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She Fucked Me

byDecayed Angel©

She fucked me, plain and simple, she fucked me. I didn't really have a choice, it wasn't something I had ever thought about, or even really wanted to do at first. At first? Well at first it was just drinks with a friend while traveling on business together.

The meeting had gone well and we had gone out to a disaster of a dinner. The exotic little restaurant turned out to be nothing more than a fast food restaurant with mood lighting. Bland food, bad service, but an expensive price tag. Fortunately, we both were on expense accounts so we weren't paying for any of it. At least the company was enjoyable.

A bit giddy about how well the meeting went, we made the whole restaurant thing into just another joke to tell back at the office. Driving back to the hotel we laughed and laughed about it. We then proceeded to roast just about everyone else in our office, well everyone except our team. By the time we arrived at the hotel, we had grilled about half of the company's organizational chart and so we continued talking when we entered the lobby.

When she asked if I wanted to get a drink I should have said no, but somehow I couldn't. As I began to make motions toward the elevator and whine a few excuses, she grabbed my arm and simply said, "Oh come on with me, how can it hurt?"

Since I was driving, I had not ordered any alcoholic beverages, so I should have been cold sober, but something, something simply intoxicated me. Was it the way the lighting in the lobby played off her hair? Was it her fragrance, or the way her blouse peeked open showing a hint of her lace bra? Or was it her knee length skirt with the slit in it that showed the slightest hint of thigh each time she took a step? I don't know, but all I could do was walk arm in arm with her to the bar.

Once inside, we sat down, ordered our drinks and continued barbequing the rest of our company's organizational chart, top to bottom. Hell, if we had our way, the two of us would be running the company by ourselves. Actually, by the time we got to that idea it was three, ah... maybe four drinks later and our proposals were getting stranger and stranger.

When she suddenly said, "Why don't we continue our conversation in my room? That way when I have to pee, I don't have so far to go." We both fell suddenly silent for several moments; we then leaned in together, and as our foreheads touched we laughed.

With the tension broken, I leaned back in my chair and held my drink up, looking at her reflection in the ice cubes. When I put the glass down I noticed she was intently staring at me, as if in anticipation.

"Oh... you were serious?" I asked, sitting up in my seat.

She smiled, "It will be quieter there, we can talk some more about the project."

"You think..."

"It's certainly quieter," she said, glancing around at some of the other tables around us.

Following her eye, I noticed everyone was staring up at the stage where they were setting up some equipment. I asked someone at the table next to me, "Are they setting up for a band?"

"Karaoke," was all he said.

Looking back at my associate I repeated, "Karaoke."

She tilted her head, shrugged her shoulders and said, "I could say, 'I told you so,' but that would be too easy."

I lifted my, now empty, class and said to her, "To peace..."

She clinked her glass against mine and finished the thought, "...and quiet."

"And no Karaoke," I finished, sipping the last bit of water from my glass.

Yes, I should have said no, but then again, perhaps it was just to finish talking, perhaps the evening would end with a simple good night and I'd head back to my room. Had it not been for the four drinks (or was it five) I might have seen my reasoning was a bit weak and simply said no.

Instead, I soon found myself in the elevator, arm in arm with my assoc... with Kathleen. Kathleen, yes Kathleen. She was an attractive enough woman, with incredible dark hair gently curled onto her shoulders. After four drinks (no, it had to be five) she also looked incredibly sexy.

Somehow in the hours between our meeting and our elevator ride, she had transformed from an attractive professional associate to an incredibly sensuous and voluptuous woman. When we arrived at her floor we walked, still arm in arm, to her room where, after fumbling a bit with the key card, we stepped into her room.

Once in the room, she led me over to the bed and directed me to sit down. She excused herself to go pee so I leaned back and rested my head on a pillow. I didn't doze, but I must have spaced out for a moment because I suddenly felt her hand run through my hair.

I looked up to see her sitting beside me on the bed in just her bra and panties. She continued running her hands through my hair while I just let my eyes wander down from her face to her black lace bra. I could see the nipples poking out the fabric as my eyes followed the gentle curve of her breasts.

