tagLoving WivesShe Gets Finger-Fucked

She Gets Finger-Fucked

byKiwi Couple©

If you've read any of our other experiences, you'll already know that my wife and I have a very peculiar kink in that we really get off showing her naked body to a very select group of friends and playmates. It's probably not something that every couple does, and is probably a lot milder than what typical 'swingers' do, but it's something that makes life a little more interesting than it could be for us.

For the regular swingers, what we do is probably too mild to even be considered an erotic experience, but for the 'normal' couples, maybe what we do could be considered a little bit adventurous and out of the ordinary.

We, in the past, have fucked with another couple in the same room, and have even swapped partners for an evening, and have really enjoyed the experience, so we know what the whole 'full swap' is about. For us, though, we have found that the real sexual thrill came not from swapping partners, but from having the sexier half of the couple (her, not me, in case you're wondering) being watched, touched and thoroughly felt up by a really close male friend. Perhaps that's odd by conventional standards, and 'ho-hum' by swinger standards, but for us it provides a nice balance. We can be sexually adventurous without being promiscuous and sexually liberated without being branded sluts or whores. Naughty but nice, in other words.

It's something that we both enjoy. She loves being felt up by someone other than her husband, and I love watching her having an intense orgasm and being able to film every last second of it while all she has to do is enjoy the sensations of another man's fingers exploring her wet cunt. Excuse the language, but that's another thing that gets her off. The thought of another man's fingers stuck deep into her wet and waiting cunt, touching her between her widespread thighs. Not his fingers touching her nether regions, like in the romance novels, but fingers pushing into her open cunt...

Anyway, I digress.

Because we know what works for us, sexually speaking, and just happening to know a couple that's really in tune with what sets us off, sexually, we happen to have a really great arrangement where we're able to call on the services of 'Jim', who loves to get his hands on Jen, when she's in the mood to indulge my little kink.

Usually, we get to do this every two months or so, when both she and I have built up a good head of sexual steam, so to speak.

The usual routine is thatwe set up a 'date night' where we get to ship the kids off to their grandparents for an evening while we have a night to ourselves. What the grandparents don't know, obviously, is that we use that 'date night' for dirtier purposes than they imagine.

The last one we had was particularly intense because we'd actually talen the time to think about what really turned us on, and even thought of a way to create a 'script' of sorts so we didn't end up just having her finger-fucked in front of me. I mean, yes, she did get finger-fucked, but we did it in a way that satisfied both my voyeuristic needs, and her idea of a sexually intense night out.

What we did, basically, was arrange for her to be finger-fucked by a 'stranger' in a very tightly controlled scenario, which I was able to film for both our masturbatory pleasure.

We made sure that the kids owuld be taken care of by the grandparents for the weekend, and then set up the following scene in our back yard. We're lucky enough to live on a very large parcel of land, and our closest neighbour is around a mile away, so there's a large patch of unused land we use as a parking lot.

Anyhow, we made sure Jim came over early in the evening on Saturday, just before the sun set, and we sat around drinking a few glasses of wine and talking a bit dirty to get in the mood.

I didn't drink too much because I was to be the cameraman for the evening, and there was no way I was going to miss any of the action because I was too drunk to hold the camera steady.

Jen and Jim, on the other hand, had no such concerns, so liberally indulged and drank a fair bit of the wine we'd laid out for the evening. By 7:30 ( when the sun finally went down) they were both pretty well sozzled, and were in the mood for anything, so I suggested we move outside to begin filming the clip I had in mind, which was basically a quick dogging clip.

The idea was that I would film from the driver's seat, Jen would show her tits, and Jim would reach in and fondle her. I was going to submit the clip to a web site to see how many guys would vote for our clip. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. ;-)

The honest truth is that I can almost cum in my pants watching Jen get felt up by another guy, and she can also have an orgasm with another guy's hands on her tits while I watch. But we used the web site competition as an excuse.

Anyway, we all went outside, and we were already feeling a bit 'merry' because of the wine. Jen was quite happy to lift her t-shirt so we could both see her tits, and did so on every chance she could get. Jim and I saw her tits at least five times between the time we walked outside and eventually got to his car. Not that we were complaining, mind you. We both loved seeing Jen expose her beautiful 38D's (yes, really, she has D cups) to our happy gazes.

So, after five happy minutes of her lifting her t-shirt whenever she wanted, we got to the car. I had my trusty JVC in hand, and got ready to film Jim reaching through the car window to feel my wife up, pretending to be in a dogging spot. Don't ask why, just accept that it's one of our fantasies to have Jen's tits bared to the view and touch of strangers in a parking lot, but we're too scared to do it for real, so we set up this little scene to satisfy us...

Jen got into the car, reached down and made the seat recline while I got into the drivers seat, camera in hand, and focused on her chest, now covered by her t-shirt again. Jim hovered around outside the car, on Jen's side, while we got ready to film our five minute 'dogging' scene.

Jen leaned back in her seat, closing her eyes, while I made sure her happy smile and chest were perfectly in focus.

"Action!", I called.

Jen lay back, relaxing into the seat. She reached up with one hand to cup her left tit. I watched and filmed, almost hypnotised as I watched my wife of 15 years cupping her tit, watched by a very good friend while I captured every moment on disc.

Jim was staring at her hand. No, he was probably staring at her tit, to be honest, because her nipple was erect, poking through the thin material of her t-shirt. I know she was excited because she had a real nipple-stand already. I know Jen loves being watched!

Jim, on cue, reached down and started stroking his cock, outside his pants, while watching Jen caressing her own tits. We'd agreed this in our drunken 'script'.

