tagExhibitionist & VoyeurShe Saw a Huge Snake

She Saw a Huge Snake

byDiana Retnuhvek©

Aubrey saw him staring again, but forgave him. She understood, understood how hard it must be for him not to stare at a pair of legs such as hers.

Tanned so well from the past few days out in the sun, her legs were much more interesting than any of the boring artifacts the two teens saw on their sight seeing.

But God, she thought, the boy is obsessed with my thighs. Can he look at anything else?

"Come on, we have to at least try to find the others again," she said to her 18-year-old companion. "I still can't believe they fucking left us, but let's at least make the effort."

Young Kevin, finally drawn out of the daydreaming he did while gazing at his group leader's legs, legs that were shown off so well courtesy of the short khaki shorts Aubrey was wearing, followed instruction.

He was not only infatuated with the 18-year-old knockout, who was a classmate of his at the local high school, but looked up to her for she had many more friends than he did.

"You're right, group leader," he said. "Roger that."

Aubrey was getting so annoyed with Kevin's sense of humor - he kept using dorky phrases like Roger that, and insisted on calling her group leader, like they were in some army or something. For a high school senior, he still acted like some geeky little kid, but Aubrey would soon find out how Kevin was very much grown up.

He was annoying her though, with his acting like the two were part of a expedition, but they were merely part of a weekend outing in the Black Forest, and they didn't even have the intelligence to stay with the group.

Kevin, and his weak bladder, caused them to lag behind. Aubrey was so annoyed with him when he begged her to stay and wait for him, for as a result the both of them got lost.

"Kevin dammit, do you have to pee every 10 minutes?" Aubrey said, her temper now short not only because of the fact that they were lost in a huge forest, but also because the heat had reached 95 degrees, a marking that was brought to their knowledge via the dorky thermometer Kevin brought along with him. "If you didn't have to stop, we wouldn't be in this situation."

"I'm sorry group leader - "

"And Jesus Christ, would you stop with the fucking group leader stuff. My name is Aubrey, and we are not part of a squadron - we are two campers who got lost from their parents. Got it?" she said harshly.

Kevin was startled she had used such language with him - his parents, leaders of a church group and teachers at his high school, didn't even let him watch R-rated movies so he seldom heard the F-word.

"I'm sorry group leader - I mean Aubrey," he said.

She sighed out of frustration, and took a look down the long trail in front of them, a trail that had no other travelers in sight except the two of them.

"God," she said. "I can't even use my cell phone to call my boyfriend - I can't get a signal out here in the boondocks. We're screwed."

Kevin looked to Aubrey for leadership, but he wasn't getting much of that. She knew he had a crush on her, which annoyed her even more. A cheerleader and top swimmer - not to forget a brown belt in karate, Aubrey had many outlets to boost her popularity even beyond what she gained from simply being so hot. And she had no attraction to boys as unpopular as poor Kevin.

Not only was he unpopular, but unpopular for a reason. He had all of these stupid camping things with him, she noticed, all of these things that made him look like some geeky scientist wanna-be. He was sort of a scrawny, nerdy type.

She noticed he wasn't ugly, though. Actually, kind of cute - he had short blonde hair, blue eyes and a good build.

But God, was he a dork. And Aubrey found it difficult to get past that.

"Y-you have a boyfriend?" he asked her, hinting that he was interested in her availability, even though she wouldn't date him if her young life depended on it.

"Yeah - you know Scott Thompson?" she asked. "You know, captain of the football team? Junior Prom King last year?"

Obviously, she was making Kevin realize the kind of credentials one would have to have to date her.

"Oh, yeah, he's a cool guy," said Kevin, whose geekiness never allowed him to ever even cross paths with a social icon such as Mr. Thompson.

"Yeah, been going steady for about a year," she said to him, again making note that she was not only dating somebody, but seriously dating somebody.

She then burped out loud - the most unfeminine thing you could think of - to show she didn't even care to act lady-like around Kevin.

But dammit, he was still very much attracted to her.

The thing he thought most about was her legs, but at his age, boys start to find out - via dirty magazines - what lies in between those legs.

Kevin masturbated a lot - the cause for his high-pressure bladder - and found it difficult to be out in the woods with a gorgeous female such as Aubrey and not, as they say, jerk it. He had an awful lot of stuff building up inside him.

He wondered what she looked like naked. The unbelievable heat had caused her to wear only a skimpy white T-shirt, which gave away the outline of her bra and even a pair of little bumps where her nipples lie.

Breast size was not a problem for Aubrey - she had some world-class knockers.

Kevin also thought about her crotch, maybe more than a young guy should. He was obsessed with it, thought about how hairy she was down there.

God did he get hard when he saw those pictures of a naked female showing off a thick bush of pubic hair. I bet Aubrey has one of those, he thought to himself.

Aside from all of those private parts, Kevin also liked the parts of Aubrey that weren't covered. She had cute, short brown hair, and a pair of brown eyes he found it easy to look into.

