tagBDSMShe Made Me a New Man

She Made Me a New Man


*This is the first part out of a planned three. I am writing this as a Task for my Mistress. I am not a native English speaker but will do my best (Feedback or if you are willing to be a future editor is appreciated). The main theme of the story is definitely Femdom, but expect some different kinks compared to my previous story.*


As I look into the full length mirror I am proud of the naked man looking back at me. I was not always proud over my body, it took a lot of time, patience and hard work. And i could never have done it on my own. Let me tell you about the woman who almost literally turned me into the man I am today.

When i turned 30 i was living in the suburbs of a medium sized town in my own townhouse apartment. I was single, and had been for a few years. My name is Carl by the way, and i work as IT support at a major American corporation. I am a few steps above "reboot computer and reset password" level but not much. Despite that i generally enjoy my work and what i do.

But back to the woman who would change both my body and my life. One day as i was coming home from work i ran into a woman carrying boxes into the door next to mine, it was the middle of summer and nice and hot outside and she was wearing a tight top and yoga shorts. And her body was stunning. I would have guessed her to be more or less around my age and beside the amazingly fit body with a nice tight perky ass she had a pair of impressive breast that held my eyes for a solid second before i looked into her eyes. She had her dark hair back in a pony tail and a cute smile that made her whole face seem to shine.

She was a rather stark contrast to me. Working at a desk and not doing any sports had not done wonders for my body, i was pushing 250 pounds and had not been able to find motivation to exercise for a long time. Despite feeling dejected about this i at least had my manners so i quickly stepped up and introduced myself.

"Hi, I'm Carl, you must be my new neighbor!"

"Hey Carl! Yep that would be me, Mary."

As she shook my hand and smiled at me i noticed how short she was, I'm no giant at 5"11 but she cant have been more than 5"2 if that.

"Welcome to the neighborhood Mary. What brings you here?"

"I separated from my ex a while back and have been looking for a place to call home and just found this. I work as a Personal Trainer down at the 24/7 SlimFit gym and should able to run or bike to work from here."

We chatted for a while longer before i helped her unload the last of her stuff.


Over the coming year we became good friends, despite our differences we were both single and we found that we really liked spending time together. She was miles out of my league of course so despite my interest i never made any move. But try as i might i soon found myself developing feeling for her, and struggled with what i should do about them. She had never even hinted about wanting to be more than friends and after a year i considered her one of my, if not the, best friend i had. There was a large chance that confessing my feelings for her would only ruin our friendship and cost me my friend.

And then there was my sneaking suspicion that she wanted something... Special for her next relationship. A Friday night i found myself on the couch in her apartment, it had been a long week for both of us and was pretty late and more than one empty bottle stood on the table in front of us. We had just watched some Netflix show about a dating app and i was curious about her being single so decided to broach the subject.

"I used to be on Tinder, hated it! All those women, all the hope but just bitter disappointment. You Mary?"

She giggled and turned a bit red but it might have been the vine. "Not me! Tinder ain't the right place to find the kind of Relationship i want." She giggled some more and by now i was very curious.

"Now THAT you have to explain, what are you looking for Mary?"

She took another big sip of vine and answered. "Se-ce-ret! But i will tell you that I'm sick of men telling me what to do. Even some of my clients talk back to me and all i can do i smile and nod. Next relationship i get in I'm calling the shots."

After that she left to grab another bottle of wine and the topic died out but the conversation stuck in my memory. As i reflected on it later i found it likely that she was into some kind of kink, and judging by her words she was not the submissive type. I had explored BDSM a bit years ago and was familiar with most of the concepts, even if nothing i had tried had made me fall in love with it i was not averse to a bit of rope play or even prostate play.

