She Is Me... Ch. 04

byMany Feathers©

"No!" I cried out. "Fuck me Chris! Fuck me...fuck me hard...faster! Faster! Faster!"

She did, but in doing so...the inevitable happened for her. Once more I felt the sudden surge and throb of her prick inside me. Once again so close, though as she emptied herself, finally spending herself, I too felt the delicious tickle of orgasmic release, though it was far less than what I had actually given myself, or even experienced when Sharon had fucked me with the dildo.

We had again just missed the mark, though we had gotten closer. But it was a reminder to us both, just how difficult this would be, if not actually impossible. To achieve a level of nirvana that would allow either one of us to experience this "Little Death", this split second of out of body spiritual ecstasy, was beginning to look bleak.

"I'm sorry," Chris said again sitting up. "That was better...but still far from what we'll need to achieve. And we're both running out of time here."

"Maybe next time...we'll do even better," I said hopefully, though the look she gave me didn't mirror my sentiment.


We both began dressing again, I knew that Chris still had a few things she needed to do in preparation for the arrival of her husband, and my cousin. But I was starting to think this would be all for naught.

"Mind if I ask you something?"

"Sure, go right ahead."

"You mentioned that there were others...others that you found. What happened with them? You never told me."

Chris walked over taking a seat next to the bed where I remained sitting. "There were three. Well four actually. The first two were never really confirmed much beyond the same simple tests I gave you. But there was nothing to suggest that they weren't telling the truth. There were other things of course, things that are foreign to most men, or women...and yet they knew of them in explicit detail, much like you did. The problem was, with the first two, both of their spouses, or partners, had already passed. So there was no help for them, or for me for that matter. The only other couple that were together, and who had crossed, had lived that way for the better part of twenty years. By then, they had grown used to their new identities, new lives. Neither one of which wanted to run any risks, or face the very real possibility that something might happen to either one...or both of them. Needless to say, they were thus content to live out the rest of their lives together, as one another."

I fell back onto the bed, the realization suddenly hitting me that I too might have to permanently accept my own status. Could I indeed adapt, accept, and begin to live a life as a woman...or rather as a man, trapped inside a woman's body? I had no real answer for that, and was now more than ever determined to find away to make this thing succeed, if that was even possible.

"No others then?"

"None that I've actually met no. There have of course been others, throughout history, which is the reason I've done the research that I have with regards to this. Trying to find the one key, the one thing that might help, that might work. Some of the ancient texts and writings I have found, have suggested that others did succeed, though there is no real substantiated proof of it of course. Mostly word of mouth, hearsay, or writings that many have interpreted as meaning something else. The one really interesting example I did find, that few have ever been privileged enough to see, actually involved a story about Cleopatra, and Mark Antony. You are familiar with history yes?"

"Well, I did see the movie."

Chris laughed. "Hollywood's version of the event. Though history says there was another chapter to that, which was hidden, and remained hidden as far too many either didn't want it revealed, or worse...explored, or adapted as an additional part of religious teaching and belief."

I sat up again, interested in hearing this as Chris continued.

"The story goes, with the Roman army on Cleopatra's doorstep, about to invade her palace, and already fearing that Mark Antony had been killed outside in her defense, she chose to end her own life rather than having it taken from her. She then allowed a King Cobra to bite her, thus ensuring she would indeed die by her own hand. Just as she collapsed, though not yet dead herself, Mark Antony broke into her private chambers, just barely ahead of the Roman's who were pursuing him. Upon seeing what she had done, he was determined to take his own life as well...thus joining her. Taking out his knife, he thrust it into himself, giving himself a mortal wound. As he then is believed that their spirits just then began to leave their mortal bodies. Somehow, someway, in this neither world, this spirit world...this cross over point, they saw one another. And in the excitement, in the belief that somehow, someway they could have one last moment together...they returned, but in the confusion of it all, did so in re-entering the wrong forms. What was translated for me, written on some ancient papyri, was an interesting exchange, supposedly heard and witnessed to by several Roman soldiers who just then managed to break into the chambers as the two of them lay dying...again...together. Cleopatra was then heard to say, looking over towards her lover..."My queen. And he, looking somewhat startled, though quickly responding back to her in the old Egyptian language and dialect, which he never did learn how to speak, called her My Antony!" They both succumbed to their wounds and poisons once more shortly after that."

