tagIllustratedShe had a Dream

She had a Dream


Jerry grabbed his laptop, the lunch he had prepared and headed out to his car. It was a quiet Sunday morning a perfect day to water the plants, sit around relaxing and reading the paper, or perhaps spending some time in bed with his wife, except today, Jerry had to work some overtime. He climbed into his car, started the engine and proceeded to drive the thirty miles or so to his office. Fortunately it was Sunday and traffic was very light, so Jerry got into work in just over half an hour.

With his wife was still at home sleeping, dreaming of who knows what, Jerry trudged into the building, walked to the elevator and rode up to the twelfth floor. Snapping his laptop into the docking station, he turned on his computer and then walked to the east side of the building. He paused a moment to catch the sunrise, enjoying the purple fringed clouds, turn to pink and then bright orange until the sun oozed from the horizon and splashed the whole sky in yellow. Soon the color faded to blue and Jerry headed back to his computer which had finished booting up.

He didn't want to be here, he'd already worked a ton of overtime and the project was virtually complete. His boss just wanted to make a showing with company management by having someone on the job every day including Sundays for the last month. Well Jerry was here and there was virtually nothing left to do.

Leaning back in his chair he thought about his wife, again wondering what she was dreaming of. He hoped it was him, perhaps an erotic dream so maybe when he got home she jump him at the door. She had done that once, later explaining the strange dream she had where she had actually ridden his giant cock searching for the perfect place to fuck. They ended up on the floor in the living room, which, given the carpet burns on his knees, turned out not to be the perfect place to fuck.

Anyway, Jerry quickly logged into the company network, responded to several emails, wrote one to his boss, confirming he was at his desk hard at work. He was about to open up the spreadsheets they had finished on Friday when he got an email from IT. Opening it he read, "Please log out of the system so we can complete some minor maintenance items on the server. Maintenance should take only nine hours, after then you will be free to log in.

"Son of a bitch," Jerry growled, then leaning back in his chair again, he changed his mind about it all, he spoke out loud, "I never thought I'd ever say this, but thank you IT." He quickly logged out of the system as instructed and then directed his computer to shut down. He grabbed his phone and woke his wife.

She was a bit pissed until he explained, "Hey, I'm headed back home, the network is down."

"That's great, I'll be waiting for you. I had a dream..." with that she hung up the phone.

"She had a dream," Jerry repeated to himself. He punched the button releasing his laptop from the docking station, grabbed his computer and stuffed it in his carrying case. Quickly moving to the elevator he quickly rode down to the first floor and hurried out to his car. His drive home went even quicker than the drive in though Jerry really didn't notice, all he could think about was getting home to his wife.

He wasn't sure what this dream was about but the fact she mentioned it made him think she had something special in mind. Lost in thought pondering the possibilities, it seemed like no time before he was pulling into his driveway. Quickly opening the door, he locked his computer in the car and jogged up to the door.

Opening it he was a bit disappointed since she didn't meet him at the door, but he figured he'd get ready for her anyway. Jerry quickly pulled off his clothes, placing them over the armrest of the couch. He then walked back to the room completely naked.

Peeking in the door he looked at the bed only to find his wife completely naked with her legs spread wide apart. He paused a moment, taking a long look as a pose his wife rarely did with him. She was a willing lover but still was a bit too shy to spread her legs for him like that, at least not for him to stand and simply admire the view.

Looking closely he could see her lips were slightly opened which made him wonder. "Did you start without me?" he asked.

"I couldn't help myself, after that dream. I dreamt I was riding a giant cock again, your giant cock. I could feel it throbbing between my legs. As I rode I squeezed my legs on it, rubbing my clit up and down on it. After I woke up I had to take off my clothes and rub my clit a little, just to make it feel like your giant cock did."

"Well now let's see if I can do something to help you," he said, walking over to and then climbing onto the bed. He crawled up between her legs and began kissing her soft thigh, working closer and closer to her pussy. She began moving her hips, moaning a bit in an effort to get him to moving faster, but he kept his pace slow, enjoying every inch of his journey to her fragrant opening.

After just a few moments, that he hoped seemed like decades to his wife, he slowly kissed over her swollen lips and then quickly thrust his tongue deep into her pussy, hearing her gasp with relief as he tasted her tart, salty flavor. He worked his tongue inside her while kneading her thighs with his hands.

Jerry let himself savor the taste of his wife for some time before sliding his tongue out of her and moving up to her clit. He immediately began circling her clit with his tongue, feeling her move her hips beneath him, finally bobbing his head up and down as she raised and lowered her hips.

Continuing with his tongue he felt her body beginning to tense up and he felt her hands come down and run through the hair on his head. Slowly moving his right hand up to her pussy, he plunged two fingers into her just as she seemed about to come. She cried out, "Oh yes," and then lifted her ass off the bed, trying to press her pussy onto Jerry's face.

She then moaned and collapsed back onto the bed breathing heavily. Jerry could feel the pulsations of her pussy on his fingers, again and again. He stopped moving his tongue on her clit and waited until the convulsions inside her subsided. Then he crawled up over her.

He waited until she reached down, grabbed his cock with one hand while opening her pussy with the other. Pausing a moment, he let himself enjoy the sight of his wife opening herself to him. It was such an incredibly sexy sight.

Then leaning forward, he eased into her, noticing how easily his cock slid into her wet, wet pussy. Once he shoved in to the hilt, he slowly withdrew. He was up on all fours so his wife could reach up and toy with his nipples as he moved his cock in and out of her. This double sensation absolutely drove him wild.

As he got close to coming, he reached down, hooked his hands under her knees and pushed them back, holding them out of the way so he had complete freedom pushing into her, again and again. Seeing her so helpless before him, feeling the incredible sensation as she enveloped him in her wet softness, he simply gave himself to simply feeling her, how her body molded to his cock, how it let him slid over the softness, how it exuded pleasure into him.

Suddenly he arched his back and came, spurting his cum deep into his wife's pussy again and again. Finally, with the last spurt, he collapsed down upon her, holding her tight, kissing her mouth, her cheeks, her eyes. "Oh god that felt so good," he whispered.

"I'm so glad, because you made me feel so good. First in my dream and then with your mouth."

"So you did dream of me," he said.

"Of course, well," she paused, reaching down and grabbing his wet cock just as it slid out of her, "I dreamed of him." He felt her squeezing his cock as she said, "him."

"Isn't that wonderful?" She asked

"Well, it's not wonderful, but it's okay."

"Just okay, well give me that thing," she said moving down in the bed and taking his soft cock into her mouth, sucking the juices off of it.

Leaning back on the bed Jerry said, "Now that is wonderful.

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