As i lay in bed after another fun Saturday spent with Mary i realized that i could not continue like this. I had begun to physically ache for her, not just sex but to hold her and be close to her. And the thought of she finding another man and leaving me standing by the sideline watching was killing me. I might be in the dreaded friendzone but i had put myself there and had no illusions otherwise. Fail or not i had to confess to her that i was interested in being more than friends. I hated doing that to her, because if she turned me down (as i expected) I did not think i could remain as close friends with her and she would end up loosing one of her best friends through no fault of her own. But even so it had to be done.

Next weekend i was over at her place as per usual, tonight we had gone for beers over wine and both of us had done quick work of the first one and was working on our second one. Now was the time, i wanted some alcohol powered courage but did not want to be drunk.

"Hey Mary, would you go out with me?"

She did not even blink. "Sure Carl! Is there any event you want to go to?"

"No i mean like a date. Romantic date."

The smile disappeared from her face and it no longer revealed anything. I kept going.

"You are my best friend Mary but i cant help but want more. I have for a while now."

She looked away and was silent a few more seconds before finally answering. "Look Carl, you are probably my best friend and i love hanging out with you, It feels so natural and easy. Maybe i am even i a bit in love with you. I want to keep being friends, but you are not what i am looking for in a relationship."

It was what i had expected, maybe even better than expected. But it still hurt like hell...

"I understand Mary. I wish i could become the kind of boyfriend you want. I know you are into some kind of kink and i would be willing to try whatever if that is the issue?"

She looked surprised. "I... Yeah. I did not think you knew. That is one part of it certainly but not the only one. I'm sorry Carl!"

I sighed and put down the beer. "I understand Mary. I wish i could say we could just forget about this conversation and go back to normal but i think i need some time apart to get my head back on straight and let my feelings die down." I stood up and move to leave.

"What? No! I need you Carl!" She got up and looked almost panicked.

"I'm sorry Mary. I never entered this friendship planning for something more but i wont feel good hanging out with you until i get over some of these feelings." I keep heading for the door.


I turned back in confusion. "What?"

"If you really want this lets try. I cant deny i have feelings for you, and if I'm loosing you anyways i rather risk it and let you know me than giving up beforehand."

I'm speechless. Over the Moon. Stunned. She is the one who is now composed and keeps talking.

"Leave. Come back tomorrow. I need to prepare things and there will be promises you have to make if we are doing this."

I nodded and left. That night it took hours and hours before i fell asleep. I have all these warm feelings rushing through my body, and i am horny as never before. I soon lose count of the number of times i cum before finally succumbing to sleep.


As i entered her house i see her sitting on the sofa looking at me. On the table in front of her she had a few papers, face down.

"Come in Carl. Sit down". She gestured to a pillow on the floor across from her. I was a bit confused whats wrong with the sofa but whatever as i sat down and found myself looking up at her for once.

"Before we do this i want you to know this will not be like any other relationship you have been in, or likely even herd off. This will be formal. And there will be rules, agreements and contracts."

"Okay, I'm on board with that."

"Good. Now before we do this let me ask you, have you any BDSM experience?"

I expected something like this and simply nod before i elaborate. "Yeah one of my best friends about five years back was big into the scene and through him i got introduced to some interesting people... and things."

She raises her eyebrows. "Well, I'm surprised. Never would have guessed that from you. Maybe this will actually work. So what did you do and what are you into?"

Now i start getting a bit embarrassed and uncomfortable. "Look i did not do a ton of stuff. And while i enjoyed some things i did not enjoy them enough to go looking for more once my friend moved states."

"I need details. But why don't you start with some of you No's then if that is easier?"

"Blood." I answered immediately. "If anything we do causes bleeding I'm going to be nope'ing out of there. Watersports and the like was never really something that turned me on."

"Are you a Sub or a Dom?" - "I don't know truly, but i have taken on the sub role so far and liked it."

"Bondage?" - "Some light, it was fun."

"Pegging?" - "Never tried. But done a bit of prostate play and that was really good."

She leaned back and picked up a paper and read silently. After a while she looked at me and smiles.

"If you want to be my boyfriend you also has to sign up for being my Toy. I am very much Dominant. There will be a contract. I have plenty of kinks i want to enjoy but i will go over the biggest right now."