"Wow," I said trying to digest this interesting little twist on history. But it was again yet another reminder just how difficult this was proving out to be. And the likelihood, that I and Faye may very well be trapped inside these bodies...just like Chris had been, and thus all of us remain that way forever.

"I refuse to end up like Cleopatra...or anyone else for that matter. This has indeed been an interesting experience Chris. But one way or the other...I will be Howard again. And Faye...will be Faye."

"Then we just need to see to it, that we do everything in our power to see to it that that happens," she agreed. "There are a couple of other things I'm also going to try and do to see to a better chance of success for us both. While I'm doing that...and making the final arrangements and preparations for both Steven and Faye for this evening, I want you to start doing something as well."

"And what's that?" I asked.

"Well, don't laugh...but I think it's important that you do this. I want you to start arousing yourself. I don't care what it takes, or what you do...but you need to make yourself as horny as you've ever been...unfortunately, you cannot under any circumstances, allow yourself to have an orgasm. You need to begin the process of building up the desire, the want...the need, to levels that are just short of reaching that. When the time pun intended, you and I need to be so close to that moment, so physically aroused, that we'll join in that split second of time...outside of the bodies that we currently posses.

"So you want me to get aroused."

"Yes, as much as possible."

"And so do whatever I want..."

"Yes, just don't need to be very, very horny tonight."

"So anything I want."

"Yes...I'll even tell my staff to see to it that they get you whatever you need. They're reliable, and trustworthy. They'll do whatever you ask them to do. There is just one more thing we'll need to be cognoscente about if this actually does work however."

"Oh? And what's that?"

"That we don't get confused, and get drawn into one another's bodies instead. There is a danger of that actually happening, and that would just make things a hell of a lot more complicated than they already are."

"You can say that again!" I said now even more worried and concerned. Maybe being in a man's body again wouldn't be quite so bad...but it would also be giving up ten years if not more of my own life looking at it that way. Entering into an older body. And though Chris didn't look half bad, and especially with all that money, it really wouldn't be mine anyway, and it would just necessitate the two of us thereafter living, and very possibly having to work together, like it or not.

"Like I said...we have to make this work."

"No shit," I said in agreement. "Because I think we're only going to have one shot at this...either way."


I sat on the bed trying to think of something to both arouse and amuse myself. Unfortunately, this wasn't one of those places where you could order in adult movies on the TV, so I was stuck trying to come up with another solution when it suddenly presented itself to me. A soft knock on the door followed by the sound of a woman's voice.

"Yes?" I gathered the robe I had on around me. Though I already had thoughts bouncing around inside my head as the door opened. Sure enough, it was one of Chris's staff members. I had seen her briefly before next door setting up and preparing the adjacent room.

"Chris asked me to stop by and see if there was anything I could get or do for you," she said. I chuckled seeing her look.

"Well that's a loaded question. I guess you're fully aware of everything that's going on?" I asked curiously. The young woman nodded her head. I vaguely recalled Chris referring to her as Diane.

"I am...yes. Everything," she informed me. "As part of the staff, Chris likes to keep us well informed so that we know precisely what's expected of us...and why."

"So you obviously do know all about me too then."

Diane smiled, nodding. "I'd imagine that it's been very difficult for you, much as it's been for Chris, just in a different sort of way."

"You have no idea," I told her. "Admittedly, it's been interesting. And I'll probably never look at another woman in the same way ever again. It's been...insightful, I will say that." She laughed, stepping into the room further. Diane was a fairly attractive looking brunet with short dark, almost coal black hair, large hazel colored eyes, and a beautiful bright smile. She didn't have bad looking tits either. Especially wearing what I am sure was supposed to look like a very professional, though private nurses uniform on. There was still plenty of cleavage showing.

