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She Maintains the Fantasy



Sadly, the second—but not the final—part of the night would take place without Amy. After she put on her tight top (adorned with her chapter's letters, of course) she said goodbye to my wife and me—to my wife with a quick peck on the cheek, to me with a French kiss and a squeeze of the cock.

It was sad to see her go, but my wife bent over me and said, "Don't worry—Mandy and Toyo are downstairs." She kissed me full on the lips and then laughed when she said, "Don't go anywhere."

I couldn't, of course, not bound as I was—spread eagle on a table with leather padding (it actually didn't feel too bad), my hands were strapped down in either direction as were my feet. Hell, even my dick was restrained a bit with the cock ring my wife put back on me after I finished coming into her cousin.

And now Mandy and Toyo were here. As if I weren't hard enough, my dick painfully throbbed at the thought of my wife's friends.

I had known Amanda Kesey (Mandy) for about a year. She worked at an ad firm with my wife. She was about a half-a-foot taller than my wife (which put her at my height). She had jet-black hair that didn't quite touch her shoulders, looked like she was in great shape from running marathon after marathon (it's what we do in Colorado) and had blown just about every single guy she came across. She looked like a sweetheart, with an innocent face that hid a sexual deviant. She had flirted with me a couple of times after we first met, once brushing her firm ass against the crotch of my jeans, smiling as she did so, sure she could have me. I'll admit, all that running had done her legs wonders, and I stared at them whenever I thought my wife wasn't around. I guess, just like Amy, I had been foolish enough to think that I hadn't been caught.

Toyo Cruz was another matter entirely. Half-Japanese, half-Mexican, Toyo had dark skin and long black hair that reached her middle-back. She moved to Colorado when she turned 22 after schooling where she grew up—Austin. My wife and I had known her since she joined our church, and she had had only one serious relationship since re-locating, that with a man whom I befriended (and, thanks to the world of social media, eventually defriended) and who told me all of the "weird" things she was into that he wasn't: anal; femdom; rimming him; 69; prostate massages, and more.

When he broke up with her, Toyo seemed severely unhappy, and as my wife had since shared with me, Toyo didn't date around—she only slept with men whom she loved.

So, downstairs I had: my lovely wife currently dressed to kill as a dominatrix (absent her thong); a girl-next-door who loved to suck and fuck; and a lonely, beautiful girl away from home who only fooled around with guys with whom she had a connection—and fool around she did.

Honestly, and especially after the surprise that was Amy, I didn't know what to expect.

From outside the door, I heard laughing and giggling.

Before they enter, I wanted to take a minute more to describe my wife as I feel I didn't do such a great job before all the fun began. She just turned 28, but she still gets carded at bars when she orders drinks. Her hair is a mix between blonde, red and brown. Sometimes I'm tempted to say strawberry-blonde, but it's not—it's got some brown mixed up in it, too. She claims to be 5'3", but she's really 5'1". She loves running, but, unlike Mandy, doesn't participate in marathons. Still, she runs a lot, and thus has wonderfully defined calves. Her skin is so pure—she tries to tan, but utterly fails. She kills me whenever she wears shorts, letting me see her legs and thighs. Though it embarrasses her, she's got a bit of a rump, and her breasts are proportionate with everything else. Her smile lights up a room, and she never gets mad.

I have no idea how I landed her.

The door opened, and my wife and our two friends came into view, my wife dressed as she was before, Mandy and Toyo in matching black nighties that hugged their breasts and stopped about mid-thigh. No one said a word as they entered. Mandy and Toyo looked at me for about 10 seconds. I smiled at them, and they smiled back, and I noticed Mandy reaching under Toyo's nightie and squeezing her heart-shaped ass.

Then my wife said to me, "Honey, look straight above you, OK?"

I did, and I saw a ring above me, a ring that hadn't been there this morning, and that I had somehow missed tonight (though maybe that isn't all that surprising).

"I'm going to untie your hands and you're going to lift them straight up for me, OK? Then I'm going to tie them together with this nylon and wrap a loop through the ring."

I looked at her and frowned. "What?"

She ignored me. "Then you're going to kneel and I'm going to tie your feet together."

Hold on a second... "What?"

And then I noticed my balls—they were in Mandy's hand. I looked down at her, and she smiled at me. "Sorry," she said.

