tagTransgender & CrossdressersShe Has a What?! Ch. 03

She Has a What?! Ch. 03


Author's Note: Hi readers! This is the third part of the series, but it stands alone. If you want to learn more about how Megan and Eric ended up together, read the first two parts, but they're not necessary to enjoy the story. Happy reading!


"Megan," I asked, muting my cell phone, "how do you feel about a little weekend vacation?"

"Sounds fun! Where?"

"I'm talking to Steve, and his dad got him tickets to a little mountaintop hot spring resort. He has an extra pair, so he was wondering whether we wanted to go on a double date with him and Radhika."

"Hot springs?!" she bubbled. "I've always wanted to try that! Say yes, say yes, say yes!"

"Hmm...I dunno, what do I get...?"

She pouted adorably. "You get to make your girlfriend happy, jerk!" she exclaimed with a shove to my shoulder.

"Alright, alright, it'll do..." I unmuted the phone. "Hey Steve, still there?"

"Ya, I'm here. What'd she say?" he asked.

"She-" I gasped. Megan was unzipping my fly and unsheathing my cock. With a mischievous grin, she began to slowly stroke my manhood on all fours, offering me a delectable view down the plunging neckline of her tight, pastel t-shirt at her massive breasts. Stop it, I mouthed, but she ignored it and kept pumping away.

"She's up for it," I choked out. Her breasts swayed as she brought her hand up and down. I clenched my teeth and tried to ignore her deft fingers.

"Sounds great, man. What time do you want to meet up?"

"Whatever's good with you."

"Is 7 o'clock okay?"

"Yeahthat'sgreat," I said. Just shut up, I thought. My hips were bucking of their own accord as my cock sought its release. And the way her sapphire eyes stared into mine oh-so-innocently...god, I wasn't going to last long...she knew exactly how to get me off. Of course, she did have a pretty good explanation for being good at handjobs. She could practice as much as she wanted, after all.

"Cool. I'll email you the address then, Eric. And uh, there's some co-ed hot springs, so make sure that double-D girlfriend of yours brings a skimpy bikini, okay? I'll make sure Radhika wears something scanty," he leered. "She can't fill out half the bikini that yours can, but they're fantastic all the same."

I blushed a bit, but put on an air of machismo. "Yea, I'll make sure she shows off. See you then."

"See-" he began, but I had already turned off the phone and thrown it across the room at our recliner.

"You tease!" I spat out...

"That's what you get for needing another reason to go with me, Eric..." She slowed down her hand. "Now then, what do I get if I let you cum?"

"Anything," I sighed. My cock was throbbing. I was desperate for release.

"I'm not sure if you deserve it..." she teased.

"I'll..." My mind raced, trying to think of a suitable bribe. "I'll do those stupid dick puppet shows you love!"

She gasped. "You'll do the Cocktacular Penis Puppet Performance?!"

I winced. For reasons I couldn't understand, she adored puppet shows, and her absolute favorite was for it to be performed by me giving my dick a goofy voice and acting it out. "I'll do one performance."

"Just one...?" she asked sweetly, grazing her fingertips slowly and softly against my shaft.


"Just two...?"

"Just tell me how many you want, Nutmeg!"


"Five? No wa-" I began, but she started to pull her hand away. "Okay, five! Are you happy now?"

"Yep! And now it's your turn to be happy, too..." she cooed, sitting up. She grabbed the hem of her shirt and lifted it up off her head, revealing her massive breasts, barely held in by a small, black bra. "Do you want to do the honors?" she asked.

I nodded slavishly, and reached behind her. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply as I undid her bra. I could feel her hard-on pressing against my thighs. "Someone's excited..." I commented.

She giggled and blushed. "I love knowing how attractive you find me..." she whispered in my ear before pulling back. Her bra fell off of her, and her heaving breasts jiggled, suddenly without support. She slid off of me, onto the floor, and positioned herself between my thighs. "You really love these, don't you?" she asked, nodding down towards her breasts. I could only nod. My hard cock was inches from her face, her heavy breasts were resting on my thighs... "Good," she purred, taking my cock into her mouth.

I moaned at the sudden rush of pleasure. She gently positioned my cock between her breasts and began to bob herself up and down, using her cleavage to massage my shaft while suckling the head of my cock. Soft friction surrounded my manhood. I gripped her shoulders tightly and threw my head back, clenching my teeth, willing myself not to cum so I could enjoy this heaven just a second longer.

