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She Got Caught


I have the best story to tell Literotica readers and writers alike. Its the story of what little surprises you may find if you come home early without calling first.

Well it started like any other day. I went off to work leaving my beautiful wife Candi home alone for the day.

I went about my day as usual and right before lunch time, my boss asked me if I could work late. I usually get off at four thirty but he wanted me there until seven or so. I ate my lunch and called home.

My wife answered the phone and she sounded a little out of breath. I ask her about her day so far ad she said it was fine. Then I told her that I had to work late and that I wouldn't be home until eight or so because it takes an hour or so to get home.

She said ok and I asked her if anyone had called or came over. She tells me that my buddy James called and wanted to come hang out with me today. I said that I had to work late but If he wanted to come over after work then I didn't care. We chit chatted for a minute and we said goodbye and right before I hung up I heard her put the phone down. She forgot to turn it off and just set it down.

I try to get her attention but no one answered. Then just as I was about to hang the phone up I heard a mans voice. I couldn't tell what the voice said but then I hear her say "Hey get back in here now. You are not through rubbing my feet." Then I heard the voice again but I recognized it this time. The voice was my buddy James.

I listened for a minute and he says "your going to pay big for all of this bull shit. What do you think, that I'm going to rub your body for the fun of it?" Then my boss calls for me and I have to hang the phone up.

He tells me that I didn't have to stay late today and that a pump broke and that I could go home for the rest of the day if I wanted to. Well I opted to go home and jumped in my car. I haul ass back to town and make it in about a half an hour.

When I drive up towards the house I see James' truck parked outside. I keep on driving and pull around back into the alley. I park a few doors down and sneak up through my back yard. I walk up to my bedroom window and peek inside. I didn't see anyone but I heard voices.

I hear my wife say "Man this is some good smoke. I feel fucking fantastic right now." Then James says "I know and hell you should feel good I've been rubbing you for the last hour or so non stop."

I listen as they talk for a few minutes and I sneak around to my kitchen door. It is cracked open about ten inches and when I look in I see James and Candi on the couch. They are watching something on television and smoking the rest of what was burning.

Then I hear Candi say "Man, look at that shit. That guys dick is fucking huge." They were sitting there watching a porno flick while he rubbed her legs.

Then I hear Candi ask James if these movies even turn anyone on at all. Because she just considered them to be big jokes. James laughed a little and said that he gets turned on by them as long as they are good ones.

What qualifies as a "good" porno she asked and he said that they have to have women with very big breasts and they need to have good blow job scenes. Candi said that she thought that it was just silly, getting turned on by a movie like that.

Then James says "You don't get turned on at all when you watch one? You don't get a little wet watching a guy slide his cock in a hot big breasted woman's pussy? What about that right there?" The scene had a guy fucking a woman crazy.

Then Candi says "Well not much but maybe a little. What about you, does this stuff turn you on?" He says that it does turn him on and gets him excited, and probably always will. Then Candi says "That must just be a guy thing but I do get turned on extremely by making home movies with Mark."

James looks at her and says "Well hell you've got movies like that and didn't say anything about them? Your ass has been holding out on me." Then Candi says "You don't want to see them." he asked her why and she told him that it was because they were stupid and that they were boring. James asks her to let him see the tapes and she said no way, because there was a bunch of things that she didn't want anyone to ever see. Then James said that if she showed him the videos then he would give her the best full body massage that she could imagine. She thought about it for a second and said ok but that it better be a killer massage like she has never had before. He agreed and told her to go grab them.

Candi gets up and goes to our room and gets the tapes out. I peek through my window and I watch Candi strip down and grab a pair of sweat shorts. she changes into the shorts with no panties and puts on a loose top. Then she walks back out to the living room and sits down next to James. He grabs the tapes and pops one of them in and pushes play.

Candi throws her legs over him and he starts to rub her legs. Then the screen has Candi laying back playing with herself.

Then James says "see I'm already horny and it hasn't even been on for ten minutes." Candi says "no way you cant be? Your hard and everything?" Then James says that he was hard as a rock and that he wasn't lying. Then James says "See, look at this." Then he pulls his shorts tight showing the outline of his cock.

