tagNonHumanShe Knows Ch. 01

She Knows Ch. 01


Hey everyone!

I'm back! But I like to think I never left. This is my latest story and I'm really excited about it! I'd love feedback on this story—concrete, "here's what you're doing well and here's what you need to work on FEEDBACK!

I love my Lit peeps and you all have really supported me on my writing journey. Lunar Dance was my first story, and I've progressed so much because of everyone's support. I can't wait for you to read this story and love it as much as I do!

There are updates on my lit profile page for where I am in certain stories, and a list of the stories and the order you should read them in.



"Ready, Vera?"

I nodded to my partner Brodie as I palmed the knife at my hip, extending the cool metal just past my fingertips. We tip-toed around the rickety warehouse, clinging to the shadows like dew on leaves, and entered the building through a gash in the exterior wall.

Brodie went first, a Smith & Wesson 1911 clutched in his hand and extended out in front of him. I trailed, eyes peeled for the slightest movement. I could hear the steady drip of sitting water, smell the rat feces, mildew, blood, and something uniquely New York.

We were on a short concrete landing, treading above a den of waking vamps. The half-breeds rustled and shook out their stiff bodies. It was just past sunset, the perfect time to attack. Brodie's informant had been right, there were about forty vamps, broken into little clusters and chatting amongst themselves. I couldn't catch their conversations, but then again I didn't care.

Brodie flagged me to a stop, using a series of quick hand gestures to direct me. He'd take one side, I'd take the other, and we'd silently chop them down until we were caught and then it would be all-out war. Basically, our usual plan.

I nodded and slid the knives back in the modified pockets of my leather suit. I turned and swung myself up onto a soggy wooden beam, stretching my hands out and walking across the network of wood and steel beams to the other side of the room. It was hard to do because I was also watching Brodie move to the other side of the room and also making sure my movements didn't alert any of the vamps underneath me.

I bit back my sigh of relief as I made it across the room and squatted on the beam. I twisted and dropped my body, hooking the backs of my knees across a steel beam and hanging upside down. There was a group of three vamps beneath me, and as quietly as I could, I palmed the knives at my hips and threw them in quick succession at the first two vamps, then released myself and dropped down to the third while snatching a third knife from my arm sheath.

The creature opened his mouth to scream, but I covered his mouth with my hands and buried my knife in his throat. Blood spurted from the wound and covered my face, but I disregarded it and looked to the vamps around me, wondering if they'd seen. They hadn't.

I had one more second to throw out two more knives before we were spotted. "Demons!" someone shouted.

I searched the sea of vampires until I spotted light brown hair, the only other spot of color beside my green locks in a sea of black. Our eyes connected, turquoise locking with gray. He smiled at me, wide, before he sprayed a round of bullets into the five vamps closest to him.

I laughed loudly, and snapped out my whip. We fought, him on one side, me on the other. Time faded away, the chaotic sounds of New York's nightlife blending with the pop! pop! pop! of Brodie's guns and the quick snaps from my whip.

Brodie was closer to me now, a couple dozen feet away, axes swinging in his hands. His leather jacket was gone, and his fitted black tee was soaked with equal amounts of blood and sweat. He looked ecstatic.

"You look good with a whip in your hand," he yelled over the din of vampires.

I smirked as I flicked my whip and caught a half breed around the neck. A twist of my wrist decapitated the thing, and it crumpled to the ground. "Flattery already got you in my pants, Brodie. Now come on, we were supposed to be done hours ago."

He laughed as he hacked the head off a vampire charging him. "You were late."

"I was talking to my father."

He smirked before the smile cut into a hard line. "Check your six."

I palmed my last knife, stiffened my arm, and whipped the appendage around my back like a sword. It was a clean cut through the ribcage of the salivating undead, but a messy spray.

I licked my palm and used it to wipe the blood off my face. A light caught my rapidly clearing vision, and my stomach dropped to the pit of my stomach. The sky was lightening. "Fuck," I growled.

Claws dug into my chest, ripping at the flesh. Pain burned me a second before the tissue knitted itself back together. It was a warning: I either got in the game or got killed. I launched myself at the vampire, ripping him apart with my bare hands since my guns were empty, my knives dirty, and my whip useless at close range.

Ugh, my father would kill me when I finally got back. I could still remember the quick conversation. Him bursting into my room like the force of nature he was, and me, caught off guard like always.

"Vera." My father had stood in the doorway for a second, large and imposing as ever, before he strode across my bedroom to me. "You're staying home tonight."

I yanked a brush, unsuccessfully, through hair I hadn't combed in a week. "Ever heard of knocking?"

"My house, my rules."

I snorted and set the comb down. My father was lighter fluid and I was an involuntary flame. "I can't stay in tonight," I said evenly, turning in the seat and crossing my legs. "I'm hunting with Brodie."

He waved his hand dismissively. "The half-breeds can wait. I need you here."

"Actually they can't. The vamps killed once before. If I let them go now, what kind of message will that send to the rest of them?"

