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She-Male Hookers

byAnal Slave©

It all started one Saturday night I was horny as hell and my girlfriend was out of town. I was driving threw the bad side of town when I looked on the side of the road and there stood a hooker. As I drove up she flashed her tits at me and that was enough for me. I stopped the car and she opened the door and started to get in, her skirt was real short and when she lifted her leg to get in the car I thought I seen a cock sticking out the bottom of her skirt.

I glanced back up at her face and she looked like an angel I thought to my self I must be seeing things. I had a nasty dream about a week ago and in that dream I had sucked a cock for my girlfriend, when I woke up my girlfriend was licking the cum off of my balls that I had spilled in my sleep. (Well enough of them nasty thoughts) The hooker introduced herself she said her name was Kim and she was out to have a little fun and to make some money tonight.

She was very straight foreword she said; what is your pleasure tonight? Do you want me to suck your cock and balls? Or do you want to fuck me in the ass? I will tell you up front I am on my period tonight so my pussy is off limits, if you want some pussy I have a girlfriend down the road that will let you fuck her cunt. She than reached over and said I see you have your cock out already you nasty boy. Have you been driving around with your cock sticking out of your pants like that?

I bet you have been stroking it and looking at all the pretty girls walking around. Then she lifted my cock up and said; you are a nasty boy is that a cock-ring you have on so you wont cum to fast? I damn near ran out of the road I said yes it is a cock-ring and I want to know how much it is going to cost to have you suck my cock? Kim said I will lick your cock and suck your balls till you are ready to explode, then I will suck your cock down my throat and force your cum out of your cock with more force then you have ever seen or felt. I will then swallow the sperm and lick your cock clean before I zip it back in your pants and I will do all of that for 25 dollars.

I have never heard a women talk like that before my cock was rock hard. I said Kim how much would it cost to spend the entire night with you? She said since she is on her period she would cut me a deal then she spoke up and said; but don't let that worry you I have the deepest and tightest asshole that you have ever fucked and I love to be ass fucked better than any thing I will also lick your asshole while I jack your cock off I am a lot of fun. I was thinking to my self Damn this bitch is sexy and I love the way she talks nasty it makes me feel real nasty and perverted.

She said; I see your thinking about it honey let me just say this if in the morning when I have to leave if you can get your cock hard and can cum just a little, the night will be FREE you will owe me nothing, and I will lick the cum off of your cock, but if you try to cum and can't you owe me $150.00 dollars. I figure I was going to suck at least six cocks tonight so 6X25 would be 150 dollars. She than rammed by cock down her throat and It felt very good, she didn't wrap her lips around it, she had her mouth wide open with my cock lodged in her throat, she than jerked her head back up and said do we have a deal. I said YES and my cock said YESSSS. Kim said; my place or yours? I can do a much better job of giving you a night to remember at my place! She said: OK its your place, show me the way, Kim started telling me how to get there as she used her hand to massage my balls, and I felt my cock jump when she squeezed them.

Then she flicked the tip of my cock with her tongue, tasting a bit sweet pre-cum that had formed around my pee-hole. Then she said I need my money up front and if you secede cumming in the morning I will give you your money back. I pulled out the money and handed it to her she laid her head back in my lap and sucked my cock all the way to her house were we got out and went in she was holding on to my cock leading me around.

I didn't notice how tall she was till we stood up she had to be at least six foot 2" with her heels on. We sat down in the living room and she ask me if I would like a drink? I said; yes and she went to fix me one in the mean time I took my clothes off and was sitting there naked except for my cock-ring when she returned she sat the drinks on the table and looked at me while I was jacking off she said; you are a very nasty boy. Do you like playing with your cock in front of people? I said; I like playing with my cock anytime now get over here and suck my cock.

Kim was down on her knees she inhaled my whole cock down her throat she was making all kinds of slurping sounds as my cock and balls were coated in her saliva. She reached at the base of my cock and released the cock-ring she sucked me real hard and kept sucking pressure on my cock just as I was about to cum she released my cock from her mouth and stated licking my asshole. I had seen this done in dirty movies but it felt a lot better in person I was falling in love with Kim. She finally quite licking my asshole and was sucking my balls in her mouth I could feel cum slipping out of my cock when she started sucking my cock again and I cum like I never cum before.

Shot after shot of hot creamy cum, and Kim sucked every bit of it down her throat. She licked my cock and cleaned up her mess then she looked up at me and said; that was some good tasting sperm, I want some more. She ask me if I had ever been tied up and fucked? I said; no and she said good I will tie you up to the bed and fuck you. (I was thinking boy I bet her asshole is tight)

She tied me up and started doing a strip tease she took off her bra and her big tits and hard nipples were standing straight up. She paused about taking her panties off and I was begging her to at least show me her pussy. My cock was rock hard again and she started sucking it again I was enjoying the blowjob when I looked down at her crotch and she was masturbating an 11" cock the biggest cock I have ever seen.

I Yelled out KIM you are a man….you have a cock….you are a she-male. Kim stood up and said; that's right I have a full functional cock and before the night is over I am going to fuck you with it. You told me you like to play with your cock, here play with this cock. I was so horny I knew nobody would know about this so I reached up and took Kim's cock in my hand and started rubbing it after about 3 minutes I was begging Kim to slip her cock into my mouth. She did and I sucked it like sucking a baby bottle and Kim cum all over my face I couldn't swallow all of her cum so she shot it on my face.

She then got up and left the room when she returned she had two other she-males with her. Between the three of them they sucked my cock and balls and licked my ass at the same time. My cock would not be soft for more than 5 minutes after they made me cum I don't remember how many times they started playing around with my asshole, One of the she-males got over my face and another one got behind her and stuck her cock in the other she-male's asshole right there in front of my face. I had a beautiful view of a she-male getting fucked in the ass. Just then the one that was doing the fucking started cumming and she pulled it out of the other one's asshole and shot the cum all over my lips were I was licking and trying to get as much cum as I could in my mouth. After that show Kim got behind me and started pushing her huge 11-inch cock up my asshole.

At first I thought it was going to split me into but after a few minutes I caught myself fucking back on her cock. It felt so good with that cock in my ass and I was sucking one of the she-males cocks at the same time. I had turned into a cock loving nasty whore slut and I loved it. They all took turns fucking my asshole when one was done another took her place, they was also making me suck there cocks and they was sucking my cock too while they fucked me.

We all fell a sleep about 5:30 in the morning my cock ran out of sperm about 3 am. And I wasn't able to cum the next morning hell I couldn't even sit down I was walking like I had been riding a horse, a very big horse. I thanked Kim the next morning for opening up a whole new world of sexual bliss and then I dropped down and sucked by breakfast out of Kim's cock I called it Carnation instant cum.

(life is funny I had never sucked a cock before I ran into Kim the she-male now I have the hunger to suck large thick she-male cocks only) If you like this story eat a load of your cum for me! And e-mail me and tell me about it.)

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