tagLoving WivesShe-Male Chronicles Ch. 2

She-Male Chronicles Ch. 2

byAnal Slave©

Shemale Chronicles Pt. 2

Well here I am again bent over the edge of the bed while my wife fucks me with her strap-on dildo. I am grinding my ass down hard on her big toy and she is fucking me with force. My cock is limp and is swinging around like a big clit but I enjoy getting ass fucked and my wife loves to fuck me with her strap-on sometimes she will slide her fingers in my ass along side the strap-on and that feels good. The only thing I don’t like about being ass fucked is that if she fucks me for along time all my cum is used up by pre-cum and I wont have any to shoot out of my cock.

You know a strap-on dildo doesn’t get soft it stays hard forever. And my asshole has a lot of miles on it from a strap-on dildo. As she was fucking me a couple friends of hers stopped by to see her, she answered the door with her John Holmes dildo on in plain view of everybody She told the ladies to come in and sit down that she was just finishing up with fucking my ass, she said watch how easy this monster goes in his cute ass as she stuck the fake cock back up my ass.

She fucked me for about another 5 minutes, the other ladies was grabbing my balls and rolling them around in their hands. One of them started sucking on my cock and licking the head of it. It felt like I was coming but no cum was cumming out. I felt the big dildo slip out of my ass and I felt a tongue go deep in my ass, one lady was sucking my cock and the other one was rimming my asshole. I reached down and grabbed one of the ladies by the cunt as I stuck my hand in her dress to play with her pussy a huge cock jumped out. This woman was a she-male and I was so horny all I could do was suck on it. My wife was sitting there watching me suck off this she-male with a huge cock, she kept saying suck his cock good, swallow his cum.

Then she got down behind the she-male that was sucking my cock and stuck her strap-on cock up his/her asshole and started fucking her. It was a horny site here I was sucking this beautiful women with a huge cock and my wife was fucking him with a strap-on dildo. He shot a big load of cum down my throat and I milked his balls for more. When I was done there was the other women that came over and lifted her skirt. I seen a massive set of balls attached to a very big, hard cock on this woman. They were both she-males and they loved to be sucked off. I sucked a couple loads of cum out of their cocks in a matter of minutes. Both of them said they had been saving up there cum for me today.

And that they both wanted to fuck me in the ass and make me cum. My wife had me spread my legs out and get on my back one of the she-males came over and started working his cock in my ass it felt so good having a cock in my ass. I remember not to long ago I had never had a cock up my ass. Now I love to have my ass played with. The big she-male cock was splitting my ass into. But I love to be ass fucked long and hard.

My wife came over and her pussy was full of cum, I just dropped down on my knees and started sucking the sperm out of her well fucked pussy she said she loved seeing me suck and fuck her pussy and she wanted me to clean up his asshole to. When I was done she told me she had a new toy lying in the bathroom she told me to get up and go put it on. I walked into the bathroom and there was a black dildo that strapped around your nose, you could fuck somebody and eat their pussy too. I put the dildo on over my nose and came back into the bedroom, my wife had me lay down on the bed and she got up and stuck her cunt over my face and lowered hers pussy onto my face sticking the black dildo up her cunt, then she started going up and down fucking my face dildo.

It was the best seat in the house she was fucking my face and I could see everything, I was surprised to see the lips on her pussy pulling and sucking on the face dildo. After my wife cum 2 or 3 times she got off of my face and one of the she-males came over and my wife told her to sit down on my face and fuck him/herself. I looked up and here come two big balls and a asshole sitting down on my face his ass took my face dido right up to his balls.

My wife came over and told me to be sucking his balls. Here I was with a dildo strapped to my face and a she-male with a big cock and deep ass sitting with my face-dildo buried in his ass, he is not moving and I am sucking on his balls while my wife is jacking him off. Just before he started to cum he started fucking my face and his balls jerked out of my mouth. He shot a big load of cum in my wife’s mouth and I could hear her saying come on big boy give me some more of that she-male cream as he was slipping his ass off of my face-dildo. I went into the bathroom and washed my face and when I came out the two she-males was gone. I crawled into the bed and me and the wife went to sleep.

If you like this kind of story e-mail me some ideas

To be continued

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