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She Never Fails to Deliver



I had been happily married for several years before I blossomed into a new woman by fulfilling my husband's ultimate fantasy. He had been trying to convince me to fuck other men ever since we started dating in undergrad, and his obsession was the focus of many a role playing session.

This pillow talk always got my motor running, and I must admit I was constantly tempted by the thought of spreading my legs and letting other men enter my body. Nevertheless, I managed to resist these urges, thinking that acting on these taboo desires could cause problems in my marriage.

I started having second thoughts when climbing the ladder put me in touch with a gorgeous man who I simply could not resist.

Big Promotion

I had beaten out the competition to land the role of Vice President of Human Resources. I was very ambitious in my career, putting in more than one superstar year at my company and getting promoted several times.

When this new position became available, I had to go for it. After going through the process of interviewing and convincing the appropriate executives of my qualifications, I was lucky enough to receive an offer with a generous raise.

All the extra initiative I had taken and all those extra hours I had worked had finally paid off. Now, my husband and I would be moving 3,000 miles across the country so that I could start my new role. The boost in pay was generous, and allowed hubby to quit his job and follow me to my new location. We were thrilled with my new compensation package, as we felt it would permit us to have the family we previously could not afford.

My First Day

The anticipation of starting my new role put my stomach in knots, and I hardly got any rest the night before I started my new position. On my first day at the company headquarters, I showed up early and received a tour. The main office was impressive, but nothing could have prepared me for the reaction I had upon meeting the CEO of my company.

Upon walking into the corner office and meeting my new employer, I was floored. His piercing brown eyes, chiseled features and charming smile made me instantly wet. His laid back nature put me at ease in spite of my arousal, and his natural confidence drew me in like a moth to the flame. As soon as I met this man, I felt endeared to him. He affected me strongly, and the reaction I experienced was impossible to hide.

I reached my hand out to this gorgeous specimen of a man, completely flustered and self-conscious about the impression I was making. Upon shaking his hand and feeling his firm grasp, my arousal became even more intense.

"I'm Paula" I said.

"I'm David," he replied. Simply touching his hand made my temperature go up a notch, and I found myself swooning. I was flustered and breathing heavily. I did my best to keep my lust under control during this first interaction. I couldn't help but dream of what he could do to my sensitive body with those strong hands.

Meeting this handsome man ignited a fire inside me, and it burned strong all throughout the day. I struggled to concentrate on the things he was teaching me, as I couldn't stop thinking about what his cock would feel like deep inside me.

My mind was caught up in a tempest of lust. All the roleplaying sessions with my husband came flooding back into my mind. I was overwhelmed with desire as I fantasized about all the different ways my new boss could take me. My husband's steady pillow talk had created a deep-seeded desire to pleasure someone else, and my hunger to sate this need felt more and more like starvation.


Late at night while he was thrusting in and out of me, my husband would whisper sweet nothings into my ear, telling me to imagine how good it would feel to have another man stretch my tight pussy. This fantasy became even more erotic after meeting my new boss, and having my husband whisper these taboo suggestions into my ear always warmed me to a boil. This dirty talk made for great sex, and my pussy was constantly soaked every time we had these fantasy sessions.

In spite of the great sex I had while roleplaying these fantasies, I was unwilling to cross over the line and make them into a reality. My husband had clearly given me permission to fuck other men, and was even encouraging it. I had resisted giving in to these strong desires ever since we started dating, but the burning longing I had for my boss made me wonder how long I would be able to hold out.

Falling under his spell

As the weeks passed at my company and I got into the swing of things, I quickly learned the ropes. I had always been strong in terms of critical analysis and brainstorming, and these skills helped me to prove my value early on. My sharp analytical abilities helped me to effectively pinpoint weak areas and I used my creative nature to design effective policies for my company. In a few short months, I had done much to impress the people I worked with.