Why can't I stop pissing her off, though?, he thought to himself. Speaking of piss, however, that's exactly what Kevin had to do. And he had to do it badly.

"Aubrey?" he said hesitantly as the two walked further down the barren path.

"What!" she said angrily.

"I...I have to go again," he said, again hesitantly.

"We are not fucking stopping for you to pee for the millionth time," she said. "Hold it for Christ's sake."

He thought he would go along with that idea for the moment at least.

"Okay," he obeyed.

The pressure built up even more, however, and the sight of Aubrey's plump, round bottom hugging those tight khaki shorts as she walked in front of him didn't help either. It only made the pressure worse.

"But Aubrey, I really have to - "

"Stop fucking whining," she said angrily.

Kevin had lost it. If he didn't pee now, he was going to piss his pants, and what a sight that would be if the girl he had such a huge crush on saw him wet his damn pants.

He kept walking alright, but zipped down his fly, pulled out his penis, and urinated while walking in full stride.

Shocked with hearing the noise of something spraying against the fallen, dried-up leaves, Aubrey turned around and was shocked to see what she saw.

The 18-year-old brunette wasn't shocked to see the guy peeing, but shocked to see the size of the penis that pee was coming from.

Kevin's fist wrapped around the end of his tube steak, there was still enough room for two more pairs of hands to hold its long, fat shaft.

It looked like a damn snake - one of which the two saw in their travels earlier - was hanging out of the boy's fly.

Aubrey tried to keep walking while staring back at his crotch, and that was a bad idea. She walked right into a tree, but at least now had a reason to stop her steps.

She couldn't speak, only stare.

"Aubrey - for God's sake turn around," the boy said, embarrassed as hell a girl was watching him take a leak.

"Oh jeez, I'm sorry," she said, sincerely apologizing to the boy - Aubrey would be pretty embarrassed herself if someone looked at her while she was peeing.

"I'll just, um, head down the path a bit," she said, turning her head and walking away.

Do I have heat stroke?, Aubrey thought to herself. Was that an hallucination? It must have been. She had never seen such a thing. No guy could have a penis that large. And it wasn't even hard!

Aubrey even pinched herself to make sure she was not dreaming, and the realization set in that she was not.

Kevin, the dorky, annoying tag-along, was hung like a horse!

She wanted to see it again - not just to make sure it was real, but just to see it. She had only seen one penis in her whole life - her boyfriend's, and his wasn't anything special.

Aubrey never knew Kevin real closely - he only came along on this trip because his parents were friends with her parents - the parents that had somehow strayed away from the two youths earlier in the day. And that was the result of Kevin's necessity to pee. This time when he had to pee, however, oh did good things happen for Aubrey. She had the vision of that huge penis etched in her memory.

She knew exactly how to see a re-run.

"Kevin," she screamed out, seeing that her travel partner was heading up the trail with his trouser snake back in its cage. "Better drink plenty of water."

"But I'll have to - "

"Don't worry about having to pee, sweetheart," she said. Did I just call him sweetheart?, she thought to herself. Better not make my attraction to him not too obvious, she realized.

"Yeah, drink plenty of water - we don't want to get heat stroke," she said. "And I mean gulp it down, I mean really gulp that stuff down, by the bottle."

Kevin went into his dorky backpack, a backpack that now served Aubrey quite well, and fetched his industrial-sized cantine. He started gulping down, just like Aubrey instructed, tons and tons of water.

He would have to pee in no time.

The two continued walking down the trail, but this time side by side.

Aubrey looked down at Kevin's wardrobe and now realized why the boy was wearing pants despite the 90-degree heat.

With a penis that large, how could he wear shorts?

"I - "

"Gotta pee?" Aubrey answered, jumping to conclusions a bit too fast.

"Um, no. I was just going to say that I bet our parents went to the ranger's station, which is only about a mile down that way," he said, pointing the other way up the path.

He was probably right, Aubrey realized, but she didn't want them to find their parents any time soon. She wanted to see that penis of his once, or maybe twice, again.

"Yeah...but you know what?" she asked.

"What?" he replied, already starting to show discomfort, as if he had to wizz again.

"We better keep walking down this way just a bit longer - you never know, they might have gone back to where we lost them in the first place," she said.

"Yes group leader," he replied.

Aubrey didn't care what he called her now - she just wanted to see him pee again.

And she was about to get her wish.

"Well, before we start up, I'm gonna go," he said.

"Sure," she replied. "I'll wait here."

Kevin went about 20 yards off the trail, behind a big tree that was well out of sight of Aubrey.

But never underestimate the power of a woman, even a youngster such as Aubrey.

The brunette very quietly - not counting a few broken twigs she stepped on here and there - snuck out to behind where Kevin was, as they say, marking his territory.

She saw his body, but a bush covered up where his penis was. She was so close, she even heard the splash of his pee against the ground.

