tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersShe Has a What?! Ch. 02

She Has a What?! Ch. 02


"What happened to you, Megan?!"

"It's nothing," she said, smiling weakly and holding up the blue cast on her right arm. "Just had a bit of a tumble during the break. It's almost all better; I've already had it on for two weeks."

"Geez, you're just a klutz everywhere," I teased, grabbing her bags and bringing them to her room. I placed them on the floor before turning back to her lovely smile. "I missed ya, Nutmeg."

She beamed. "I missed you, too, Eric! I can't believe it was only five weeks; it felt like forever!" Her tight hug nearly knocked me over, but I just barely managed to keep my balance. I wrapped my arms around her. Her perfume wafted into my nostrils as my heart fluttered. Her heavy breasts pushed against my chest, and I discreetly pulled my hips away from hers in an attempt to hide my arousal.

She pulled away and smiled at me, her large, deep, blue eyes shining. "I brought you a gift!"

"You didn't have to do that..."

"I know, but I wanted to, Eric. Hold on." She crouched down and fumbled with the zipper of her luggage. She mumbled and swore under her breath as she struggled with it before I kneeled down next to her and helped. "Thanks. I'm still not used to doing things with just my left hand, I guess..."

"Don't worry, Nutmeg. Until your cast is off, I'll take care of you, okay?"

"Really? Thank you so much!"

"Hey, you'd do the same for me. We're friends, right?"

"Right. Friends..." She took out a boxy package from her bag, wrapped in green and silver wrapping paper, topped with a crimson bow. "Open it, open it!"

I unwrapped it, grinning like an idiot. I couldn't remember the last time someone had gotten me a gift for no reason. I tore off the wrapping, revealing bluish faces and the words "Stanley Kubrick." I turned it over in my hands, admiring it. "You got me the Stanley Kubrick collection? I've been wanting this!"

"I know, you mentioned it when we were watching Doctor Strangelove, so I figured...hey, why not, right? Do you really like it?"

"I love it! Thank you, Megan!" I embraced her and squeezed, holding her tightly against me.

After a few silent seconds, she pulled back with flushed cheeks. "Hey, the flight took a lot out of me. I think I'm just gonna rest for a bit, is that okay?"

"Sure. I'll be watching a movie if you want to come and hang out a bit," I offered. I walked out and closed the door, sat down on the couch, and unpaused Monsieur Verdoux. I couldn't focus on it, though. Images of Megan filled my thoughts. Her glacier-blue eyes, her wavy, golden hair, the way her whole face lit up every time she smiled...

My cock stirred in my jeans as I thought about her other assets, too... Her firm, round breasts, with their perpetually hard little pink nipples. Whenever she walked around the apartment without her bra, her nipples always poked through the thin fabric of her t-shirt, teasing me, inviting me to suckle them, daring me to lift up Megan's shirt and...I shook my head. These were not the thought to be having about my roommate. And yet...

My hand lazily wandered down between my legs. I began to caress the outline of my cock with the tip of my finger. There was another reason I was suspicious about my desires: Megan had a cock.

She had a big cock, a thick cock, a long, girthy, pink cock... I remembered how hot and hard it had felt in my hands when I had taught her how to masturbate. I could linger upon its every detail: her cute brown circumcision scar, her large, swollen head, her thick veins, her blonde bush... Who would suspect that such a beautiful, busty, blonde girl hid such a secret in her pants? What did it mean that I was so attracted to her? Christ, what would my friends say? Or my parents...?


I jerked upright. "Megan! I didn't hear you coming..."

"I got bored in my room alone. Can I join you?"

"Of course." My heart was racing. Had she seen me stroking myself? If she had, she betrayed nothing. I scooched to one side, giving her plenty of room, but she sat down as close as she could to me and leaned against me as a pillow. She had changed out of her travel clothes, and was now wearing solely an extra-large pink t-shirt that went down to her mid-thigh, her usual pajamas. I stared down her neckline at her deep cleavage as I put my arm around her shoulder.

She yawned and pouted. "I'm sleepy."

"You should go to bed, then. That's not a hard puzzle to figure out."

"I was lonely! I wanted to see you, it's been forever..."

"I'll be here tomorrow," I reassured her. "And the next day, and the next day, and the next day..."

She nuzzled up against my chest, resting her cheek against me. She looked up at me with moist eyes. "I wanted to see you now..."

"Alright, alright," I surrendered, tussling her hair. "So you had a good break?"