I spent countless hours working closely with the chief executive of my company, and I felt myself slowly falling under his spell. I did what I could to resist these feelings, as I knew I shouldn't think that way about my boss. However, trying to resist these emotions was like swimming upstream. My attraction to him was undeniable, and I found myself thinking about him more and more with every passing day.

I was quickly overwhelmed by my feelings for this man, and I knew that I would have to do something about it soon. Every single time I visited his office, I couldn't stop thinking about what his cock would feel like stretching my famished pussy. Fantasizing about all the ways I wanted to please my handsome boss became my obsession.

I loved my husband dearly, and refused to let anyone else enter my body. I had been adamant about this point for several years, so dropping my guard now would certainly not be easy. However, my iron will was quickly deteriorating.

As the fantasies I had about this gorgeous man became increasingly frequent, I was slowly driven to a whole new level of desperation. As our mutual desire became increasingly obvious, I wondered how much longer I would be able to resist.

My husband never stopped the pillow talk about me taking another man inside my body, and my desire to finally fulfill his deep fantasy grew stronger every day. His encouragement only added fuel to the fire that was burning inside me. My willpower was wearing down and I knew I would soon be unable to resist.


One day, my situation took a decisive turn. I received a phone call from my little sister, who was a few years younger than me and had recently married a charming young man she met in college. She called to inform me that after months of trying, she had finally fallen pregnant and was expecting.

She told me that she was going to have a little girl, and that both she and her husband were thrilled. Her excitement and joy were impossible to miss, and I quickly found myself consumed with envy. After feeling myself become overwhelmed with desire to feel the same rapture, I decided right then and there what I had to do.

The answer had been there right in front of me. My husband had made it clear that he longed to see me take another man, and the mutual attraction between David and I was blatantly obvious. I wanted so very much to feel my boss's hard dick inside me, and I knew that he would not be able to resist if given the chance.

I couldn't wait to start a family, and letting him plant his seed inside me would mean both a baby for me to love and also plenty of money to raise my child. My boss was married with five kids, and I didn't think he would want the whole neighborhood to know if I had his child.


Later that night, as I was straddling my dearest hubby and lovingly massaging his hard cock with my eager pussy, I put my mouth next to his ear and seductively told him -

"Remember all those times you asked me to take another man as my lover?"

He breathed in deeply, before simply saying "yes."

"Just how much does the idea turn you on?"

He shuddered, and his cock lurched inside me and gained a newfound sense of hardness.

"I'm thinking about fulfilling your ultimate fantasy." I paused for a minute and let this sink in. In that brief instant, I could sense a change in his arousal. His heart began to beat faster and his breathing changed.

I was glad this discussion was having the desired effect. I moved my head right above his so I could look him dead in the eye.

"I can make your dream come true, baby. I can let another man enter my body, but it needs to happen my way."

A shiver went through his body and he stopped breathing for an instant. He grew hard as a rock inside me. With eyes wide open, he told me "that sounds amazing. Do whatever you want."

I beamed in that moment, radiating enthusiasm like a goddess and said "Good. Just so you know, I'm going off the pill tomorrow. I'm going to seduce my boss, and let him fuck me bareback as often as I want."

I paused briefly before glowingly informing him "you have been trying to convince me to fuck another man for years. "I'm going to go one step further and have his child."

He looked overjoyed and smiled broadly before enthusiastically saying "why don't you take fertility drugs. Maybe you will have his twins....or his triplets!"

This idea set me off like wildfire and I rode him like a madwoman until he dumped a huge load inside me. After collapsing by his side, we cuddled briefly before he recovered. He flipped me over and jackhammered me. He did not let up for a single instant as he pounded my soft flesh again and again.

We went on to have the best sex we had had in years. My new plan was apparently doing a great job of turning us both on, and I was glad I could spice things up a bit.


I went off the pill the very next day, and waited out the month until my hormones returned to normal. I soon started taking fertility pills to ensure the highest possible chance of conceiving. I spiced up my work attire and began wearing more liberal outfits to the office. I basically showed as much skin as I could without breaking the dress code.