Jen's breathing got a little more ragged, and I watched and filmed her tweaking her nipple through the t-shirt. I'm sure Jim got a great view of her cupping and stroking her tit. I know I did.

At this point I knew we were going to capture something special, because Jen's eyes were closed, her breathing was irregular and I could see that she was already in a world of herown. I could only wish I could see what she was imagining. I'm sure the scene in her mind was a lot dirtier than the scene we were filming for the web site!

She then reached down and pulled her t-shirt up so both her tits were exposed to Jim and I. Her nipples were engorged. Swollen and stiff, I could see. Jim, outside the car, was watching closely while he rubbed himself.

I focused on her nipples, letting the camera capture the images of Jen's fingers circling her nipples, occasionally pinching and squeezing as she brought herself that little bit closer to orgasm.

At this pont, I forgot the 'script' we'd discussed, and hit the button to wind the window down. Now Jim was watching Jen fondle her nipples up close and personal, so to speak, without glass between his eyes and her tits.

He reached in and very gently cupped her left tit in his hands, and I heard her sigh. I knew exactly how she felt, having her tit touched by a man other than her husband. Well, almost. I know how I felt, watching her tit held by another man. I mean, here I was watching a friend touch my wife's breast. Exciting, dirty, but arousing, all at the same time. I can only imagine how she felt, knowing her husband was watching while another man touched her so intimately.

She reached up and took her t-shirt off. Both her tits were exposed now. Jim took full advantage and reached in with both hands as I watched and filmed. My ccock hardened as I watched my friend grope my wife's tits. He ran his hands up and down, cupping her tits, feeling hteir weight in his hands, cupping her tits so the nipples rested in his palms.

Both Jim and Jen's breathing became very laboured at this point.

"Take your pants off."

I couldn't believe I said the words, but there I was, telling my wife to take off what remained of her clothes, so my friend could see her pussy. I was excited beyond belief.

Even though we'd planned this scene, I think it was beyond exciting for us. For me, even the thought of my wife letting another man see her cunt was arousing beyond belief. For her, I knew the thought and action was incredibly arousing, and for Jim, well, I can only imagine what he thought...

Jen pulled off her jeans and panties.

She lay back again, now totally exposed to both of our gazes.

My plans for a sexy movie evaporated as I watched my wife lay back, totally naked, while my friend watched. I was hard as a rock. I could see he was hard, and I could see Jen was aroused by the dampness between her thighs.

All thoughts of the film left my brain now.

"Open your legs."

She did.

"Spread your legs for the guys to see," I whispered hoarsely, drawing on another fantasy we shared.

"Let them see your wet cunt!"

She did.

Jen's legs opened. Not just a little bit. Wide. She opened her legs for all the imaginary guys outside the window. Jim looked on, happily, as my wife opened her thighs for the group of men she imagined standing outside the car watching her.

She'd shaved, so her cunt was bald, lips clearly visible. Opening gently, displaying the tender pink insides.

Jim watched. I watched and filmed.

Jen reached down and started to play with herself, caressing the delicate flesh between her legs, opening the lips so we could see her fingers pushing inside every so often.

"Touch her!"

Jim put his hand inside, and almost hesitantly touched Jen between the legs. She moaned and arched her back, spreading her legs even wider as he probed. I filmed as he inserted first one, then two fingers between the lips of her cunt. I watched, mesmerised, as my friend pushed his fingers into my wife. I can't describe the excitement I felt as he probed inside her, and the feelings I felt as she moaned and pushed down, inviting his fingers to go in even deeper.

It's intense. No jealousy, but an excitement and arousal beyond anything I've ever felt.

I captured it on video, and just know that she and I are going to masturbate to it for many years, watching Jim's fingers sink into her wet and wide open pussy. I can see the lips closing around his fingers as they move slowly in and out, and can only marvel at the expression of joy and fulfillment on her face as she opens her legs for another man. The excitement and pleasure is so intense as she orgasms. Wave upon wave crashes over her. I watch as her stomach spasms, the orgasm washing over her...

"Let me touch you."

I can't believe it. She wants Jim to let her touch him.

He doesn't waste time. He pulls down his zip, frees his cock.

Jen reaches out and grabs hold of him, urgently. She caresses, then pulls on his cock, drawing him closer.

"Open the door."

I direct them now. It's one of those things. I know what's coming. I don't care. I want to watch. She's going to wank him off and I want to watch and film. My wife's going to jerk someone else off and I'm happy to watch.

Jim's hands open the door, pull down his zip, and undo his belt in rapid succession. Within seconds he's standing there, pants around his ankles, while my wife reaches for his thick cock.

Her hand wraps around his shaft and starts a slow back and forth motion as his hand performs a slimilar slow in and out between her open thighs.

As his fingers explore her depths, her hand caresses his hard cock, bringing him closer and closer to orgasm. My cock is hard. Harder than it's ever been, watching my wife touching my friend's cock, while he opens up her cunt with his fingers.

It's not going to be long now. I can tell. Her stomach's making those little pre-orgasmic waves, and her pussy's contracting around Jim's fingers. I watch, intensely focussed on his hand plunging in and out of Jen. I almost miss the turn of her head. I know what she wants. She won't do it unless I give the okay, but I know what she wants me to say. And I say it.

"Open your mouth."

She does.

Jim's cock slides in. I watch, fascinated. She's sucking another man's cock. He's jerking, spasming. I know he's having a mind-blowing orgasm. I know she is, knowing I'm watching my wife sucking a cock and having an orgasm at the end of another man's fingers. I don't mind. I love it!!!

Jen swallows, Jim withdraws his cock and fingers, and I've got 45 minutes of footage in the can. We're going to watch this many, many times!

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