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She Knew


Jenny frowned into her latte as she was jolted every few seconds by the stop-and-go motions of the bus. Life wasn't working. Her relationship wasn't working. She had been dating Ryan for three years, and had moved in with him about eight months earlier. They had both felt like they hadn't been spending enough time together, and hoped sharing an apartment would fix the problem. It had, sort of. It was just that Jenny was no longer sure she wanted to see so much of him. She loved Ryan, sure she did. They were just in a slump. A six month long slump.

The bus was pulling up to Eighth Avenue, and she sighed inwardly. She was on her way to the community center for her twice-weekly meeting with an underprivileged kid she was mentoring. Well, she said kid, but Lauren had turned eighteen the previous summer. It's just that Lauren acted like such a kid. She hadn't graduated high school, had run away from home, and was now crashing on the couch of a couple of older "friends." Sometimes she smoked, sometimes she drank, and she seemed to be constantly snapping bubblegum in Jenny's ears.

Jenny had been making some headway helping her study for her GED, but it had been slow going. Sometimes she wondered why she even bothered showing up. Well. She supposed it was because the conditions of her trust fund specified she had to do so many volunteer hours per week in order to receive enough money to avoid working a full-time job.

She rounded the corner into the common room, and saw Lauren leaning back in an overstuffed armchair, her study materials forgotten on the table in front of her. Jenny scrutinized her appearance as she walked closer. Her hair had been dyed the unfortunate shade of grass stains, and was shaved fairly close to her scalp. She had a nose ring, and about six piercings in each ear, as well as a bar through one eyebrow. It seemed that she might also have had a tattoo that crept up just to the base of her neck under her thin shirt. Over her shirt she had thrown a brown corduroy jacket, pairing it with tight jeans and trendy flat sneakers. She was reading from a slim volume that she tucked hurriedly under her jacket as Jenny approached.

"Whatcha reading?" Jenny asked.

Lauren's eyes slid away to the side, but she casually tossed the book onto the table. Jenny picked it up, and couldn't keep her eyes from widening. It was a vintage volume of lesbian pulp fiction. She wasn't exactly surprised at the subject matter. More, it was that she felt it was more sophisticated than she had given Lauren credit for. Suddenly, she felt a little guilty for underestimating the girl. She flipped through the pages, landing on a particularly suggestive scene that brought a flush to her cheeks. She tossed the book back to Lauren, cleared her throat, and took out her study book.

"Why are you so uptight, anyway?" Lauren asked her, putting away the book again.

"I'm not uptight! I don't care if you are reading... that stuff."

"That stuff? Can't even call it what it is, huh?"

"It's a lesbian pornographic novel, and I don't really care to speak about it further," Jenny sniffed.

"Pornographic novel?" snorted Lauren. "It's girls... fucking other girls," she said gleefully, apparently hoping to make Jenny uncomfortable. Unfortunately, it was working. Watching Lauren's lips form the naughty words brought images of her unbidden to Jenny's mind. Images of Lauren pursing her lips sensually and caressing herself. Jenny shifted in her chair. It was true that lesbianism didn't bother her. She had always been of the mind that people should do what - and who - made them happy, but she had never considered being with other girls seriously before. She found some of them attractive - sexy, even - and could admit that sex with guys never had her seeing fireworks the way she had thought it would.

But then, she wasn't the only one. Most of her friends had been the same way. Movies and books had encouraged them to think of lovemaking as the ultimate expression of attraction and love, and it just hadn't brought most of them the pleasure they had expected. They had just taken it as a given, though. One of her best friends had even decided sex was so unexciting that she must just not be cut out for sex. She had sworn off men, tried women, sworn off women, and gotten herself a good vibrator. Jenny rolled her eyes and tried changing the subject.

"How much studying did you do last week?"

"It really makes you uncomfortable to think of me reading a book about girls fucking other girls, doesn't it?"

Huffing out a breath, Jenny said, "I just think it's an inappropriate topic of conversation for us to be having. I'm supposed to be mentoring you, not discussing your sex life."

"Mmmmm maybe you don't want to talk about it because you liiiiiike the idea," Lauren said with a sly smile.

"That is an even more inappropriate line of discussion." Jenny frowned and turned back to look at the study guide, which is why, she told herself later, she was unable to prevent what happened next.

