tagFetishShe Owns Him

She Owns Him


Ellis crouched on one knee, hands behind his back. He felt as if all the eyes in the restaurant were on him and he wasn't that far off. Beth looked beautiful but from his view she looked even more stunning. Her legs were freshly shaved and lazily hung her stiletto on one blood red painted toe. Despite her expression of surprise, she looked radiant. She had a superior look that made him feel weightless.

"Elizabeth," he said, pausing to collect his thoughts. He had practiced for this moment for weeks, not counting the years of fantasy. "I've never felt for a woman as I feel for you. I know you were made for me and I love you. If you'll have me, I'd like to take you as my wife and be your husband."

The room was silent. It went well, he thought. It was exactly what his mom told him to say and went off without any mistakes or pauses. She looked at him and stroked his cheek with one finger. "But sweetie," she smiled as if this was all just a joke. "You're just a boy."

He felt his cheeks flush as everyone in the room gasped in shock. "I'm eighteen years old. That more than qualifies as a man."

In this Elizabeth knew what he meant and though it shocked her when she first discovered it, she had to admit that Ellis had the largest penis she had ever seen. On his young body it looked out of place; long and thick with a head the size of a ripe plum and two balls that couldn't fit in her hands. He had never been with another woman and was serious when he said he didn't want anyone else. Elizabeth was possessive of his organ and planned to make him live up to his promise. "We have to talk," was her only answer.

Hearing the words he dreaded, Ellis stood to his feet and sat down without speaking. His expression changed from one of adoration to discomfort and frustration. She loved him, he knew that without question. Why then did she pause when he proposed?

More than anything Beth was in love with his organ. If she could marry his cock she would have done so when she had first met it. As it happened, her heart's desire was attached to a man years younger and much too immature for her tastes.

Though she had been with many men, when she had first taken him to bed she found it was a thrilling experience that left an irrevocable impression on the boy. Though his technique was awkward and amateurish, his girth and the feel of it inside her more than made up for what he did not possess. He had an irresistible lost-puppy-dog charm that she found endearing.

At the end of the night she took him home and, on her command, he stripped bare. Once more she examined him. His shoulders were small and his build tiny. Save for a dusting around his penis, his body was devoid of pubic hair. As always, he was fully erect and, fascinated by his length, she allowed herself a moment to stare at it before continuing.

"You know about me. You know of my past. I've been married before. Twice, in fact, and would not enter into it lightly. It's not an act of love so much as a contract." She paused to let these words have resonance. When you enter into this contract with me I expect certain things and I want to know that you can live up to them."

He nodded, too eager. "Of course I can. Anything you ask."

"You've never met a woman like me. I'm older and wiser, perhaps too much for you to handle. You're still a boy in many ways. In fact I've always thought of you this way."

His face turned to a frown, hurt by the words. He tried to speak but she silenced him before any words formed.

"You must listen to me, Ellis. I know what's best between us. I will marry you and I will have you as my husband but it must be on my terms. I will be the center of the relationship and in all things you must defer to me."

His erection stopped any disagreement he may have felt and he happily agreed so she stood and, with her back turned away, she quickly slipped out of her dress so she stood in only her bra and panties. Rummaging through her nightstand she pulled out something he had never seen before. She held it between them as he examined it. It was made of clear plastic and formed a clear tube with a slight circle cut out of the end. He looked to her for clarification.

"I doubt you've ever seen one of these before but every woman should have one. You put it on your man's appendage to keep it from restless hands and those it does not belong to. It keeps the penis under the control of who loves it the most, the woman."

His mouth opened slightly though it had not fully dawned on him yet.

"If you choose to be my husband you will spend your life keeping me happy. You will wear this constantly, only being freed when I think it best for you or when I want."

She came to him and pressed her body against his. His cock pressed urgently between her legs and she felt the dampness present the whole evening renew with a full warmth. She kissed him hungrily so he could not keep up and felt the welcome grip of his hands on the cheeks of her ass. As their kiss broke she whispered playfully in his ear, "Is that what you want lover?"

