tagIncest/TabooShe Never Saw Him Coming

She Never Saw Him Coming


This story has a bit of everything in it, some D/s, a bit of incest, a bit of fetish, and a bit of anal....So you have been warned. Now please read and enjoy. MV

Nearly three months had passed since their blow up and James wasn't quite sure what to do about his ex-submissive Cricket. Of course that was his pet name for her but that's all he'd called her for so long that to think of her in any other way would just be strange.

Their relationship had been through its ups and downs but in the end they had always managed to stay with one another. They had met online and found a quick bond that lead to a wonderful night on the phone within a week of their meeting. She had professed her darkest fears and desires and he had fed on it. Like a vampire draining her with each encounter and pulling her closer into his grasp. Enthralling her and becoming Master to her submissive.

Their jobs and different locations had never allowed them the real life encounter they had wanted and in the end her missing his birthday had lead to him giving in and acting childish...he had dismissed her and told her that they needed time apart for a while or maybe completely if she forgot days such as the one they she needed to remember in his mind. In reality it was stupid he thought as he sat in the seat of the airplane looking out the window, he had just wanted her attention and needed to draw her back in. The opposite had happened, she had finally said that she couldn't stand it anymore and that she would not be returning to him again this time.

While that was hard for him to accept and he had tried desperately to get her to return explaining his immature actions to her. He did see in the end though that she was right and that she did need a chance to be free and learn more about herself and the world of D/s without him. He had failed to advance her learning when he grew complacent and now there was only one shot left at showing her how much he really did care.

They still talked quite frequently on the Internet through email and messengers but they hadn't found the chance to get on the phone again since this incident. James knew why though, it was because that was truly her weakness with him. No matter how much Cricket wanted to stand on her own he could whimper and lose control and return her to his embrace once more. He had talked extensively with her over the last few days rekindling some of what had been lost but still she refused to give in and return to him. So he decided to take another step, he decided to fly to where she lived and stay in a hotel and then he was going to a Halloween party that was being thrown in a nearby town. He knew of the party because it was a Literotica Halloween Party, members on the site had arranged it and they had decided that the central location for everyone would be Chicago, near enough to where his Cricket lived.

Only one person could thwart his plans he thought as he dressed that evening, the person that had set this party up was the only one that knew he was coming and he hoped that Christine wouldn't reveal his agenda or even his attendance to anyone until he was ready. He had been tempted by many costumes as he looked through the store where he lived, the options were so abundant, there was a Spiderman costume which would allow a mask and the anonymity that he was looking for but that could be too obvious as he had written many stories on the site himself about Spiderman. His next option was a vampire but that would mean he would have his face exposed and there were several that were supposed to be there that night that would be able to name him. In the end he had decided on a new take on a batman costume. It was the rubber chest but the bottoms instead of tights or rubber were made of leather and the utility belt was prepared to handle sex toys. There was a latch for his whip, one for a paddle, a few for handcuffs and a small box with three containers on his side. Each container could hold a few items in which he now placed the keys to both sets of handcuffs, nipple clamps and an extra for a clit with a chain, and finally he slipped in a rag soaked in chloroform. It was actually a handkerchief and he was rather pleased as he slipped the mask over his head, covering half of his face, only his goatee covered chin and his jaw line were exposed. He knew that she might be able glimpse him but she wouldn't even expect his being there so it might be safe.

James looked around his hotel room making sure that everything was set up just right for what he planned to be an earth shattering night for them both. It was nice there were candles that he had lit and placed in the center of the table and he had fruit by the bedside. He had extra fresh towels brought up to his room earlier and had placed them in the bathroom and by the bed. The bed he had stripped and covered with a plastic fitted sheet and ran a tarp underneath the bed letting it stick out on the sides to cover each of the four sides of the bed just in case anything spilled over. There were cameras set in each room with wide angle views, each was connected to his laptop computer and would be sending images that he would be recording for the next few hours, each was on a motion sensor and would only start recording when movement occurred.