Before she could react, Lauren had leaned forward and pressed her lips firmly against Jenny's, licking gently along her lower lip. She rested back in the chair as Jenny sputtered and blushed and wiped her lips with her hand like a little kid.

"Ya know, if you pulled that stick out of your ass, you might even be cute," said Lauren. She arched her back, stretching, and Jenny could see her hard nipples pressing through the thin material of her shirt. Was she even wearing a bra?

"I really must insist that you stop this immediately and we get to studying. Enough fooling around." Jenny was relieved to see that Lauren, with plenty of eye-rolling, got down to business.


That night, Jenny found herself on her back in bed, Ryan pumping in between her legs, kissing her neck and breasts. Her mind wandered. She thought of Lauren. Her mouth had tasted like bubblegum, and her lips had been softer than she expected. She closed her eyes, remembering Lauren's nipples, and wondered what her naked breasts would look like. Then she berated herself internally. She wasn't even interested in women, and even if she was, she certainly wouldn't be interested in a punk-ass kid like Lauren. She was interested in Ryan, and she should be paying attention to Ryan, with whom she was at that very moment having sex.

She opened her eyes to see Ryan glancing at her anxiously. He seemed to be holding himself back, waiting for the orgasm that never came. She felt his cock sliding into her, but it didn't feel like anything, really. She closed her eyes again.

There was Lauren again, in the community center, naked this time in the chair. She spread her legs over the chair arms and Jenny peered curiously at her pussy, wanting nothing more than to taste it. It was weird. She didn't even like Lauren. She imagined herself naked, pressing herself up against Lauren's naked body in the open space. Then the images became unclear. It was just patches of skin, and rubbing, and licking, and sweating, and Lauren's soft lips and laughing eyes.

Jenny wasn't sure when she had started touching herself, but suddenly she felt her pussy clamping down, and she let out soft moans as she came for the first time during sex with Ryan. She heard his exclamations of surprise and pleasure, felt his come spurting into her, and she felt disgust. Disgust at herself, at Ryan. She rolled over on her side, turned off the lamp, and let Ryan curl up around her, whispering sweet nothings into her ear as she fell asleep.


Three days later, Jenny was due at the community center to meet with Lauren. Jenny had been thinking up excuses for hours, but felt uncomfortable lying. So when the time came to catch the bus, she just stayed home. She didn't feel great about it, what with Lauren's test coming up in the next few weeks. On the other hand, she felt that Lauren had abused her trust, so if Lauren had to face her absence, well, it was only what she deserved.

She picked up a book, but had trouble keeping her eyes on the page. She could only imagine Lauren waiting in the community center for her. Would she be surprised? Disappointed? Would she be reading her book and get so absorbed that she wouldn't even notice until it was far too late? Did she get turned on reading the book in public places? Would she get wet, moistening her panties so close to unsuspecting strangers? Jenny was starting to get herself worked up, and had just slid her fingers into the waistband of her jeans when she heard a firm knock on the door.

Yanking her hand back, she peeked through the peephole and was not nearly surprised enough to see Lauren standing on the porch, a sneer on her face.

"I know you're in there!" called Lauren. With a resigned sigh, Jenny pulled open the door.

"How did you find out where I lived?" she asked.

"The people at the center told me, when I said I was concerned about you not showing up. I said, maybe something happened to you, so I should just stop by and check up on you," Lauren replied, trying to look innocent.

"I'm not feeling well," said Jenny.

"You look fine to me," Lauren challenged. She pushed past Jenny into the apartment and Jenny, with serious misgivings, shut the door without a word. "Nice place," said Lauren, looking up at the vaulted ceilings, the shelves of books, the antique furniture, the framed photographs. Picking up a tabletop photo of Ryan with his parents, she glanced at Jenny. "You have a boyfriend?" When Jenny nodded, Lauren only grunted in response. She wandered around the rest of the apartment while Jenny looked on from the living room, mildly irritated.

"Did you come over to study, or be nosy?"

Without responding, Lauren pushed open the doors in the hallway, finally ending up in the bedroom.

"Okay, you've had your fun! Come on out of there."

Jenny jogged down the hallway and found Lauren sprawled back on the bed, her sneakers discarded by the door. To Jenny's considerable relief, she was still fully dressed.

"Lauren! This is totally inappropriate. You should leave."

"You could have stopped me at any time," Lauren responded in a singsongy voice. "So, you fuck your boyfriend in this bed?"