There was nothing he could say but, "Yes. Please, Elizabeth. I want that so much."

She stepped back and walked to the bed. As she did she bent and lowered her panties to her ankles. Ellis watched the full cheeks of her ass and the fur of her pussy as it poked between her lean thighs. Standing, she casually unhooked her bra and dropped it on the floor. Holding her hand out to him, she pulled back the sheet of her bed and had him lay down.

He looked up at her with wide doe eyes. As he scanned every inch of her, he resisted the urge to grab her and pull her down on top of him. Subconsciously he yielded to her.

A bottle of lotion appeared and she coated her hands with it. Squirting an amount into the center of her palm, she held it above his cock and let it drop slowly onto the knob of his head. Slight coolness beaded on him and he closed his eyes, eager for more sensations.

Her hands slid slowly down his shaft, squeezing the slickness onto him. He was unable to suppress a moan as her hands finally came in contact with him. It sounded to Elizabeth as if he'd been waiting for it all evening. She found the base of his cock and squeezed gently before continuing back up his length. She took her time, knowing this was more for her pleasure than his. She adored his penis and valued the time she spent with it. Already she felt it was hers and knew it was important to train it as she wanted.

"Baby," she whispered to him. "I want you to feel good." Her hands slipped further down his organ, her fingers cascading behind. "I want you to let it all out for me. Let me have all you have. I want you to spurt."

He tried to answer but only managed gasping breaths.

"That's it boy. Feel how good I am, how wonderful you can feel when you're with me." She enjoyed herself, loving the shining, greasy cock as her hands played up and down his member. One hand reached between his legs and carefully manipulated his balls. They were full and the moment she came in contact with them he opened himself wider, offering better access.

"Once this is done my baby boy, once you've had a good, long, healthy come, I'm going to lock you up. Your beautiful penis will be mine. I'll marry you and I'll love you but your penis will be trained to please only me." Her strokes quickened slightly and he made no protest at her words. "I'll be good to it and love it. I'll let it come when I think it needs to but its primary function will be to please me whenever I like."

She touched it like an expert, squeezing, pulling and stroking just as she knew he'd like. She'd had enough experience with penises to know that you treat one right and it will always be there for you. It was a lot like men in that way- fuck them well and they'll do anything you say. Ellis was proof of that.

He was close to the edge and Beth did all she could to prolong it. She loved seeing him come, loved the astonished/innocent/overwhelmed look on his face each time he peaked. With her palms open, one underneath and one on top of his shaft, she slid over and across, up and down his engorged member. The motions made him writhe and she was afraid he would erupt quickly and slightly. She planned for more than that.

"Come on now my boy, feel it. Feel how Elizabeth makes you feel, how wonderful her hands are on you. Never forget that."

He moaned loudly now, a lewd display that caused her feminine urges to alight. Her hand encircled his cockhead protectively and she twisted her wrist, causing him to buck. "That's it boy," she whispered. "Feels sooo good, doesn't it?" His head nodded wildly and she added. "After this I'll have you locked up. Is that something you want?"

He stopped now, fighting the impulses of his body. Still her hands softly floated over his cock and sore balls. His eyes pleaded to her and he wanted to speak but his body was in such pleasure he couldn't find the breath. She knew his worries and wanted to comfort him but knew what had to be done.

He came powerfully. The look on his face warmed her heart and she knew she had done her duty. As his body twisted she covered him with kisses; on his nipples, collarbone, his chin, his forehead. Small tears formed in the corner of his eyes and she knew this was a special moment for him. Afterwards they lay together. She rested on her side, her hand in his. Her head was on his shoulder, watching his penis slowly deflate. Though he was young, he was a good lover and knew his powers of recuperation were better than most. If she was to do this, she must do it quickly.

He was lying motionless with his eyes closed, enjoying the moment and the serene post orgasm feeling that floated through him. At the moment she spoke he was thinking how wonderful she was and how infatuated he had become with her.

"Darling..." Her voice was almost a dream. "Eyes open, pretty little boy."