She stood up and came around the table to sit down on the table in front of where i am sitting, making her tower over me.

"If you are my toy i own two things of yours. And i will do as i please with them. I will own your Time and your Body."

My Time? What the hell does that mean? Body is a bit cleared but still that is a lot of details missing. I'm think i love Mary but there is no way I'm letting her cut off my cock.

She must have seen my confusion because she continued. "I will shape your body into what i want. Play with it how i want. Do with it how i want. I will promise you there will be no permanent damage, I'm not looking to cripple you. And if there is pain involved there will be safe words in place."

Well then that was not so bad. I think. "I can accept that."

"Goddess. When i discuss things that are related to you being my Toy you will address me as Goddess."

Now I was even getting a bit turned on. "Understood Goddess."

"The second thing i own is your Time. What my Toy does when he is not at work is up to me, understood?"

I had no real clue what she meant but no way i was backing out now. "Yes Goddess, i understand."

She then stood up, grabbed the contact and put it in front of me.


I hereby place my Body and my Time in my Goddess capable hands.

I wow not to question her orders.

I wow to always tell her the truth.

I wow to always do my utmost to fullfill her wishes.

My body is hers to do what she wants with, use for pleasure as she wants, shape as she wants.

My Time is hers to decide over, I accept she knows what is best for me.

[End Contract]

Wondering what the actual fuck I was getting myself into i signed the contract with shaking hands. She then took the contract from me and smiled ear to ear. She then leaned down over me and kissed me.

The kiss was everything i had hoped from her. As she broke away my breathing had become ragged and I'm sure she was able to see my erect cock through the pants.

"I have to tell you Toy, this has made me hot as hell. I have been wanting a new Toy for a long long time. I think i want to give my new Toy a ride, follow me."


As i scrambled to get up she headed into her bedroom and i quickly followed her, but now I was starting to get nervous again. Did she really mean... sex? Once in her bedroom I take in the room, despite being good friends this is the first time i had ever been there and i could now see why. The room was dim, walls a dark rich red. The room had a... feel to it. There was several paintings on the wall in a black and white theme showing what i can best describe as erotic depictions of powerful women.

With a quick jerk Mary ripped the sheets from the bed, turned to me and pointed to the now empty bed.

"Strip and get in bed Toy."

I didn't try to draw it out, i just tried to get my damn clothes off as quick as possible, nearly tripping in the process. As i lied down on my back in the middle off the bed I was aware of both my pudgy belly and my raging hard-on. Both made me slightly embarrassed as i looked at Mary. She was leaning against her dresser, still fully clothed. She is looking at me with a slight smile playing in her face.

"There will be plenty of time for play later. Now i want to have a look and feel of my new Toy, there is plenty of work to be done but i can see the potential. Make sure you keep that cock hard for me."

She slowly unbuttoned her pants and removed them, revealing her small black panties. She opened her dresser and grabbed something from it but i couldn't see what it was. She then got into bed straddling my legs, in a position where she could look down on and play with my cock if she wanted to. I was curious about her clothes so decided to ask her.

"I'm feeling a bit under dressed here, aren't you going to get naked. Goddess" I added the last word as an afterthought.

"Why would i? I just want to have some quick fun with my new Toy, absolutely not worth getting undressed for."

The situation was strange, with her almost fully clothed sitting above me and looking down on my naked body. The contrast was messing with my head and i couldn't wrap my thoughts around how it made me feel.

She the lifted the thing she picked out from the dresser and i see its a small bottle. Then she squirted out some in her hand and wrapped that hand around my cock and i realized it was lube. She quickly ran her hand all over my thick 7" cock, but i got the impression she only wanted to make sure it was fully lubed and didn't really care if i liked the motion or not.

She then half rose up, not even bothering to fully remove her small panties, only reaching down and pulling the material to the side before she positioned her gorgeous slit above my now glistening cock. And then she impaled herself, slowly but steadily going all the way down in one go.

