tagNonHumanShe Had Fangs

She Had Fangs


The bar was sweltering hot and the music was so loud you had to yell in your head to listen to your own thoughts. A multitude of people gyrated on the dance floor in a swaying chaos of motion and the mingled smells of human sweat, alcohol and smoke clung nauseatingly to the air.

Todd stood by the bar watching as the people bobbed about on the floor. The girls in their short skirts, showing as much leg as they could and their shirts cut low to show whatever cleavage they could. He really didn't take much notice of the men, other than to note that most of them were dressed in shirts and pants that were tight enough to show their wears to the ladies.

Truthfully, he had never really wanted to see the inside of the dance club, because he never liked to dance, but here he was. He could thank a couple friends from work for dragging him. He looked uncomfortable and out of place. His appearance of wire-framed glasses and short brown hair made him look like he was the type of man that was more at home behind a computer screen pounding away on code and tossing back a Mountain Dew.

Two ladies walked up next to him at the bar and looked him up and down. Taking in his thin muscular frame and boyish face that sought to be a man. "You're cute," One of the women told him. She was a decent looking woman with short blond hair, but wearing too much makeup and trying desperately to look younger than she really was.

Her friend a brunette gave him a smile and a wink. She was much prettier, but older than the one with too much makeup and both were at least twice his age.

"Evening ladies." Todd told them dipping his head.

"You looking for a friend?" The blond asked.

Not understanding, he looked toward the dance floor where his friends were gyrating with some women they had found. "No, I came with friends."

This won him some giggles. "No, we were wondering if you would like us to be your friends for the night." The blond stated forwardly.

His eyes widened, as he looked back at them his attention was entirely on the two women. They weren't that bad and they wanted him to go home with them. This sort of thing never happened to him. Women, especially, experienced women typically overlooked him. "Umm...uhh." Words would not leave his tongue.

The prettier friend smiled broadly. "So is that a yes?"

"No, he wouldn't." Another woman's voice said over a lull in the music. Is this really happening? Are women fighting over me?

Todd's eyes quickly moved from the two women to the newcomer. When he settled on her his mouth dropped open a little and he had to remember not to stare. She was a petite woman wearing a knee length dress that clung to her curves but not so tight that it looked painted to her body. She looked far too serious to be in the same bar as the other two women. Her wavy brown hair back was bound back in a conservative fashion by a barrette making her look like she belonged in control of an executive meeting instead of in a bar. She was breathtaking.

Her penetrating brown eyes bore into the blond. "Aressa!" The blond women breathed in shock. "I didn't know."

"Terribly sorry Aressa," said the brunette. They bowed their heads and melted away from Aressa and Todd.

Aressa watched them go, never loosing her façade of absolute control over everything and everyone. The bumping thick crowd seemed to part around her. Todd stood staring at her unsure what to say to her.

"Hello." She finally said to him.

"Ahdada...Hi!" His tongue was acting like it was too big for his mouth.

She smiled at him and then turned away. The mass of patrons parted for her as she walked through the club.

Realizing he had just blown it with the most incredible woman, he had ever seen in his life, Todd slumped onto a barstool. His eyes never left Aressa until she disappeared through a side door near the front door of the club. She must be a friend of the owner. He realized.

"Hey bud." A male voice said next to Todd bringing him out of his daze.

"Hey Carl." Todd returned looking at his friend, who had a lovely woman under his arm.

"I'm not going to be riding back with you guys." Carl informed him. "Nicole and I are going to her place."

"Okay man. Have a good night." This made him jealous of his friend, and he now mentally kicked himself again for fumbling with Aressa, and what about the other women. He could have had his dreams fulfilled if it were not for her stepping in, and then leaving like she did. He suddenly found himself cursing the strange woman. Why did she do that? He was going to have them both.

He slumped on his barstool for the rest of the night until his friend George came to him to say that he was heading out with a woman who was kissing his neck. Todd looked up at George and realized he was not offering him a ride home either. "Um George..." He tried to say as George turned away paying attention to the girl at his side.