Then I watch my wife reached out and give it a quick squeeze. and she says that he was right. Then James says that If she was going to be squeezing him then he should get to squeeze her too. She laughed and said that if he really wanted to then he could real quick. Then James reaches out and says "where do I get to squeeze? Do I get to chose?"

Wendi says "Well I don't care but be good, ok?" He says "Ill be as good as I can."

Then James rubs her legs for a second and then reaches down and slides his hand between her legs and starts to rub her pussy through her shorts. Her legs are close together and she moans a tiny little moan and James says "Well that feels pretty nice." Candi just lets her eyes shut and says "That feels fantastic."

Now I am watching my friend rub my wife's pussy while watching a porno of her and me and a few others. I am turned on and I keep watching.

He pulls his hand away and says "Damn Candi you look like a woman possessed." she asks what he was talking about and she opens her eyes.

On the screen Candi is sucking my dick and begging for more. Then James says "oh shit look at that. Do you suck like that all the time or was that a special occasion?" She giggled and said that it was an all the time thing.

James watches for a second and Candi says "I am getting crazy right there aren't I?" he says hell yes and he rubs his hand up her belly to her breasts.

James watches her suck me and her tits sway from side to side. "Hmmmmm man you have awesome tits too. They are frigging huge." Then Candi grabs both of them and squeezes them together.

James says "Hmmmm, they look like big pillows with tasty nipples."

"tasty huh? You think that they look that good?" she says.

James looks them over and says I don't know lets see the nipples for a second. Then she pulls her top up showing him her tits. Then he says "They do look tasty, mind If I run a taste test?" Candi laughs and says "well I guess so , If you just have to know.

Then she leans back and he leans forward and wraps his mouth around her nipple. She gasps a little and moans and says "MMMMMMMMmmmmmm Damn that feels good." He sucks on both and says "MMMMmmm... they are tasty."

James looks up at the television and sees Candi getting ready to take my cock in her pussy. Her legs start to slip apart, showing a little bit of trim. She has really loose sweat shorts on and with her legs spread her pussy is starting to show a little more.

On TV I am fucking her and the camera is zoomed in on her pussy. Now she lets her legs fall all the way apart and now he can see her pussy perfectly. He looks over at her and says that she looks like she is one hell of a fuck. She looks over at him and says "I am good, damn good." Then he says "How good is damn good?" She thinks for a second and says "I don't know, maybe you can find out sometime."

James looks down and can see her pussy spread open and then he looks at the TV. and sees Candi getting fucked and loving it and he says "Hey I have a fun Idea."

"whets that?" she asks. Candi's legs are over James' lap and he goes to get up and when he does he lifts her legs up to her head. Now her legs are pulled back and she is spread and he stands up. He starts to turn to do something and as he walks away he reaches down and cups her pussy and gently squeezes it and say to stay right where she was. She smiles and says "Ok whatever you want." James smiles and says "you should watch what your saying, Because you do mean that." and she answers back with "ok whatever you want." Then she smiles big.

He walks over to the desk and grabs my digital camera and the camcorder. Not only is my wife a slut but she is going to film it too. But hey, at least I'll have something for later.

James says "you said anything that I want. Now show me how wild you can be."

Candi got the strangest look in her eyes and she said "Well I'm here with my legs pulled back showing you my wet pussy. Do you think you might want a picture of that?" he said yes and walked above her and took a pic. then he tells her to look slutty, so she slips a finger or two in her snatch and gives him the wild whore look. Then he says "Imagine that those fingers were a hard cock. What would you do or say?" Now he keeps taking pics of her one after another.

Then he says "Lay back and lift your top off. You are going to get the bad girl pics done. Are you a bad girl?"

She says "I'll be whatever you want me to be."

James says "You are such a slut, Fucking around with your husbands best friend while he is gone. Now squeeze your tits together."

She does it and the he tells her to lift her knees and pull her shorts to the side. She does it then he says "Now open up wide."