I moaned and couldn't help my hands going to her nice tight hips now resting on my pelvis. She just stayed there for a few seconds and i enjoyed the feeling of my entire cock being inside her warm pussy. I looked into her face and she had her eyes closed, i think i saw pleasure in her face as she kept herself absolutely still. Despite her still having her clothes on the sight of her stunning body riding me turned me on even further. She opened her eyes and looked into mine.

"I am going to ride you until you cum Toy. But i want you to last as long as you can."

And then she started grinding herself on my cock, and with a pang of fear i thought to myself that i would not be able to last long at all.

She kept grinding and then riding my cock with a steady pace, she was now moaning softly and she was obviously enjoying this. For my part i think its only been two minutes but i was already starting to use every trick i knew not to cum. As i looked down and saw her pussy slide almost all the way off my cock before going back down i counted prime numbers. As she leaned her head back and moaned loudly i weigh the pros and cons of Chelsea FC running a 4-3-3 formation or a 4-5-1 formation.

It felt futile, she was just to amazing. Her pussy seemed to grab my cock not wanting to let go each time she pulled up. The lube she had massaged into my cock was by now mixing with both my precum and her own juices, I could feel drops run down the side of my stomach and down between my legs. She seemed focused on nothing but riding my cock for her own pleasure, stopping sometimes and just grinding herself against me.

And then i could not help it anymore and with a load groan i felt the first spurt of cum filling her pussy. I bucked my hips and grabbed her hips trying to force my cock into her deepest depths as my orgasm rolled over me.

Mary rode my orgasm all the way through and then waited a few seconds while my breath was starting to become steady before she stood up. Cum was dripping out of the freshly fucked pussy and she grabbed a towel from a dresser and wiped down the bed and herself quickly before she pulls her panties back into their correct positions and started putting her pants back on.

"Well Toy that was not terrible but certainly not good enough either."

I felt ashamed, i always knew there was a chance i would not be good enough for her in bed and it seemed like that turned out to be true. I didn't knew what to say so I just remained there quiet, waiting for her to break up with me already.

"I want you to go home and look up kegel exercises and then get and app for it. Learn what they are and how to do them. In a month or two i expect you to last a lot longer than today."

So she was not breaking up with me, in my post-orgasm state my head felt like syrup but i meekly responded.

"Yes. Sure, thought only women did kegels but i will look into it."

She laughed quickly. "No its just not for women. Furthermore i value hygiene highly. You will shower and shave your face daily while in a relationship with me."

"Yes Goddess."

"In fact i don't like body hair all that much at all. I want you to shave, or otherwise remove, all hair below your neck."

I blinked. This was the first thing that didn't sit right with me, shave all my hair below my neck? Arms, legs, chest, the works? She must have seen my resistance in my face because her face suddenly hardened and the shadow of a smile that was there disappeared.

"Toy. You are my Toy. That is what you agreed on. That is the contract you signed. If you think this is to much you better get dressed and get the fuck out of my life."

When she put it like that... "No Goddess, you are right. I will shave everything for you."

"Good Toy, and don't forget your behind. I have... plans for that behind. Now get dressed, why don't we watch a movie before calling it a night? And then you better head home, you have plenty of things to do before tomorrow night."


*Authors note: Thank you for reading. This was the first story of a planned three about Carl and Mary. This set the stage and gave a slight introduction to what kinks I have in mind for this story arc. In the next part of the story we will get a lot more familiar with those kinks.*

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by Emirus03/13/18

Going to run out of time?

Interesting start but assuming the next two instalments are each going to be as short as the first one I think you might be going to run out of time (and paper) to tell the story properly. But pleasemore...

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by Anonymous02/26/18

A good start

Nice exposition and set up. Great first act. Looking forward to more.

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by Anonymous02/24/18


It's a good start to a series. Looking forward to reading how things continue to play out.

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by Anonymous02/23/18
by Anonymous02/21/18


have looked all my life for a woman like that

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