tagBDSMShe Is Tormented Ch. 03

She Is Tormented Ch. 03


Julia's workweek was hellish; he had instructed her to wear the vibrator to work everyday. The first day she had come back, Mr. Darryl had pulled her aside and into his office. At first, Julia was concerned he would want to finish fucking her. However, much to her surprise, he told her she had received the promotion and would be moving into her new office. He never mentioned the episode where he had thrown her on his desk and discovered the self same vibrator that continued to torture her now, buzzing away in her wet cunt.

Her new office was large, and elegant. She felt for some reason that HE was responsible for both the promotion and Mr. Darryl's new attitude with her. Julia sat back at her new desk glad to be at work, and not crawling around on the floor. She buried herself in her work glad to have something to take her mind off the weekend's activities.

Julia sat at her simple wooden table her knees aching from crawling around the house; at least he had not taken away her ability to sit on her furniture. She tried to think back to the party, tried to remember the faces of that night, but they all just slid together in a haze of drunken fucking.

God she really was not any better than a whore was, here she was being blackmailed and spied on, and all she wanted to do was figure out who he was, so he would fuck her. Her Master, she kind of liked the way that sounded in her head, just seeing the names he called her written in text made her wet, the thought of hearing his voice say them was almost enough to make her cum again; not enough to make her test his wrath again though. Reluctantly, she pulled the hand up that had begun to slide under the table seeking her hot pussy. She cast a guilty glance at the camera in the kitchen hoping he had not seen her.

Julia had never been one to deny herself sexual pleasure of any kind, when she was horny if there was not a dick to fuck or a pussy to suck on she simply took care of the job herself. This inability to seek personal satisfaction was incredibly frustrating, especially because she was aware of her naked submissive form every second she was crawling around in front of the myriad of cameras he had her hook up. That was the worst thing, she did all of this.

Julia had been the one to strip for him, put in the toy at her desk where he could see, masturbated for him until she'd had the hardest orgasm of her life; he hadn't done anything to her, really. She had even been the one to hook up the electrodes to her nipples and clit. There was no one she could go to, hell there was nowhere she could go period, without his approval, her Master.

Whoever he was. Well, if she couldn't leave she might as well apply herself to finding out what she could about him. Obviously, he had access to copious amounts of information about her all the way down to where she lived, he had a line on Darryl, and he could send interoffice memos, wherever he was in a visual line from where her desk used to be or at least camera line. Maybe she could figure out where the cameras transmitted. Julia poured over little scraps of information, pounded away at her keyboard and wracked her tired brain, but couldn't manage to come any closer to figuring out the truth about him.

Strictly: Cunt, I knew you were a silly whore but I didn't think you were stupid as well. A whole week and still you are no closer to figuring any of this out. I'm starting to believe you are enjoying this little game of ours hmm?

"Good Evening Sir, I really am trying."

Strictly: I know slut, but I do not think you're trying hard enough. Tomorrow at your work, our game will change again. I find I can only do so much from afar and you're certainly not trained well enough for my hand. Don't get me wrong pet watching you debase and humiliate yourself on camera for me is delightful... but only for so long., I certainly hope you enjoy your quiet evening.

Much to Julia's very private disappointment, he didn't speak with her again that night. Although, he hadn't given her permission to take out the vibrator neither did it spring to life? Julia, silly frustrated Julia lay in her bed, fighting the temptation to stick a finger or two inside her pussy, right alongside the still vibrator, maybe the punishment wouldn't be that bad...

Julia waited in her office, unable to focus on anything worthwhile. She knew by now he had her office wired with cameras as well, so she fought the urge to rock back and forth on the unmoving dildo inside her. A sharp knock on her door pulled her out of her private revelry, before Julia could answer it was opened and a tall slim brown-haired woman walked through, closing the door firmly behind her. Julia noticed with some alarm the attractive stranger then proceeded to lock the two of them in her office. Heart pounding in her chest Julia cleared her throat

"Can I help you Ms. ..." The woman remained unfazed, approaching Julia and perching on the edge of her desk gracefully. Her lean figure was enhanced by her trim red jacket and skirt. Her long sensuous legs, clad in silken stockings crossed primly at the ankle, her shoes were cruel looking black patent leather stilettos, sporting what was easily a six-inch heel. Her body practically oozed sex appeal from her black low cut scalloped top to the pointed toes of her shoes. When she finally spoke, it was in a throaty purr.