"Besides the arm one?" she giggled. "Ya, it was nice being home again. I've missed it. I got to visit my favorite statue, too."

"You have a favorite?"

"Yep! Roger Williams!"

"...Never heard of him. Who is he?"

She sat up and pushed my chest. "Never heard of him?! He's the best state founder ever! If you took an average person from the 20th century, sent them back in time 300 years to when Roger Williams lived, they'd probably still be behind him ethically.

"He created our conception of separation of church and state, and he respected the Native Americans' cultures enough not to proselytize. He got kicked out of Massachusetts for insisting that the state shouldn't enforce religion. You know, people who say the Pilgrims came here for religious freedom are wrong. They came to America to practice their one religion. Roger Williams was the one who actually celebrated freedom of religion.

"He always did what he thought was right. I think that's why I always looked up to him." She blushed a bit and looked away. "I talk to his statue sometimes, when I have problems and worries, you know? It makes me feel better to get it out, and I try to think about what he would do. Even when he knew he'd be kicked out of the colony in the middle of winter, he did what was right. I don't think he could have done otherwise..."

My heart gnawed at me. I knew I didn't have that kind of courage. I was hiding my own feelings from everyone, and why? Because of what she had in her panties? That was a stupid reason, wasn't it? It's not as though the people whose judgments I dreaded were going to get in them anyway; why should it matter? I sighed. "He sounds very brave..."

"He was... When I don't know what to do, I try to act like him, but it's hard..."

We ignored the movie and caught up. Despite the brevity of our break, it really had felt like much longer to me. Megan had gone home to visit her family, while I had stayed here. Having the entire apartment to myself had been lonely and dull. I hadn't realized how much fun I had when Megan was around until she had left. Without her...

"...and remember Professor Fedoruk? His wife caught him with one of his TAs, and now there's pressure on him to resign. It's a shame; he was one of my favorites... Megan?" I looked down at the soft bundle resting on top of me. Her eyes were closed, and her breath was shallow. She looked like a perfect little angel. I considered waking her up so she could get to bed, but I couldn't bring myself to end her slumber so cruelly. "Goodnight, Nutmeg," I whispered, and kissed her softly on the forehead. As I closed my eyes, I could swear I saw the briefest of smiles pass her lips.

I woke up sore. My neck and back cried out their bitter recriminations at my brain for its stupid decision to sleep on the couch. Had Megan gotten to bed? I glanced down, but she was still there, snoring softly next to me. My breath caught in my throat. Her erect nipples poked through her shirt: two small peaks jutting out from her soft, round breasts... My eyes went lower, and widened.

Her erection proudly thrust skywards underneath her t-shirt. The fabric stretched against the head of her cock, revealing its outline in exquisite detail. Her morning wood was rigid and firm. "Megan?" I asked quietly, my eyes never leaving her dick. "Megan?"

She didn't answer. I reached a hand out, trembling, and gingerly brushed my fingertips against her massive hardness. Her lips parted, and a lustful sigh escaped, but she didn't stir. I was just exploring a little, right? Surely there was no harm in that... I gripped the head of her cock between my fingers, swirling my thumb in circles against it, using my middle finger to stroke the underside of her shaft as softly as I could.

I worried what she would think if she woke up, if she saw me fondling her in her sleep, but I didn't care. My cock was throbbing inside my boxers, eager for its own release as I selfishly attended to another's. Megan's cheeks reddened as I continued to caress her, grazing my fingernails down the length of her shaft, massaging her cock gently.

"Eric..." she moaned. I froze. Slowly, dreading what I would see, I brought my gaze to Megan's face.

But her eyes were still closed. She was still sleeping. "Eric..." she moaned, again. Was she dreaming? Of me? Her cock was throbbing. Her shirt had a distinct moist spot at the peak of her penis. She must be having a wet dream, I realized. She must be close...

I should get up now, I reasoned, but something stronger kept my hand wrapped around her. I wanted to make her cum. I wanted to hold her in my hand as she orgasmed. I boldly reached under her t-shirt, and grabbed her bare shaft.

It was smooth and hot. Precum leaked onto my hand as my fingertips fondled Megan's manhood. Sweat began to dew upon her brow. She groaned. Her cock shuddered violently in my grip as she came. I milked her cock gently as cum surged forth, dampening her t-shirt and coating my hand. Warm, sticky semen dripped onto me, and as her cock began to slowly wilt, I pulled my hand back, wiping the evidence off on my pants.