"So IS there anything I can get or do for you? Chris was very specific about that, she told me that you might need some help in preparation for this evening."

Was she hinting at what I now hoped she was hinting at? I wondered. "Just how far does that direction..." I didn't finish, feeling suddenly a bit shy and bashful to even be considering such a thing.

She walked over, standing directly in front of me, her hands suddenly slipping into the opening of my robe, parting it as she cupped my breasts. "This answer your question?"

It did, and it had. I reached up, undoing the next button on her nurses uniform, and then another, and another until her full breasts were almost fully on display, clad in nothing more than a rather sheer, lacy looking bra. Even her dark nipples could be easily and clearly seen through the material as I helped her to slip the blouse off.

"Don't mind saying...I'm sort of curious to see what it might be like...being with a woman, who obviously thinks like a man...and is of course a man inside. And yet..."

I was getting a clit-on again, and told her so. She burst out laughing. "I'll have to remember that one...I think I'm getting one too!"

In moments, she was naked, removing the robe I had on as we all but tumbled down on the bed there together. "I wish to hell..."

"I know. Chris said that regardless of anything else, you weren't supposed to come. But I'd enjoy taking you right up to that many times as you think you can stand it," she told me. "Think you can handle that?"

"I don't know...but I'm certainly willing to find out," I agreed excitedly as she slithered down between my legs, leaving a hot trail of tantalizing kisses beginning with my super-sensitive breasts, belly and then finally my very aroused sex as she lingered there softly licking and kissing without actually doing anything specific. I was dying to feel her tongue parting the wanton folds of my flesh.

The way she pleased and teased me without going immediately to my sweet spot told me she wasn't a novice at doing this. And especially as she appeared to be quite thoroughly enjoying herself while she did it. After twenty minutes of pure heavenly torture when she finally did begin flicking her tongue over and around my hard little clit, I was climbing the walls.

"'d better stop," I heard myself saying, wishing otherwise, but so fucking tempted to just let her take me over the edge regardless of everything else. Without question, without asking, she moved up, sliding over my body. Suddenly I was looking up at the pink glistening folds of her own sensual looking pussy.

"Go ahead, do me for a bit until you've had a chance to calm down. Then I'll lick you a bit more and take you to the edge again." As she lowered herself down over my face, I reached up, seeking and then finding the hard pointed tips of her breasts. As I pulled and played with those, I similarly did the same thing to her clit and labia with my lips. Gently sucking, and chewing on them, listening to the sounds of her contented moans that likewise escalated and heightened my own obvious arousal. Unlike me however...Diane was more than happy to come as I devoured her cunt. Hearing her cry out contentedly while doing so, tasting the sweetness of her more than ample juice as it poured into my mouth, damn near triggered an orgasm for me even without being touched. She had hardly even come down from her climatic bliss when suddenly her pager went off. Before I could even ask her what was going on, she scrambled out of bed, snatching it up, reading the message.

"What is it?"

"Green light," She said reading the two simple words, that apparently told her everything. "It would appear, we're pushing up the schedule. Chris color-coded every possible situation that might arise. Green light means...we have to act now. Your cousin is starting to wake up!"


In less than a few minutes, there was a sudden flurry of activity. Diane had dressed in what seemed like the blink of an eye, suddenly looking professional once again. I peeked around the corner looking into the room adjacent to mine. It was an odd looking combination of things. On the one hand, somewhat clinical, like a miniature hospital room to some degree. Monitors and equipment, all set to go. Three beds, one single on each side of a pulled curtain, a fairly good-sized double bed sandwiched in the middle of those two, but with far more comfortable looking satin sheets, red in color even, along with large fluffy comfortable looking pillows. It looked rather odd from my standpoint, though I understood the intent to some degree. I hadn't considered the fact that we'd be doing this, right there in the middle of the two of them, though now it made sense that we would be as I stood there watching the final touches and preparations being made to the room. To my surprise, Chris suddenly appeared, helping two others wheel what was obviously her husband into the room. I was almost taken aback upon realizing who this was. Unlike my own body, looking as though it had merely been asleep when I had looked upon it, Chris's body...though well cared for, appeared quite gaunt. There had of course been a loss of muscle tone, her features looking thin and wane. I knew then the extra ordinary risks and precautions that were being taken at this point.