"For now Ms. Lori, will suffice. I am to act as your receptionist, but in this office, I am in charge. When you speak to me outside this office you will be respectful," she turned at this point facing Julia and leaning over in a position both seductive and threatening. "Understand?"

"Excuse me, but I -" Lori's hand shot out too fast for Julia to react, catching her across the face, and snapping her head to the side. Julia hadn't been slapped since she was a child, the slap stung slightly but it was more the way the woman had slapped her that brought tears to her eyes.

"Listen, what was it, oh yes, cock jockey," she smiled cruelly "the longer you argue with me the more bored and irritated I get, and you don't want me bored. Stand up and come around in front of me here so I can see what I've got to work with."

Julia felt a now familiar panic twist in her stomach as she rose on shaky legs. This Ms. Lori, her "receptionist", definitely wasn't who she appeared to be, he was playing with her again. Julia had made it one-step when Lori was suddenly in front of her, grabbing a handful of Julia's hair and shoving her face into the floor.

"Crawl Julia, He told you that already. Always on your knees in front of your betters, and I am that, trust me cunt. If I were Master, I would have you crawling around sucking the cock of every man in this building." The hand rubbing her face in the carpet was removed and by the time Julia had brought her head up Lori was once seated on her desk, waiting.

Julia crawled to the center of the room, shame curling in her belly, once there she was uncertain what to do and looked up at Lori questioningly.

"Well, you are a quick learner, I'll give you that. I'll allow you to stand up, so you can remove your clothes, after today you will cease wearing clothes that block my access to your body. If you don't know what that means, I'm talking about undergarments, skirts you can't spread your legs in, and various other items. Don't worry we'll go through your clothes and get rid of what doesn't work. Why are you still down there, strip you stupid bitch, then kneel back down with your knees spread, hands behind your neck."

Julia hastened to follow orders, quickly shucking her black skirt-suit and slinky bra and underwear. She resumed her position on the floor, sitting on her feet with her knees spread out exposing herself to Lori's critical eye. Approaching her slowly Lori reached out a nailed hand and gave a painful twist to her right nipple, then grabbed her hair and jerked her head back until Julia was looking up at her.

"I can see why He likes you. Now why don't you be a good girl and help me out of this skirt, you may use your mouth." Lori turned around and began unbuttoning her jacket, shrugging out of it quickly. Julia rose up on her knees until her face was level with Lori's ass, and zipper. She tentatively reached out her hands to steady herself before taking the small zipper between her teeth, and lowering it. This accomplished she leaned down to the hem and pulled it down with a few tugs of her mouth.

"Competent, hove you ever eaten out a pussy before, Julia." her voice practically dripped honey as she resumed her position on the edge of the desk, the time spread wide with one leg propped up she leaned back on her elbows, shooting Julia an expectant look.

"Yes, Ms. Lori."

"Well why don't you give me a little sample hmm, cunt? " Julia crawled forward to the edge of the desk, her face perfectly level with Lori's dripping hole. In addition to loving the taste of a cock, Julia was equally enamored with a good wet snatch, which Lori provided gladly.

Musky heat enveloped her when she buried her face, darting her tongue out to lick and nibble the pink lips dangling in front of her. She noticed Lori was pierced, though currently she didn't have a ring in, Julia wondered at this and it thrilled her.

Julia felt Lori's hand grab the back of her head and shove her face further into her pussy. Julia was alternately sucking and nipping at her clit, delving her tongue as deep into Lori's hole as she could manage. With a happy moan, Lori leaned back across the desk dragging Julia's hands up her body to her breasts.

"Ohh, good girl, lick mamma's tasty cunt." Lori continued to press on the back of Julia's head. Julia stood up a little, pulled one of her hands off generous breasts, and brought it down to work it into her ass. She pulled her head back for a moment to swirl her tongue around Lori's rosebud hole dipping it in making sure to get it wet before working her fingers up inside.

"God, fucking whore, lick my pussy, yeah." Julia was busy fucking Lori's ass with three sloppy fingers and eating her sopping cunt with gusto, while Lori was practically squirming with pleasure. "You're about to get my cum, little cunt you want it."

Julia's assent was lost in the folds of Lori's pink gash, and Lori wasn't really listening anyway, caught up in the throws of her orgasm, the hand wrapped in Julia's hair absently tightening and releasing its hold. Once Lori's passion had ebbed, she pulled Julia's head up and slid off the edge of the desk into a standing position. Stepping around Julia, she addressed her calmly once she had reached out of her field of vision.