"Of course."

"Is he any good?"

"Of course," Jenny said again, but it sounded unconvincing, even to her.

"Oh yeah?" asked Lauren, her eyebrows raised.

"Well," Jenny said, sitting on the edge of the bed, "I'm sure he is, I've just never liked it very much."

"Hmmm," said the other girl. "So do you masturbate, then?"

"No!" Jenny spat out. At Lauren's skeptical look, she amended it to, "sometimes." Lauren sat up and shifted closer to Jenny.

"I bet you do it every day, after your man gets up and goes to work. You probably lie here under the covers and imagine you're fucking a person who can give you the most incredible orgasms. And then after you come, you probably feel guilty and go take a shower, telling yourself you'll just fuck him that night and it'll be different." It was closer to the truth than Jenny was comfortable with. She turned away.

Lauren said, "I've been there. When I first ran away from home, the guy I lived with was a sex maniac, but he just didn't do it for me. Then his older sister hit on me, and the sex was something else. I think you just need to be fucked properly." Jenny shivered a little.

"I don't think so."

"I think you doooooo," Lauren cooed, pulling Jenny back down onto the bed and planting another kiss directly onto her mouth. It was incredible, like everything she'd ever wanted to feel all at once. Lauren tasted sweet. Jenny was struggling to get away, but apparently not very hard, because the much skinnier Lauren was successfully pinning her down to the bed. Their tongues clashed together and Jenny felt her panties growing so wet, so much faster than she thought possible. She groaned softly into Lauren's mouth, but as soon as she heard herself, it was like a light flipped on in her head. She pushed Lauren away firmly, sitting up and hugging her knees to her chest.

"No, no, I can't do this. Not in the bed I share with Ryan. It's just...wrong."

Without even blinking, Lauren replied, "Come to my place, then."

"I think you should go." Lauren sat back, regarding Jenny coolly.

"Okay. But if you want to find me...you know where I live." With that, she got up and left Jenny's bedroom. Jenny lay back again, blowing out a breath, and in a few minutes, she heard the front door close. Did she know where Lauren lived? Wait, why did she even care? They were so not doing this. She wasn't into girls. I mean, it's not like she cared if some girls were lesbians. Obviously, since she was fine with tutoring Lauren. But this was...well, it was different, anyway. If she was a lesbian, she would have found out about it in high school when all the other girls did, right? Right.

Those were the things she told herself as she lay alone in her bed that afternoon. But when she couldn't get her mind off Lauren, she gave in and pulled her pants off, sliding her hand into her panties. She couldn't believe how incredibly wet she was. But so what? It was just a fantasy. Of course, it wasn't any clearer than it had been the other night with Ryan. Just snippets of writhing bodies and wet tongues sliding against each other. When she came - and it didn't take long - it was magnificent, her hips arching all the way up from the bed.

She lay back, breathing hard, and waited for the guilt to come. But it didn't. She couldn't help it if this brat turned her on, and she wasn't going to feel bad about it. She also wasn't going to go after Lauren. Really, she wasn't. Yeah. Really. She jolted as the phone rang, snatching it up from the bedside table.


"Hon, it's me."

"Oh, Ryan. Hi."

"Hey, are you okay?"

"Just tired. What's up?"

"I just wanted to let you know I'd be home late tonight. Emergency at the office."

"Okay. Um. I think I'll go out to dinner with Sheena. So, you know, I might be out late, too."

"Sure hon. Have a good time. I love you."

"Love you too, babe." She hung up and stared at the phone in her hand.


Two hours later, after lengthy arguments with herself, Jenny had showered, brushed her teeth, and gotten on an uptown bus. What was she doing? This was crazy. She watched the city passing her by in a blur, and before she knew it, her feet were carrying her off the bus and down a few blocks. She shook her head to clear it, looking up at the old pink-and-white Victorian in front of her - a duplex. Before she could back out, she took the front stairs two at a time and rang the bell.

The door swung open, revealing a skinny white guy, short, wearing tight jeans and a plaid shirt. He smirked at her, then turned over his shoulder.

"Hey Lo! Chick with a stick, here to see you!" Jenny opened her mouth, closed it again. Stick? As in stick up her ass? Rude. "Come on in, chick," he said to her. She frowned, but followed him inside. The living room she walked into was small, the hardwood floors crammed with furniture. Lauren poked her head out from a doorway on the left. She didn't look surprised to see Jenny.

