tagGroup SexShe Loves Her Bi-Boys

She Loves Her Bi-Boys


It was a brilliantly sunny May morning and so the three had decided to take advantage of the unexpectedly warm weather. Marie and Brad were going to pick up Vince, and then drive to Point Reyes and spend the afternoon at one of the beaches out there. Afterwards Marie intended to bring the two young men back to her place and lure them into yet another torrid round of boy-boy sex, with her, of course, right at the center of the carnal frolic. At thirty-five, Marie felt hornier and more sexually adventurous than ever, and appreciated having two young and virile twenty-something bi-studs like Brad and Vince at her disposal.

They found a discreet spot at a secluded cove. It wasn’t really a designated nude beach, but they felt comfortable shedding their clothes. A day as warm as this in the Bay area begged for the removable of clothes. The three were there for about an hour when they were surprised by a young couple turning a corner and suddenly gazing at them in the buff. There was a moment of awkward silence, but then the woman smiled easily.

“That’s exactly what Billy and I were going to do.”

“Well there’s plenty of room,” Marie said, “so make yourselves at home.”

“Is it really okay to take off our clothes?” the guy said a tad awkwardly.

“Sure,” Brad said, “we do it all the time here.”

And so a few minutes later Billy and Julie were spreading out a blanket and taking off their clothes. Marie and the two young men could not help but take note of the duo. These two looked like the star high school athlete and the homecoming queen. She was a sleek, cute blonde with a ponytail and big green eyes, little dimples on her pretty face, a very firm pair of tits, a nice, tight ass, and long, shapely legs. And Billy was quite the match, a perfect Adam for a perfect Eve, with his lanky, sleekly muscled frame, his broad shoulders and swimmer’s build, his nice, tight ass with its appealingly rounded buttocks, the strong legs. In fact, if anything, these two were too perfect. Especially after they rubbed suntan oil over each other’s sleek, smooth bodies, glistening like two icons of youthful perfection. They were the sorts who had probably long been well-aware they were a ‘perfect’ couple and felt they somehow deserved to bask in the radiance of others’ admiration.

A little later Brad and Vince decided to check out some tide pools exposed by the low tide, and asked the two if they wanted to come. Billy joined them, but Julie stayed behind with Marie. She explained they were visiting from Minnesota where it was still chilly, so to be able to shed their clothes at a California beach was quite a treat for them.

“Gosh, there sure seem to be a lot of gay men in San Francisco, and so many of them are so cute too,” Julie said.

Naturally, the comment piqued Marie’s interest.

“Have you known many gay and bi men?” Marie asked.

“A couple of friends in high school, that’s all,” she said, glancing slyly at Marie, taking a breath. “I look at them and try to imagine them having sex. You know, sucking each other’s dicks, fucking. Getting all hot and nasty.”

“Does that turn you on?” Marie probed.

“Yeah, sort of, sure it does, a lot,,” Julie said, “sometimes I think I’d really get off watching two guys making it. You know, guys love to think about chicks getting it on, right? Billy can’t stop watching porn with chicks having sex and stuff. Once I asked him if we could rent one where guys made it, and he said, no fucking way. So there you go.”

“I guess he’s straight, then.”

“Oh, yeah, straight as a ruler,” Julie said, rolling her eyes a little, as though his confirmed straightness was not exactly one of his greatest virtues.

“Well, you know Brad and Vince are bi,” Marie said, keen to gauge the young woman’s reaction. Julie whipped her gaze over at Marie, her eyes going wide.

“Really! No shit? Do they– uh– make it with each other.”

“Uh huh. In fact, all three of us sometimes like to mix it up. You know, get down and dirty with the boys, help them get down and dirty with each other.”

“Wow! That sounds so wild,” Julie said, mesmerized by what she was hearing.

“Later on, after we split, you two can come over to my place. Brad and Vince will be coming back with me. Who knows, maybe we can convince those two studs to give you a little show. You know, a nice San Francisco memory you can carry back to St. Paul.”

“Really? That sure would press my button,” she said, her eyes sparkling with delight at the prospect, but then she frowned slightly. “I don’t know, I think something like that would freak Billy out.”

She seemed disappointed and deflated by that recognition.

“Well come over anyway. Maybe we can send Billy out for beers or something. And while he’s gone I can get the two guys to at least give you a little taste of what they like to do.”

“Fuck, I sure like the sound of that!

A few hours later the five of them were at Marie’s. When they got there, Julie asked Marie if she’d mind if she and Billy took a shower. Marie showed them the bathroom. And while the two of them showered, Marie, Brad and Vince together took a quick shower in the other bathroom. They were out and dried off before the young couple had stepped out of theirs.