Megan's eyes opened. "E-Eric? Oh wow, I just had a wicked crazy dream..."

I swallowed deeply, hungry for details. "Oh ya? What happened?"

"We were..." she closed her eyes as she remembered, then blushed furiously. "Um, I don't remember, actually. Isn't it crazy, the way you can just forget a dream like that?"

"Very crazy." I nodded down towards her lap. "Must have been a good dream, though. Do you need to clean up, Nutmeg?"

She looked down. Her face flashed crimson, and she covered up her soaked crotch with both hands and tried to avoid my look. "Oh my god! Don't look!"

"It's okay. It happens to everyone."

She looked relieved. "Thanks... I guess I do need a quick shower."

"Will you be okay with your cast, though?"

She bit her lip. "I think so... I'm sure I can manage it."

"I'll help you, Megan. I told you last night I'd take care of you, after all," I reasoned.

"Really?! Okay!"

My heart skipped a bit. We went into the bathroom together and I turned on the water. Megan lifted her shirt up over her head. Her freckled breasts bounced gloriously as they lost the support of the fabric, revealing her rosy nipples. Her flaccid penis still glistened with ivory semen. As she turned and stepped into the bath, I admired her firm, toned ass, round and high, as I imagined my lucky cock nestled between her cheeks. I disrobed, and joined her in the hot, steamy water.

"Alright, let's get you cleaned up, Nutmeg. Make sure you keep your cast dry," I warned. I pulled her towards me, grabbed the soap, and began to lather up her long, sleek back, gently massaging her body all the while as warm water pattered against her chest.

She moaned softly. "How's it feel?" I asked.

"Amazing, as always. I think I missed your backrubs most of all..."

"Well I am amazing at it, no doubts there." I slid my hands down and grabbed her butt firmly, savoring its soft plumpness in my hands as I covered her body in suds. "So, your back's all done...ready for the front?"

She gasped softly, but quickly recovered. "S-sure. Go ahead." I eagerly did.

I wrapped my arms around her body and cupped her breasts. She sighed and fell against me, forcing my hardening cock against her bottom. She stiffened, but didn't resist my touch. Her little pink nipples were already hard, grazing my palms as I caressed her full, heavy breasts, rubbing them in slow circles.

"Eric? I think they're clean."

"Oh? Oh! Sorry, I, uh..."

"It's okay...you're taking care of me. I'm lucky to have someone who cares so much about my cleanliness," she tittered.

Blushing, I continued my task. My hands wandered across her arms and down her stomach, before hesitating. Slowly, anxiously, my hands lowered, inch my inch, and took hold of her soft penis. It was so small now; her cock and balls fit comfortable in a single hand. It was amazing how much it could grow... She tried to stifle a moan, but it escaped her lips nevertheless.

I fondled her dick, lovingly washing it, cleaning off her spent semen. I wonder how she tastes. No! I shouldn't...I shouldn't think such thoughts...should I? She started to grow in my hands. Her cock slowly bobbed to life and thickened as it grew larger, thicker, and harder. I gripped her tightly. I wanted to feel her dick get big and hard for me...

"Eric...ow, it hurts..."

"What?" I fell out of my fantasy. "Sorry..."

She gently eased my hands off of her. "It's okay. But I just, you know, had a special dream, and I'm still sore..." She turned to face me. "Thanks, though..." She leaned up and kissed my cheek, pressing her chest and hard cock against my body. "Sorry for...reacting so easily. I haven't been able to masturbate at all with this cast. I tried a few times with my left hand, but all I did was tease myself. I've been on a hair trigger for days. "

I looked down at her innocent face, her soapy cleavage pressed against my broad chest. "Well, I said I'd help you out until you got that cast off, didn't I? If you want, I can, you know, try to help you out with that, too..." Oh god, did I really say that?!

"You don't mind?" she asked bashfully, biting her lower lip.

"No," I said honestly, happily surprised that her reaction had been so postive. "It'd be my pleasure."

"Thanks. Well, I think we're both clean. Are you hungry?"

"Ya, a little."

"Alright, go get dressed. I'll take care of you for a bit. Are strawberry pancakes alright with you?"

"You remembered my favorite..."

"Of course I did!" She stepped out of the shower and toweled off. "I'll go cook. Meet you in the kitchen."

I watched her ass swagger out the door in a daze. What was I getting myself into? Had I really just offered to jerk her off the next time she was horny? And she had agreed! I sighed, got dressed, and walked into the kitchen.

"Megan? Why are you...?"

