tagBDSMShe Let Herself Go Free: Final Time

She Let Herself Go Free: Final Time


Author's Note: This is the last installment for the series (sex-free). I thank you for reading it. If you've read all four chapters, you'll see this one follows the path the couple was destined to take, even though I didn't know the path until the beginning of the fourth chapter. ~ Enjoy ~ Red.

Alissa walked into the shower and started the water. Her mind reeled from the morning's activities. The fantasy rape, she and Quint had imagined several dozen times, had never been as intense as the one they had just acted out, less than an hour before. As Alissa stood under the cascading fall of hot water, she felt herself sway. She slipped down to the bottom of the tub.

She remembered the touch of the strangers hand, firm, strong. She recalled his voice, menacing and deep. Neither his touch or his voice were Quint's. Yet, in the end, it was him. He'd told her how proud he was that she reacted so lifelike. Had she acted? Had it been real to her? Did she, through it all, know it was him?

Her fingers came up to cover her face and she quietly sobbed into them. Her telephone fantasy had come full circle, slapping her in the face. She now bore real scratches and bruises, not the ones Quint "delivered verbally" to her, when they spoke on the phone. The stinging bite of the water washing away bits of gravel, were not virtual raiments of two lovers talking about rape. Quint had raped her and he'd enjoyed it. Had she? She had come. She'd showered his fingers with juice and her body had stiffened. While he was forcing his cock into her, she'd been wet and hungry. But she'd also been scared.

Alissa stood up and washed herself as best she could. Eventually, the bruises and bumps were too much and she rinsed away the soap, shut the water off, and left the bathroom. Water slid from her body and splashed silently on the carpet as she tiptoed to the bed. Her eyes fell on the collar. Quint had told her he'd collar her within the hour. A shudder ran through her as she picked it up and toyed with the ends. Sitting down she clasped the thick leather in one hand and curled up in a ball, trying to ease the apprehension she felt. Another fantasy to live out and experience; was she ready?

"Alissa," Quint said, his voice firm and strong. His hand gripped her shoulder and he shook it several times, rousing her from her sleep. He watched her eyes open and he took a step back, as he took stock of her appearance. "Fuck, baby. Next time, I don't want you playing so hard. It was hot, but I don't want your pretty face busted up. Now, get up and let's get this day started."

He stood, while she eased off the bed. "You still want to do this don't you? I mean we've done your fantasies for the last couple of days. I figured today was a good day to start on mine."

Her gaze met his and he saw the look of confusion pass over it. "Alissa, come on babe, you'll love it. Remember how hard you come when we play on the phone. You loved being my come slut; my fuck toy. You'll like it. After this morning, how could you not."

"Yeah, go figure," she muttered quietly.

Quint chuckled. "Already wanting your first punishment, huh?" he whispered against her ear, lifting her hair with his fingers, at the same time. The collar fit snugly and Quint was pleased with the purchase. His finger trailed down Alissa's naked back and then along the crack of her ass. "We'll have a fuckin' blast today slut." He clipped a leash to her collar and wedged a foot between her legs. His hand pressed on the small of her back and he bumped her ass with his knee. "On your knees slut."

Alissa gritted her teeth and bit back a retort. Quint's words washed over her. Yes, they had played this game over the phone. Each one growing more aroused the dirty and rougher it became. There was no rush of pleasure now though, she wanted to tell him off, but there was this feeling inside her that said, if she did, he'd chalk it up to playing at a new level of intensity. So, Alissa said nothing.

Quint ran his fingers over her ass, squeezed one cheek, then the other. "Let's go see what you can make me for lunch, slut." He nudged her forward.

Alissa crawled to the kitchen. Her breasts swayed as did her hips; she felt Quint's gaze on her. Slowly she began to relax and increase the seductive invitation she created. He was right, she told herself, this was more his fantasy than hers. She liked bondage and spankings, but the on your knees submission was more for him. The rape though, she told herself, was for the both of them. Today was his day.

She opened the fridge door and sat on her legs. "What do you want to eat," she paused, smiled and added, "Sir." The title rolled from her lips and she felt the same grin of pride fill her at recalling the name she and Quint deemed worthy for their play.

