tagMatureShe Knew it was Wrong

She Knew it was Wrong


This is a true story told to me by the lady described in the story. She is still married and her husband does not know any of this and probably never will. She has struggled with the events that occurred for a lot of reasons.


She knew it was wrong. She was happily married with two young children. Staying out drinking until 2am in the morning with a bunch of twenty somethings was not her usual night out. But it was the last night of the conference she was attending in Las Vegas and she barely felt guilty when she called home a few hours earlier and told her husband she was going to bed. She did not want him to worry and he would worry if he knew she was out drinking. Now, four hours later she was drunk and enjoying the attention she was receiving.

Once her coworker had left the bar she had stopped dancing with the group and spent all her time with Mark. He told her playfully that a woman her age was every young man's dream and she responded that it would stay a dream but she kept drinking with him. She knew it was wrong but she was still in control. The Jagermaister shots were tough to put down but they gave her new energy and a lot less inhibition. She sat on his lap between songs but she kept her legs closed and her white denim skirt came down comfortably to cover to her mid thigh. She swept his hand away every time he put it on her bare leg but she let his other hand rub her back freely. She knew it was wrong but it felt good feeling his large hand running over her. She was intrigued by his size. At six feet three inches tall he was a foot taller than her. She had once dated a guy who was six feet but for the last twenty years she had only been with her husband who was only a few inches taller than her and was built like a distance runner. Mark was huge by comparison and the novelty of it was enjoyable. She knew the next round of shots was a bad idea but she was having fun and no one from her real life was around to witness. She had to be at the airport in six hours but she was too drunk to care.

Mark's hands were all over her during the net dance and though her reactions were slower she still managed to push his hands away when they strayed too close to her forbidden areas. When she told him she needed to start drinking water he led her out of the bar and straight to the elevators. She knew it was wrong to let him walk her all the way to her room but she did not stop him when he took her key card and entered with her. She accepted the glass of water he gave her and sat on the side of the bed as he set her alarm so that she would not miss her flight. She knew it was wrong that a strange and attractive man was alone with her in her hotel room but she did not tell him to leave. He did not say a word as he sat beside her and began kissing her neck. She knew it was wrong but she liked the way it felt. She told him he should leave but she did not mean it. He pulled her back on the bed and began kissing her lips. She muttered that she was married and they should not do this but she let him continue kissing her. She briefly thought of her husband as he began unbuttoning her blouse but the alcohol had washed away any guilt and she let him unfasten her bra and bare her champagne glass breasts.

She allowed him to put his mouth on her very erect nipples and she willingly opened her legs as he moved his hand up her thigh. She knew it was wrong when his large hand gently rubbed over her white cotton panties and she wished she had worn a sexier pair. She felt her breath quicken as his tongue toyed with her nipples and his fingers slid under her panties. She felt him stand up as he moved to remove her panties completely. She lifted her hips to allow him to reach up her skirt and grab the waistband of her panties and she straightened her legs so they would slide off easily. She watched as he knelt down and could feel him bring his mouth to her slit and as his tongue met her she felt for the first time a deep arousal. She searched her drunken mind for the last time her husband had done this but she could not remember. She felt like she was dreaming as he licked around her clitoris and then drove his tongue deep inside her. She could feel his finger sliding inside her as well and she could feel the cool drip of their combined juices as it trickled down to her ass.

He stopped and pulled her to a sitting position. She watched as he opened his jeans and she was surprised by the size of him. She was drunk to the point of dizzy but her arousal compelled her to reach for him. She felt no guilt as she observed how much thicker he was than her husband. He was longer too but it was the thickness that impressed her. Her small hand could not even fit around his shaft and she was only able to take his head into her mouth. His hands were on her head and he roughly brought her face down on his cock. She was surprised by the force of him and she struggled to remove her mouth so she would not gag. She tried again as he pulled her down on him but she did not enjoy the vigorous assault on her mouth. For the first time she felt regret and part of her wanted him to leave but she said nothing as she lay back down on the bed. She knew it was wrong but she knew he was going to have her. Even in her drunken stupor she knew it was her fault and not his.

He stood between her legs and roughly pulled her ass to the edge of the bed. She slurred a plea for him to wear a condom but he did not stop or even reply. She wondered how it would feel to have a different man inside her for the first time in twenty years. She felt him slide his cock up and down her slit in preparation. She felt pressure as he pushed himself inside her and an overwhelming pleasure as he moved back and forth working further and further in. She could not catch her breath on his inward stroke and she tried to use her hands to block him from putting his full length inside her. She wanted him to slow down and be gentler but she could not get the words out of her mouth. She heard him call her a tight little bitch and she felt a twinge of regret that she had allowed this to happen. She did not think she would come because she rarely had orgasms when she was drunk and it amused her that her mind was working this way while her body was being ravaged. She knew it was wrong but she felt her brain and her body were not connected.

He pulled out of her and turned her on to her stomach. He told her to get on her hands and knees as he lifted her lower body. She was struck at how easily he manipulated her weight. She knew he was going to fuck her from behind and she wondered if she would like it. Her mind drifted to how conservative her husband was and how he had never made love to her in this position. She wondered why it was easier to let a stranger do it than cross that threshold in her own marriage. She knew it was wrong to allow Mark to take her this way but in her drunkenness she was genuinely curious how it would feel.

He pushed himself into her and she pushed up on her hands to accommodate his size. She was surprised at how good it felt and she could hear herself making noises that she could not control. She found that if she lowered her upper body to the mattress it would increase the intensity of her pleasure and for the first time she knew that she would come in this position. She jumped as she felt his finger slide across her asshole. She had never been touched there and she considered it dirty. She tried to reach back and push his hand away but she was too weak, too drunk and too overcome with pleasure. She could not control how her ass and pussy convulsed every time his slick finger toyed with her ass. He asked her if she liked it and even as she said no her body told him a different answer. She wondered what he must be seeing and she realized no one had ever seen her like that. She wished the lights were not on but the feeling building inside her did not allow her to be self-conscious for long. She could feel him tense as his orgasm approached and she knew she would join him. She told him to come inside her because she wanted to feel him release. She knew he was close and the idea sent her into orgasm. She could feel her whole body contract and could feel his explosion inside her. She knew she was making too much noise but she could not stop herself. She could feel the tears flowing from her eyes and she could not control her sobbing as the pleasure waves continued to rock through her body.

When it was over he collapsed beside her on the bed. She wanted him to leave but she could not fight the sleep overtaking her. She looked at the clock and closed her eyes knowing she would have to wake up in just three hours.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous01/15/18

Oops Too much 2 Drink

Who's fault really was this accidental hard cucking?
I myself have had a few married women sexual encounters and found that the wife had been neglected.
The sex is so good. Good story to read about. Tellmore...

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