Brad reached into his bag for some clean briefs, but Marie stopped him

“Nah, let’s stay naked. It’s pretty warm in here and we were all naked up at the beach. She wasn’t going to say anything about what she had in mind for them, not yet.

So they stretched out in the living room, Brad and Vince on a couch, Marie in an adjacent armchair. A few minutes later Julie stepped in, naked, drying herself off.

“They’re in here, Billy, come on in.”

Billy followed. He looked a little nervous now, his cockiness having all but evaporated. Here he didn’t have the open anonymity of a nude beach. No, here he found himself with his naked girlfriend and three naked strangers, two of them men.

“So Billy? Marie began, opening a bottle of wine, her voice cool but slyly provocative, “I was talking to your girlfriend back at the beach and she said you enjoyed watching videos where girls had sex with each other.”

He blushed a bright red, turning to Julie.

“What’d you say that for,” he said, but Julie just smiled.

“Oh, we were just talking. And it’s true, isn’t it?”

“Your girlfriend also said she’d love to watch videos where guys had sex, but you’d never let want to do that when the two of you were together.”

Again, he blushed. But this time he was numbed into silence.

“So I told her that Brad and Vince get it on, and maybe she could watch them, if they were in the mood, that is,” Marie said bluntly, then turned to Brad and Vince, a twinkle in her eye. “Guys? You think you might be in the mood.”

“Yeah, I think I might be,” Brad said, reaching down for his cock, already thickening.

“‘Me? I’m feeling kind of horny,” Vince said, looking over at Brad, then at Billy.

Billy looked very uncomfortable all of a sudden, squirming.

“C’mon, babe, it’s not gonna hurt you to watch,” Julie said, to Billy, spreading her legs slightly, flashing it, getting into the groove.

“Uh– I just don’t know–“ he stammered, starting to get up, feeling excruciatingly uncomfortable, not at all in control of the situation. “I can go out for a while.”.

“No, I want you to stay and watch with me,” Julie said, insistently taking hold of his cock, stroking it.

Marie, Brad and Vince shared a glance as she nodded at the two men.

Now Vince took hold of Brad’s cock and Brad took hold of Vince’s, the two men twisting each other’s rigid shafts sensually as they gazed straight ahead at the two guests, Marie keenly surveying the scene. Julie’s eyes were wide and unblinking, her jaw hanging slack in amazement. Billy’s eyes were nervously flashing this way and that, but Julie’s hand on his cock sure must’ve felt comforting, since Billy didn’t look like he was moving.

Brad’s and Vince’s cocks were achingly erect now, two sentinels of virility and arousal.

And Billy’s, despite his obvious discomfort, was quickly stiffening in his girlfriend’s grip.

Now Vince brought his head down, his lips opening as he took Brad’s cock in his mouth, Brad sighing, closing his eyes for a moment as he ran his fingers through Vince’s thick hair, pressing down on his head.

“Oh my God! He’s sucking his cock!” Julie blurted out, shocked but so obviously pleased by what was happening here, so aroused. Looking between the young slut’s legs, Marie could see her pussy gleaming, becoming moist. Marie’s own was certainly feeling warm and creamy as she lazily, uninhibitedly slid a hand between her legs.

“Yes, he loves to suck Brad’s cock,” Marie said.

The two men were becoming intensely aroused, quickly so, Vince giving Brad a vivid and vigorous blow-job as Brad pumped his cock into his welcoming mouth.

Now Brad moved Vince’s head away from his penis and leaned over, taking Vince’s cock in his hand and then his mouth.

“This is too, too much, both of them sucking each others’ cocks,” Julie said to no one in particular.

“Yeah, Vince and Brad, they’re two nasty, hungry cocksuckers, aren’t you, boys?” Marie chuckled.

That was clearly apparent.

Meanwhile, Billy had seemed to have lost much of his nervousness. He wasn’t squirming anymore. In fact, he was staring straight ahead at the two men, the two ‘cocksuckers,’ as Marie had so bluntly put. And Julie’s hand had done the job, because now Billy, too, was fully erect.

“Look at that,” Marie said, pointing at it, “Billy’s got himself a real big cock.”

Brad and Vince looked over, Vince opening his eyes, Brad glancing over, his mouth stuffed with another big cock.

“Hey Vince?” Marie said, why don’t you show them what else you like to do with your mouth.

Brad took the cue getting up on his knees on the couch and sticking out his butt.

Vince scampered behind him, spread apart his cheeks, and pressed his face between them, lapping away at Vince’s crack.

