tagBDSMShe Pushed Me Too Far

She Pushed Me Too Far


The forest was quiet, as the trees basked in the warm afternoon sunlight. Rays of light shone between the leaves as we walked along the well trodden path winding between them.

She looked so beautiful, as she brushed her hair out of her eyes.

We hadn't intended to walk far that day, as we talked about everything and nothing, and weren't dressed to tackle the higher trails that followed the base of the mountain. She was wearing a short skirt and a top that showed off her breasts to magnificent effect, all the while tormenting me with the swaying of her sexy ass.

I watched her walk as her sandaled feet picked their way across the pine needle covered earth. My gaze traveled up her legs, enjoying the flex of her calves as she moved with a dancer's grace, even here. Then my eyes locked on the sway and swell of her ass, and my pulse quickened. She has that effect on me. Need sprang up inside me and I knew that I wanted her.

My pace quickened for a step or two and my hands caught hold of her hips, stopping her in her tracks as my body pressed up against her from behind. My soft lips found her earlobe, teeth biting softly into her flesh as I gave voice to my desire.

"Take off your panties for me."

I didn't need to be able to see her face, to know that her soft lips were curving into a mocking smile.


God, how she loved to defy me. Even when she longed for my dominance over her, she took as much pleasure in denying me as she did from when I would eventually force her to obey. That she would lose in the end was never the point, oh no. For her, the fun was in making me work for it.

"I said, take...them...off."

She brushed my hands off her hips and kept walking, and without looking around to see if I followed or not, she tossed two words back over her shoulder.

"Make me!"

Oh, she thought she had me beaten. She thought that being out in the open, in a public and exposed place would save her from me and allow her to walk away victorious. She thought that I would never dare...

She was wrong.

The soft covering of the pine needles muffled my footsteps until I was right behind her, and by then it was too late for her to evade me. My hands closed around her mouth and in her hair, and as I gripped her tightly, i dragged her over to the nearest tree, a young thin trunk spearing straight up into the sky. I slipped the belt from my jeans as we reached the trunk, and stretched her arms around it on either side. I lashed her wrists together tightly, until she was unable to wriggle free or move away from the tree. I gripped her hair and pulled her head back roughly, as my voice proclaimed her fate.

"With pleasure."

As she struggled and tried to kick back with her sandaled feet, I lifted her skirt up around her waist, exposing the lacy pair of white panties that lay beneath them. I hooked my thumb into the waistband and pulled them downwards, till they fell around her ankles and hampered her ability to kick at me. I kept her skirt up, leaving her perfect ass exposed to the afternoon air, allowing the breeze to brush across the smooth folds of her pussy, as I gazed upon her smooth cheeks. They were pure, unblemished and unmarked. Not for long.

My bare hand fell across her ass with the sound of a whip crack.

She hadn't expected this, any of this, and her struggled doubled as she felt me begin to spank her naked ass right there in the open. I showed no gentleness as I marked her skin, leaving livid hand prints on her cheeks and reddening her smooth skin deliciously. The sweet scent of her arousal filled the air as she responded to me, unable to help the way her body thrills to my touch and dominance. She moans in pain and want as I punish her defiance, knowing that I love to end a spanking by being buried to the hilt inside her, yet doubting that i would go that far outdoors. But oh, how she wants me to now.

I don't stop till the heat from her spanked ass burns like a furnace against my hand.

She is moaning and sobbing quietly with pleasurable pain as she leans against the trunk of the tree, her cheek pressed to the rough bark as my hand caresses her ass, and then falls to between her thighs. She is dripping wet, the way that she only gets for me, and her pussy is slick with need as my long fingers slide effortlessly inside her. They stroke in and out of her tight hole, as I give her pleasure, fingers brushing that oh so sensitive spot deep within her that brings a low moan to her lips. Soon she is panting with need to have me inside her, and she says the one word that overcomes any hesitation that I could have about fucking her right here and now.


I cannot resist her begging. When this strong, confident and sexy woman pleads for me to be inside her, its the ultimate aphrodisiac. I open my jeans, slip a condom from my wallet and apply it to my eager and erect cock, grip her hips and penetrate her soaking wet pussy with one hard, deep thrust.

She gasps and cries out softly as I fill her. There is no pain, just the sudden fullness as I enter her.

I give her no time to adjust, as by now my lust is raging and my blood is racing through my veins as my body goes into action. I grip her hips so hard that my fingers are sure to leave bruises, as I thrust my cock into her incredibly wet pussy with deviant need. I fuck her right there in the open, tied to that tree and in plain sight, knowing that I will not stop until I have finished what I started, regardless of if someone else comes along.

She is moaning encouragement to me now, urging me to take her harder, deeper, wanting to feel every inch of me inside her. The thrill and deviance of such public fucking isn't what turns her on, but rather knowing that she has aroused me to the point that I cannot resist taking her. Knowing that she has inflamed my lust to such an extent that I cannot wait to get her back to the car or to our flat.

"Cum for me, cum in me, oh God yes!"

The passion and pleasure rise to almost unbearable levels, and we can both feel the end is near. She squeezes her inner muscles around the thickness of my thrusting cock...

"Oh fuck, I'm cumming!!"

It's an intense climax. Raw unbridled passion being released as we shudder together, lost in the delight of the moment, until I slip from inside her regretfully. She winces a little as my cock slides out of her roughly fucked pussy, and as I release her wrists, she straightens with a groan and a hand to the small of her back.

"Fuck, it certainly took you long enough to cum. Slowing down a bit in your old age, are you?"

I smile softly as her brattish side continues to make itself known...

I'll get her back for that as soon as we get home!

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