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She Needs More


Trish and I had started seeing other men for some fun and adventure a few weeks back. Trish wanted to spice up our love life by inviting other men to our bed. I liked the idea of seeing another mans cock inside my wife and I wanted to feel his hot cum on my cock when I pushed it in her loving pussy. We were enjoying together the fun of other men enjoying Trish's talents.

She was very happy about the fact that I was eager to go a long with her idea. Only I didn't know how much she was going to enjoy having other men deposit their loads in her welcoming body. I was soon to find out how much she did enjoy all the cock and cum she was getting.

This story happened one day I came home from work early. It was an overcast day with a chance of rain. There was not much going on at work, so I left early with the thought that I might get lucky when I got home. The children would be at day care today till 6 and it was only 1 so I knew that there would be plenty of time to get lucky.

When I arrived home, it was just beginning to drizzle rain and I noticed that the laundry was hanging on the line. I went in the basement to get a basket to put the laundry in. Once I got the laundry in I started to go up stairs and I could hear talking through the air vent. Trish was talking to someone but I didn't know who it was and it was coming from our bedroom.

I went back outside to see if I noticed a car. When I went around the house I saw that there was not a car at our house, however my neighbor was at work and their was a car at his house. I knew that the car didn't belong to him but I had saw it before. I tried to think where I remembered it from when it dawned on me. This car belonged to Jerry, we had met him last week and did not know if we wanted to get together with him or not. I guess Trish decided that she wanted to get together with him.

I went back in the basement and made my way up stairs as quietly as possible. I got to the kitchen and no one heard me. I then made my way to the living room and I had a clear view to my bedroom. The door was wide open; I don't guess there was any need to close it. No one was to be home till after 6 so it would not make any difference if the door was open or closed.

I got a chair and set it in a place that I could see in the bedroom but it would be difficult to notice if someone was in the living room. I sat down and watched my wife on her knees with Jerry's cock in her mouth. They must have just gotten started because they both still had their clothes on.

Trish had Jerry's pants unzipped and had his cock in her hand and was sliding her mouth over his cock as she stroked his meat off in her mouth. This guy was like a jack rabbit, I had never saw someone move their hips that fast for a blow job. It didn't take any time at all for him to grab the back of her head and start fucking her throat. I could hear her gage as he held her tight to his balls and pumped his cum down her throat.

When he finished feeling Trish's mouth and throat with his hot seed, Trish pulled her mouth from his cock and told him, "That was a nice size load of cum you gave me." She then wiped the remainder of his seed from her lips then said, "I hope that there is plenty more where that came from?"

Jerry smiled and said, "Baby, I never cum less than four times when I fuck."

"Oh, good. I love to feel a number of loads in me." Trish told him.

Jerry then helped Trish up and started to undress her. Once she was naked he laid her on the bed and started kissing and licking his way down her body. I watched him take each of her nipples in his mouth and lick, suck and bite them. Each time he would bite one of her nipples I could see her pull her head back in pain.

I started to notice that every time he would bite her that the pain was making her horny. She started moaning as he bet her nipples and then she reached her hand down and started finger fucking herself. She had always told me that she didn't like biting, but I could tell that it was something that she saved for the right moment or the right person. I could see at this point that Trish was so fucking horny that she would do anything for this guy.

He kept biting and sucking her left tit, I could tell that he was biting very hard and was sucking a hickey beside her nipple. When he stopped biting her left nipple he looked at her and said, "Dose your husband knows that we are fucking today?"

She said, "No, but what he doesn't know want hurt him."

"What are you going to tell him about all the bite marks?" Jerry asked.

Trish answered, "I don't know, maybe I will only fuck him in the dark till they go away."

She grabbed his head and held it to her other tit and told him, "Just don't stop doing that, you are driving me fucking crazy."

As I heard her say that, I watched her push 4 fingers in her open cunt and scream in orgasmic bliss. She was cumming so hard, she was slamming her fingers in her cunt as hard as she could. I could see her cum dripping off her hand as Jerry kept sucking and biting her titties.

After Trish finished cumming on her fingers she said, "Now, suck and bite my pussy you horny bastard."

"I want you to tongue fuck me and suck and bite my pussy lips and clit." Trish said. "And make sure that you bite my pussy as hard as you were biting my titties." Jerry did as he was told. He took her clit in his mouth, flicked his tongue over the hard little nub and then started to suck on it. I watched as Trish humped to his mouth and then I saw him bite her clit very hard. I could see the look of pleasure and pain on her face.

"GOD DAMN, GOD DAMN, KEEP FUCKING DOING THAT. Bite my FUCKING CILT you bastard." Trish screamed.

Jerry kept up his biting till Trish started to cum again. Once she started to have another orgasm Jerry started to tongue fuck her wet gash. I could see Jerry's tongue fucking in and out of my wife's love hole.

Trish looked at Jerry with lust in her eyes and said, "I need that fucking cock in me now."