She looks at him and makes a big circle with her lips and then he unbuttons his shorts and says "I'm going to take all kinds of pictures of you, doing all kinds of things and your going to love it slut. Now look at me and tell me you want that cock."

She looks at his cock and says "You want me to suck all of your come down my throat, don't you? Do you want to shoot it all over my huge tits? Oh wait, I know what you want you want to shoot a nice fat steamy load of your come deep inside of my pussy, your best friends pussy, don't you?" Then James says "open up slut."

She leans her head up and opens her mouth wide and James moves his cock closer and closer until his cock is about an inch away from her lips, and he takes a couple pics. She sticks her tongue out until it touches his tip and then he says "Now this is your only chance to be a good girl. you can back up and we forget about all of this or you become my personal whore, but the choice is up to you."

She looks at him, then the floor, then she wraps her mouth around his cock and sucked the head in her mouth. he takes pics of his dick in her mouthand turns the camcorder on too. She is moaning as she sucks him and he says "MMMMMMMMmmmmmm Oh God damn, suck that cock slut. Show me how you love it."

After a few minutes of great cock sucking, he pulls his cock out and says "Get your ass in your room and spread that pussy whore. I'm going to shoot load after load on you and in you until you cant hold anymore." Then Candi says "Ok master, I'll be waiting for you."

Then she gets up and gets on our bed. I move so that I could see them through my bedroom window. Candi is on the bed bent over facing away from me. Then James comes in and sets the camera up and takes a few pic of her bent over and says to her "Now spread your legs whore so you can get fucked." Then she stops and looks at him and says that he has to wear a condom so that she doesn't get pregnant. He looks at her and says "Bitch your going to get fucked and you are not getting a condom slut, but you will get a pussy full of cock right now.

Then he moves in behind her and rubs his cock on her clit and she says "No No No James we cant, I cant risk getting pregnant." Then he slaps her ass and says "Well you should have thought about that before now."

Then he pushes his cock toward her hole and the head slips it her soaking wet box. She tries to fight him for a second but he pushes in and his cock slides all the way in her. She screams "ooooohhhhhhhhhhh fucking shit, James you have to stop now." But he didn't, actually he starts to pick up a rhythm. Making her moan and yelp and after a half a minute, her resistance was totally gone. Now her was pounding her and she says "Oh fucking hell, that feels so good. Fuck that pussy and make me come all over you."

I watch him fuck my wife and watch her come all over him and then James says "Are you ready for me to shoot my come inside you and fill you up?" And she says "Oh God yes, fucking shoot your load deep in me, I want every last drop in me."

Then James slams her hard making her jump. Candi turns her head the other way and is facing right at me now. I see her telling James to fuck her until they cant stand it and then James says "I'm about to come." and Candi yells "yeah shoot it in me, shoot it all in me."

Then I watch as James starts to tense up and he busts his load deep in my wife and at that moment Candi opened her eyes and sees me standing by the window. Her eyes widen as he pumps her pussy full and when she is about to yell I just smile and she just buries her head in the pillows. She looks back at me and smile also and now the show begins. Candi pulls his cock out of her pussy and starts licking and swallowing the come off of his cock. and she sucks him to a second orgasm without even getting him hard. Her eyes are fixed on me as he pumps a second load, this one down her throat, while she shows me all of his come leaking from her juicy pussy.

I watch them lay on the bed for a few minutes until Candi decided she was ready again. She leaned down and slid his soft cock in her mouth. she sucked him soft and slow, until he was hard again. then she said pretty loud "I want you to shoot another load in me now."

she pushes him back and mounts his cock. He is facing away from me and she is looking right at me, rubbing her tits and her clit wile she fucks him.

I look next to them on the bed and see the phone lying next to them. I grab my cell phone and I tell Candi to answer the phone and keep fucking him. I dial the house and she answers it. James stops pumping and she tells him to keep going. She says "Hi baby what are you doing?"

Then I say "Why are you out of breath?" While I watch her ride my buddies cock. she said something about working out so James didn't catch on.

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