His lips pulled back in a snarl, and anger flickered in his gaze. I could always get out of going to one of my father's assine meetings or parties if I said I was killing the vampires who crossed the veil onto Earth and wrecked havoc.

"How many?" he asked.


"And you can take them?"

"With Brodie I can. I've done it before."

He nodded. "They need to be disposed of."

They did. Vampires were the scum of the Earth; deformities that were neither demon nor human. They were created by Wendigos, turned into servants who just happened to have certain abilities and drink blood. I used to feel sorry for the creatures, feeling a kinship with them because I was half succubus and half muse and not at all accepted. But I didn't kill people, didn't give into mayhem and bloodlust that made killing the half breeds much easier.

I'd spun back around in my seat and searched for a rubberband in the vanity's draws, done with the conversation. Of course, my dad wasn't."You need to be back by two."

My jaw dropped. "That's not even a whole night."

"You shouldn't need an entire night to kill forty vamps. Wars have been won in less time."

I clenched my jaw until it ached. "Why do you need me so badly?"

"There doesn't have to be a reason, Vera. You're my daughter."

"Right." My teeth clacked together. "Not your henchman, so I do need an explanation."

We glared at each other for a long minute, two stubborn asses.

"One," he finally spat. "Be here at one or I'll send Jasper to fetch you."

As I geared up to take the next vampire on, I wondered if I could draw out the killing and stay on the human side of the veil until nightfall. Jasper wouldn't get me, and I could stave off the confrontation with my dad. But then I turned and caught a whiff of the half-breed's breath—blood mixed with wet ass—and squashed that idea. Human showers weren't clean enough to remove that smell.

"Hurry the fuck up, Brodie," I growled, slicing my way through my last vampire. "I'm going to get my ass chewed out, but I'd still like to have a little left at the end of it."

"Almost done," Brodie groaned, wrestling with one of the last vamps. He swung his blade down and sliced it to the vampire's neck. He wiggled the axe, twisted it, and took off half the thing's head and most of its neck. The vampire screeched, swayed, than crumbled to the ground in a bloody, twitching mess.

I looked up at him and made an impatient gesture. "Come on. We're done. Let's go."

He took a long drag off his cigarette before chucking it over his shoulder into the the pile of dead vampires. The burning embers caught on the blood and other fluid marking the warehouse floor and ignited instantly. "Relax. Redkin's already furious, what's a few more minutes."

I walked out of the building. The fire was building fast and I wasn't an Ankush demon who got a kick out of flames. "I'm not one to poke a bear." Especially when that bear was my father.

He stepped closer to me as I grabbed the pendant between my breasts and summoned the veil. I could feel the triangle-shaped tanzanite cut into my palm as the three linked circles surrounding the stone broke apart, becoming slithering tendrils of darkness. The darkness raced over my skin and Brodie stepped closer to me, letting the darkness clutch onto him and cover him until we saw nothing but a stygian darkness. Just as quickly as the tendrils converted us, they receded, pulling back into the pendant and shaping into the three perfect circles surrounding the stone.

I blew out a deep breath and shivered all over. "God I hate that."

"Think you'd be used to it by now."

I blinked rapidly, my eyes stinging and watering, and covered my nose as a sneeze took me. "Ask me after another dozen times."

It happened every time I went from Earth to Ectar and vise versa. Bright city lights were replaced by muted grayness, and the millions of noises that made up NYC receded to the low hum of a few hundred sects of demons. There were no rodents, no insects or plants. Organic matter didn't seem to cross the veil, only buildings, cars, and a few other things. Not that demons drove—with no electricity and no gas, candles were the dominant source of light during the night and the muted rays from the sun piercing the veil during the day.

Brodie nudged my hip. "We gonna move or just stand here?"

I kicked my boot knife back into its hidden compartment and raised a brow at him. "I don't know, are we?"

He started to stroll and I picked up pace beside him. "That mouth's going to get you in trouble one day, Vera."

"Already has."

"More trouble."

"Not with my father around," I sighed. "I'm destined to a life of little troubles and near deaths."

"Sounds so boring," he drawled.


Brodie grinned before he reached over and tousled my hair. I swatted at his hand playfully as we started to walk. Brodie played the bad boy rebel even though he was anything but. No doubt he still looked freakin hot, but I knew the incubus underneath. His boot heels scraped against the concrete as he moved closer to me.

He sniffed. "You smell wet."

"I am."

"Time of the month?"

Unlike full succubi, I didn't need sex on a regular basis, just once a month. "Yeah."

"Want to fuck?" he offered offhandedly as if he was asking me to grab a bite to eat.

"More than I want to breathe."

Brodie nodded, and pulled back. He took another drag on the cigarette before crushing it in his hand and letting the ashes fall from his palm. His gray eyes were cool as they raked me from head to toe. "Any place in particular?"

I looked around the street, the kind of dark empty place you'd see in a horror flick. "Alley's fine."

