I thought you... ah she was playing a game. Later I just tried to be quiet until she started touching me again," Bill said.

"At least now things are normal and I can be here at the finish," Sarah said, reaching down and grasping Bill's soft cock. It immediately began to stiffen in her hand as she said, "Mmmm, I like that, feeling it grow when I touch it. What will it do if I kiss it?"

Smiling, Bill said, "You'll just have to try it and see what happens."

Getting up on her hands and knees beside him, she moved her head down and lightly kissed the head of his cock as she began stroking the shaft. Seeing a spot of pre-cum well up in the tiny hole, she touched her tongue to the fluid and pulled it into her mouth. She then lowered her head and took his cock into her mouth. Sucking hard, she continued stroking him with one hand and then cupped his balls with the other.

Sarah could feel Bill's hand run up her arm and then it moved to clasp her breast. He slowly kneaded it as she continued sucking his cock. Beginning to feel the sensations running through him, he lifted his hips, trying to push his cock deeper into her mouth. Sarah continued for a few more minutes and then pulled her mouth away.

Now, holding his cock firmly in one hand, she moved her body around and straddled him. She then began lowering herself down onto his cock, guiding him into her pussy with her hand. Slowly lowering down onto him, her pussy enveloping his cock in her warm dampness, she felt him slowly fill her. Dropping down on him to the hilt, she ground herself against him, pushing her clit against him.

Raising up she felt him sliding out of her until she plunged back down on him, feeling the fullness within her. She continued moving like this, feeling him slip away from her and then suddenly slide into her again. Bill responded to her lifting his hips for each thrust while his hands reached up to her breasts.

Sensing that Bill was getting close, Sarah let herself focus on him, on feeling him as his cock filled her and then slipped away. Feeling herself getting closer too, she watch his face, watched as his jaw tightened and his expression went to something almost painful and then suddenly, to pleasure. Letting herself go, she felt the first waves of her orgasm as she felt his cock twitch inside her spurting the cum into her pussy.

Sarah collapsed on him and the two remained together until his shrinking cock slipped out of her pussy. She then rolled over beside him. In a few minutes she could hear his breathing become steady as he drifted to sleep. Finally, she got to sleep with her lover.

After breakfast the next morning Bill offered to drive Sarah over to the therapist's office for the follow up. They ran a bit early, but parked the car and headed to the office when they noticed some police standing outside. Still about half a block from the office they stood and watched as several uniformed officers carried some computers out of the building. A few moments later she saw them leading her therapist out in handcuffs.

They stood in stunned silence as the police led him to the car, helped him into the backseat and then pulled away. Several other officers waited while the receptionist locked the door and then headed to her car. Only when she drove away did they walk back and climb into their police cars.

Bill quickly grabbed his lover's hand and asked, "Sarah, are you still with me?"

"Yes, I'm here Bill. Don't worry, I won't be leaving you."

They walked back to their car in silence.

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