tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersShe Makes Him into a Better Lover

She Makes Him into a Better Lover


The orgasm rippled through Jenny's sensuous body as she tried to muffle her moan. As usual, she was masturbating on their living room couch after she and Eric made love. As usual, their lovemaking left her unfulfilled. As usual, she was forced to finger herself until she was satisfied. Tonight she brought herself off twice because Eric was particularly clumsy and had left her especially frustrated. She only succeeded in partly muffling her moans, but Eric was asleep upstairs, as usual, and did not notice.

With a sigh, for the thousandth time Jenny reflected that her marriage was perfect, except sexually. Eric was willing and eager, but possibly was the world's worst lover. He had no clue about what made a woman happy. No clue about sexual timing or subtlety of any type. He simply could not place himself in the position of a woman even slightly, and for this reason could not even guess what would make her satisfied in bed. Out of bed he was the ideal guy - but in bed he was pathetic.

Jenny had tried telling him what to do sexually. First she told him subtly, then more explicitly, and then hit him over the head with instructions. She bought him books, magazines, and videos, all to no avail. In fact, she had not had an orgasm with him in well over a year. At the risk of being immodest, she knew that she had a sexy body and a passionate nature. She did not want to live a life of celibacy however, and if she could help it, wanted more sexually than her own index finger. If only she could think of some way to make Eric into a better lover.

The next day was Saturday, and Jenny spent it, as usual, traveling to yard sales and estate sales, looking for anything that caught her eye. She went to a house selling the estate of "Madam Blatafsky," who had died childless. As Jenny looked at the strange assortment of odds and ends that had comprised her estate, including a number of occult items, one item struck her eye: a box marked "Gender Change Potion". When she opened it Jenny saw 2 small bottles, labeled "Gender Change Potion" and "Antidote." Thinking back to the night before, Jenny had an inspiration. A dangerous inspiration, to be sure, because it could involve some incredibly unpleasant things for her. Or would it? It would be a gamble, that was certain. A high risk gamble, for sure. But she would try anything to save her marriage. She would try her plan. Unpleasant as it might be, it must be better that knowing that her future sex life consisted only of masturbation on the couch. It had to be. Or so she thought.

The next day Jenny told Eric that she had heard wonderful things about a beach with week long all-inclusive packages. He readily agreed to go. She made the reservations for that Friday, and when the day came they departed.

They checked into the resort and entered their room. Jenny then said to Eric, "Here is a, a sort-of welcome to the beach drink. After you drink it I promise we'll have a good time." Eric grinned, figuring it was an alcoholic beverage to loosen him up a bit, so he drank it. Nothing happened for a few seconds, but then, rapidly, he began to change into a woman. His nipples and breasts quickly grew, his body hair fell out while the hair on his head grew, his body shape changed, and his cock shrank into a clit. In a few minutes he was completely female. Stunned, he looked at Jenny as the transformation stopped.

"Eric - please forgive me. But you know all of the problems we have been having in bed. I figured that the only way for you to become a better lover was for you to experience what it is like to be a woman for a while. I apologize for turning you into one without first consulting you. I know that I should have. But I love you, and was nervous that you might say "no". And it's only for a week. Look - here is the antidote - keep it. You can change yourself back any time you want. If being a woman is too terrible for you don't have to wait the full week."

Jenny then took off Eric's now ill-fitting shirt, and exclaimed with a seductive tone of voice, "Besides, you sure have become a great looking woman - pretty and sexy! What a great rack - much better then mine, in fact! Please - for me - stay this way for one short week. And I promise that you will have a great time. I also promise that I'll make it up to you - starting right now." With those words Jenny embraced the quaking, dumbfounded Eric and kissed him passionately, their breasts pressing together. Their kiss seemed to freeze time, as Eric noted that his lips felt different from the previous times he and Jenny had kissed. Moreover, his entire body seemed to be responding. Eric's naked girl nipples quickly became firm and pressed into Jenny's hardening nipples. After the kiss ended Jenny kissed him on the neck and face and then looked at him expectantly. Eric recovered from the kiss, and looked down at his chest and smiled. To himself he said, "So this is what a woman feels when she kisses. I wonder what it would feel like to do other things? This might be very interesting!" So he simply said, "Anything for you. I love you."

Jenny breathed a sigh that Eric had taken it so well and gave him a bikini to wear. "Eric, I'm going to leave you alone now. I'm going to go out on the beach and I want you to stay here and get to know your new body. I'll take my cell phone - call me when you have finished - finished yourself off, actually," she said with a smile. Then she grabbed a beach towel, said "Have fun" and left.