I knew my boss could tell the difference in my attire, as a bulge started forming in his pants every time he saw me. He asked me one time if my dress might be a little too short, and I told him that it was compliant with the dress code. He never brought up the subject of my clothing again.

His body language made his desire unmistakable, and I could tell that his frustration was slowing building. I felt bad tantalizing him, but I had to be sure he was as aroused as possible when it came time to strike.

After bringing his desire to a boil over the course of several weeks, I stayed late in my office and waited until everyone except the CEO was gone. I was meeting my husband for dinner later, and I wanted to surprise him for his birthday.

Sating my Hunger

I strolled into my boss' office and told him that we had to talk. I closed the door, and then sauntered over to the object of my desire. I reached up and pulled his face to mine, kissing him hungrily. I feistily bit at his lips for a few minutes before telling him to sit down. He didn't protest, backing up and sitting in his comfortable leather chair.

I got on all fours, and crawled up to my boss. I went in for a gentle kiss, before breaking away and moving my head lower, positioning it right above his crotch. I made sure to maintain steady eye contact, and started to undo his zipper. I reached through his boxers and found what I had been waiting for ever since I met him.

I pulled his generous manhood out of his pants, and looked at it admiringly for a minute before lowering my lips to his hard member and sucking the sensitive flesh with vigor. I took a few more minutes to savor finally getting my mouth on this man's hard cock before standing up and pulling my top off.

I sat in his lap, straddling him. He quickly catered to my swollen, sensitive breasts. He softly fondled them for a few minutes before I pulled them out over the cups of my bra. I held my upturned mounds up for him like an offering.

He quickly latched his mouth onto my wanting right nipple, which immediately sent jolts of pleasure throughout my body. I moaned and lolled my head back and forth in ecstasy. I used my hands to push my breasts closer together so he could alternate between my sensitive nipples.

Feeling his hands and mouth skillfully stimulate my breasts drove me to an intense orgasm.

I wanted him so badly. I had to have him.

I sat up for a minute and moved my skirt up around my waist. I quickly and carefully grabbed his cock with my right hand and moved my panties firmly to the side with my left.

I placed the head of his thick cock to my starving pussy lips and slowly descended onto his thick shaft. We both let out sighs of satisfaction upon experiencing the union we needed so badly.

I started out slow, gently massaging his hard cock with my tight pussy. Once I got a steady rhythm down, I started to ride him aggressively. I had far too much pent up frustration that I needed to cleanse.

I continued to work my athletic hips up and down on this man that I had craved for months as he caressed and fondled and sucked my sensitive breasts. I was in heaven, and the vigorous riding prompted him to shoot a huge load deep inside me. I rested briefly before dismounting my new lover and pulling my panties back into place. I wish I had time for a sex marathon, but I needed to meet my husband.

I gave David a long, drawn out kiss on the lips and told him "see you in the morning" before whisking out the door.

I got into my car, and immediately drove to the restaurant where my husband and I had dinner plans for his birthday.

Dinner Surprise

As soon as we were done eating, I told dearest hubby I had gotten him something for his birthday he would never forget. I leaned across the table and told him in the sultriest voice I could muster that I had fulfilled his ultimate fantasy. I told him that I was freshly fucked, and carrying my lover's seed that very minute.

His eyes bulged out of his head, and I wondered if he was going to fuck me right there in the restaurant. We paid the check in record time and headed home. I volunteered to drive home, and his hands were all over my sensitive body as soon as we got in the car. He ran his hands along my exposed legs and groped my sensitive breasts, making sure my arousal did not diminish for one instant.

Insatiable Husband

As soon as we got in the house, he was all over me. He kissed me like an animal in heat.

I told him I didn't want to have sex with him, since I wanted to know the identity of the father if I was pregnant. He said that we could compensate for this situation very easily. He surprised me by grabbing my hips and quickly splaying me out on our king-size bed so that my backside was readily available.