She looked down at her apron. "Oh, I didn't feel like going through all the trouble of getting dressed, so I just put an apron on. How do I look?" She twirled, showing off her outfit, causing the hem to waft upwards, revealing her firm ass briefly.

"You look amazing..." I confessed. The apron looked like it had been bought from a traditional French maid. It was black, with white covering the top and the middle. Its trim was white lace, and the part of it below her waist resembled a skirt as it fluffed outwards. But the thing I really noticed about it was that it was far, far too small for a woman of Megan's generousness. The apron's neckline was just a hair's breadth above her areolae. The mounds of her breasts threatened to spill out of her apron with every step she took. The way they jiggled as she moved was hypnotic; I could barely take my eyes off of them. Her rigid nipples drilled through the fragile fabric. The bottom of her apron didn't even reach to the middle of her thigh. I was certain that were she to get excited, the tip of her cock would peek out beneath the lace. I silently hoped for her to start thinking dirty thoughts.

"Thank you!" She carried a steaming plate over to the table, and placed it down. "Eat, eat!" she insisted.

I sat down. It smelled wonderful. "What is it?"

"Pork with pear and ginger sauce. There's a little bit of wine in the sauce, too..."

I tasted it hesitantly, then eagerly. "It's delicious! But where's your plate?"

"Oh, I'm going to have something else for my lunch..."

"What do you-"

She put a finger to my lips. "Shh. Your time to be taken care of. Just sit back...and enjoy." She got down on all fours and crawled under the table towards me, before deftly unzipping my fly. I was frozen, shocked, but delighted. Was she going to...?

She tugged off my pants with relish, releasing my rapidly hardening cock. "Mmmm, you look delicious..." Staring into my eyes, she opened her plump, scarlet lips and wrapped them around the shaft of my cock. My eyes rolled back into my head as she began massaging my cock with her tongue, swirling it around my thick, throbbing shaft. Her head bobbed back and forth rapidly. My fingers dug into her shoulders as my pleasure grew.

She stroked the underside of my shaft with the tip of her tongue. She worked her way down the rest of my shaft, taking it inside her lips, until she reached the base. She began to hum deeply, and the vibrations worked their magic. I tussled her hair and caressed her cheek, trying to congratulate her on a job well done. My eyes rolled back in their sockets. My hips bucked against my will. Her breasts heaved within the confines of her apron, trying to escape. A moan escaped my clenched jaws.

Her tongue lapped at the underside of my cock as the circle of her lips enveloped me. Her cheeks bulged slightly as I filled her mouth. She pulled back and released my cock, moaning in delight, before she rested it on her lower lip. Then, while staring up at me, she flicked the tip of her tongue across my head as fast as she could. The pleasure was unbearable. All I wanted was sweet release. I reached down to try to finish myself off, but she pushed my hand aside insistently and deep-throated my cock again.

She impaled herself upon my painfully hard cock, fucking me with her mouth, bobbing her head up and down rapidly. Her eyes never broke away from mine. Her loud slurps seemed to echo across the room. Her cheeks sunk in and filled out in succession as she sucked the shaft. I felt myself cross the point of no return and felt a combination of excitement, relief, embarrassment, and fear. I dug my fingernails into her shoulders. I cried out loudly, wordlessly, an animalistic utterance. Powerful waves of pleasure coursed through my whole body as I orgasmed, emptying myself into her. Her eyes widened in surprise as the first spurt of cum gushed into her mouth, but she simply flared her nostrils and began sucking down my semen.

Finally, exhausted, I was spent. I panted as she milked my cock for its every last drop of cum, suckling the tip greedily. "Wow," was all I could say.

She released my wilted manhood. "Was it good?"

"That was the best I've ever had..."

She smiled proudly and blushed slightly. "Thank you." She stood up and sat on my lap. I noticed that she was pitching a tent underneath her apron.

"Looks like you enjoyed it, too," I said, nodding downwards.

She glanced down and back to me. "I did... " She bit her lip. "Can you blame me? You just have a wonderful dick..." She gently fondled it in her hand as she enumerated its praises. "Nice size, big head, good and hard... And I love how fast you get it up... Even when we hug I can feel you getting stiff. It's a turn-on, to be honest..."

"Stop, you're making me blush, Nutmeg... I'm just glad you enjoyed it."

"I did. Your cum is delicious...it's like a dessert. It's a bit embarrassing, but I've always loved the taste of semen. So far no guys have complained..."

Ya, I bet not, I thought to myself.

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