tagLoving WivesShe Said He Needed Help Ch. 2

She Said He Needed Help Ch. 2


You may need to read the prior story to get this one into context.

* * * * *

I was quite pleased when Terry asked me to work with his wife, Amy.

During our 2nd session, he brought the subject up again, and mentioned she was very shy, so it might be best if he was present to "make her more comfortable."

Now this is a scenario I have seen over and over, men enjoy watching another man touch and look and give pleasure to their wives.

This happens so frequently that I suspect that nearly every male would appreciate this, given the right circumstances.

I have to admit I like it too, having seen my wife, Lee, in the arms of Carey from my massage classes, and having also witnessed her in a moment of cheating on me, something I had thought she would never do.

We both had been with others, just twice for me, both times with Lee's knowledge, and just a couple times for Lee, that I know about.

Doing a massage right in front of the ladies' mate is something I really enjoy, and when the sessions get hot, they are even more pleasurable.

So here was Terry, laying nude under a sheet on my table, with a huge hardon, and a catch in his throat, being excited at the prospect of watching me touch and massage his own wife in the same setting.

He was so aroused that as I worked his lower abdomen, his penis swung up over the back of my right hand.

Normally I would have instantly pulled away, but for some reason, I continued the circular stokes, allowing the back of my hand to rub against him.

He groaned, so I just reached around and grasped him. I squeezed slightly, he groaned again, so I began to stroke his length under the drape. His cock felt odd to me, rubbery and firm, yet the skin was silky smooth.

He was not circumsized, so I slipped his foreskin back, and applied a little almond oil.

In no time at all, his hips were bucking on the table, and as I felt him begin to throb in the beginnings of orgasm, I squeezed down, holding him for a second, then relaxed, and in just one more stroke, he came!

"Well, now I have done it!" I thought..

I cleaned up, and left the room, Lee looked at me with an odd expression, I just told her, "All handled!"

She started to giggle, I blushed profusely, but really, it wasn't so bad, in fact it felt rather good to give pleasure.

Terry came out in a few minutes looking a little flushed, he looked at Lee and turned crimson. I told him to relax, we were both understanding.

As he paid for the session, he asked me if I could take him and his wife Amy for Friday evening. My schedule was open, so I booked it.

Friday seemed to take forever to arrive, but finally I heard the knock on the door. I greeted Terry and his tiny little wife. She couldn't have been more than 100 pounds. I noted right off her chest was flat as a board, but her short cropped blond hair and dark eyes gave her an exotic look.

"Who wants to go first?" I asked them. Terry replied "Let's take Amy first." I noted the blush, this was going to be fun.

I showed them to the room, and left for a few minutes. As I came to the door I heard the sounds of what sounded like a small argument, and I heard her say, "I don't know if I can!"

"Typical," I thought. A wife who is conservative but only because the husband is there, and a husband who wants her to let her hair down.

I knocked, and went in. Amy was lying face down under the drape, and tense as a board.

One rule I do know when dealing with women who are very small in the bust is it is best to leave that area to last or near last, go for the bottom.

So I did! I walked up to the table, and placed my hands right on her butt cheeks through the drape, and began the kneading that uses all of the fingers.

She started to relax almost instantly.

Soon I undraped a leg, and worked with long soft strokes, getting a tiny bit higher with each stroke. I stopped just an inch or so below her crotch, then repeated the process with her other leg.

Soon I had half her fanny undraped, and I worked the oil in. I have to admit that behind was fabulous, perfectly shaped with flawless skin! She knew it too, it was her best feature in her mind. I commented on the quality of her skin, as I worked her glutes completely.

I then went back to her legs, and was rewarded with flat receptive muscles all the way up. As I worked her legs she adjusted slightly on the table, that wonderful sure sign that a bit higher touch is welcome.

I slipped the drape up higher, baring her entire bottom to my gaze. There it was, the most beautiful, engorged, huge pussy I have ever seen. What the lord had shorted this lady up top he had more than made up for down below! Her large lips were protruding, and not a hair in sight!

I must have paused for a second, she glanced at me in puzzlement. I just took a chance and slipped my oily fingers up against her pussy! She moaned and opened her legs a little farther.

I was almost unaware of Terry sitting there taking all this in.

I had her turn over, careful with the drape. I noticed she reached up and pulled on the top of the sheet to cover her breasts so I just worked her shoulders, then her abdomen under the drape, and right back to her legs.

I did the full sweeping motions all the way up her thighs, and after a few strokes I let my hands slip the drape aside more and more.

Finally she was there open to my gaze. Just a tuft of blond hair above her clit, the rest of her was completely bare!

And those lips, those large protruding lips! I was getting a huge boner, something I rarely ever do in a massage session.

As I finished up her legs, I placed a block under her foot to hold the knee up. This gives me full access to the entire leg with both hands. I swept up the back of her legs, knowing that this motion presses blood into the groin. As I allowed my fingers to brush across her vagina gently, she would give a little shudder each time.

I noticed the leg began to lay over, as she opened to allow me access. Her husband, who had not said a word the entire time, just sat there. His eyes were as big as silver dollars. I think we were already way beyond what he expected.

But I knew now I was in charge, so I leaned over and touched my tongue to her most sensitive spot. She jerked but did not resist, so I just buried my face in her!

What a woman, she tasted wonderful, and her hips thrust and bucked against me as I sucked and nuzzled her.

I pushed the drape up all the way to the bottom of her breasts, then slipped between her legs.

Her eyes flew open as she realized what I was going to do, then she smiled and let her head fall back, mouth open. I released my cock, and slid up onto the table and in her! She was so tight, her huge lips seemed to grasp me and suck me in. I reached up and bared her tiny buttonlike nipples, so I could access them with my tongue, I met with no resistance.

As I plunged into her, her tiny hips powered back against me, pounding, grasping, crying for more!

What a marvelous Fuck, my god, never in my life did I ever fit into a woman like that. I was like steel, my cock was all the way to it's full 8"!! I could feel it throbbing, wanting deeper!

Finally I could take no more and I let fly, she was seconds behind me, sparks flying, the world lost to us both, nothing but the feel of our union.

Then it was over, our still joined bodies glazed with sweat.

I allowed her to come down, and as she did I withdrew. I cleaned up, and left the room.

Lee was waiting, she looked at me and asked, "What the hell was that?" It was obvious she had heard our noisy union.

I didn't answer, I just went to the couch and sat down, realizing what had just happened.

Terry came out, looked at me and said, "I didn't expect that."

Lee stepped up to him, and said, "Don't worry. I will make it up to you." Then she looked me right in the eye and winked. Off they went into the massage room!

Amy came out, spotted me on the couch, and hopped in my lap.

She leaned forward and nipped my ear. "Let's do that again!" she said.

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