She Liked It!


The moment quickly dissipated due to the fact that I could feel the cum rising up my shaft and it exploded into April's waiting pussy as she shuddered in an intense orgasm as well.

She stopped thrusting and I held onto her hips with my cock buried deep inside of her. We both were breathing heavily and trying to catch our breath after such an intense fuck session. I pulled back and let my still hard cock slid from her pussy. April stood up and said, "What the hell are you doing in the ladies restroom you pervert?" smiling. "Now get out of her while I clean up a bit." She ordered.

I pushed my deflating cock back into my pants, zipped up, and turned to leave when April suddenly grabbed me and quickly turned me to give me a deep and passionate kiss.

I then left the restroom and headed back to the bar.

The bartender had a big grin on his face as I returned. He asked, "Is everything OK?"

I smiled and replied, "I have a feeling you already know the answer to that question."

He smiled again and said, "Everybody in the building knows the answer to that question."

I smiled and sat back down to finish my margarita.

April soon came back to the bar and immediately turned red faced as she saw the bartender grinning from ear to ear. She grabbed her glass, downed the last of her margarita, and said, "Let's go I think we have bothered these folks long enough."

The bartender replied, "No Ma'am not at all. We have enjoyed your visit. Please come back and see us again."

April blushed even more and grinned at the bartender then said, "Thank-You, you have been a gracious host," as she put a ten dollar bill in his tip jar.

We turned and headed back into the mall. As soon as we were out of the restaurant, we cracked up laughing.

We walked down the mall and April turned into a famous sexy lingerie and clothing shop. She said, "I need to shop for some panties. I seem to have cum still running down my leg," as she smiled at me.

She went to the panties and began looking through them for some she liked. She held up one red pair that was nothing more than some string sewn to a piece of triangle shaped cloth. "Do you like these?" she asked.

I just nodded yes and headed to the dressing room. I followed her. She stepped in and quickly opened the door. She pulled up her skirt and spun around for me to see them. The cloth in front just covered her pussy and the red string beautifully disappeared between the firm cheeks of her ass. All I could say was, "Hell yes get them."

She pulled the tag off them and headed to the counter. She gave the sales clerk the tag and said, "I decided to wear them."

The sales clerk smiled and rang them up.

She looked at me and said, "I think I'm done shopping why don't we go to Brandon's Place for some drinks and some fun."

I replied, "Sure, sounds good to me."

Our good friend Brandon Price owned Brandon's Place. We enjoyed going there because it was a small place and people our age visited it.

She grabbed my hand and we headed back down the mall. We had been having so much fun I had not paid attention to the guys in the mall. They were all looking at April as we walked past them. Who could blame them as her unrestrained breasts were bouncing with each step that she took. She looked sexy and she knew it.

We drove over to Brandon's and went inside. There were about fifty people there, which was an averaged size crowd for the place. We went to the bar to see Brandon. As usual, he was working behind the bar and was glad to see us. I shook his hand and April gave him a hug. Brandon held onto her hand, pushed her back a little, and said, "Damn April you are looking fine tonight."

April replied, "Well thank-you kind sir."

Brandon then asked, "Do you need a job? You know you could make a lot of money working here especially the way you look tonight."

April grinned and said, "Not right now but I will think about it."

Brandon said, "Ok you think about it. In the mean time, what do you guys need to drink tonight? The first one is on me."

We both ordered margaritas as that is what we started the day with and decided to make that our drink of the day.

We found some stools at the bar and made ourselves comfortable. We turned toward the crowd and April's long sexy legs were out for viewing. Guys in the bar were taking notice of the babe with the long legs and the sheer top. The ladies in the bar were either appreciative of her beauty or very jealous of it.

April was just chatting with me and friends and either did not notice the affect she was having on the patrons or did and was ignoring it.

My question was soon answered as she stood up, turned around to face the bar, and motioned for Brandon to come over. She then leaned over the bar to talk to Brandon. When she did this, her skirt rode up and her ass was visible to everyone watching. My dick got hard at her blatant exhibitionism.