"If you try to resist me and Toyo," my wife said, "Mandy's going to crush your testicles. Give him a quick squeeze, Mandy."

Mandy, still smiling, followed my wife's orders. It didn't hurt, but it didn't feel good, either, and I could tell that if she did it harder, I'd be screwed.

"OK," I said. "I'll follow your damn instructions."

My wife kissed me. "Don't get mad, babe. You're going to like what comes next."

Mandy took a testicle into her mouth, and sucked on it for about 20 seconds. "Just so you know," she said after letting it plop out of her mouth, "you have wonderful nuts."

"Thanks," I said, wanting her to continue.

I obeyed my wife's and Toyo's instructions as Mandy gripped my manhood in her incredibly soft and warm hands. When they were finished, I sat on the carpeted ground of our basement, on my knees with my ankles bound and my hands tied together above my head, held up by the ring dangling from the ceiling.

"Now," my wife said, standing before me, holding what looked like a riding crop, "you have a decision to make. One of us is going to whip you, you're going to fuck one of us, and the one you fuck is going to eat out the third. You get to pick the order."

Well, shit. I didn't know what to do. They all looked great and ready to be screwed, but was I supposed to pick my wife? Or not? I didn't really know what to do. This seemed more like a mind game than it had been before. Then, I didn't have a choice: I was supposed to fuck Amy (or, rather, she was supposed to fuck me). I had no choice in the matter. But now I did.

My wife kept slapping the end of the crop in her open palm, staring at me. I wish I knew what she was thinking. I wish she would give me some clue on what to do.

But she didn't. She just stared. She looked cold, a different version of my wife—albeit a super-sexy one.

I thought back to earlier, and Amy: my wife wouldn't have let Amy fuck me if she—my wife—wanted me to just screw her tonight. And I knew for a fact that she didn't like getting her pussy licked all that often, and she had never once suggested any bisexual tendencies to me.

Looking her in the eye, I said, "You can whip me."

She smiled. "Wise choice." Then she stepped behind me and cracked the riding crop on my right ass cheek. It stung. She said, "That's just a warm-up. Now pick your next two."

Honestly, I had never before thought about fucking either Mandy or Toyo, but now I had to choose one, and I didn't know what to do. I thought back to when they first came in the room, how they both looked excited, but Toyo a little apprehensive—until Mandy grabbed a handful of her ass. Then Toyo smiled wide.

I said, "I'll fuck Mandy while she eats out Toyo."

They both grinned, like I had chosen correctly. Then they both took off their thongs, but kept on their nighties. Toyo lay on her back, exposing her recently shaven pussy to everyone in the room. Mandy, meanwhile, got in the doggy-style position before me. She looked over her shoulder and said, "Don't worry about being rough, and don't worry about coming inside of me, either. I like nothing more than warm cum shot into my pussy."

Speechless, I didn't even try to reply. She giggled, then turned around and buried her face into Toyo's cunt, and Toyo instantly started moaning.

I rocked my hips forward, and Mandy reached back to guide me in. Then I felt the crop against my ass. My wife hit hard.

I turned to her. "Jesus, why do you have to—?"

But she cut me off. Before I realized it, she had a ball-gag in my mouth, and she snapped its tie in the back. "Shut up and fuck," she said, and then whipped me again.

I turned back, looking at Toyo moaning and moving around the floor as Mandy licked her, and then I looked at Mandy's perfect little ass in front of me, an ass all to myself. And so what if I got whipped by my wife? It stung, yes, but I kind of liked it.

She struck me again. "I said, fuck her!"

Consigned to my fate, fuck I did.


I don't know if my wife turned off the air conditioning or if I had been moving my hips very quickly, but eventually I realized I was covered in sweat, and it shook off of me every time I rocked my hips forward, pounding my cock into Mandy's incredibly wet—and surprisingly tight—pussy.

After each thrust forward, I'd pull my hips back, and when I did, my wife was ready with the riding crop, bringing it full force against my ass. She'd hit one cheek, I'd pump into Mandy, pull back, and my wife would then hit the other cheek. Her hits stung, and I moaned against the ball-gag in my mouth, but the only thing I could do right now was fuck Mandy—so I did.