My eyes wandered downward where I could see the dark patch of her hair through the filmy lace panties. I looked back up to her face and noticed she had been watching me look her over. I should have jumped up and left the room at that point. I was still completely dressed, I could have... I should have... I wanted to... "No," I thought, "we'll pet a bit now, perhaps masturbate each other, but we won't go any further, we're both married people."

Her hand was in my shirt now and she toyed with my nipples. My cock, which had already been growing, was now bulging in my pants, something she couldn't help but see. When her hand moved from my nipple to my cock I was certain she had seen it.

"Take it out for me," she whispered and I obeyed.

When her head descended to my lap I moved to push her away, but her hand grabbed mine and held it down. I was about to say, "No!" when I felt her mouth move over me. The sensation was so good I stopped trying to pull away, thinking, "It's just oral sex, we aren't really cheating."

At that point I let myself touch her, reaching to her ass and kneading it through her panties. I then looped my fingers over the waist band and began to pull them off her. Removing my cock from her mouth, she stood up and removed her bra and panties, while I squirmed on the bed undressing myself.

She then moved back to my cock, this time straddling me with her legs and kneeling above me. I reached up and grabbed her hips, pulling her down onto my face. Running my tongue from her clit back to her cunt, I alternated between teasing her clit and pushing my tongue inside her, tasting her. While I was doing that, she was bobbing her head up and down on my cock, while her hand slid up and down my shaft in unison.

As we continued, she would move her mouth off my cock and lean forward and lick my balls. I would feel her moist, warm breath wash over me until she took me into her mouth again. After a few minutes, she pulled her mouth off me, turned her head and leaned it on my stomach, her hair billowing over my cock.

She moaned, "Oh yes, yes,,, on my clit, yes, yes."

I shoved two fingers into her pussy as she came, moving them in slow circles as she pulsed around me. Drawing her clit into my mouth, I stopped licking it until her pulsations subsided.

I expected her to go back to sucking my cock, but she moved her pussy away from my face and said, "I want you inside me."

"But... but," I began to reply.

"But what?" she responded fiercely.

"We're both married, my wife..."

"Fuck your wife," she said, turning herself so she faced me. "What about what we've already done?"

"But, we didn't, we shouldn't..."

She smiled and hissed, "Like I said, fuck your wife," just as she grabbed my erection and guided into her as she dropped down onto me.


"Yes," she snarled as she began moving up and down on me, her pussy and ass slapping against me. Her hands then went to my nipples and she pinched them as she fucked me.

I gave in and began responding, raising my hips to meet her as she descended. She felt so wet and warm as she took me in. Her tight walls slid over me and I could feel her squeezing me inside her as she moved. Initially I thought, "Maybe if I don't come..." but it was too late. I raised my hips and came, splashing into her again and again.

After I came, she stopped moving, remaining on top of me as our juices oozed out of her, covering my balls and thighs in our cum. When I was thoroughly covered in our juices, she moved around over me, sliding on the fluids until my cock slipped out of her pussy. She got up and headed to the bathroom saying, "You can go call your wife now."

The bathroom door closed and I got up, daintily pulling my underwear over my soaking balls and thighs. I then slipped on my pants, my shirt and shoes. Grabbing my socks, tie and jacket, I headed for the door. Once outside I leaned against the wall and finished catching my breath.

I reached into my pants pocket and pulled out my phone, dialing my wife. She answered after about three rings.

"Hey hon, I had to work late, but I'm back at the hotel."

"Well I went out to eat with the girls, so I got in a little late too, just a few minutes ago."

"I love you hon."

"I love you too, what brought that on?"

"Well it's just that sometimes I don't think I tell you enough."

"It is nice to hear. I miss you."

"I miss you too hon."

"Well, why don't you come back inside?"

"Actually, in my rush to get out, I forgot my key to the room. Will you let me in?"

"Well if I don't I won't have any idea who you're sleeping with."

Kathleen's door opened and I said, "Hey hon, how was that for fun?"

"Get in here you adulterer," she said peeking out wearing only a towel.

"Well okay you adulteress."

Letting the door close, we kissed as I began removing my clothes. She looked at me and said, "Husband and wife again?"

"Husband and wife," I said following her onto the bed. "And Kathleen, I really do love you."

"I believe you do, I believe you do," she replied as she opened her legs for me again.

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by reread06/16/17

Nice twist

Really enjoyed this tale of betrayal!

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