"In here, J." What, no awkward conversation in the living room first? Well, that was just fine with Jenny. She didn't exactly want to advertise her presence there any more than ringing the doorbell already did. She went into the room where Lauren was. It was small, too, with a small mattress on the floor covered with a clean sheet and a nest of blankets and pillows. Cardboard boxes were stacked up along the back wall, and the rest of the room was basically empty.

"Not on the couch anymore?" she asked. It came out a little less polite than she'd intended, and Lauren frowned.

"No. The guy who used to live here moved out, so Chase is letting me have the room until he rents it out to someone else. I'll probably be back on the couch before the end of the month, though."

"Uh-huh," Jenny said vaguely. She had noticed suddenly that Lauren had changed since earlier that afternoon, was no longer in her usual jeans and a t-shirt. Now she was wearing only a tight, white tank top and a pair of navy blue boxer briefs. They were definitely men's cuts, but even Jenny could admit they looked really appealing on Lauren's skinny frame.

"Look, J, why are you here?"

"I don't know." Lauren rolled her eyes, and sent her a skeptical look.

"Really, you have no idea? You just...showed up here?"

"Kinda," Jenny mumbled.

"That's such BS. Why's it so hard for you to admit it? You're here to fuck me, 'cause you're a lesbian, like me."

"I'm not a lesbian!"

Lauren shut the bedroom door with a snap, and then advanced on Jenny, who backed up a few steps. Then she tripped over the edge of the mattress and fell back onto it. Lauren was suddenly there, between her legs, kissing her ferociously. Jenny couldn't help but to kiss her back, rubbing her tongue against Lauren's. She felt her nipples hardening under Lauren's palms as the other girl squeezed her breasts. She pulled back to catch a breath and saw Lauren smirking at her.

"Girls who aren't lesbians don't usually like it when I kiss them." Jenny didn't really have anything to say to that. Partly because there was nothing to argue with there, but also because she was noticing that the shadows of Lauren's nipples were just visible through the thin fabric of the shirt she wore, and suddenly Jenny wanted to touch them, to lick them. Instead, Lauren was working on the zipper of Jenny's jeans, and when she pulled them down along with her panties, Jenny didn't resist. She just couldn't anymore.

Then Lauren was kneeling between her legs with a triumphant grin, and after that Jenny couldn't think straight anymore. Her brain fogged with the knowledge that a girl was eating her out, and she was loving it. Lauren's tongue traced up over every inch of her wet pussy, teasing her until she was panting, her head thrown back. It was just so different from any other time she'd had someone go down on her. Even Ryan just bumbled around, and it took her forever to come, if she even did.

Lauren's touch was so much more delicate, and yet it felt like she knew exactly what to do. Jenny's legs trembled as Lauren flattened her tongue, giving her long, wide licks over her clit, making her moan aloud. She felt Lauren's fingers sliding into her, wiggling against her as she squeezed against them. Then Lauren was moving her tongue faster, making tight circles on her clit.

"God, yes..." she moaned softly. Lauren sucked on her clit gently, fingering her smoothly, and she felt it coming already, rolling waves of pleasure sneaking up on her. She pushed her hips up toward Lauren, and it was getting bigger, bigger...All at once it burst and washed over her, with her clit in Lauren's mouth and her fingers grasping at the blanket underneath her. Lauren slid her fingers out, up and over Jenny's clit, and she shuddered at the sensation.

She opened her eyes again to see Lauren looking back at her with a shit-eating grin.

"So?" she asked.

"It was...good," replied Jenny.

"Just good?"

"God, okay, it was amazing." Lauren fell back on the bed, laughing. The hand Jenny trailed between her legs shut her up. Suddenly she was serious again, watching Jenny's hand. "I've never...you know. Do you want...?" Her fingertips were just barely brushing over Lauren's inner thigh.

"I wouldn't say no." Licking her lips nervously, Jenny pushed Lauren's tank top up over her small breasts. They sat high on her chest, capped with dusky pink nipples. Jenny kissed her breasts tentatively, and when she took one nipple into her mouth, Lauren sighed appreciatively. Jenny kissed down her flat stomach, stalling a little bit. Finally, she pulled down the boxer briefs to reveal Lauren's pussy, completely smooth and already sticky with arousal. Jenny nestled between her legs, getting her first up-close look at another girl.

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