"That was delightful, pet," her she reached forward and patted Julia on the head, as one would a good puppy. "However, Master is not so easily convinced, as I am, and you've certainly worked to earn his irritation. Please lie across the top of your desk and spread your legs while I explain."

The fact that Lori had phrased it as a pleasant request while Julia knew there was absolutely no way she could abstain from whatever activity they were about enjoy, was incredibly galling. Hesitantly she moved forward until the edge of the desk met her pelvis, and then spread her legs resting her weight completely on the smooth oak surface. She felt Lori approach her and kick her legs even further apart before bending down and tying an ankle to either leg of the desk.

"Now, after we finish this adorable punishment scenario, which will leave you a sniveling mess, I expect you to go back to work. Unfortunately, for you Master does enjoy watching that delightful body of your hard at work so you will remain unclothed. I will, you hope, stop everyone at the door and take messages for you. We will not speak until the end of your work day."

Lori took her place behind Julia's creamy exposed ass, reaching into her bag and grabbing out a sturdy wooden paddle with whistle holes cut into it. Gingerly testing it on her hand first, she swished it around experimentally before landing a hard swat on the quivering flesh in front of her. Julia cried out hoarsely earning a sharp "Quiet girl or they'll hear you" followed by another hard slap. Julia clenched her teeth trying not to cry as Lori continued to rain down blows upon her exposed ass without mercy.

Lori looked on in pleasure ass Julia's heretofore virgin ass became first mottled with red and then welts began raising, still the girl was managing not to scream. By the time, Lori's arm started to get sore Julia had been reduced to a hiccuping, silently sobbing mess. Lori rubbed her back and welted ass gently her nails only scraping the skin very lightly to send goose bumps and pleasure for the hurting masochist in front of her.

"Good girl, shhh, you did such a good job, much better than I would have thought. Ms. Lori isn't all bad you know, right pretty girl." Julia nodded, breathing heavily, through her tears.

"That's right, now I want you to kiss my foot in thanks and I will untie you so you can get back to your work." Julia saw a shiny black shoe enter her field of vision and she compliantly raised her head placing a light kiss on Ms. Lori's deserving foot. Lori left her there to relax a bit before returning, untying her, by the time Julia turned around Lori was already primped, perfect, and leaving the office, she threw a commanding "Work" over her shoulder before closing the door sharply behind her.

Julia did manage to get some work done, although she found her chair was far less comfortable on her burning welted ass. True to her word Ms. Lori, did not show her face or allow anyone else into the office for the rest of the day.

At precisely 5 pm sharp Julia heard the door handle snick open and felt her face redden with embarrassment at her nudity. She watched Lori approach her remembering at the last second to slide out of her chair and assume a kneeling position on the floor in front of her.

"That needs to become a natural reaction from you not an afterthought, tomorrow we will begin work on that. You may put your clothes back on, for the time being, I will wait outside."

Julia quickly got dressed glad this trying day was finally over and she would be able to retreat to the solidarity, not counting the cameras and Master, of her peaceful home. Happily ready for the drive home, she stepped out of her office, caught up in her thoughts; she was surprised to see Ms. Lori waiting for her.

"If you are ready we can proceed to your car" After saying Ms. Lori stepped back and gestured for her to lead. Seeing Julia pause, Lori continued. "You may walk through the office, this time but don't let it go to your head, slut I will be driving."

Confused Julia led the way through the maze of cubicles and down into the parking garage to her car. Once they were in the slightly confined parking compound and beside the car, Lori held her hand out expectantly for the keys. Julia handed them over and began to walk around to the passenger side of the vehicle. She halted at the sound of the trunk opening and Lori's order.

"No, no silly girl, you aren't well enough behaved to ride in the front, and I am to afraid you don't have enough command over your bladder functions to risk you messing in the back seat where I can't keep an eye on you. Therefore, into the trunk you go, naughty thing. I also want you to strip down again; naked is the way you belong."

Crying humiliated tears Julia removed her clothes and climbed into the trunk of her Saab, curling into a little ball, the last thing she felt before confining darkness enclosed was Ms. Lori patting her head affectionately and whispering "good girl". Julia must have nodded off during the drive home, contemplating what it meant that Ms. Lori was accompanying her. Following the Master's orders.

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