There were a few whistles from the room as she continued to flash her ass. I turned to her and listened to her conversation with Brandon. She was talking about nothing important so I knew it was just a ploy to show off her ass. She then leaned further over and was whispering something in his ear. I checked out her ass and now you could see her red clad pussy and the little string disappearing between those beautiful globes of flesh. My dick was as hard as it had ever been.

She then turned back around and sat on her stool but this time left her legs slightly parted so with the right angle you could see her red covered pussy. Brandon brought us another round of drinks and April quickly started to drink hers.

I leaned to her and asked, "Are you having a good time and enjoying yourself tonight?"

She smiled and asked back, "Why? Did you like also like looking at my ass in these panties?"

I grabbed her hand and put it on my lap. She smiled and replied, "I guess you do."

I again asked, "Are you enjoying yourself tonight?"

She smiled and said, "OK! OK! You win. Yes I am having a great time and loving every minute of it."

She then laughed and leaned forward in her stool and although I could not see clearly, I know the people in the bar could see her firm, large breasts hanging inside her shirt.

Brandon walked over and asked me, "Buddy, my help did not show up tonight and I'm getting slammed. Would you mind helping me for a minute behind the bar?"

I jumped up and said, "You bet!" I had helped him before and actually had a good time behind the bar.

I did not know how to mix all of the drinks but I could handle the beer so I jumped right in. I kept an eye on April as she continued to flash her body and was getting more and more brazen with each sip of her margarita.

The bar was now packed and Brandon's help still had not shown up. It was nearly standing room only.

I went to April and said, "Honey it is time for your interview. Can you give us a hand out on the floor getting orders and bringing up empty glasses?"

She stood up and said, "Aye, Aye Sir I'll get right on it."

She immediately jumped out on the floor and started gathering up dirty glasses and ashtrays. This gave her even more opportunities to bend over showing off her cute ass and her huge tits. I watched her as she bent down in front of the guys. Their eyes were looking at her tits. When she bent over and her ass was showing under her skirt the guys behind her made lewd bodily movements. Some of them flicked their tongues at her ass, some of them made hunching motions in her direction. Every time she would come back to the bar, she had to rub against people to get through. Each trip to the bar she also took another drink from her margarita.

I noticed on her trips to the bar that there were more and more bills stuck in the waistband of her skirt.

I asked her if she was having fun.

She turned to me with a big smile, "I'm having the time of my life and never thought it would be so much fun to tease these guys. Look at the money I'm making!" as she looked down at her waist.

"So without a doubt you would say that you have lost the bet?" I asked her.

"Without a doubt I was wrong and I'm having a great time." She responded.

"Do you remember the terms of our little wager?" as I looked into her eyes.

She suddenly got demure, "Yes."

I smiled and then said, "Now!"

She got a shocked look on her face, "Right NOW?"

"Yes, right now." I responded.

Even in her inebriated state, she suddenly got very shy. "Brent why right now? I thought when the bet was made you meant when we were at home alone." She quizzed.

"That was not part of the deal was it?" I responded.

She stood there with a deep thought process going on in her mind and suddenly, "Damn it is HOT! In here."

She unbuttoned her shirt and peeled it off. She was standing in a crowded bar topless. The whistles and hollering started.

I said, "The rest of it too."

She got wide-eyed, "Can I at least keep my panties on?"

"Alright, since they cover very little anyway. You also are going to need a place to stuff bills." I let her off the hook on completely nude.

"Damn I'm still hot" as she unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor.

The crowd was now really getting wild.

Hollers from the bar were, "Waitress I need a beer, Waitress I need a drink!"

April looked at me and said, "Sounds like I better get to work!"

She strutted her sexy body right out into the throng of people.

The first table she walked up to she bent over to get their order and one of the guys put his hand on her ass. She quickly stood up and pulled his hand from her ass, "No groping the waitress please."

