tagNonConsent/ReluctanceShe Likes Being Scared...

She Likes Being Scared...


She Likes Being Scared On Halloween

A woman dressed a nurse said, "I don't know why the new boss would want to move into this creepy old house."

The one dressed as Scully from the X-Files replied, "This house is perfect. The gothic architecture is breathtaking. I used to sneak in here as a child because everyone said it was haunted just to see how scared I could make myself. Fear is intoxicating. Everyone gets off on fear. Why do you think it is that the lines for roller coasters are so long? Being scared is fun. That's why Halloween is my favorite holiday."

I couldn't help slipping into the shadows when I heard their conversation. I had been watching the sexy redhead since she came in the door. There was something about the dark suited FBI agent costume that excited me. Maybe it was the way the suit formed around her ample breasts or the black "fuck me" heels she wore. Even the ID badge hanging over one breast was exciting.

I had come up with the idea for this party as a "get to know you" occasion for the employees of my new company. Since few of them had met me, I figured it would be a less intimidating then the normal meetings at the office. Besides, I loved playing the part of the crooked pirate. It had been the only costume available on such short notice but I loved the feeling of power it gave me. The costume came complete with a plumed had and a nasty looking cutlass. The lone ranger style mask kept me anonymous from even the people I had met.

I'd been wandering around the room, absorbing the personalities that I was going to be working closely with over the next months. Then I saw her as she came in the door...Five foot seven inches of pure woman. I couldn't take my eyes off her. Luckily she had been too busy with her friend to see me following her around. That's all I need...accusations of stalking...then when I heard her comments about fear and a plan started forming.

The woman answered, "After seeing this dark side of you, I know why you picked a character from The X-Files as your costume. I thought it was just the physical resemblance. You do look just like Gillian Anderson"

The doorbell rang and Katherine aka Scully opened it. A group of children in costumes stood waiting. Scully yelled, "Boo!" so loudly that the three foot tall Hulk screamed and jumped. All of the little monsters giggled as she took a handful of candy from a bowl I left by the door and dropped some in each bag. She turned around and said, "That proves my point about fear being exhilarating"

Unlike the character she was dressed as, "Scully" started to wonder if the house was really haunted and excused herself on the pretense of looking for a powder room upstairs. She climbed the stairs and walked down a corridor exploring.

Outside an electrical storm is starting. As the lightening flashed through the window, it cast strange shadows on the wall behind her. The loud clap of thunder that immediately followed the lightening made her jump. She looked around subconsciously to see if anyone had noticed. A smile showed on her face when she realized that nobody noticed.

I quickly moved through the crowd and through the kitchen to the back stairs. I kept thinking that her interest in fear could play very well into my newly formed plan this Halloween. As I peeked over the top of the stairs, I could see her opening doors and checking the insides of the rooms on the way down the hall. The master suite held her attention and I was able to slip up behind her.

"Can I help you find something?" I asked in my scariest swash buckling pirate voice.

I was so close that she ran right into me as she turned, startled. "I...I...I was looking for the little girls room." She stammered, trying to get some composure as she pulled the door shut behind her.

"You were close. Let me show you." I said, smiling as I pushed open the door into the master bedroom. "I'm William, holding my hand out to her."

"Kate...er...Scully." She managed to get out as she looked wide eyed around the room. The combination of the candles I had lit and the lightening from outside, cast an eerie glow. The huge 4-poster bed stood prominently in the center of the room. The wall opposite was totally covered by a mirror. I noticed a smile as she realized the significance.

"I couldn't help overhearing your conversation about fear. Did you mean what you said about loving it?...about it being exhilarating?"

Even in the dim light, I see a slight blush come to her cheeks as she nods timidly.

"The bathroom is over there." I comment, pointing to a door on the opposite wall.

Quickly she moves through the door, closing it behind her.

As soon as the door closed, I move into the deep shadow near the door. I purposely blow out a couple candles so I'm not so noticeable. I think through my plan as I wait for her to come back out.

I'm directly behind her when she comes out of the bathroom. Quickly I swing my cutlass around so that it's against her white creamy throat. "I think its time you were taught what fear REALLY is." I snarled.

She tried to turn to look at me but I grabbed a handful of hair and straightened her head back. Pushing her ahead of me, I walked to the door that exited into the hall. There were 3 deadbolt locks on the door. "Lock the door." I commanded.