Cricket sat in her room brushing her hair after she had finished dressing, she knew that her costume was going to be a bit obvious to everyone who she was but since she had been a little girl she had been obsessed with fairies. Now she had finally saved enough to buy her own costume instead of renting one this year, a green sequined Tinkerbelle outfit, complete with wings and little bits of glitter. She had put on a bit of the lotion that the girl in the store had given her and as she flipped the lights off in the room and stepped outside she could see her own reflection glowing back at her in the mirror. She had no idea what was about to happen tonight but having been newly divorced and hungry for some cock she figured that this was the best party of all she could go to.

James wondered around the party and when asked who he was on Literotica he informed everyone of a pseudonym he had created and submitted stories under a year prior, just for anonymity's sake. Little did he know when he created the name how much use it could really be later on for him. James lingered with a small group of writers that he knew and while he was eager to reveal himself to them as his true well known name he betted the odds that he would have a chance later on tonight to pull off the mask and show himself to the members present. He still had one ace in the hole though that he would be sharing with a special someone later and even she had no idea that it was possible they had a deeper connection than that which they had shared.

James had just turned from the bar with a new drink in hand when he saw her across the room, his Cricket, smiling and flittering around meeting everyone so eagerly. He waited for nearly three quarters of an hour, watching her patiently as she made her way around to the bar. The evening was still early and he didn't want her to know she was being pursued. He had gazed at her most of the time and allowed her to see him staring but he refused to budge from his place near the bar, knowing that eventually she would come for a drink and to him. They had always been drawn to one another and if things were truly meant to be tonight he thought, and then she will come to me as she did before.

Cricket approached the bar slowly, she wasn't sure if the man in the bondage batman outfit was giving her the creeps or turning her on but either way she wanted a drink and to introduce herself. She had tried to avoid this but unfortunately she was drawn to him like waves to a shoreline. Knowing that she wanted some fun tonight anyway she could imagine being his beach to crash onto over and over, to feel the frothy mist spill out from his efforts of breaking onto and into her. The metaphor made her briefly think of James, knowing that he was probably in Hawaii surfing at this time as he did every weekend when he logged off of their discussions at nearly this exact hour. She wondered if she should have invited him here and at least talked to him. So many had hoped he would make it, mostly women she observed on the message boards when he had stated that he wished he could be there but there was no way he could make it then. Something about the pipeline being perfect and his working on a book was going to keep him in all their minds as a recluse. A few women had mentioned that they thought his picture was a fake anyway but Cricket even though she no longer belonged to him defended his attributes.

"Oh no girls," she had interjected, "he is real and that is his picture, as well I have seen all he has to offer and the few pictures he posted and pulled down were of his real cock not some found display."

With that she had left the group and found herself hovering toward the man by the bar, standing next to him she ordered a drink and then turned back to face him, "Hi I'm fairy2flames," she whispered, losing her bubbly attitude and finding herself almost offering a submissive nature to him without even hearing him speak.

James knew that she was the only one on the website that knew his pseudonym and his real names so he had to be clever and use one that he had created abut three months ago after their split, "Hi I'm Kathago," he grunted at her as if he was less than interested in knowing who she was.

"Oh I've read a few of your posted stories Sir," she replied, immediately realizing she had just had a slip of the tongue.

"Yes, Fairy and just what did you think of them?" he inquired.

"I must say Kathago you have a way with words and of weaving a story that creates a bit of thought and wetness when I read."

James smiled to himself, she was almost too easy to read and seduce tonight. But that wouldn't make this conquering any less enticing. "So Fairy, I need to go up to my room and relieve myself would you care to accompany me and you can tell me which story you loved the most and why? I have always wanted a little personal feedback from someone."

Even though she had just met this man and knew that he could be some demented rapist or nut she wanted to go with him to his room, perhaps if he was a rapist she could play out her own little fantasy and get raped. She shuddered at the thought knowing that if he only asked her she would gladly fuck him, that's how horny and with need she was right now, so if he was rough it would be all the better for her, she wouldn't have to ask for it rough and seem like a needy slut.