It was time to call for a cab. Standing from his barstool, Todd headed to the back of the club where the restrooms and telephones were. There wasn't a phone book and he couldn't remember the number for the Cab Company.

"Is everything all right?" A woman asked him.

He turned and dropped the receiver he had picked up. Once again, the same feelings fell over him as he looked at Aressa. "I...I..."

"Were left by your friends." She told him.

This time Todd only nodded. He could not figure out why he could not speak when she was near. He did not even know her, but he so badly wanted to ask her if he could be the father to her children.

She carefully leaned forward and pulled the receiver up by its cord and hung it back on the pay phone. "Come with me," she told him, and turned away to walk toward the front door again as she had done before, but this time with him in tow. She could have led him to his grave and he knew he would have followed.

Together they walked out the front door, her in the lead and him following like a well-trained puppy. Outside, she crossed the street that ran in front of the club to the parking lot. Once in the parking lot she pulled keys out of a small black purse he had not noticed she was carrying until that moment. A little black two-seater sports car with a Mercedes logo on the front twittered as she deactivated the alarm. "Get in."

Obediently, he opened the passenger side door and sat down on the leather seats. She also climbed into the driver's seat and started the vehicle. It purred to life. She threw it into reverse pulled out of the stall then forward and they were on their way to... Todd did not care where.

"You know I saved your life back there, Todd." She finally said, as they raced down a street.

He was in shock that she knew his name. "Uhhhh..."

She smiled at him. "So far I've only gotten a few words out of you." She switched into a higher gear and took the car up an on ramp to the highway. "Anyway the name is Aressa Brontim."

This time he swallowed hard, and made a concentrated effort to speak. "How did you know my name?" Perhaps, this was a set up by the guys. At least, they came through for him.

"I'll get to that." She returned.

"Okay, um, how did you save my life? Did those two women have AIDs or something?" He could not think of why she had stopped them, and they didn't put up a fight.

"No, worse." She told him.

"Worse?" What could be worse?

"Those women are vampires. They wanted to screw you and kill you when they were done. They do it every night, but you... You looked too innocent for me to let you to fall victim to them."

What a way to die. He thought to himself. "You've got to be kidding me." He chuckled.

Her brow dropped at his humor. "Do I seem to be the type of woman that kids anyone?" She asked sternly.

He quickly lost his humor, she was serious. Dead serious. He swallowed. "No ma'am," His voice squeaked and he had to choke it down a couple of octaves. "So what are you going to do with me?"

"I'm going to take you home." She said, raising a brow and glancing at him. Her reflexes were lightening fast as she steered the car, and it was like she could see miles ahead of her in the dark.

"Ahh." He suddenly realized she didn't indicate who's home.

Shortly, they raced down an off ramp and on to another road. She seemed to like speed and pushed the car back up. She slowed to make a turn onto a dirt road and then quickly onto another paved road where she stopped at a gate. The gate opened and she drove up to a huge house. A garage door was open and she pulled into the empty stall. Cut the engine she stepped out of the car. "Well are you going to join me? Or stay in the garage for the rest of the night?" She asked.

"I am guessing this is your home?"

She winked, "I told you I was going to take you home." She then turned to walk through a door out of the garage, and the garage door they had entered closed.

Todd took the hint and leapt out of the car, to follow her. He entered her house and followed her to the stairs. "Come Todd, I wish to chat with you."

He wondered what more she could want to chat with him about, but he followed her to a large parlor. She had him sit with her on an antique Victorian style couch. She waved her hand and light music began to play from hidden speakers in the walls. The lights dimmed and candles sprang to life around the room.

"How did you do that?" Todd asked with his eyes widening.

"The same way I knew your name." She told him flatly. "To tell you the truth, I don't do this every night. In fact, I can't remember the last time I did do this." She paused and looked down at her manicured fingernails. "Anyway, I'm like those women you met at the bar, but I don't search out my prey in young innocents as they do."

"You are telling me you are a Vampire too?" He squeaked this was all becoming too strange for him.

"Yes, do you have a problem with that? If you do I will return you to your home tomorrow night. As it is right now, the sun will be up too soon and I would not make it home in time."