And as I rocked Mandy's pussy (my balls no doubt heavy, blue and sagging beneath me, ready to come if not for the damn cock ring), I watched Toyo writhe in apparent ecstasy, eyes closed, as she wrapped her milk chocolate thighs around Mandy's face, all but screaming, rubbing her nipples through her black nightie. Toyo eventually pulled down the nightie, exposing her round, wonderful breasts, nipples standing at full attention. I so badly wanted to suck on those nipples, gently nibble them with my teeth, maybe even shoot my load on to her dark areolas.

But I couldn't. I could only watch her touch herself as her friend tongued her shaved pussy, most likely flicking her clit, driving her crazy.

Again, I jerked my hips forward, driving my length into Mandy. But I didn't pull back. Instead, I stayed buried there, enjoying the warm wetness, enjoying how it felt around my cock that so badly wanted release.

Then the crop was around my neck, my wife pulling it against my throat, choking me. "Who the fuck said to stop fucking her?" she said into my ear. "Move, damn it, or I swear, you won't like what happens next."

My wife had only threatened me a few times during the course of our relationship, and I never wanted her to follow through. I never knew what, exactly, she would do to me, but I also didn't want to find out.

Now, in this most vulnerable of positions, I wasn't about to test my luck. I re-started fucking Mandy, but my wife continued choking me.

"I bet you want to come," she hissed. "But you can't. Not yet. You're not going to come in Mandy. Did you really think I'd let you do that after you jizzed inside of Amy? No, you're not that lucky, baby. You're going to continue fucking her until she comes, but you won't be able to. I tied that ring around your cock tight, sweetheart, so tight that you won't be allowed to come until I let you."

That turned me on even more.

"Look at her ass, baby," my wife said, and I looked at Mandy's ass as I furiously pounded away at her pussy. "Notice how it slightly jiggles when you pound her?" I had noticed that, but I noticed again as a freckle on Mandy's right cheek went up and down, up and down, every time I went in and out of her. "Look at it shine in her sweat. You're making her sweat, baby, and I don't doubt that you're about to make her come."

As if on cue, Toyo's eyes popped open and she cried out, "Oh, yes! Ohmigod, yes!"

Then Mandy's body started convulsing as an orgasm tore through her body. She released her mouth from Toyo's pussy, inserted her fingers and started finger-fucking her friend as they came together, both moaning loudly.

"Keep fucking," my wife said, pulling the crop tighter against my neck. I closed my eyes, feeling like I would pass out, but I continued fucking Mandy. Soon, though, I felt her slick pussy crawl away from me, away from my stiff penis. My wife eased the pressure of the riding crop against my neck a little bit, and then altogether.

When I opened my eyes, Mandy and Toyo were making out. My God, what a sight. I just stared at them, completely dumbfounded, jealous more than I should have been. I tried to join them, but of course I couldn't, not tied up like I was.

As I tried moving forward, my wife laughed, and then cracked my ass again. It really stung. I doubt I'd be able to sit for a while.

"Girls," my wife said after her friends had sucked each other's faces long enough. Still holding each other, Mandy and Toyo looked at my wife.

She said, "I've yet to come, and I'd really like to. Mandy, if you'd be so kind as to take out my husband's gag and hold his head still. And Toyo? Feel free to beat his ass a little more. Or, better yet, give that cock and balls of his a nice whooping. But not too hard."

Mandy and Toyo stood and walked toward my wife. Mandy took out my gag, and I coughed, then coughed again. When I looked back up, my wife was handing Toyo the riding crop. Then she stood before me in her black leather boots, black bra and black stockings with garter. I looked directly at her pussy, which wasn't completely shaved, but had a little landing strip in the color of her hair: that sultry mix of blonde, red and brown.

Mandy grabbed me roughly by the hair, and I felt Toyo pull back my penis and hesitantly slap the head of it with the crop. Oddly, it barely registered. She did it again. And still, I hardly felt it.

Maybe I should have been worried, but then Mandy pulled back my head so I was looking up at my wife, as if I were kneeling before a goddess, praising her, worshipping her.

And maybe I was.

My wife smiled. "You know what to do." And then Mandy pushed my face into my favorite pussy in the world, and I went to work.

Sending my tongue straight for my wife's clitoris, I swirled around until I found it, and then latched on to it. My wife grabbed the top of my head, so now she and Mandy held on to me as Toyo beat my cock silly with little swats.