Before I realized what he was doing, he placed the thick head of his cock to my virgin back passage and started to apply pressure. It hurt at first, and I made a feeble attempt to stop him. I turned my head back to see what was happening and caught a glimpse of him pouring hot oil onto my backside. He withdrew the head of his cock from my tighter hole long enough to work the oil into the small opening, and shortly after he returned his penis to my back passage.

The pressure was substantial, and it hurt at first. I struggled in vain, unable to break my husband's iron grasp and infallible concentration. With every ounce of his strength, he held me in place and pushed his thick cock inside me. The raw animal nature of what we were doing kept me very aroused and I could feel my pussy getting even moister. Eventually he succeeded in his mission and nestled his thick cock balls deep inside my previously virgin asshole.

A sense of satisfaction spread across him. His eyes lit up and he smiled in triumph. I returned his warm smile, and asked him "what are you waiting for?" Not one to back down from a challenge, my husband started to use all his strength to thrust in and out of me using a slow, strong tempo.

He used his hands to keep my fit lower body in place, and kept fucking me with vigor. He kept up this assault until he blew a thick load inside me. With semen running from both of my holes, I passed out with my dearest husband spooning me and holding me close. He told me that he loved me, and that this was the perfect birthday present.


Two weeks after that eventful day, I missed my period and immediately went to a doctor to verify my pregnancy. I was thrilled, and so was hubby. The taboo realization drove us to a whole new level of arousal, and upon finding out, he practically tore my clothes and then fucked me with a newfound sense of urgency.

I was thrilled with the fact that for the next nine months, I was going to carry a baby that was not my husbands. The intense excitement of this forbidden scenario drove our desire to a whole new level, and it felt like we were on a second honeymoon. Several weeks later, our fantasy became even more amazing when I found out I was pregnant with twins. At this point, I decided that my darling boss had to know.


I sat down with the CEO of my company and told him the news. I leaned forward and looked him deep in the eyes before saying "I'm thrilled to be having your babies. I've always wanted a family. My husband and I are prepared to raise these twins as our own, but children are obviously not cheap."

I paused before smiling and saying "it would certainly be helpful if you could make this more feasible financially"

Without breaking eye contact, he assured me that money was not a problem. I had expected this reaction, as everyone knew he was a family man with a wife and five children. He told me he certainly didn't want his wife to know that he had knocked up another woman.

From that point forward, I knew that I was all set. I carefully planned my diet and also focused on my corporate responsibilities.


The fact that I was carrying my boss's babies was amazingly erotic for my husband and I, and we pulled out all the stops when it came to emphasizing my pregnancy.

As soon as I started showing, my husband started taking me out far more frequently. He brought me to nice restaurants every weekend, and we often went ballroom dancing. As everyone knew that I was his loving wife, we received constant compliments on how beautiful I looked while pregnant. People told me all the time that I was glowing, and how lucky my husband was. We could only smile and agree.

We also made sure to make the most of my rapidly-changing body in our private life. My husband supervised my high-calorie diet, ensuring that I was always well-fed. He wanted me hugely pregnant as I went full-term with my twins, and I certainly didn't object.

As my pregnancy advanced, my darling husband insisted that I wear lingerie and push up bras to accentuate my swelling breasts and expanding waistline. I benefited from a constantly-growing assortment of outfits, as he wanted to see me in as many as possible.

He lavished endless attention on my changing form, and reminded me every day how grateful he was for this experience. He kissed my swelling belly on a daily basis, and thanked me for the fulfillment of his deepest fantasy.

He took every opportunity to cater to my huge stomach and growing breasts, as they were now more sensitive than ever. I longed for this touch, and spent countless hours enjoying belly rubs, as well as relishing my loving husband expertly sucking on my breasts.

As my body gradually changed, I felt even more in love with him, if that was even possible. I felt closer to my husband than ever as a result of this pregnancy. We both knew that our commitment to each other as life partners would undergo the ultimate test when I gave birth to someone else's babies.

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