"Okay." This was really too surreal.

"Well then, my friend, I shall show you to the spare room." She told him getting up from the couch.

"Why did you bring me here?" Todd asked desperately not wanting her to leave him. At least not yet.

She looked down at him and a sweet smile turned her beautiful lips. "I really don't know. You are different, and I like it." She told him.

She liked me? Woah, that didn't happen every day to him. And, as he looked around she was a woman of class. At least several classes above him. "Can we sit a little longer?" He asked her, trying not to sound as desperate as he really was. "I mean I barely know anything about you." This had to be set up. The guys knew he liked the idea of vampire chicks, so they asked her to play the part.

"What would you like to know?" She asked sitting back on the couch, this time closer than she was before.

"Um...how old are you?" He asked grasping for questions. What do you ask a vampire?

"I'm too old." She smiled again. "You don't know what to ask me do you."

"Am I that obvious?" He asked rhetorically. "Well you are the first or um I guess third vampire I've ever met." He told her. This couldn't be real, but it sure did sound cool.

She laughed with a sound like soft music. "I'm sure you've met others, except you never knew it." She leaned forward and kissed him.

He nearly fainted at her touch. It was a kiss unlike any woman had ever given him and he'd always considered himself to be a good kisser too. Her tongue slipped into his mouth and he put his arms around her soft body pulling her closer. Soon her breasts were pressed against his chest as she sat in his lap.

Their lips didn't part as he laid her down on the couch before he left her lips and kissed and down her neck to her high collar. Using his fingers he moved the collar down some to kiss and nibble at her throat. She let out a sigh as his mouth found the sensitive areas of her flesh.

He returned to her face and paused a moment to look at her face. This was still so fantastic.

She ran her hands down his back using her manicured nails to scratch lightly at his shirt sending shivers through him. He used this as an invitation to move his hand down her body and caressing her form under the black dress. When his hand reached her breast, he gently squeezed it.

"I haven't been with a mortal in ages," She moaned softly tilting her head back.

"I want to change that," He said before concentrating on her lips again with his. This was awesome and he was really getting into this whole. 'I'm an ancient vampire,' thing. She was a woman and that was more obvious than the other.

He kept his hand on her breast as he kissed down her neck and then to her breast. Her pert nipple stuck through the material of her dress and he bit it. Oh, how he wanted to taste it. He switched to give attention to her other breast making sure to give them equal treatment. This earned him more content groans and her breathing turned ragged.

Sliding his free hand down her body he came to the hem of her dress and her stocking covered thigh. Lifting the dress slowly with his hand he found the bare skin of her leg where her stocking stopped. It was heaven to touch, but removing the dress with her nearly under him was going to be difficult and he wanted to see her.

Removing his hand, he stood up from the couch and held out his hand for her to join him. She took it and stood before him, and then stepped confidently forward to wrap her arms around his neck and kiss him firmly. "Let me show you to that spare room," She said when she pulled back from his lips.

He nodded and smiled at her. How could he have been so shy before? She was wonderful. He'd certainly need to thank the guys later.

She turned and took him by the hand and back to the hall, up a flight of stairs and to the second door on the right. A fire blazed up in the fireplace in the corner, candles lit on the tables on either side of the bed just like in the parlor. It was an awesome trick and totally completed her mysterious appeal.

She closed the door behind them and then stepped closer, forcefully kissing him like before. His exploring hands found a zipper that ran down the back of the dress and he slowly pulled it down her back like he was playing an instrument.

Now that the dress was loose, he was able to kiss and nibble down her neck to her collarbone and savor the sounds of her moans. She leaned her head to the side offering her whole neck to him and he bit it lightly with his teeth. Two can play at this game my little vampire.

To his shock, she pushed him away with more strength than her little frame should possess, but it wasn't out of anger. Instead, it was to offer him a tease show of what she hid beneath the dress as she lifted it up. It moved slowly showing shapely legs clad in thigh high stockings, delicate black panties, and a thin, lacy, black bra. A lump caught in his throat and he was unable to move as she tossed the dress to the side.