"I believe I could do that Sir, but can I trust you?" she asked with a giggle.

"Only as much as you trust yourself tonight slut," he replied to her satisfaction.

The ride up in the elevator was a long one and he knew that she was eager and willing to do whatever he needed but he wasn't ready yet. Almost but there were still a few things left to finish before he would take her as his partner. The elevator finally stopped and James walked out leading the pretty sandy blonde slut to his door. He fished out his key and handed it to her.

"If you want to go in you do it of your own desire and actions Fairy girl," he whispered in her ear as she righted the card and slid it into the slot.

Suddenly she felt his hand go around her throat and a cloth cover her mouth and nose, she heard him growl into her ear, "Now you're mine Cricket," before the world grew dark around her.

As Cricket awoke she felt her hands were tied down to something and she was bent over a cool slick material. A blindfold was over her eyes and she had been stripped naked. And then it all came back to her. She had heard James voice just as the rag had covered her face and she knew now that she was at his beck and whim. Part of her was in fear of what he may do to her, she knew his rage was strong by her not returning to him but also she was more deeply aroused than she had ever been in her life.

There was no doubt that he would spank, whip, tease and torture her but she wondered if he would do all the things he had teased her with online and over the phone. Would he really fuck her even if she was crying and begging him not to, would he rape her and force her to like it knowing her deepest desire was to be raped or fantasy raped by a man that would take control over her and yet she still knew that he would care for her and not harm her more than a bit of rough sex.

She tried to turn her head but she wasn't quite sure why, the blindfold over her eyes prevented looking around and she could hear no movement around her. Suddenly she heard a soft disturbance in the air, a whoosh, and then she felt the paddle slam down across her tender upturned buttocks.

"So I see you are awake my little Cricket whore," he teased her with his deep voice.

"James...Sir, please don't do this, I'll sit down and talk to you," she pleaded half-heartedly.

"Oh now Cricket how cute of you to protest but we both know it will do you no good, besides if I wanted to talk I'd have called you, I want to feel that inner heat of your tight little cunt and mouth and I'm here to claim you once and for all."

Cricket gave a gasp; he had always known the words to utter to her to illicit the response he wished or needed at the time and now was proving to be no different. "James, I...well I have missed you but this isn't right this isn't what I want and you know it," she lied, feeling she had already moistened at the thought of what could be done to her tonight.

"Cricket, first of all if you address me tonight it will be as sir, if you understand just nod for now," he paused and saw the slight nod she gave, "good girl Cricket baby. Now furthermore you will not forget this night ever I guarantee, I have planned this down to the last detail and know that before this night is over I will have you completely, there won't be an inch of that pretty little body of yours that I don't know carnally and I will have thoroughly mindfucked you as well."

"Sir," she pleaded once more, "please just untie me, you wouldn't rape anyone and you know it, I'll let you spank me or whatever it is but I won't be taking that cock anywhere inside me tonight you bastard."

Cricket had decided that if she was going to fulfill one of her lifelong fantasies of being raped and used and gives up her submission finally to this man, well; he was going to have to take it. And for as much as he knew her she knew him as well and just what buttons to push to motivate his wrath and disciplinary actions.

"Count slut," James commanded as he began spanking her upturned ass hard while the cameras in the room captured it all.

He let the first swing with his bare palm catch the whole left cheek of her ass and he cupped and squeezed it as she moaned out despite her protests earlier, "One sir."

He stood behind her looking at her delicious ass and that little tight slit starting to voluntarily open up to him between her legs. They both knew they would get what they came for tonight but it wasn't going to be an easy process.

"You bastard," she interrupted, "why do this now, here, tonight? Why do you wish to do these violent violating things to my body when you know that under the right circumstances I would have given them to you."