"What happens if this does work?" I asked her.

"What happens'll have to be the one to react, and quickly. There is no doubt there will be a great deal of confusion, and uncertainty about all this if it does. I may be awake, and alert...but I doubt I'll have the faculties to be of much help to you, other than instruction. And that's only IF this even works," she once more reminded me. "And by the way...your cousins on the way here now. She's only about five minutes out from arrival. ready for this? We're going to have to act quickly as it is. From what I understand...she's starting to show signs of waking up any time now."

I glanced back at the center bed...realizing the moment was nearly here. Could we do this? Could we in fact achieve nirvana...enough so that Chris and I would experience simultaneous release. Though even if we didn't...try as I would, I was bound and determined to do so myself. Find a way to escape and reach Faye. According to Chris, I would need to re-inhabit my own body, regardless of her presence there, thus forcing her out, and dangerously enough...hoping that she then would find and re-inhabit her body.

So much could go wrong. But the time was upon us.

"I'm not taking any chances myself either," Chris told me. "Took one of these earlier, and now glad that I did," she said holding up what was obviously a Viagra. "Wanted to be ready for when the time came." She looked down, redirecting my eyes. I saw that she had a rather sizeable bulge already appearing in the slacks she was wearing. Thankfully, I was still pretty aroused myself from the long bout of foreplay I'd been enjoying with Diane. And then we both heard the elevator doors. "She's here," Chris stated unnecessarily as the doors opened, two additional staff members suddenly rolling my body into the room, placing it on the already prepared bed, quickly hooking Faye up to several monitors. She stirred slightly as they did that.

"Come on, no time for dawdling here's time to fuck!"


There would be a staff member on each side of the curtain with our bodies. I smiled just a little realizing Diane would be sitting next to me. With luck, I'd be meeting her again shortly as myself. And the idea of them sitting there, listening to us was oddly arousing as well. Though the entire situation was bizarre enough as it was. Undressing, climbing into bed now, preparing to fuck with the hopes of achieving this "Little Death," something which still was nothing more than a working hypothesis...unproven.

The lights came down just a little, as though on cue. It at least afforded the somewhat clinical surroundings a bit more of a seductive atmosphere, though any time for further seduction or prolonged foreplay was almost out of the question. Chris's hard stiff cock now before me, harder and stiffer perhaps than I'd ever seen it. I assumed the Viagra was doing its work, and hoped for her sake it would accomplish what appeared to be the impossible.

"Let me be on top," I said suddenly. The thought of taking control, perhaps knowing better than she what I might need in order to get me there as quickly as I could seemed a reasonable expectation. Chris nodded her head knowingly, climbing up into the middle of the bed, presenting herself. "Make sure you play with my tits...a lot," I added to that. I knew that additional stimulation would go a long way in sending the kind of electrical surges I'd need to further intensify my pleasure...and hopefully my climax.

I was already juicy wet. Still dripping from the very intense oral pleasuring I'd both received, and given only a short time ago. Climbing aboard...I wrapped my hands around Chris's prick, guiding it towards the opening of my pussy. I paused only for a moment, rubbing the head purposely and directly against my hard little clit, as though flipping on a light switch. Almost immediately I felt the electrical pulse of pre-orgasmic pleasure racing up and down my spine. The moment I felt that, I slithered down the entire length of her shaft until it filled me completely. Only then did I raise up, before slamming myself down again, impaling myself over and over as the intensity and speed of what now became our furious fucking took over.

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