She shook her head so I applied more pressure. "NOW BITCH." Slowly she reached up and twisted one of the deadbolts.

"Now the other two." I said in as forceful a voice as I could manage.

She started to balk but the pressure of the cutlass and the pull of the hold I still had on her hair convinced her that now was not the time to fight.

"OK...good girl. Now turn around." I told her as I let go of her hair and dropped the cutlass. She backed away from me against the door. Slowly I walk to her, balancing the cutlass in front of me. I touch the tip of the cutlass on her throat and slowly draw a line with it down between her breasts and to her belly. Bring the cutlass back up, I flick it and cut off the button of her jacket. It opens leaving her white shirt exposed. I start on those buttons...first the top...then the second...then the third. Her shirt is open almost to the waist and her breasts push open the shirt, trying to pop out. They're barely held by her bra. She doesn't try to cover up. There is fear in her eyes...and something else...maybe excitement.

I start to think that this may be more fun then I dreamed. I was just going to throw a little scare into her but now I want to see how far it will go. Thinking about it, I can feel the cloth on the front of my pants get tight.

"Turn around and face the door." I order.

As soon as she is turned, I run the cutlass up the inside of her leg, starting at her ankle. "Take off that jacket and shirt." I tell her sternly. She hesitates so I grab a handful of red hair. "NOW."

Slowly she lets her hands drop and the jacket slides off her shoulders to the floor. She then unbuttons the last button on her shirt and slowly lets it join the jacket. By this time I've run the cutlass up the inside of both legs.

"Turn around and face me, slut."

I run the cutlass up and down the front of her torso...between her breasts up to her throat...then back down to her belly. "Kick off your shoes and drop your slacks." I command. This time she looks at me hard but does what I tell her. Her eyes still have that look as she stands in front of me in just a bra and panties.

Thoughtfully, I pick up a pair of handcuffs that were part of her costume. "Where is the key?"

She shakes her head.

Grabbing a handful of hair I ask again. "I'm only going to ask once more...where is it?"

She nods to her pants. Letting go of her hair, I say "Get it!" She bends down and digs in her pockets. After a moment she stands back up...holding the key in her hand.

Handing the cuffs to her, I order "Open them and put one end on your right wrist." She looks at me questioningly...the fear showing again. "NOW...I'm NOT going to tell you again." Slowly she opens the cuffs and clicks one end on her right wrist.

Grabbing the other end, I drag her to the bed. "Lay down with your hands up to the headboard." I command. She complies and I snap the other end of the cuffs on her other wrist with a bar of the headboard in the middle. She lies still now...knowing that she is trapped.

Kneeling on the bed beside her, I run my hands up and down her legs...first to her knees then higher each time, always watching her eyes. When there is no response, I move up and cup her pussy though her panties.

Immediately I jerk my hand away. "You're soaked." She blushes again and turns her head away. Grabbing her chin, I pull her head back so she is looking at me. "You're enjoying this...aren't you??" she shakes her head. Reaching down I rub the wet spot...pushing the material between her pussy lips. She moans...then realizes what she did and turns away again.

"Look at me when I'm talking to you." She looks back...her eyes still have a look of fear but there is more of the excitement now...her body is also betraying her.

I pull a short dagger from my waistband and slip it up under her bra. Slowly I cut the strap and allow her breasts to pop free. Her nipples are already hard as pencil erasers. Bending down, I flick my tongue over one...then suck it into my mouth. Pulling back I let it pop out. She closes her eyes and lets out a moan.

"So you don't want to look at me? So be it." I comment as I pull off the silk sash from around my waist and wrapped it around her head as a blindfold.

After allowing her to lay there for a few moments, wondering what I'm going to do next, I pull the plumb from my hat and gently drag it up her body...starting at the bottom of her feet. As I hit ticklish spots she trys to pull away. "Don't move!" I order. I drag the feather up her thigh and across her belly and start circling one breast. After moving in smaller and smaller circles, I brush the tip of her hard nipple. I hear barely audible moans as I play with the nub. After a few moments I move to the other breast and do it again. Circling around and around before touching her nipple.

I pick up the dagger again and slit first one side of her panties, then the other. With a quick jerk, they're gone and she lay naked on the bed. Her creamy white skin reflected the bright flashes of lightening.

