tagLoving WivesShe Gets Her First Massage

She Gets Her First Massage


I was asked to write this story from the point of view of the client. Since I am the Massuer, rather than the client, and male to boot, I suspect it will be difficult. I choose Anita as the storyteller, I have now had several sessions with her. She is the pretty redheaded wife of my Doctor.

My idea of Anita's thoughts:

I was surprised a little when John, my husband came home and handed me an envelope with 5 gift certificates for massage. I was even more surprised when I saw the name on the certificates, I knew the man. His name was Ted, I had noticed him at a few parties. He looked in his late 50's, slightly balding, a big rugged looking man in good shape. We had never even spoken more than to say "Hi!" I did notice he carried himself in the same confident manner that my husband John does, "bedside manner" I guess they call that.

"Massage?" I looked at John in surprise. "From a man?" John just grinned and rubbed my bottom, out of the norm for him to do as soon as he walked in the door.

That evening, John reached for me in bed, ready to go! This is also not normal, John likes me to tease a little in public, things like that. Since as he has gotten older, getting an erection is a bit harder for him. But he nearly always manages quite nicely, especially if I allow a bit of my freckled covered breasts to peek out in public. John always takes care to attend to my needs, I would have to say I am quite content with my life.

But a massage? From a man? This was something new, but I thought, "Why not?"

I readied myself Saturday for the first appointment. I must have dressed and redressed a dozen times, I was all fluttery with nervousness. Finally I selected a nice conservative outfit, leaving one extra button undone, they way John liked me. John looked me up and down with a smile, gave me a kiss, and told me to relax and have fun!

I arrived at Ted's home office, a very nice smallish A-frame out in a country setting. The well tended yard and surroundings were park-like, a small creek ran through the lower pasture, there seemed to be birds everywhere.

"Nice place," I thought, as I knocked on the door.

Ted answered quickly, and ushered me in. He had me fill out a little Medical form, then showed me to the room.

There were nice live plants all around, a skylight let the evening sun fill the room, there was soft music in the background. He told me to get undressed to my comfort level and lie face down on the table, and handed me a very large soft towel. Then he left the room. I was nervous, I slipped off my outer clothes, started to take off my bra, then decided to leave my bra and panties on.

I stretched out on the large table, pulling the towel over me. The table was wonderful, so soft that I pulled the lower sheet back to see why. It was covered in sheepskin, all fuzzy and soft, and there seemed to be heat coming up from the table. I looked further, and saw the heat blanket underneath. As I lay there warming, I almost started to doze, when there was a soft knock on the door. "Ready?" Ted asked. "Yes," I replied, and he stepped into the room.

I glanced at him as he stepped in, he was wearing a snug off-white T-shirt, and simple blue jeans. The muscles of his upper body were very defined, he had the slight beginnings of a middle-aged spread, all in all not bad.

He warmed his hands and started with my feet, I could feel his fingers working tiny circles all around my toes and the balls of my feet. It felt nice, then he was bending my leg at the knee and pressing the calf muscles upwards as he stretched the leg out. I felt a tiny stab of pain in my calf, he instantly softened the touch and said "Sorry!" This went on for a long time, I felt my mind begin to wander, Then he began to run his hands up my thighs. My mind jumped to his hands, they came to a few inches below my bottom with each sweep. I felt the muscles begin to give way to him, in short order, he was working on my fanny through the towel.

"I don't want to stain your undergarments" Ted told me. I mumbled some response, enjoying the moment.

I felt him tuck the towel snugly around my legs, then he slipped the upper portion down to my lower back. He worked my shoulders a bit, then asked if he could undo the bra clasp to work out my back muscles. "Sure" I told him, warming to the touch, the music, the sensations.

Ted did some light strokes to my back and shoulders, I felt my nipples harden as his fingers slid down my sides, just barely brushing the sides of my breasts. It was exciting me, and I struggled to control my breathing. I was sure he could tell, but there were no outward signs from him at all.

He started to reclasp my bra, when I stammered out, "Will you work on my breasts? Sometimes they hurt!" I am sure the catch in my voice gave me away, but I WANTED this man to see me, touch me!

With no reaction, Ted said "OK," and I slipped off the bra and handed it to him. It hit me he would see the padding, and at the thought I flushed a little. As he turned to place my bra on the chair, I quickly turned over, pulling the towel down to my waist! No turning back now, I thought, feeling my body tense up as he turned back.

Again, no reaction, he simply went to work, starting with my shoulders. Soon his hands were to the sides of my breasts, lifting and pressing, then he started the tiny little circles around the sides.

The circles got closer and closer, I began to get damp, my stomach was churning. All of my mind's attention was riveted to those fingers, getting closer and closer. When his fingertips brushed lightly across my nipple, I felt a small orgasm, I just could not help it. Then he touched me again, and again, I had a whole series of them! I was blushing furiously, of course he knew! He made some calm comment about relaxing and perfectly normal, my mind was now in a fog and buzzing, my panties were just soaked.

"Ted, I need a moment of privacy," I said. He smiled and left the room, I quickly stripped off my wet underpants and used one of the towels he had lying on a rack nearby to dry myself. I didn't want him to see my sopping undergarments, it was embarrassing.

He came back in, and started to work on my sides. Of course as he pressed the drape between my legs, he saw I had no panties on anymore. "I took them off because they were damp!" I blurted out. "God, why did I say THAT?" I thought...

Ted showed no reaction, just mentioned that the body is a natural thing, and then he said "Most of my lady clients prefer to be nude!"

For some reason, this made me feel better, and again I began to follow his hands with my mind.

He pulled the towel up over my breasts, I could feel my nipples almost burning into the soft material. Then he did some big long sweeps with both hands through the towel, starting right at the top of my privates, then up and over my nipples. This gave me another, more powerful orgasm! As I came down from it, I told him, "I never had a massage like this before!" "Just relax and let your body do what it wants," he told me. "This is a perfectly normal, healthy reaction"

Then he started working on the front of my legs. He lifted one knee, his hands were on both sides of my thigh, sweeping up, each time higher and higher and higher. I could not stop myself, my legs began to part, more and more, easing his access, until I felt his fingers just brush the side of my pubic hair! I let out a moan, out of control, completely given away, there was no holding me back! His hands went up again, over.....and touched me!

There!! RIGHT there, as my body exploded! He didn't stop, didn't invade, he just brushed and teased and allowed me to go on and on and on. His hands were firm, then soft. Then he would quicken the pace, stop for a second. Then begin again!

I was thrusting up to meet him, each time I expected him to slide up on the table and enter me, I was reaching for the imaginary penis to stab into me and fill me, then I felt myself begin to come down.

Ted slowed his hands, moved up to my stomach and did some soft circular motions, it felt so good I realized I had tears in my eyes.

Then he snugged the towel tightly around my body, brushed lightly in some full sweeps, and touched his lips to my forehead.

I wanted to reach out, grab him, suck him, feel his rock hard penis with my hands, I wanted him IN me!

But the feeling began to fade, Ted quietly left the room.

In a few minutes, I got up and dressed. I fingered the gift certificates in my purse, 4 more!

When I came out, Ted handed me a tall glass of cold water, I sucked it down thirstily.

"Is it always like that?" I asked with a smile.

"No, you are special" he told me.

Then he surprised me. "Tell John," he said. "He will need to know."

"Yes, John, dear sweet John." I headed home with a smile, knowing what his reaction would be!

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