“Oh fuck! He’s licking his asshole, holy shit!” Julie groaned, her head spinning at the audacious sight. She’d craved the idea of this for years, watching two men have sex. Now, finally, it was happening. Happening right before her eyes.

Suddenly Vince pulled back, got up on his knees and stuck out his bottom. Now it was Brad’s turn to taste some hot, raw male ass.

Brad licked his lips, staring right at Julie and Billy. Marie smiled to himself; Brad could be such a slut, such an exhibitionist when he wished. And so seductive too. Only twenty-two, and such a slut! She knew that look of Brad’s. He wasn’t just going to feast on some ass; he was going to make a show of it that would leave the two young visitors’ heads spinning.

Brad took his time, massaging Vince’s smooth, firm buns, then slowly separating them.

He positioned Vince on the couch so that spreading his buttocks the two onlookers had a perfect view of his asshole, vividly exposed now.

“You want to see me lick it?” he purred, looking at Julie, but then shifting his gaze slightly, but meaningfully to Billy. The no longer cocky jock was still dumbstruck, but Julie was unabashedly aroused.

“Yeah, we want to see you lick it. Go on and lick that ass!”

And that’s what Brad did now, dragging his tongue lewdly up and down Vince’s crack, teasingly flickering the tip against Vince’s asshole. Vince’s eyes were closed, his mouth open as he savored the anilingual caress.

And then Brad just dug in, greedily tonguing the other man’s ass, staring all the time at the duo seated on the couch across from him.

“Billy loves it when I lick his ass, don’t you Billy?” Julie offered up.

Billy said nothing. He was still in somewhat of a state of shock, despite the rigid cock.

“Is that true, Billy? Do you like getting your ass licked?” Marie probed wickedly,

“Maybe you’d like to see what it’s like to have a man lick your ass?”

“Yeah, babe, do it!” Julie piped in, “I’d love to see you get your butt eaten by a guy, by Brad or Vince. It would really flip me out.”

“I— I— don’t know–“ Billy stuttered.

“Try it, Billy,” Marie added. “I’m sure the guys would like to have taste of you.”

“Yeah, Billy, let ‘em, let ‘em!” Julie urged.

Now Brad pulled his face away from Vince’s bottom and walked over to Julie and Billy.

Marie could guess what was coming. Brad knew about this kind of seduction. In fact, Marie had taught him. If you’re going to lure a man to try boy-boy sex, first you do him. His cock has been sucked; it’s much easier to accept another man doing to him what women already have. Then, when he becomes comfortable, that’s when you test the waters.

Now Brad pulled Julie’s hand away from her boyfriend’s cock and took it in his own hand, massaging the big, rigid shaft expertly.

“Oh shit, are you going to suck it?” Julie gasped.

“Of course I’m going to suck it.”

He started with Billy’s balls, dragging his tongue over the rough skin of his scrotum as he twisted the shaft of his cock in his hand. Then, slowly, he slid that tongue up the length of that cock, licking every inch of the taut, rigid surface before he finally took the impressive penis in his mouth and began to suck it in earnest.

“Look at you, babe, you’re getting your dick sucked by a guy! That is so far out!” Julie squealed.

Brad gave Billy a long, slow blow-job. Billy was in a trance, unable, unwilling to resist the strange overture. His big cock was as rigid as a length of steel tubing as Brad made him a slave to his oral skills.

“Now turn around,” Brad said, suddenly pulling away, bringing Billy’s butt up to his face. He stared at that butt. It was smooth and muscled, an athlete’s butt. And already appealingly tan from the hours Billy had exposed to the sun earlier.

Brad looked straight at Julie, who came close.

“Would like to see me eat your boyfriend’s ass?” he purred. Marie joined Vince on the couch, taking the young man’s cock in her hand.

“Are you fucking kidding! Fuck, yeah! Eat it, lick it!” Julie urged, turning back to Brad.

Slowly Brad separated the buttocks, gazing into the crack at the wrinkled hole.

And then he just dug in, pressing his tongue against Billy’s asshole, rimming him lavishly as Julie pushed back on his head, wanting, more than anything, to see her boyfriend become intimate with men now. She liked him, but he was so vain, so sure he was God’s gift to women. This, she knew, would humble him. And broaden him as well. She was aware Billy probably feared she would think less of him after this. But, still, he couldn’t help himself. New, and maybe long-suppressed needs and urges were suddenly unleashed now.

“Oh, Billy, it really turns me on to see you do it like this, do it with a guy,” she told him reassuringly as she watched Brad devour his bottom, driving his tongue into his ass. Then she lowered her face and took her boyfriend’s cock in her mouth as Brad kept up the rimming.