I nuzzled my face into my wife's crotch, taking all of her in. She tasted fantastic, like she did every time I got to eat her out. She never understood why I liked it so much, and I could never quite explain it myself. I could tell it made her feel good—she came hard every time I did it. Plus, it turned me on—and she tasted wonderful. I had been hesitant the very first time I went down on a girl (that girl, turns out, I would marry), but I enjoyed it. I had only tasted her (until tonight), and compared to Amy, my wife tasted better. I don't know why or how, but she just did.

And now, she tasted great, as usual. I was already turned on after fucking Amy while my wife rode my face, and after fucking Mandy while watching her lick Toyo's pussy with my wife continuously spanking me. I didn't think I could be any more turned on, but I loved the feel of Toyo's little whacks against my dick, and I loved being controlled by Mandy and my wife, both roughly grabbing my hair and forcing my face into my wife's divine pussy.

I licked. I nibbled. I bit. I swirled my tongue around, and my wife audibly gasped. She loved when I did this with my tongue, and I loved doing it. I repeated everything, and soon—and I could tell by the way my wife stood up straighter—she would come.

When it neared, and when there was no turning back, my wife pressed one hand on the back of head and pressed my face forward even more. I could barely breathe, but I didn't care. My wife was coming, and I loved it.

She screamed, yelled, moaned and made noises that were nearly incomprehensible. She never let go of my head, and neither did Mandy, and Toyo, seemingly oblivious to it all, continued slapping my engorged cock.

Finally, after what seemed like a full minute of an orgasm, after my wife came all over my face, she backed away, still panting. Toyo finally stopped slapping my dick and Mandy released my head, which fell forward.

My wife walked out of sight, toward the door with Mandy and Toyo, and said to her friends, "Thank you, ladies, for helping me tonight. Did you have fun?"

"We did," Toyo answered for them.

"And just so you know, my husband and I are both very happy for the two of you. I hope this works out."

I heard giggling, and then Mandy said, "Thanks, babe. I'm sure it will. And thanks for letting me have some dick. I probably won't miss it, but that was a good one to go out on."

Then all three laughed, the door opened, and they stepped out, leaving me alone, on my knees, hands tied together and reaching for the sky.

I very badly wanted to fuck my wife.

Eventually, the door opened again, and my wife walked in with a smirk on her face. She said, "You're really going to like this next part."

"Do I get to come?"

She nodded. "You do. On my ass."

I arched my eyebrows and she laughed. Then I heard footsteps and in walked a co-worker of mine, Jackie Preston, wearing a tight, white corset that barely contained her huge tits, with matching thong and stockings, and her luscious blonde hair fell down past her shoulders.

About two years ago, I hired Jackie as my personal assistant where I work. She did just about everything I could ask her, and she usually did it before I even asked. She had that kind of quick mind, even if she didn't have as much formal education as most people at my office. With me standing by her side, she quickly rose the ranks, and now was no one's personal assistant—and very happy about it.

A natural blonde, she usually let her hair fall to her shoulders. Often dressing modestly, many of the men at work ogled her, but she paid them no mind. Usually, she only spoke with me out of the men, only rarely flirting and exerting some kind of physical contact. She had a great smile that matched her golden hair, and despite her best efforts at dressing modestly, I could tell she had a deliciously curvy body.

She was a true knock-out, and when she smiled at me, barely clothed and in such a stunning outfit, I thought things couldn't get better.

I was wrong.

Because the next woman who walked in wore, from bottom to top, black shoes with just a little heel; tight white sox that ended just before her knee; then her creamy white thighs gave way to the thinnest thong I had ever seen; then a plaid mini-skirt that didn't come close to covering her perfect ass cheeks; followed by a very short, very tight shirt with capped sleeves, unbuttoned down the middle, revealing a red bra that covered what I imagined where fantastic breasts. She had a bow in her hair to complete the naughty schoolgirl look, and then stuck out her bottom lip when we made eye contact.

"He doesn't look like he likes me," she pouted.

My wife laughed. Jackie looked uncertain.

For this girl dressed up as a succubus from an all-girls' school was Lisa—my sister-in-law.


I guess I should explain about my wife's sister.

I've known her for the ten years my wife and I have been together (dating, engagement, marriage). She's just over four years younger than I am (she'll be turning 24 next month) and decided to go to school out here when my wife and I announced we were moving.

About three years ago, right before she turned 21, she came home from college for the summer and joined my coed sand volleyball team. (My wife didn't play and rarely attended—she didn't enjoy the game much.)

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