Her saliva dripped down my shaft, lubricating her tits, increasing the sensation as she went faster and faster. She held her breasts tightly together with both hands, her cleavage gripping me tightly as she sucked and licked the top of my shaft, using her tongue to caress the underside of my shaft, teasing me, lapping up my precum as my orgasm built.

"Megan!" I groaned, as my cock spasmed inside her mouth. She locked her lips around me, taking my shaft as deeply as she could, swallowing every last drop that spurt out of my cock. She kept suckling, even after my cock had begun to wilt, greedy for my cum, until finally even she had to admit it was dry.

"Mmmmmm, you're so delicious, Eric..." she purred.

"So are you," I said with a tired smile.

She climbed onto my moist lap and wrapped her arms around my neck. The front of her short, navy blue skirt was pointing upwards. I slid my hand up along her hot thighs slowly, inching closer and closer to her skirt. "But it looks like I'm not the only excited one, Nutmeg..." I teased.

She blushed and tried to pull down her skirt, but her bulge couldn't be hidden. The thick, long outline of her hard cock showed clearly through the fabric of her skirt. I could even make out her swollen head. I traced my finger slowly against her outline, savoring the way she squirmed in my lap.

I knew she didn't like to admit it, but she was even friskier than I, and she couldn't handle being teased. I didn't blame her. She had spent almost two decades without masturbating. If I had gone that long without jerking off, I'd be making up for it for a while, too. Now, whenever she got hard, she usually had to take care of it, one way or another, and I loved being the reason for her lust. One time at the movie theater, the NC-17 film's sex scenes had gotten the better of her, and she had insisted I take care of her right there in the seats.

I smiled at the memory, and continued my torture of her. Her cock throbbed underneath her skirt. Her chest was flushed. I decided to have pity on her...

I slid out from underneath her, and took her position on the floor, where so recently, she had been, and lifted up her skirt. An enormous cock sprung forth, lightly bouncing a few times before coming to a rest, pointing almost straight up. I couldn't help it; every time I saw her massive package, I felt a twinge of envy. She had to be at least a full inch bigger than me, and maybe more. I took her dick in one hand; it was hot to the touch and deep pink. She quivered in my grip, squirming, wriggling. I loved the feeling of power I felt whenever I had her cock in my hand, the power to make her orgasm or not, the power to bring her pleasure or torture her more.

"Eric..." she mewed. "You're evil..."

"I know," I smirked. I licked the length of her shaft, from base to tip, slowly, oh so slowly. She shivered at the touch of my tongue. I took a deep breath, and took her into my mouth. She was rock hard. My mouth could barely fit her all in, but I took her in as deeply as I could. Megan grabbed the back of my head, and pulled me towards her, impaling my head on her cock. I loved when she took control like that, and I gladly surrendered to her.

I sucked her cock, licking it, playing my tongue against her shaft. The sweet smell of her loins wafted off of her body as her hips bucked, trying to force herself further into me. I loved the way she lost control of herself, the way she ached for orgasm. I began to caress her heavy balls with one hand, using the other to stroke the base of her shaft rapidly. Her moans grew louder and louder. Her breasts were heaving as she panted. She furiously groped her tits, desperate for release.

Her cock began to thrash inside my mouth, gushing thick, hot cum into me. I grabbed her toned ass, forcing her deeper into me so I wouldn't miss a single drop of her delectable dessert. Her cum was barely bitter, almost savory. I couldn't even handle all of it, and I felt it dripping down out of the corners of my mouth.

"Eric...you're so good at that..." she sighed contentedly.

I licked my lips clean and gave her a kiss on the forehead. "Well you let me practice every day. I ought to be good at it by now, don't you think?" I lay down next to her on the couch and held her in my arms as we cuddled together, nude. She pawed at my flaccid dick like a cat with a toy, playing with it gently, batting it around until it was tumescent again.

"Having fun?" I asked.

"Mhm! I just love making you cum..." she confessed.

"Me too..."

A few days later, it was already time to go to the resort. I made sure to convince Megan to pack one of her smaller swimsuits. The drive to the resort was uneventful, and after only fifty minutes, we had arrived. Steve and Radhika were already waiting by the time we arrived. "Finally..." sighed Steve as we got out of the car, although I noticed he smiled at the sight of Megan bouncing up to say hello, and his eyes were about a foot too low to be making eye contact with her. I rolled my eyes and ignored it. If I got annoyed every time a guy checked out my Nutmeg's breasts, I'd have no time for anything else. Heck, even before we had started dating, I had scoped them out every chance I got.