She went to the next table and got their order as the guys admired every inch of her body.

I then had to get busy with customers at the bar and lost track of April for a moment. I saw her again at the bar getting drinks. She said, "Damn I think I have had nearly every inch of my body pinched or fondled in just the last few minutes."

She got her orders and went back out onto the floor. I again was busy helping customers at the bar when she came back up. Her string panties were loaded with so many bills it looked like lace around her. She even had a few of them tucked inside the cloth covering her pussy. Noticing the bills, I also noted a small wet spot on the fabric.

I asked her, "Looks like a few of them got inventive on where to put their tips?"

She smiled and replied, "Oh yah, they made sure they tucked it in there well too."

She pulled some of the bills from her string waistband and from her panty covered pussy. "Here will you keep some of this back there? I need more room for more money."

She was on an exhilarating high from the tone of her voice.

She got her drinks and back out onto the floor.

The next time I looked up, she was posing for some pictures with guys all around her. One of them had his hand on her tit. Another had his hand on her pussy and I am sure several of them had a handful of her sweet ass. Watching the scene made my dick begin to get hard.

Brandon said to me, "Damn Brent I don't know why you guys are doing this but this is probably the best night I have had since opening the bar."

I told Brandon, "April and I had a little bet and she lost."

Brandon smiled and said, "Well Buddy you are one lucky man. I have to admit I have wondered what April looked like naked and I'm not disappointed."

I nodded and replied, "Yes Sir I'm definitely a very lucky man."

I watched April flirting and moving hands from her body as she tried to maneuver through the bar.

She came back up to the bar and said, "I hope you like red marks and bruises on me because by the end of tonight I will be covered in them."

She pulled another wad of money from her waist and handed it to me.

The evening continued with April posing for pictures and fighting off the advances being made toward her. I got through the night without completely embarrassing myself. It was hard not to have a hard on all night.

It seemed like the night had flown by when Brandon made last call.

One more round through the crowd and everyone wanted another feel of April's body. The wet spot in front of her panties had grown noticeably and several comments were made to her about fucking or going home with them tonight. I heard several comments of after closing going with a group of guys to continue the party. They were all delightfully declined.

We got everyone out of the bar, all that was left was Brandon, April, and I. April sat down on a stool and pulled the bills from her panties.

She then stood up and asked, "Brent can I see you in the office for a moment?"

I looked at Brandon and he nodded his approval.

I followed April's red ass to the office. Once there I asked, "Do you realize you have hand prints on your ...." I did not get to finish as she literally attacked me by sliding her tongue down my throat. We kissed and she then turned around, pulled her panties off and said, "FUCK ME NOW MISTER!"

I unzipped my fly, pulled out my hard cock, and drove it into her pussy. She was sopping wet as I slid in with ease. There was a mirror on one wall and I watched us fucking. Her big tits were swinging with each trust and I could see my cock sliding in and out of her.

She quickly began to groan and I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock, which caused me to unload into her. She was nearly screaming as we came at the same time.

We both nearly collapsed on the desk from the intense orgasms.

April stood up and my cock fell from her. She reached for her panties and slid them back on.

We left the office and back out to Brandon who had a big smile on his face, "You two are great!"

We helped him cleanup the bar and about 3:30 am, we were done.

April looked at Brandon, "Would it be alright if we did this again some night?"

Brandon replied, "Hell yes. Anytime you want to. I had a great night and the scenery was great also."

We said our goodnights and headed out the door. I had gotten so used to April being nearly naked I just noticed she was still naked as we headed to the car.

I said, "A little overexposed for public aren't you?"

She smiled and replied, "It's 3:30 in the morning. Who is going to be out at this hour?"

We got in the car and April almost immediately went to sleep.

I drove us home glancing over from time to time to admire her beautiful naked body as the streetlights illuminated the interior of the car.

I was thinking, "I truly am a very lucky man!"

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