tagExhibitionist & VoyeurShe Lets Me Watch

She Lets Me Watch


My first year in college was starting out rough. I barely got in with my grades and my parents were paying my way through great sacrifice. I felt I owed it to my parents to do as well as I could, so I was studying night and day. Another reason I spent all my time with my nose buried in a book was I hadn't made any friends so far. I felt alone and unwanted, I knew it was mostly my fault, for I hadn't gone to any mixers, or campus events. My whole day was spent in class or the library and it was in the library that my life changed forever.

I was in my usual seat and I noticed her walk by and sit across from me just one table over. She smiled at me when she caught me looking at her and red faced I dove back into my book. I can't say she was a striking woman, no, rather plain in fact almost mousy. I noticed she was wearing a short skirt and her more than ample ass was supported by two large thighs on top of knobby knees. I also noticed she had strong but slim calves with bobby socks and penny loafers. I got the feeling she hadn't combed her short brown hair in days and her blouse looked unpressed. I remember thinking how can she have such a huge ass and be so flat chested. However, through her glasses her eyes pierced straight to my groin. You could tell by her eyes, she was not shy and if she wanted something, she would go get it.

I risked another glance over the top of my book. Good she was studying and did not see me, I looked under her table, she had her thighs spread apart, and I could see all the way up her skirt to her white panties. She sat like that for at least twenty minutes not once looking up from her book. I kept my eyes glued to her the whole time, I was afraid she would catch me but I couldn't look away. All of a sudden, she closed her book catching my stare but instead of getting mad, she just smiled at me again. She got up, went to the back of the room, and then returned in a short while. She walked up to me,

"Did you enjoy my little show?"

My beet red face would not let me lie; I tried to stammer out an apology but stopped when she laid a hand on my arm. She dropped her panties on my book,

"Since you liked starring at them so much I thought I'd give them to you as a present. If you liked my show be here tomorrow and we will do it again."

She turned around and walked out of the library. I could already smell her panties before I touched them. The gusset was sopping wet; I looked around to see no one so I picked them up and held them to my nose. The aroma was so strong and yet so erotic I was afraid my throbbing penis would erupt in my pants. I got up with my pants tenting out in front of me, left the library, and went straight to my room. I jacked off to her and her panties all night long.

The next day was even better as we sat in the same places, she watched me stare up her skirt with a smile, and then after looking around she put her finger between her legs pulling her panties to the side to show off her pussy. After awhile she arose and came over to me, she sat next to me and put her hand on my throbbing cock. As she was stroking my cock, she started casually talking to me. She asked me my name,then told me her name was Betty and that she was looking for someone she could trust. I told her she could trust me with anything.

"Here's the thing Ned, it's really hot watching you look up my skirt, and if I could trust you I would let you see more."

"Betty you can trust me, whatever you want I will do it. Look I brought these back for you."

I handed her the panties she gave me the day before.

She looked at me amazed, "You washed and folded them so cute, OK that's enough evidence for me. Let's go to my room."

As we walked she held my hand, I felt I might swoon and I know she could tell my hand were clammy.

We talked about classes and school but I don't think I heard a word, my mind was racing about what she might let me do in her room and then I realized she had changed the subject.

"Ned, I can't believe you washed my panties for me."

Red faced I answered,

"I had a little accident in them..."

"You peed in my panties?" She said it so loudly I was sure the whole campus heard.

"Oh, no, I came in them."

I was so embarrassed, I couldn't look at her, she stopped walking and turned to look at me. I timidly looked into her eyes expecting her to tell me she never wanted to see me again.

"That's so hot, you came in my panties? Were you wearing them or did you jack off with them?"

"Both, I'm sorry Betty but after I took them home I had to sniff them and it was so exciting. They were so wet from your juices I had to try them on and the thought of your juices on my balls just made me cum inside them. Then I took them off and I had to play with myself again until I came on them."

We got to her dorm and went up to her room. We walked into a mess, clothes all over her bed and on the floor, most of her drawers were open and junk was piled up everywhere. Betty didn't seem to notice the mess; she told me to take a seat and could care less that I had to clean off a place to sit down. Betty stood next to the only other chair in the small room; she put a foot on the chair and pulled her skirt up enough to expose her panties.