Besides, I was able to repay the favor easily enough with Radhika, his new girlfriend. I had never met her before, and I was a bit stunned when I first saw her. She has long, sleek black hair that went halfway down her back, creamy brown skin, large, chocolate brown eyes, and a big, white smile. I went to give her a handshake, but instead was greeting by a tight embrace. "It's so nice to meet you, Eric!" Radhika squealed, pressing her firm tits against my chest. The sudden pressure had an immediate effect on my cock, and I made sure to keep air between my hips and hers so she wouldn't be able to tell.

"Nice to meet you, too," I stammered out.

"Are you ready for the hot springs?" she bubbled.

"Ya, I can't wait!"

"Eric! I'm hungry..." Megan whined. She wrapped her arms around me and rested her head on my chest, looking up at me with her big, beautiful, blue eyes. She nuzzled her hips against my own, and I felt her tumescent cock against my thigh.

"Ya, me too," added Stephen.

"I told you to have a snack, Stephen," sniped Radhika. "I want to check out the hot springs first!"

"Why don't we split up for an hour or so?" I suggested. "Radhika and I can check out the hot springs, and Steve and Radhika can get something to eat, and we'll meet back at our rooms afterwards?"

"But I'll miss you, Eric..."

"Would you rather wait another hour to eat, Nutmeg?"

"...Okay, we'll do it your way."

"Great! Let's go drop off the crap in the rooms so we can eat, then," Steve said. "I'm starved."

Steve showed us in. He had already been before with his father, so he knew the place fairly well. It was clearly designed to evoke a close-to-nature Orientalism. Every employee I saw was wearing a yukata, and most of them were slight, East Asian women. The walls were thin and white, decorated with depictions of bamboo and pagodas. Zither music played from invisible speakers.

Once we entered the resort, we had to remove our shoes and were given cotton robes to wear that resembled kimono. We briefly split up in order to change before reuniting for the walk to the room. We reached our rooms, and set down our things. Our suite consisted of a single central shared room, with two attached bedrooms, one for each couple.

Our bedroom, fortunately, was a bit more vibrant than the hallways had been. The walls were a bright scarlet, as were the bed sheets. The bathroom was large and luxurious, with a bathtub big enough for both of us to comfortably share, and, judging from Nutmeg's smile when she saw it, she planned to do so. Opposite the bed was a large window, giving us a gorgeous view of forested hills as the sun began to descend.

Megan unpacked while I changed into my swimming trunks for the hot spring. "I hope they have tonkatsu!" Megan wished. "And I want to try lots of sake! Do you think they'll have a sushi bar?"

"Hopefully. Just don't drink too much at dinner, Nutmeg. You don't have the best tolerance," I reminded her. And I don't want Steve playing grabass with you, either, I thought to myself.

"I'll be careful. I wouldn't want anyone to take advantage of me in my drunken state," she teased, batting her eyelashes at me. "What if we get back to bed and I'm not able to resist you? Would you take advantage?" she asked, sauntering up to me and opening up her robe to reveal her deep cleavage.

"O-of course not. I'm a gentleman." She pouted a bit, but quickly hid it beneath a plastered-on smile. I knew she wanted us to take things to the next level, but I still wasn't sure how I felt about anal sex. I had never tried it before with a previous girlfriend, and I knew Megan was a virgin, too.

Truth be told, I was worried about hurting her. I was already reading about how painful it was for girls. I knew she wanted it, but I didn't want to hurt her, either. Of course, there was a second option...

I involuntarily clenched as I imagined Megan taking me from behind. What would it feel like to have her giant cock inside me? I could barely fit her in my mouth... What did it mean that I kind of wanted to try it? Was I gay? How could I be gay when I wanted to be with a girl? Was I a freak? Was I normal, and everyone else just kept their desires secret? Why did I care what other people thought, anyway?

"Ready to go?" she asked. "I'm hungry!"

"Yep! Let's head out, pumpkin."

We walked together part of the way until we reached the restaurant. "I'll see you later, Nutmeg."

"Bye Eric. See you soon." We kissed lightly and parted.

I made my way outdoors to the hot springs behind the resort. There were a number of pools, but right now, all were empty except for two, one where Radhika was already relaxing in her swimsuit, and another that currently held a trio of chattering girls. I made my way to Radhika's pool, took off my robe, and got into the water alongside her.

