She Knew


This is the position we were in when my sister came in. We were in the family room with mom’s ass facing the entry so it was clear for my sister to see my dick buried in mom’s pussy. Without stopping everyone exchanged greetings as my sister kneeled down next to me and kissed me first then as my mom sat up on my dick to a sitting position, my sister, wearing a skirt straddled my chest as she and mom embraced then kissed each other with more passion than I had ever seen. My sister was squirming around on my piss-covered chest rubbing her panty-covered crotch into my chest combining her pussy juices with my mother’s pee that covered my chest. Suddenly I felt more hot wet stuff flowing down the sides of my chest and realized that my sister was now letting her golden flow go all over my chest. Sis and mom continued kissing until my sister was finishing peeing on me and stood to take off her panties.

After taking off her soaked panties my sister straddled my body facing me giving me a full view of her bald pussy as she looked down at me and let the last drop of her pee splash on my chest. Then she sat back down on me and leaned back into my mom who was still sitting with my dick deep in her hot tight pussy. They both held their position as they told me how this whole day came to be. My sister had told my mom that I was wearing mom panties and how she suspected I like watching her pee. My mom agreed and they began to plot how they would make more of my dreams come true.

They both looked at the satisfied look on my face with mom holding my sister as mom began to ride my dick until we both came together with my dick buried inside her tight pussy. After our mutual orgasms passed mom pointed out that it was about time for my dad to come home and we should clean up. We got the family room cleaned up then my sister and me followed mom into the master bathroom that had a huge shower that we all easily fit into.

I guess the water running made them both want to pee again.

Standing, mom wrapped her leg around my left leg while my sister wrapped her leg around my right leg. Their tits were pressed into my arm and both of them sucked on my neck and ears as they let their hot pee flow down my legs. Their pee was so hot it made my dick get hard again. Both mom and sis noticed this and they both began to stroke my dick as they continued to pee on my leg. Mom finished peeing first, rinsed off then kneeled before me as she took my dick in her mouth while my sister continued to pee on my leg.

My sister finished peeing then declared she needed my dick in her pussy. Mom released my dick with a pop then turned to rinse my sister’s bald pussy before she locked her mouth and lips onto her pussy. When mom released my sister’s pussy she positioned sis in front of me with her back to me and mom kissed my dick once more before she guided it to my sister’s pussy. Mom held my dick as sis pushed back until her hand could not stay as my sister completely engulfed my dick with her pussy. Mom came up behind me and pressed her tits firmly into my back as I pumped my dick into my sister’s pussy until we both came so hard we almost fell to the shower floor. Mom held us up until our orgasms passed and we regain the strength to break off. When my limp dick fell from my sister’s pussy she and mom kneeled before me and licked all the pussy juice and cum off my dick before they rinsed me off.

Mom was the first to dry off. She disappeared into her bedroom while sis and I dried off each other. Sis stroked my dick as I sucked her nipples before mom came back. When mom came back she was holding two pair of her panties. Mom and my sister put one pair on me and both of them stroked and kissed my dick through the panties. I quickly got hard. Mom put on the other panties then turned her ass to me before she backed up until her panty covered ass was grinding against my panty covered dick. I reached up and played with mom’s tits as she pushed her GREAT ass hard against my dick. My sister did not want to be left out. Mom opened her arms to welcome my sister into her embrace. They kissed and hugged for a few minutes while I played with both of their tits. Mom then turned her head to kiss me before she declared she was sleepy and sent my sister and me off to our rooms.

She grabbed my panty-covered dick and led me into her bedroom. She told me to find her a pair of panties to wear as she stood behind me stroking my dick through mom’s panties. Sis also has Dcup tits with big nipples and they were pressing into my back so I took my time finding those panties. I guess I took too long cause suddenly we heard my father coming in. It was too late for me to run to my room, so sis pushed me into her closet. I watched her put her panties on and put on a robe that she held loosely closed as my dad said hello to her. Dad usually goes right to bed upon arrival home and tonight was no different except he did ask my sis if I had been home. She said that I had called and would not be home until much later. When dad walked away sis let her robe go before she opened the closet and told me I was hers for the night. She turned her back to me, leaned close into me and hinted for me to remove her robe. I did and we moved to the bed.

Wearing mom’s panties I climbed in the bed with sis. She pulled her panties aside, pulled my mom’s panties under my balls, turned her back to me then slid my dick into her pussy. When I was completely buried in her pussy she wiggled until she was in position like she wanted then grabbed my hand to fill it with her tits. This is how we fell asleep and how mom found us in the morning.

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