tagFetishShe-Male Cream Ch. 1

She-Male Cream Ch. 1

byAnal Slave©

Well it all started when I was about 18 I lived in an area that a lot of transvestites lived and hung around. Some of them you couldn't tell if they were male or female unless they had their clothes off. My first encounter with a she-male went like this I was driving down the road and I looked ahead and they were the prettiest woman I ever saw hitchhiking.

I stopped and picked her up, she said her car was broke down and she needed a ride to work. She got in the car and I couldn't help but notice her long sexy legs and her nice round ass. We started talking and the next thing you knew we were talking about sex. I told her that I had never had oral sex before. She said you poor thing do you want me to suck your cock and show you how good it feels? I said sure as I was pulling my pants and underwear down. Her long fingers had beautiful painted fingernails and she reached over and started pumping my shaft up and down. I told her that my girlfriend jacked my cock off once in awhile that she loved to see me squirt my cum out of my cock, but she acted like it was acid and didn't want to get any of it on her.

She was scared of the cum you would have thought it would have killed her. She always wiped it up with a Kleenex. Well I ask the woman what her name was and she said Carol. I said Carol you are making my cock feel real good with all the pumping action. She said how is this as she stuck my whole cock in her mouth, I damn near ran out of the road, I yelled Carol I need to pull over somewhere I can't drive while you are sucking my cock so I pulled in behind a store and stopped.

Carol was like a wild animal she had my thick shaft harder than it has ever been. She was pulling on my balls and licking under the head of my cock. She would come up for air and said she loved sucking young cocks that they were so full of live. She then sucked my cock down her throat and I shot a load of cum that filled her mouth full and she sucked every drop of my cum. She sat back up and wiped her mouth off and said can we go now I am going to be late for work.

I started the car up and got back in the road I felt light headed from finally getting my cock sucked. I ask her if I could see her again. She said if you want to pick me up at 5:30 I'd wait for you. I said; I would be waiting. Then she said right here is where I work at, I stopped the car in front of the building and she got out and said I will see you at 5:30. She stuck her head down and gave me a kiss, I thought I tasted something a little tart in her mouth but I never thought about it being some of my cum maybe.

I drove as fast as I could back home I couldn't get out of the car fast enough I ran into the house, went up to my bedroom and took off my clothes grabbed the vaseoline and started jacking my cock off thinking about what just happen to me. It didn't take long for me to shoot cum all over my stomach. I couldn't wait for 5:30 to roll around. At 5:30 I was sitting out in the car when she came out and got into the car she kissed me on the lips and said how was your day? I said I have been thinking of you all day and my cock has been hard since that blow-job this morning. She said that when we get to her house she would have a real treat for me as she rubbed the front of my pants with her hand. I drove fast as I could to her house we got out and went inside. She went to the refrigerator and got us a couple cokes we was sitting there drinking are cokes and talking I ask her how old she was and she said 28. I said oh I would have never guessed you being 10 years older than me.

As I was drinking my coke I felt light headed and must have passed out because when I awoke I was strapped down on a bed and there was sex toys hanging all over the wall I was scared and yelled for Carol. She came into the room dressed in all tight black latex she told me not to be scared that she was going to make me feel real good and this was just part of the act. I didn't know what she meant but when she started sucking on my cock and balls I forgot about being scared.

She told me there was so many things that they could do to each other to make each other happy She pulled out a piece of rope and tied it around my balls, my cock grew even harder I ask her what that was for? She said to keep me from cumming so fast she then lifted my legs over my head and started licking my asshole. I started moaning and bucking my ass around on the bed, she looked up and said how do you like that I said it felt like heaven. She than un tied my balls and started sucking my cock again I shot a load of cum so hard I thought it blew the end of my cock off. She swallowed all of my love juice and ask me if I ever tasted cum before? I said I was real horny one time and wiped the pre-cum off of my cock and ate it. She ask me if I ever thought about sucking a cock. I told her that I wished I could suck my own cock.

She said that would be impossible then she stood back and said the reason I have you tied down is this; she pulled her black latex mini skirt down and there was a huge shaved cock looking right at me. I started struggling and tried to get up. I said I couldn't believe I have been letting a guy suck my cock I must be a faggot. Carol said you are not gay that she was born with a cock but she is a woman. She told me like this; a man when he cums it is called sperm and when a she-male cums it is called She-Male cream. She said it taste different and I would learn to like the taste of it if I tried it.

I was still freaked out but she started sucking my cock again and it felt so good I started to relax again she said now isn't that better? I said yes it feels good and nobody has to know about are little secret anyhow right? Carol said that's right; I said are you going to make me cum again? She said not until you lick and suck my girl cock. I needed to cum so I told Carol to bring it up here and I would suck it. She stuck her girl cock in my face and I tasted my first she-male cock and it tasted real good. I ask Carol if she would untie the ropes that was holding me down and she said she would if I would put this cock cage on.

I said ok and Carol locked it over my balls and cock. She said that if I got out of hand she would pull my balls off; then she gave it a jerk and pain shot threw my balls she said do you understand? I said yes Carol I understand. She untied me and I sat up and grabbed Carol's girl cock and started sucking it. She told me to reach around her and play with her ass-pussy like I played with my girlfriend's pussy. I stuck a finger in her ass and started fucking it Carol grabbed my head and started fucking my mouth when Carol cum I ate most of the She-Male cream up It did taste different then my cum and I liked the taste of it. Carol said I did a wonderful job and that if I wanted to I could come over tomorrow and we would do something else.

I got up and told Carol that I would see her tomorrow and started to leave when Carol said do you mine taking me to work in the morning? I said sure I will; Carol said wear some loose shorts in the morning and don't put on any underwear. I said OK I will see you in the morning.

If you like she-male stories e-mail me your fantasies I get horny too

To be continued...

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