"Simple Cricket, I want you and now I'm going to take you and make you remember this night every day for the rest of your life. All those deep seeded fears and lusts we've shared are going to come true tonight and dammit if you talk once more I'll gag you and take your asshole here and now ahead of schedule."

She smiled with her face lying against the bed, she actually liked that idea and he knew it, he knew she wanted anal sex from him and yet she feared the act at the same time. No for now she would be silent and only count, for she knew him well enough to know when he was just horny or when he was on top of his dominant wave and riding it high and deadly serious. Tonight she knew it was the latter and she wanted to feel his full range of ownership on a new level than she had felt before, she wanted him to be doing the things to her he had always threatened and talked about.

James swung again and cupped her right cheek this time, pausing for her count as he slipped his fingers down into the crevice of her ass and wiggled his finger around the tight opening. He knew that she was wet and he could lube his finger with her juices but it wasn't time yet to make that happen. He wanted her to feel the full spectrum before he took her ass tonight. That would be one of her final acts of lewd debauchery.

Suddenly Cricket felt James unloading blow after blow on her ass, involuntarily she found herself lifting her hips and crying out as she counted. Her pussy and ass were on fire and her mouth was hungry waiting for a taste of his big hard cock when he was ready. She felt like a total slut right now and yet she knew that she was being used for his pleasure, which made it all the better and easier to accept.

James spanked Cricket for nearly twenty minutes before she begged him to stop. He had done enough for now he reckoned and he slid up on the bed directly in front of her. She had enough free rope to move her wrists and look up at him and as she did she saw his cock for the first time inches from her face.

"You know what's coming now my little slutdoll. I'm going to fuck your gorgeous mouth and if you're a really good girl I'll shoot the first few shots down your throat before I cover your face in spunk."

Cricket licked her lips moistening them, she didn't know if he thought that she would be terrified at the moment or turned on by his words but she was wetter right now and more in the mood to suck his cock than she had ever been in all her life. She opened her mouth offering it to him as she looked up with those pretty doe eyes.

James knew this would be easy, for she had long ago confessed her love for sucking cock and now he was going to give her the opportunity to prove it. He had wanted to feel her lips around him for so long that he knew this wasn't going to last more than a few minutes but that was fine by him. They had all night and weekend in this hotel and he was going to use and love this pretty little submissive vixen until she had no energy left.

James thrust his hips forward and grabbed her by the back of the head. He allowed her a few moments to lick and suck the tip of his cock before he told her it was time to please him and pushed the rest of his large cock deep inside her mouth and hit the back of her throat. Cricket began to panic when she couldn't breath and gagged but he reminded her to breath through her nose and then started fucking her mouth hard and fast. His balls slapping her chin every few thrusts hard enough to sting but she loved every second of it.

Cricket felt him swell in her mouth and she pulled back and swirled her tongue over the tip just as he exploded in her mouth. She held his cum there as he pulled back and stroked his cock in her face covering it with blast after blast of his seed. This was the humiliation she needed, craved and wanted. He was giving her every bit of her fantasy and she knew he was going to complete it before the night was over.

James had just finished shooting his load but the lead up to tonight had prepared him for this and to his satisfaction his cock never wilted a bit. Cricket looked up at him with pleading eyes, "James, please untie me now, you've done what you wanted now let me go."

James knowing Cricket's weaknesses slapped her face lightly, "Slut, I'll let you know when you can speak or open that pretty little cocksucking mouth of yours, but now isn't that time."

Cricket felt her pussy clench and she knew if he even touched her a bit she would more than likely cum immediately. James slid from her view and suddenly the world went black as a silk scarf was tied around her eyes. James had a new game for her and would push her to her very threshold tonight; he untied her hands and instructed her to leave the scarf in place. "If you take it off I will tie you back down and do things to you that even surpass your sick and twisted fantasies bitch," he said with a smile. Normally he would never call her that or any woman but he knew her buttons and just how to push them to get the desired effect.

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