"Come now, you are over dressed," she cooed stepping closer to him and unbuttoning his shirt. When it was open she pushed the material off his shoulders running her soft cool hands over his skin making him shiver.

Her lace bra pressed into his bare chest as she took her turn kissing and nibbling on his neck. This made him briefly worry. What if she was a vampire? But her soft precise kisses quickly thwarted his concerns as other parts of him stiffened. He ran his hands along her body feeling the way her bra held her, and how her string panties did not even cover her hips or bottom.

As she nibbled from his neck and back to his lips, she unfastened his pants and pushed them and his underwear down. Stepping back and giggling she pointed down, "Shoes."

He looked down and realized why she had said that. He still had his shoes on so his pants weren't going anywhere. Okay, weird. Vampires don't remove shoes? As he prepared to lean down to remove them she pushed him backward. He landed awkwardly sprawled across the bed on his back with his pants around his ankles. Giggling again, she leaned down and removed his shoes, socks and the other articles she had bunched around his ankles. "There," She sighed, slipping up between his now bare legs and running her hands over the flesh to make him goosebump.

Kissing her way up his thighs, she licked and nipped until she reached his agony of desiring stiffness. It was his turn to sigh when she slid her tongue up to the tip before enveloping him with her lips to suck him into her mouth. In ecstasy, he lay back on the comforter and let the sensations ripple through him as she pulled him closer to losing it with every stroke of her lips and tongue. He let out a yelp when he stiffened and filled her mouth with his bliss and she drank his entire offering. The sensation after his orgasm was so powerful, he saw sparks in his vision.

Releasing his now softening form from her mouth, she continued to kiss his thigh. He moaned at the sharp sensation of her nibble against his skin. She must have pulled some hair with her lips, but he was in such euphoria she could have bitten him and he wouldn't have noticed.

She did not stay on his thigh for very long and slid her body up on his, to look down at his face smiling with rosy red lips. The euphoria was wearing off, but he still nonsensically grinned back not wanting it to be over.

No, he wouldn't let her run away now. Grabbing her tight to him, he flipped her over to her back. My turn. His kisses were feverish, as he sampled her tangy iron tasting lips and tongue. As he kissed her, he ran his hands down to her breasts and began to feel them through the thin material of her bra. He slipped his fingers in her bra and pinched her nipple. She groaned and arched her back. Taking advantage of her arched back he slipped his hands behind her back and unfastened the bra. Sliding the cups off he revealed her small shapely breasts with perky nipples. They looked good enough to devour. Leaning down, he did just that. He took turns sucking the dusky rose buds into his mouth and she whimpered in response.

Deciding her breathing wasn't heavy enough as he tended to her beautiful breasts, he slid a hand down her firm belly. She sucked in her breath with anticipation when he feathered his fingers, over her thin panties and finally down the material to where she was warm and damp through the material. Letting his hand sit on her, she began to raise her hips to him, and the dampness under his fingertips quickly became a soaking wetness.

Leaving her delicious breasts, he kissed his way down her chest to her firm belly and then to the top of her panties. He did not stop there as he continued his ascent down her body purposely skipping the area of wetness, where her scent was so strong he had to use every ounce of his restraint not to dive into her. He kissed her thighs on down to the material of her stockings, and then he carefully pulled the material down to her ankle and off her toes.

Slowly, he made his way back to her other thigh stopping briefly to savor her scent, and kiss the wet material of her panties. She wiggled at the touch. More restraint until the other stocking was removed. It was then that he worked his way back to her panties to kiss and bite her flesh under them. Now she squirmed and wiggled, and he held her hips, feeling her get wetter under his lips and mouth.

It was time he completely unwrapped this present, and he pulled her panties down her hips, and legs leaving her completely naked before him. Every part of her was perfect, even the brown hair that covered her sacred spot. Leaning down he puts his tongue between the folds of skin and tickled her sensitive areas. She bucked her hips trying to get away from the intense feeling. He again used his hands to hold her in place, until she peaked and writhed against his face.

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