I briefly admired her form and swimsuit. She was wearing a one piece swimsuit that hugged her body perfectly, emphasizing her hourglass curves. It was black, except for the chest, which was a brightly colored geometric pattern that resembled something you'd see in a mosque. The chest itself clung to her breasts like wet tissue paper. I wondered whether she had had it personally tailored to get such a close fit. It left absolutely nothing to the imagination, and the curves of her round, firm breasts were bare before me.

"Like what you see?" Radhika asked.

"Sorry! I was, um, just..."

She smiled broadly. "It's OK. I wouldn't wear a suit like this if I didn't enjoy the looks," she explained with a wink. She looked my body up and down slowly herself. "Besides, you're cute. Megan's a lucky girl."

"Thanks. Steve's lucky, too."

"I know. How's the water for you? Not too hot? There are cooler ones if you like."

"No, it's perfect." The water was hotter than I usually bathed in, and I had quickly acclimated. The steam from the pools gave the area a lovely mist, and the whole area was surrounded by thick bamboo that formed a sort of fence. There were about four springs, each with signs explaining the temperature range and properties of the water. The water, I was a bit disappointed to learn, didn't bubble up naturally, but was pumped up from true underwater springs and carefully prepared for human use. Ours was about 106 degrees Fahrenheit, and contained sodium bicarbonate. A girl on the sign cheerfully proclaimed that the water was good for your skin, and helped bathers recover from fatigue as well. I normally didn't trust cartoons that smiled too much, but I had to admit, my muscles were already feeling great. "This is such a great way to relieve stress."

"I know, isn't it? There's a masseuse at the resort, too. I'll have to visit her later."

"Oh, do you want a massage? Megan says I'm pretty good," I offered.

"Really? I'd love one, thank you so much!" She turned, presenting her long, brown back to me. Her swimsuit ended just above her butt, leaving the rest of her behind bare. I shuffled into position, trying to find a comfortable position, but Radhika settled the matter for me by shoving herself between my thighs without a word. My lap was just an inch away from her behind, and I wished I were wearing something more restraining than trunks.

I began rubbing her back, caressing her shoulders. "Is this okay?" I asked.

"Mmmm, go harder," she insisted.

I pushed harder, eliciting a deep moan of contentment from her. We talked while I continued to massage her back, working my way down from her shoulders to her lower back before returning back up. She had a few knots in her shoulders, but I was able to work them out easily enough.

Her skin was slick and smooth. Her wide hips nestled neatly between my thighs. As I massaged her, I began imagining what the rest of her body felt like. Were her breasts that soft? Was her pussy? It was hard to imagine that it had been over a year since I had felt a girl's pussy. I missed their softness, their wetness, their smell... Without warning, Radhika scooted back against me, pressing her behind against my hardening cock. I grabbed her hips to try to keep her from making contact, but I was too late.

"Radhika, I-" I began, but then I realized something. "Are...are you...wearing a suit?" It was a stupid question. But when I grabbed her hips, it didn't feel like a suit. But she wouldn't be naked, would she?

"Oh, you noticed..." she sighed, turning around to face me. "I need to be careful about people getting too close from now on... Doesn't it look real, though?" I took a long second look. Unless I had known what to look for, I doubt I would have noticed the barely noticeable divide between her areolae and breasts. The geometric pattern hid any pattern beneath the body paint almost entirely. I couldn't believe she had been naked all this time, and practically in my lap! "I'm wearing bottoms, though," she continued, "but I just hate having to wear a top if I don't need to. Boys are lucky, you get to go topfree whenever you like. But girls are indecent..." She exhaled petulantly. "I don't think these are indecent, do you?" she asked, arching her back, pushing her pert breasts towards me.

I couldn't take my eyes off of them. The knowledge that she was completely topless right in front of me, and had secretly been so, was intensely arousing. I was silently thankful she was no longer between my thighs, for if she were, she would know immediately what kind of thoughts I was thinking. Two small nipples poked out of her large, beautiful breasts. Her round breasts were so firm and perky they almost floated. "They look good to me..." I confessed.

Radhika looked behind me. "Those old biddies left. Do you want to give 'em a squeeze, Eric?"


She titled her head and smirked. "I see the way you're looking at them. And I could feel this," she said, grabbing my hard cock under the water, "every time I backed up during the massage. It's okay, it's natural. But you must be curious, aren't you?"

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