“Why don’t you go lick Brad’s ass,” Marie whispered in Vince’s ear as he obediently got behind Brad now and began to rim his bottom. Marie idly played with her pussy, absorbing the stunning sight, Brad rimming a man’s bottom while his was rimmed by another man, the young beauty queen whipping up a froth in her own pussy as she greedily sucked her boyfriend’s cock.

Marie, at this moment, retreated from the room. And a minute later came back, a exceptionally life-like dildo strapped to herself, something no one could fail to notice.

“I’m going to need this a little later,” Marie said boldly strutting into the room, holding on to the synthetic phallus.

Brad pulled away and hauled himself up, sitting on the edge of the couch, positioning himself so that his cock was now only inches from Billy’s face.

“Why don’t you have yourself a taste?” Brad said, waving the rigid shaft in the Billy’s face, bringing it close. Julie whipped her head away from down below and came close again, stunned by this development. This would be a moment of truth for Billy. It was one thing for him to let another man suck his cock and lick his ass. Now he was being asked to do the sucking, a big, big step, he knew. But, suddenly, he could no longer resist the overture. That cock seemed so appealing now, so thoroughly edible.

“Yeah, suck it!” Brad hissed, knowing his entreaties had won Billy over, reaching around to cup his head, to bring that head close, Billy’s lips opening as he came nearer.

“Oh Billy, you’re going to suck dick, you really are!” Julie said, sheer delight and wicked anticipation in her voice.

And suck it he did, suddenly taking it in his mouth without any hesitation, sucking that cock as though he’d been sucking cock all his life. And maybe he had. Who knew.

Now Vince got behind Billy and began to lick his ass, then suck his cock.

The two women looked at each other and smiled with satisfaction. This all began with that conversation at the beach. And now it had progressed to this stunning panorama, three men busily devouring one another’s cocks and bottoms.

Brad caught Marie’s eye and saw her silently signaling that he should turn around. And so he did, now thrusting his bottom in Billy’s face.

“Go on, Billy,” Marie urged, her tone sexy, confident, “lick it.”

Billy stared straight ahead, like a zombie in a trance, at Brad’s bottom. Brad holding himself wide open. Then, closing his eyes, he dug his tongue into the exposed crack, finding the prize, licking Brad’s ass, his male ass.

“Oh my God! I can’t fuckin’ believe what I’m watching!” Julie panted.

Now Marie stepped up to Billy and handed him a jar of lube

“Here, Billy, spread some of this over Brad’s asshole.”

Still a little dazed by all this, Billy took the lube from Marie, slapped a dab between Brad’s cheeks and began to rub it over his crack. Like a slut in heat, Brad stuck it out for Billy, showing off, especially for the two women in the room. He even reached back and took hold of Billy’s wrist, urging him to work those fingers inside.

“Stick ‘em in,” he said, pushing back on Billy’s fingers, forcing them all the way up his anal passage. Meanwhile Marie stepped up to Billy and fed him her strap on

“Suck on this now,” she hissed insistently, forcing it between his lips.

“Oh, I have one too, and Billy loves it,” Julie sneered.

“Shut up!” Billy said, pulling away from the rubber cock, but his tone was more petulant than forceful.

“Oh really?” Marie probed, “what do you and Billy do with it, Julie?”

“Shit! He sucks it like he can’t get enough, and sometimes – sometimes I fuck him up the ass with it!”

“Julie!” Billy admonished sharply, but the cat was out of the bag. Brad and Marie shared a look. This, after all, was a major revelation. What Marie had imagined was hopefully luring Billy into oral sex with the two guys, and then the three of them would just watch as Brad and Vince fucked. For the moment, Marie would say nothing further. Later though, when the moment was ripe, she imagined Billy, too, might find himself with a cock up his ass.

“Want to grease up Vince?” Marie said to Julie, holding out the lube.

“No. No thanks. If it’s okay with you guys, I just want to watch. I’m really getting off watching all this. Today’s my day to be a voyeur, okay? It’s not like I don’t get down, you know what I mean. But right now I really feel like watching. Just watching.”

“Sure, Julie, we’ll make sure the show is exciting.”

“Oh man, it couldn’t be any more exciting!”

So Marie had Vince lift his bottom and took her sweet time lubing up his cute ass while Billy continued to ream Brad’s with his fingers. Brad looked over to see Marie preparing Vince’s bottom, saw him on elbows and knees, bottom raised nice and high, a position Brad craved. There was nothing he loved as much as an exposed and vulnerable ass, male or female, ready for the taking. So now he pulled away from Billy and joined Marie behind Vince.

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