She Pees


I looked at Shirley and her eyes were glassy as she looked at the stage. She took my hand and placed it on her thigh. A light lit up over the girl and she sat down on the chair that was in the middle of the stage. The man stood before her and began to stroke his dick. The woman never took her eyes off of it and her hand went down to her hairy pussy. "She should be shaved," Shirley moaned. My hand slid up her skirt and her pussy was wetter than before. She opened her thighs wide and my fingers slipped in easily. I looked around and other couples were in various displays of sexual activity. The girl on stage looked up at the man and mouthed the word please.

He smiled and his muscles flexed. Then a steady stream shot from the tip of his dick and splashed over her tits. Every voice in the room groaned including my own. The girl's fingers were like jackhammers as she worked her pussy for us. Then his stream walked up her body until it reached her mouth. The girl came off the chair and placed her mouth over his shooting shaft. We all saw her throat as she swallowed and swallowed. I heard the sound of other streams and looked around. Two couples were exposed and fluid shot from one mans dick and another woman's pussy. Their companions were the happy recipients.

"Harder Paul! Shove your fingers up my pussy." Shirley didn't exactly whisper those words and a few people turned to watch us. Shirley had pulled her skirt up around her hips and my hand could be seen working her hairless cunt. On the stage, the man had lain on his back. The woman stood over him and his hands rubbed her thighs. A wicked smile crossed her face as she bent her legs slightly. I heard Shirley begin to moan. "Oh yea baby! Give it all to him. Oh I wish it were me."

The girl pulled the lips of her pussy open and a small trickle began to spray from her cunt. The trickle grew and it was soon a steady strong stream. I was overcome with lust and passion as she worked her stream up and down his body. "Oh Paul! I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum!" I was consumed. I had to taste Shirley's pussy. It didn't matter that we were in view of all close by. I got down on my knees and began to lick Shirley's pussy. I could smell the tang of her past urination. But that added to the lust that carried me along on this wild roller coaster ride. Shirley reached down and pulled her pussy lips apart. Her cum was hot and thick, sweet and delicious. I licked and sucked like a madman. Then she grabbed my head and pulled me into her even tighter.

I knew what was going to happen. I knew but it didn't matter. Shirley wrapped her thighs around my neck and locked her ankles. She was not going to let me get away until she finished. I heard her cry as her pussy pulsed. My mouth was flooded with her sweet cum. It oozed from the lips of her pussy and filled my mouth. I swallowed fast to drink more. Then with a scream, I felt her pussy pulse. The flood that came was more than I had ever expected. It splashed the back of my throat, shot up my nose and ran down my neck. But I was her captive locked between her thighs.

And I was loving it. I drank and drank and still she flowed. It seemed like an eternity before her stream turned into a trickle. I could hear my loud slurping and sucking in my own ears and wondered how many other people were witnesses to my plight. I continued to suck and lick Shirley's pussy until she opened her thighs and pushed my head from her cunt. "Oh Paul! You don't know how long it's been since a man or woman has drunk this pussy with such passion. Thank you! Oh thank you very much!" I looked up at her.

It was then that I heard the loud cheers and claps. I looked around a bit bewildered. They were cheering and clapping for me. Many men and women were on their knees and there were puddles around most of them. Even the couple on stage looked on and smiled. Sheepishly I got to my feet. The front of my suit was soaked. Raul came over to the table and handed me a sweat suit. Many of the other patrons were being handed sweat suits also. "When you change, give your suit to me and it will be delivered back to your home tomorrow." Many of the patrons stood where they were and changed. Hell I had just had my first Golden Shower before an audience.

There was no reason to be shy. I started to undress also. The room reeked of sex, urine and excitement. I noticed that the people who were changing took the time to stop and give their partner the same pleasures they had received. I was hard as a rock and try as I might I couldn't pee. I pulled Shirley up and laid her on the table that had mysteriously been cleared. I fucked her pussy like a savage. Pulling out just in time to splash hot gobs of cum over her clothes and face. Then with the release of excitement and all the tea that had been consumed during dinner it happened.

When the first shot splashed it went over her and landed behind her. I grabbed my dick and aimed at her open pussy. It was forceful enough to splash inside and Shirley reached down and pulled her pussy open even more. Then the stream traveled up her body. I was soaking her clothes but we didn't care. Shirley slid forward until the stream was directed in her mouth. She closed her lips over my dick and with one hand working her pussy she held on and drank me. When the last drops were sucked from my soft dick I almost fainted. The rush was incredible. I had never felt so sated in my life. Shirley was a soaking mess. I grabbed her and my lips smashed down on hers.

I could taste her and knew she tasted me. The exhaust fans soon had the room cleared of the pungent odor. Men and women in various colored sweat suits walked into another room. I turned back and saw man of the waiters coming out with mops and buckets. The other room had an enormous bar and the couples mingled as they drank. The rest of the night was anticlimactic. I drove Shirley home and she asked me to spend the night. She assured me that she would have a surprise for me in the morning. I couldn't wait.

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