"Let me tell you what I like, I want you to watch me but you can't touch and I don't want to see your ugly thing. You have to promise me you'll be good, OK?"

"I promise, whatever you want is fine with me."

She started rubbing herself through her panties and from where I sat, I could see a wet spot start to form. I looked up to her face to see she was staring just as hard at me as I her.

"Ned come closer, you can watch me cum."

I knelt just inches from her as she slid her fingers inside her panties. She was furiously rubbing herself, she was panting like a dog in heat, and still with her eyes on me, she came in a moan. My cock was so hard it ached but I dare not touch it, I was afraid I might cum in my pants and I was not sure how Betty would react.

She sat on the chair with her legs still spread I was so close my head was between her thighs and I could smell her sex. She leaned back in her seat and seemed completely relaxed with my head only inches from her pussy. She asked if I wanted to see more and I could only nod my head afraid my voice would crack if I tried to talk. I moved back as she started to stand but then as if she had changed her mind she sat back down.

"Would you like to take my panties off for me?"

I nodded my head still afraid of what my voice would sound like. She pulled up her skirt and raised her butt off the chair. I reached up with both hands and gently pulled her panties down to her ankles. Just inches from my nose was my first live look at grown up vagina and it was beautiful. I came in my pants,

"Betty," I stammered, "I just had an accident."

"Did you just cum? How, you weren't even touching yourself? Stand up I want to see."

I stood and she undid my pants and let them fall around my ankles. She grabbed my cock through my underwear, with a big smile on her face she kept rubbing my cum into my underwear.

"Turn around and take them off, don't let me see your ugly thing. Now put my panties on I want to see how you look."

I did as told and when I turned around for her to see, she had my boxers on and was rubbing my cum into her body. I already had another erection and it stuck out obscenely in her panties. After I turned around and modeled for her, she told me to put my pants back on. She sent me home soon after and I raced to my room to jack off the rest of the night.

We soon fell into a routine of her displaying herself and me watching and while I hoped for more, it didn't happen. I asked her one time to let me see her tits and she refused, saying she was embarrassed by her little tittys. When I started doing her laundry it was just her panties, but somehow it became all of her clothes (she told me I did a better job than she did). I began cleaning her room in self-defense, she was such a slob I was afraid I might catch something and besides I was always looking for a place to sit down. I did all of this but instead of me doing her a favor, she acted as if she was letting me do it. I would do anything for her, here I was still a virgin and yet this girl had taken me farther than I thought possible.

One time she sat in her bra and panties drinking wine while watching me clean her room. We were just talking and I asked her about her home life. I think the wine had loosened her tongue and she started to go into in to detail and then she stopped talking. I looked up from my chores to see her rubbing herself through her panties. I not sure she even new she was talking aloud,

"I caught my brother spying on me as I was changing my clothes, I hadn't closed my door all the way, and he was peeking through the crack. I was furious, I ran over and grabbed him by the ear and hauled into my room. I was screaming at him, I told him I was telling mom when she got home. He begged me not to but I didn't care but then I glanced down to see his erection poking his shorts out. When I realized spying on me got him all excited it turned me on. I remembered I was still in my underwear and saw he was staring at my panties. I asked him if I turned him on and of course, he said yes. That's how we started, after mom left for work he would come to my room and I would display myself for him. One time he pulled out his wiener and it looked so disgusting, like a big ugly worm. I told him if he ever did it again I would never let him see me anymore."

"Betty, your brother is so lucky, I wish I was him. So tell me have you ever done it with a boy?"

"No, never, in fact you're the only other boy I have let see me. When I saw you in the library I thought you looked so lonely I wanted to cheer you up and when I caught you looking up my skirt it made me all squishy and I wanted to show you more."

"I've never even seen a girl before you and believe me I can't stop thinking about it. I go home and masturbate but when I'm done, I start thinking about you and get all hard again."

At the end of the semester we both went back home promising to hook up next year, Betty even said she might let me take her cherry. It never came to pass; my father had a heart attack early in the summer and I had to go into the family business to help out. I never did get back to college and although I visited a couple of times, I never could find Betty. What an idiot I'd been, I never even learned her last name, or where she lived. Just like that, she was gone from my life and I never found any girl like her. I didn't worry about Betty I know men like me are easy to find but women like Betty are rare and precious.

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