His fingers brushed the top of her head and her smile grew wider. "I'll unhook this leash and you can stand up; make us both salads and a sandwich; meet be back in the living room. There's a game on and it'll be nice having my slut at my feet."

When he left the room Alissa stood and felt the pounding in her head return. She scrounged in her purse, took two Ibuprofen and then began to work on their lunch. By the time she was finished, she was quite content with the fact she was naked and collared. The initial uneasiness was gone, and in its place, was a calm that helped fuel her toward a rewarding day, or so she hoped.

Once she set drinks and food on the table, she scooted to her knees, and placed her palms on her lap. Her gaze met Quint's and he reached for her leash. When it was clipped on, he patted his lap and told her to sit with him. She did so, curious how they would eat, but that question was soon answered when he ordered her to feed him.

Alissa giggled, and felt the tug on her leash. "I'm sorry, Sir. I'd be honored to feed you."

She wasn't though; she thought it silly. She forked up his salad, fed her lover and kept her thoughts to herself. Inside though she was hungry and once more growing annoyed. She moved to take a bite of her own food and was rewarded with a firm jerk of her leash.

"You'll eat when I tell you too," Quint told her.

She glanced at him, unsure if he was serious; the look in his eyes told her he was. If she balked, it would give him a reason to punish her. The thought of the morning's attack returned to her and she wondered if he had enjoyed it more than he should have. In her opinion, he was more into dominating her than she was in submitting.

"I'm finished. I want to watch the game, but while I do, I want you to suck my cock, slut," Quint told her at the same time he pushed her off his lap.

Alissa's elbow hit the corner of the end table and she cursed. Quint's fingers gripped her hair and jerked her head back. "Watch your mouth," he told her and then released her.

Her scalp stung, and she reached for a drink. Again her needs were denied and she felt a sliver of rage slowly begin to boil.

"You'll drink when I tell you to. Are you such a useless slut that you can't remember anything we've done over the phone? Jesus, you think I have time to retrain you. It is just like it is on the phone."

Quint grabbed her hair and dragged her toward his room. Alissa tried to walk and crawl her way behind him, her fingers pulling on his hand. "Quint, I think." The slap on her face sent her staggering back.

"You are a worthless slut aren't you? You think this is just something we're going to do for an hour? I fuckin' gave you your fantasy against the door didn't I? I gave you your shower fuck! I even fucked you in the parking lot of some piss-ass restaurant." He grabbed her hair and lifted her to her feet. His face inches from her own. "Tell me slut. You came this morning with that sick little rape fantasy, why are you doubting your Master now? I know what my little cunt wants."

Alissa's eyes were slanted and full of anger. She felt the heat of his breath, the spittle from his words and then his stinging grip twist in her hair. His last statement was followed by two of his fingers pushing into her pussy and dragging his nails over the sides. "Ahhh...," she screamed and tried to curl on herself.

"Yeah, that's right slut. You want it again don't you. You're little BDSM fantasy come true. Well, so do I," he growled and pulled her to his lips. His tongue pushed inside, forcing her to accept him.

Alissa struggled and then stopped. This was new ground for her. She panicked, trying to remember all the rules they'd developed in their play. Safe words sprang up, ones they had thought up and then discarded. Eventually, she could breathe again, his lips moving over her neck and down her shoulders.

"You taste good slut," he growled out and then pulled away from her. "But you need punished don't you?" He turned back to the bedroom and dragged her behind him.

"Red!" she screamed and felt as if the wind was knocked out of her.

Quint stared at his closed fist and the broken lip that Alissa sported. "Fuck you, bitch. You can't use the safe word, fuck we haven't even gotten started."

"Quint I used it. It means we're done. I get a break. I think we need one," Alissa told him, her fingers reached timidly to her bloody lip. "Look baby, just calm down, so much has happened today."

"Huh? What? We've only fucked once. You took a shower and I even let you sleep an extra couple of hours." Quint stared at her.

"Fucked? We didn't fuck. You raped me, Quint," Alissa told him.