I drag the feather back down her belly to the sweet spot between her legs. As I touch her pussy, she tries to pull her legs together. "Keep them spread!" I command. Liquid is oozing out of her swollen pussy as I tease it...dragging the feather up and down her crack. She begins to wiggle around again.

"OK., that's it. I told you to stay still." I shout as I grab first one leg, then the other and fasten them to the posts above her head. This lifts her ass invitingly to me. Her pussy lips are spread so that I can see the pool of liquid that is forming. I dip my finger in her and wiggle it around...playing with her clit.

When it is fully covered with pussy juice, I rub it on her lips and tell her to clean it off. She shakes her head no. I slap her upturned ass...first on one cheek then the other. I offer my finger to her again. This time she opens her mouth and sucks it in. Once the initial shock is over she greedily sucks on my finger looking for more juices. "You like that don't you?" I ask.

She shakes her head and says "No."

"Don't lie to me." Your body is indicating something else. "Tell me the truth...you like it, don't you."

"Yes." She mutters meekly.

"What? I can't hear you. What do you like?"

"I like licking my pussy juice off your finger."

"That's better. We're going to get along just fine."

"That's enough talking for awhile though." I tell her as I pull a ball gag from the nightstand and fasten it around her head.

I go over to the bar in the corner and grab a bucket of ice and bring it over next to the bed. Picking up a candle in one hand and an ice cube in the other, I move down to where I can stand over her. I tip the candle and let a little wax drip on her ass cheek, then rub over it with the ice cube. I follow that up with a drip on the other cheek with ice to cool the wax. She jumps each time the wax hits her but moans with the icy caress.

Without warning I drip some wax on one nipple. She jumps at that. I quickly cool it with the ice...letting the ice melt and drip down the sides of her breast. While the ice is melting, I drip a little wax on the other nipple...moving the ice to that one. Putting the candle down, I move the ice cube around her breasts...then down her belly. She squirms when I rub her clit with it...then let it slip in between her pussy lips into the growing pool of liquid.

I stop and put the ice bucket and candle away and stand admiring her perfect body. "Now I want you to watch." I tell her as I reach up and pull off the gag and blindfold. The thunder is louder and the lightening flashes brighten the room.

The clock on the dresser begins chiming. "Its midnight. Time for the party to begin." I tell her with a smile.

The look in her eyes is all lust now. The fear is gone. Standing back I slowly undress. She gasps when I pull my boxers down and reveal my hard cock.

"That's huge." She exclaims. The fear is back in her eyes.

Ignoring her comments, I crawl in between her legs and begin to lick her pussy...starting out with long licks, spreading her pussy lips, dipping my tongue into the sweet nectar. I can her her moan as I lightly brush her clit. Opening my mouth, I suck it in...swirling my tongue around the hard nub. I pull my head back while sucking and it pops out. I hear her gasp. I can tell she is close to cumming so I back off...letting her cool down. I start again...swirling my tongue...nibbling her clit...licking up and down...bringing her right to the brink, then backing off.

"Please!" she begs.

"Please what?" I ask.

"Please, I want to cum."

Kneeling at her ass, I rubbed my hard cock up and down her crack...from her clit to her ass...teasing her clit with the huge head.

"Come on." She begged. "Fuck me with that thing. Ram that big cock in my pussy."

No sooner had she said that then I buried it until my balls were bouncing on her ass. Once I hit bottom, I stopped and watched her. The lust was back in her eyes now. She started moving her ass, trying to get some motion to cum. I held her tight for a moment then started fucking slowly. With her ass in the air this way, I got tremendous penetration. Her tight pussy felt like a warm glove caressing me as I slid in and out.

After only a few strokes, her body tightened and she screamed "I'm Cummmmmmiiiinnnnnngggggg!!!!!!"

When I felt her tense I increased my pace...burying my cock deep inside her with every thrust.

I brought her to several more climaxes before the familiar feeling began in my groin. As I pounded her pussy, I started cumming...the feelings wracking my whole body. When I finished, I reached up and untied her legs, letting them fall to the bed. I gave her a kiss in the lips and rolled off onto the bed...exhausted. Reaching up I undid the handcuffs so she could relax into a more comfortable positon.

Looking over at me, she said. "I think I'm going to like working for you."

I pulled her into a tight hug.

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