Eric was too stunned to move for a few minutes after Jenny left. But then he took off his remaining clothing and looked at himself in a full length mirror. My god - he was indeed beautiful. Stunning, in fact. He was now his own Dream Girl, the kind of woman that almost any man - and many women - would kill to get into bed. The kind that was so far out of his league that he would never have dared to ask her out. The stuff of his fantasies. But while he has always considered this the perfect female body, he had never thought about actually inhabiting it - only about somehow getting it to bed with him.

Eric kept his eyes on the mirror and slowly stroked his clit. He saw his already erect nipples become even harder, and this turned him on even more. Alternately looking at his reflection in the mirror and his new tits he came quickly, an intense orgasm. "So this is what it feels like to a girl when she comes!"

And then a new sensation happened. He was horny again immediately! No waiting at all! Super! And this time he would involve his nipples as well. Eric laid on their bed on his back and rubbed his right nipple with his left hand while he stroked his clit with his right hand. The sensations were not to be believed! His entire body felt like his cock had usually felt when the old Eric was about to come. He could not believe that it could get any better -- but it did. For the first time in his life he moaned out loud while about to come - no wonder women vocalized more than men; the pleasure was so much they - and now he - could not hold back crying out. And having sensitive nipples made his head spin as he soared higher and higher, and then he came, in an orgasm that was as different from Eric's orgasms as his new breasts were from Eric's breasts. My god it was fantastic!

Now that the 2 orgasms took the edge off of his horniness, he could start to explore his new body slowly, leisurely. So this is what a nipple felt like from the other side! And this is what a clit feels like when rubbed on - wonder what it feels like when licked or sucked?

After several hours he called Jenny, who returned but did not touch him. In fact, they both were so exhausted they went to sleep after only exchanging goodnight kisses. But the next day Jennifer woke and then playfully woke Eric by rubbing on his back. "Good morning, beautiful sweetheart. Just to help you get you into the mood, from now on I'm going to call you "Erica" if its OK. For today, I don't want you to do anything. Just lie there in your gorgeous body on the bed and soak up the pleasure while I ravish you. I'll do all the work. You just get used to your new beautiful female body. Learn how it works. Learn what pleases you. Be selfish and passive until I tell you to become more active. OK, love?"

Eric - Erica - did what he - she - was told and laid there while Jenny went to work on him - her. Eric soon began to feel pleasure throughout his new body, but this experimentation was tough for Jenny. She had never before even done as much as kiss a woman in a sexual way. She repeatedly had to tell herself that this was just a role playing exercise that she had to do for the sake of her marriage. The reality of touching - let along fondling and sucking - another woman would of course feel so very strange to her. Once she had decided to give Eric the potion Jenny had quickly gone to a sex shop and purchased lesbian sex videos, magazines, and books. She knew in theory how to make love with another woman. But to actually do it was something else. She had succeeded in kissing Erica - but could she go further?

Another problem was that Eric was now much sexier than she was. She could not help feel jealous of her husband. He was now prettier than her, his tits were larger, his rear was curvier. She now felt almost like the man in the relationship - because her husband was so much more of a woman than she was.

But Jenny was determined to save her marriage, so she cleared her head and mustered her willpower. She kissed him again, first gently and then with more passion. She was relieved to find that it was not so bad. In fact, she kind of liked it. So soft and sweet, so gentle. And then she began in earnest to make love to him. Gently at first, slowly and tentatively. First kissing his neck, and then going lower. And then bolder with each passing minute.

Jenny could see that Erica was enjoying it. In fact, Erica was almost overcome with her rising passion. "Do you like it, my darling husband?" Please tell he what you are feeling." Erica replied, "Yes. I love it. Its incredible. Like nothing I ever dreamed of. Its, its, its, -- yes.. YES!! Oh God, yes, yes! yes!!!!!! Oh Godddddddddd." And Erica came much more intensely than Eric had ever come in his life.

By the end of the session Jenny has done almost everything to and for Erica that 2 women could possibly do together. For their first 2 full days they made love morning, afternoon, and evening - as frequently as a heterosexual couple can do only in their dreams, but only horny lesbian couples can do in reality.

While they were making love, at first Jenny would close her eyes and try to pretend that Erica was still a man. She could do this when she kissed Erica's mouth and could even sort-of pretend when she kissed his face, neck, and shoulders. She could even pretend she was with Eric when she sucked Erica's nipples. But when she went down on his cunt there was no pretending. Erica came again and again, and Jenny had to admit that she liked making him come. Of course she liked pleasing her husband. It was fun watching this gorgeous woman thrash uncontrollably. And now she was pleasing him over and over.