Jerry didn't waste any time getting his clothes off. I was surprised when I saw him naked. He didn't have a very long cock, only about 5 inches long, but I had never saw a cock that thick. It was as big around as my wrist, which would be about 2 ½ inches across. I had a very good view of the two of them getting ready to fuck. Then it hit me, I should get the video recorder and film this.

I got up and made my way to the recorder and tri-pod so I could set it up. When I got back over to my chair, Jerry was on the bed and was fucking his cock in Trish's mouth. He was telling her to get his cock good and wet so that he could get it in her cunt with ease. I then hit record on the machine so I could watch this again another time.

Jerry pulled his cock from Trish's mouth and asked, "Are you ready for me to put my fat cock in you?"

Trish answered, "Oh Fuck Yes put that Fat Cock In My Cunt."

I was now seeing how my wife will act when I am not around. I had never saw her this open with anyone but me. But she would not even let me bite on her. This guy was doing things to her that I didn't know that she even liked. Then I found out the reason that she was so open with him.

"I can't believe that I haven't fucked you in over ten years and you are as horny now as you were then." Jerry said.

"When we met with your husband, why didn't you just tell him who I was?" Jerry asked.

Trish answered, "Because, He knows how much I enjoyed fucking you before he and I met and I didn't think he would like for me to fuck you again."

"Now, shut the fuck up and give me that fat fucking cock that I have been missing." Trish said.

I thought, Jerry. That is the guy that she said was dating her friend and he would meet Trish after he dropped his girlfriend off. They would get together and Trish said that she would suck and fuck him after he finished doing his girlfriend. She told me that even after he had fucked her friend he would still give her at least 3 loads of cum when they got together.

By now I was very horny watching my wife in action. But now I was watching her with a former lover. I had to take my clothes off and rub my cock while I watched her former lover have his way with her. I also now understood why Trish was wanting for us to get together with him. I just couldn't believe that she would do it without me. But, from seeing how thick his cock was I did understand why she wanted it again.

"Will you just shut up and Fuck me. I need that fat cock in my pussy and ass before my husband gets home." Trish told him.

With that Jerry took his over sized cock and pushed the head inside Trish's cunt. Trish's eyes rolled back in her head when she felt all that fat meat sink inside her. Once Jerry had entered my wife completely I saw her claw his back and wrap her legs around his ass to pull him deeper.

"I have thought about this fucking cock for years and now I have it again." Trish said.

I watched as my wife humped against her former lovers cock. I could see her pussy lips stretched apart to the point that they looked like they would tear apart. Trish kept humping up to Jerry with lust I had never saw before.

Jerry then started biting on Trish's tits again. This time he was even harder than before. He was twisting her tits in his hands and biting her nipples as he shoved his fat cock in her gapping cunt. After every bite you could see the blood rushing to the skin. There would be no way that she could hide those bite marks. Then he stopped biting her tits and then started biting her neck. Trish didn't think about what was going on all she was thinking about was how good he was fucking her again

"What do you think your old man would say if he knew you were fucking me again?" Jerry asked.

"I don't know and don't care right now. Just keep fucking me with that fat cock." Trish told him.

Jerry then grabbed her hair in one hand and pulled her head back. He started sucking on her neck while with the other hand he was twisting her nipple very hard and shoved his cock all the way in her pussy and started flexing his ass. I knew that he was dumping his load in her cunt.

Trish was screaming in lust as Jerry fucked her like a rag doll. She couldn't stop humping and screaming as she was being drilled. Then I saw it, his thick hot load of cum being forced out of her pussy. His juice was running down her pussy lips and over her ass hole.

"Don't finish cumming yet!" Trish screamed. "Shove that fat cock in my ass and finish dumping that load in me!"

Jerry didn't miss a beat, he pulled his cock out of her pussy and with one fast motion he shoved his whole cock up her ass. Trish screamed in pain as he tore apart her ass. I could see tears run down her face as he took her with no mercy.

Even though Trish was in pain she was loving it. She was still humping her ass to meet his thrusts. Jerry was still pumping his cum inside her ass. I had never saw anyone cum this much. I saw him pump her pussy full then shot a stream over her ass, then he shoved his cock in and was finishing in her ass.

Trish was screaming, "I can't fucking believe that I have done without this for so long."


After Trish finished her orgasm, Jerry fell on top of her while his cock was still in her ass. This gave me time to clean the cum off my hand, put up the video recorder, get dressed and leave.

I got back home after six with the children and Trish was finishing dinner. I came in the kitchen to see her dressed in shorts and a sweat jacket zipped all the way up. I guess she didn't think that I would think this was strange.

I asked her, "Why the jacket, are you cold?" As I walked behind her and put my hands under her jacket to hold her braless tits. When I did this I could feel her nipples were swollen and hot. She also flinched in pain as I rolled her nipples in my fingers.

"I just was a little cool, so I thought I would wear a jacket." She said.

She looked at me to see if I believed her. I just told her that after the kids went to bed I had a surprise for her. She loves to be surprised, so she couldn't wait till later.

After we put the children to bed she asked what was her surprise. I just smiled and put the video tape in the player and watched the look on her face as she saw Jerry's cock disappear in her pussy. We had a fun night.

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