I grabbed his hand and towed him down the sidewalk and across the street, dodging shadowed cars and a fire hydrant as I did so. The minute we were in the darker shadows I dropped to my knees, slid down his zipper, and took out his cock. He was hard and wet, ready to go. I gulped him, took him deep into my throat until he growled and fisted his hand in my hair. I sucked deeper and hollowed my cheeks.

"You've gotten better."

I looked up at him and raised an eyebrow. Better? I was fucking perfect. I started to hum gently as I traced my hands up his legs, nails raking across his jean-clad thighs. Increasing the vibrations, I pulled him deeper into my throat and breathed through my nose.

If I was lucky, Brodie would come quickly and I'd stave off the craving that came with my monthlies. If I was unlucky, he'd last longer, ignite my fire, and we'd be fucking well into the morning.

I moved my fingers to his balls, massaging them as I gently bobbed my head down on him. His hips jerked, and precome smeared the back of my throat. My middle finger stroked down his balls and pressed his taint.

His fingers scored my scalp and ruined my bun as he came. I swallowed and felt his energy soak into my body, calming my raging hormones. There was a brief feeling of euphoria, the kind that humans described doing drugs. It speared every nerve ending, sent me into a mind numbing orgasm, tinged with pain from the scarp of my nipples against my lace bra dna my clit against my cotton panties. The crash was fast, a plument, head cracking descent to reality. Brodie's energy settled into my blood, balancing the succubus and muse in me enough to let me think.

I removed my hand and pulled my head away. He righted himself and zipped up his jeans as I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand and felt my hair. It was a little messy, but nothing major.

He cleared his throat and scratched his growing beard. "That it?"

I shrugged. "For now."

We started to walk again, and a few blocks later, I remembered something. "By the way, Catriona says hi."

"Oh yeah?" He grabbed another cigarette and lit up. The incubus was always a mix of cigarette smoke, tattoo ink, and sex. Like most sex demons he was tatted to the nines with magic in his veins and more than a few succubi in his bed. I wasn't ashamed to say I was one of them, but not because I had romantic affection for him. Brodie was like a brother to me, except I fucked him on occasion. If I didn't, I'd starve. And my hips, ass, and bust declared loud and clear that I DID NOT starve myself.

"Those things'll kill you," I muttered under my breath.

Brodie looked over at me, the tattoo trailing up his neck twisting and expanding like the curved snake might be alive. "If I was human," he rasped in a voice made hoarse from a thick coating of tar on his vocal chords. "How's Catriona doing?"

"Good. I didn't talk to her for long though, I was running."


I cast a glance at him and nudged his shoulder. "I'm not bad."

He raised a brow and then smiled broadly. I had a second of warning before he wrapped an arm around my neck and gave me a noogie. "No, you're worse."

I shoved him away and finger-combed my hair back into its bun. He wouldn't have been able to pull that move if he wasn't six three and built like a rugby player. I scrunched up my face and stuck my tongue out at him. "Shouldn't you be more grateful? I did just blow you."

He rolled his eyes exaggeratedly. "Yes, mighty Vera. What would I do without your glorious mouth? Surely my dick would shrivel up and die. Or fall off without your expert care."

I laughed. "Jackass."

He took another drag and blew out three perfect rings of smoke. "You wouldn't have me any other way."

I marinated on that. "Maybe a little less secretive."

He raised a brow.

"Ever going to tell me who's tipping you off on these vamp dens?"

"Nunya," he responded.

"Nunya who?"

"Nunya business." He raised his hand and flicked the tip of my nose. "You walked into that one."

I grinned and rolled my eyes. "Whatever."

We had walked about three blocks, when a dragon swooped down from the light gray sky and blocked our path. Jasper's talons scraped against the concrete as smoke puffed out of his wide nostrils and surrounded us. Glass shook in window panes, doors clattered in their frames, and disgruntled vampires shouted down the street at us from their homes with a lovely array of "Keep it the fuck down" and "I'll kill you bastards if you make any more noise."

Jasper was nonplussed. "Your father wanted you back four hours ago, Vera," he rumbled tiredly.

Oops, busted. "I had some problems. Killing vampires isn't exactly easy."

Jasper shifted from foot to foot, the ground rolling at the action. He hated getting in the middle of me and my father, especially because he was the one to translate the volatile pissing contests my father and I got into, which were one step up from bitch-outs.

He blew out a trail of smoke, "Don't kill the messenger, Vera. I'm just here to collect you."

Jasper was levelheaded and cautious to a fault. He never said anything without careful consideration, a trait not found in many demons.

"All right." I stepped away from Brodie and swung myself onto the dragon's back, grimacing at the wet sounds. "Sorry, Jas. More vamps tonight than I was expecting."

He cast a glance at the blood running down his scales. "I can wash."

I turned to Brodie and waved. "See ya later."

He nodded in return, and with two mighty flaps of Jasper's leathery wings, we were off, leaving Brodie staring up at us.

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