"Yeah, that was the idea. It was what you wanted, remember? On the phone. You said coming down here, you wanted it all."

"Quint," she told him, her arms crossing in front of her. "You aren't listening. I didn't know it was you, until later, when you said my name. I was being raped up until that moment."

He continued to study her. "You're serious aren't you?" he asked. His face fell, his shoulders slumped. "So, now you don't want to play anymore? You get what you want and so we're all done?"

"Huh?" Alissa asked. "All done? I didn't say that and I certainly didn't get what I wanted this morning."

"What do you mean. You came. I came. You got your fantasy rape. I got mine. We're not even close to being even," he muttered and pushed his hair away from his face.

"Even?" she asked.

"Yeah, you know how much I like being Sir. You know this is important to me, but the minute it gets a little rough you're all bitchy about it." Quint turned around and sat on the sofa.

It was at that moment several things occurred to Alissa. Quint was not the man she had fallen in love with over the phone. He was a child. He wasn't getting his way, so he was throwing a fit and pouting. She rolled her eyes, and left the room, returning with a robe tied around her waist. She sat down and looked at the sulking form of her lover.

"Quint. I love you. I think you love me too. I don't think I'm being unreasonable. Quint, I really thought I was being raped. I was scared. I was angry."

"You were wet," he spit back at her.

"I was wet. I admit that," she told him.

"You came," he stated.

"Yes, I did, but not until I heard your voice and you started using your fingers, by then though you'd come all over my ass. What I'm trying to tell you is that suddenly this morning didn't seem to be about you and I, but all you." She smoothed down her robe, wondering how she was going to take the steps, it was obvious to her, she would be making.

"It wasn't all about me," he muttered. "You fuckin' loved it."

"I don't know how to convince you that the fantasy on the phone was not the reality in the alley." Alissa then looked at her uneaten food. "This was also something that wasn't for me. I told you on the phone there would be things I wouldn't do. Allowing you to control when I ate, or drank was one of those things. I fed babies for years. I have no desire to feed a grown man, unless he's an invalid. You just went all out and I'm worried what else you're about to toss out at me."

Quint leaned back in his chair and studied her. "This is what I want though. I want you on your knees. I want you to be the slut I fuck and lock up. I want you crawling and I want you begging. Alissa. . .I want what I had on the phone."

She took a deep breath. "What did you have on the phone?"

"I thought I had a come slut. A little whore that wanted to make me happy," he answered.

"I want the man that can switch roles," she answered.

"Then we have a problem, don't we," he said, with a tilt to his head.

Alissa felt a deep sense of dread fill her. This was it. She could feel it. Ten months of sex, romance, stimulating phone calls, erotic fantasies. . .it all came down to this moment. "No, Quint, we don't have a problem. We simply have found out something else we didn't know about each other."

Quint closed his eyes and flexed the tension in his shoulders. "I'll call you a cab."

"Yeah, I think that's for the best."

She stood up and touched his shoulder. "Quint. I hope you find what you're looking for."

He shrugged her away and stood up. "Well, I hope you do too. Funny, this was supposed to be a happy summer, a fun-filled eight weeks."

"Yeah, but Quint. Our summer is just starting. We'll have a happy ending, just not with each other."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Alissa stepped off the plane and waved to her parents. Her mom and dad, along with her three kids scurried up to her. "The kids insisted on being here. We'll take them back for you."

"That's okay," she said and pulled the three little ones into her arms. "I'll take them back to their dad." She kissed each freckle-filled face.

"Why did you cut the trip so short?" her mother asked.

Alissa smiled. "I let one dream go, to live another. The other dream wasn't the one I wanted. What I want is here. I just need to work on sticking the pieces back together."

"Oh?" her father asked and watched the kids run toward the car. "What does that mean?"

"It means I don't communicate my needs very well and I want to try and bring the new me in with the old." Alissa hooked her arm around her fathers.

"You aren't making sense," her father told her.

"Nope, and that's the fun thing. I'm not even going to try. I'm just going to enjoy the real life, and leave the fantasies to the Fairy Godmothers."

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