Jenny and Eric even did things that no man could possibly do for a woman. Jenny did these things just to give Eric an idea what a woman's body can do, even if it involved sexual activity that Eric would never be able to do for Jenny. For example, Jenny rubbed her hard nipple on Erica's clit until she came. Jenny even got on top, spread her cunt lips, got into a scissor position, and rubbed clit on clit until Erica came repeatedly - just to show Eric what a woman's body was capable of! And, despite her initial hesitations, Jenny was starting to like making Erica come, even to enjoy it. In fact, during the mutual clit rubbing - with her on top, rubbing her clit onto Eric's clit while sucking on her breasts, and looking down at the beautiful goddess that belonged to her - Jenny came. She came for the first time while making love with her husband in -- she couldn't even remember how long. Here she was trying to make him - her - come, and she came as well!

The fourth day Jenny announced to Erica that they would reverse roles. Today Erica would do to Jenny exactly what Jenny had done to her for the past two days. Jenny would be totally passive while Erica took the lead. Erica readily agreed, and started to make crazy, steamy love to her.

It soon became clear that Erica had learned his (her) lessons well. He (she) had become an astonishingly accomplished lover, receptive to Jenny's every response and desire, a Don Juan (Donna Juan?) of the art of lovemaking, more adept at making a woman come than a man who has seduced dozens of women.

Perhaps it was her year of masturbating on the couch. Perhaps Jenny's bisexual side was stronger than she realized. It could have been the fact that Erica was so pretty. Or perhaps Erika now had a womanly knowledge of exactly how a woman's body worked that no man could ever possess. Or perhaps because Erica was now a woman she just so darn great at pleasing a woman that any woman, so matter how straight, couldn't have resisted. Regardless, Jenny exploded with orgasms, as if a year's worth of pleasure all tried to come to the surface and be released at once. In fact, Jenny nearly passed out from the ecstasy. She thought to herself that maybe the old lesbian saying is true - maybe only a woman truly knows how to please a woman. Regardless, her plan was working perfectly.

Erica too loved the clit-on clit action. Her clit was ½ inch long when erect, and when she climbed on top of Jenny she could symbolically penetrate her. In fact, this quickly became their favorite sex position. They even made up games to go along with it. After they kissed long and hard and felt each other up over and over and were ready, Jenny would say, "Eric, my husband, what a nice cock you have. Will you please fuck me with it?" Erica would climb onto Jenny and say, "Of course. It's my duty as your husband to fuck you with my cock. You just lie there and come." Then Erica would grind her clit into Jenny's clit until they both came and came.

On the 6th day Jenny announced to Eric that from now on they would both be active. With a gleam in her eyes she looked at her beautiful lover: "Now we ravish each other. Now its two tigresses going at it. Now its passion thrashing with passion with no stops. Not fire and water, not day and night - its 2 different kinds of fire each combining into a hotter and hotter and hotter flame. Now my husband and I will have an orgy the likes of which no man has ever known, the likes of which only 2 passionate women could even dream of." Sure enough, an indescribable day long orgy blissfully ensued. But even tigresses become exhausted, and they fell asleep holding one another and saying how much they loved each other.

The seventh day Erica woke up and looked lovingly at Jenny, who stirred her naked body and looked back, and said to Erica: "I love you. Thank you so much for going along with my experiment. You're the best husband ever! A penny for your thoughts?" Erica replied that she was sad because this was the last day of their vacation, the end of their experiment. But she did not want it to end. "This has been the happiest week of my life - and -- and --"

Erica paused. She paused some more, and with great effort breathed in and out, trembled, and finally said, "I don't want to change back. I want to be a girl forever. In fact, yesterday after you went to sleep I destroyed the antidote. I apologize for becoming a girl forever without first consulting you. I know that I should have. But I love you, and was nervous that you might say "no". Please forgive me. I'll make it up to you."

Jenny was dumbstruck. Those were her exact words. That was exactly what she had said to Eric when she gave him the potion at the start of their vacation. What could she now say or do except to kiss him? As had happened when they first kissed during the past week, their breasts mashed together, nipples getting harder and harder, building the eroticism, and Jenny replied, "I love you too. You are now the perfect husband and the perfect man and you've made me the happiest wife in the world." Jenny was happy that she had saved their marriage and that her wishes had come true. No more masturbating on the couch! Instead, she could look forward to endless orgies with her perfect lover. Life was great. It just hadn't quite worked out in the exact way she had expected.

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