When he looked she was smiling down at him. Her eyes had an irresistible seduction to them. Her mouth curled in a mischievous smile. In her right hand was the chastity belt. Resting between his legs, she held it for him to see. "This is called the Curve, sweetie. It will keep you protected and safe when I'm not around." His eyes protested but his mouth said nothing. A damp washcloth cleaned him of the lotion and his juices. "It will keep my cock confined and well behaved." He heard the words and agreed silently. HER cock. It was hers. Had been since the day they met really. Though it was attached to his body it belonged to her more and more each day. Both of them knew it.

When she touched it, it rose slightly and she placed a soft kiss on the sensitive rim. "A goodbye kiss," she said. At first he thought she might allow him another climax, this time in her mouth and felt his penis swell even more. "No more," she teased, her hand tightly clenched around his shaft.

She carefully maneuvered his penis in the contraption and both felt as if a solemn rite was taking place. He was handing over his penis to the woman that would become his wife, the only woman he would ever love. The moment she locked the tiny brass padlock around him he felt numb. She climbed up his body, swaying her limbs like a cat as she angled over him. There was only tenderness and love now. He was vulnerable and she wrapped her body around his, letting him feel what needed to be felt.

The room was warm and they had no need to force anything. She could feel sadness emanate from him and pressed her breasts to his lips and kissed his forehead, showering him in love.

Her pussy rested on the belt and she instinctively clamped it between her legs. They had made love earlier in the week, too long ago for her tastes. Her body was searching for relief, looking for his unhindered cock to fill and sate her. She felt herself open and held the belt between her gently opened lips. Though new to them, it felt warm and familiar against her flesh. Unconsciously she pressed against it and began riding it.

Ellis was overwhelmed. Locked, emotionally spent and weak, he was forced to lay still and feel his fiancé as she pleasured herself on his cock. Covered in a thick shell her could only feel the heat from his body. His member filled the compartment to capacity, causing a dull ache that made him grit his teeth.

Elizabeth paid no notice. Her nipples had hardened and, as her palms pressed his shoulders to the mattress, her shoulders rose above him like a predator staking out its prey. He had seen her climax before but this time it seemed to take on a new intensity. She twitched and shook and Ellis could feel the wetness of her orgasm pass into the tight belt. It stimulated him that much further.

When it was over she lay with her ear to his chest, taking comfort in the steady beat of his heart. It still pained him but he felt a certain comfort in being locked. He felt her body naked against him and while it would have excited him any other night but that one, then it brought him a sublime peace he could not explain. Her breathing slowed and he knew she had fallen asleep. His hand reached to her and stroked her hair gently until he too, closed his eyes.

In the morning he awoke certain the night before was a strange lust-inspired dream. Elizabeth lay naked beside him, her legs wrapped around his. She was at his side now, one arm above her head. Half asleep, he openly eyed her breasts.

He felt himself grow hard and reached down to palm his shaft, only to pull it back a moment later. Slowly disentangling himself from Elizabeth he made his way, naked, across the room to the bathroom where he stood in front of the full length mirror where reality dawned on him. Tentatively he fingered the belt, a frustrated look appearing on his face.

She stood in the doorway and watched him make the discovery. A sense of worry permeated her thoughts on the morning after. Like most women, she knew men would make any promises, cater to any wish a woman may have for the promise of sexual relief. Once that feeling passed they are left with the undeniable reality that was now obvious on Ellis' face. Knowing what she must do, she slinked in behind him and pressed her sex against him. Her hands roamed over him as her lips and tongued kissed and licked his neck.

"My love," she whispered throatily, "It's for the best." She could see the questions in his eyes and she rested a hand comfortable against his closed groin. "It makes me happy."

Finally realizing what he had gotten himself into he turned to her. Now fully aware he pleaded, "Promise me you won't take advantage of this." He searched for the words, unsure how to phrase what he felt. "Please don't abuse this...please understand..."

She stopped him. "I know. You are my boy now and I will cherish you as mine. I know there are things you need and, though you will have no control over the when or how, I'm sure you'll find satisfaction in this new arrangement."

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