Better hurry up, she thought to herself, before he finishes.

She snuck a few steps further, crouching behind a tree of her own, and managed to raise her head just high enough to see Kevin's midsection.

Funny thing was, however, she still couldn't even see the head of his penis.

Just saw the shaft.

Jesus, she wondered, does he actually have a third leg?

Stepping on her tippy-toes, young Aubrey now finally saw the boy's entire package, from the pubes that stuck out from his fly to the big fat head that looked like one of the apples they had picked earlier in the day.

She looked, and looked, and looked. His huge, thick penis looked so out of proportion compared to his skinny legs.

Kevin went on peeing for about 45 seconds, and when he was done finally tucked his penis back in his pants. He had to grab the head with one hand and actually reach into his fly and tuck it to the left side of his trousers.

He started to head back to the trail, and Aubrey followed.

"Where were you?" he asked.

"Girls have to pee too, you know," she replied, lying that she went off the trail for such a reason. "Had to go really bad."

"Me too. I find that I have to pee the most when - "

"Before Kevin could continue on with one of his dorky stories, Aubrey interrupted him as they began walking down the trail.

"Kevin, I was wondering," she said. "Why aren't you wearing shorts? I mean, it's fucking hot out here."

"Protects my legs from poison ivy," he said calmly.

"Yeah, but I'm wearing really high shorts and I don't have any poison ivy," she said, rubbing her thigh ludely to get the attention of young Kevin.

"You're probably lucky, I guess," he said. "My mom told me that I should always wear - "

He was cut off again.

"Even if you got poison ivy, you can just take calamine lotion," she said. "It's not like poison ivy is deadly or something. It's not like a snake bite."

Aubrey had snakes on the mind for some reason.

"Oh, I know, it's just - "

"Kevin, what did I tell you about drinking - keep drinking your fluids," she demanded as they walked toward a long part of the trail that was dangerously surrounded by a cliff on one side and a steep rock face on the other.

There was nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

Ever the good listener, Kevin gulped down more and more water as the two headed onto the tricky part of the mountain trail.

Five minutes into it, Aubrey got her wish.

"Gotta pee again," Kevin said.

Aubrey had built up enough nerve inside her by now, nerve that came from the knowlege of her dominance over the boy, that she made a gutsy request.

"Just go here," she said. "It's quicker."

Aubrey was facing Kevin directly.

"I could jog back to the woods - it would only take me a minute - "

"Kevin, we have to hurry. Do you want to find our parents or not?"

"Well, yeah of course," he said.

"Well, go," she demanded.

"Alright. Well, can you at least turn around," he said.

"God, you are such a baby," she said, trying to get him to doubt his manhood. "Wah, wah, could you at least turn around," she said, imitating him with a mock cry.

"Alright, fine. Don't turn around," he replied.

Aubrey wasn't going to anyway, whether he liked it or not. He reached into his pants and grabbed his huge penis.

Upon pulling it out, Aubrey couldn't help but gasp, and say "Jesus Christ" in fascination.

Pee flowed for about 20 seconds - the sight so erotic as there was the fully-clothed Aubrey facing young Kevin, his large penis on full display for her.

She stared right at. The follow-up jiggle, as they call it, caused Kevin to shake his huge penis, only making it seem even larger, even though it remained totally flaccid.

It had finally been time for Aubrey to voice her opinion of Kevin's anatomy.

"You've got a really big dick," she said.

"Wh-what?" said Kevin, the momma's boy whose face was now beat red with embarrassment.

"Your dick - it's fucking huge," Aubrey said, still staring at his crotch.

"Could you please turn around?" he asked.

Aubrey was having none of that.

"Shake it again," she said with an amused grin.

Kevin grabbed his penis and jiggled it once more, the huge shaft flopping around like a large eel caught on a fish hook.

"You've got the biggest schlong I have ever seen," she said, further complimenting him but embarrassing him at the same time.

He finally reeled in his eel and tucked it in his pants.

Eventually giving into Kevin's request, the two headed back toward the ranger's station. Aubrey realized she only had about an hour or so before they would reach their destination, and her chances to see Kevin's massive penis again would be over.

"Kevin, Kevbo, the Kevmeister," she said, trying to soften up her young, and shy, companion. "Can I ask you a personal question, and you have to swear that you will answer it."

"I have to swear?" he said.

"Yep," she said. "Have to swear on your mother's name."

"Stop with my mother - "

"Would you quit crying you momma's boy," she said, playfully hitting his arm. "Just swear you will answer my question."

"Okay, okay, I swear," he replied.

"Have you ever measured your dick?" she asked, looking right into his eyes as the two stopped.

"What kind of a question is that? I didn't ever ask you what your bra size is," he said.

"Answer the fucking question," she demanded.

"No," he said.

"Does that mean, no I'm not answering your question or no I've never measured my dick?" she asked.

Kevin tried to take the easy way out.

"No, I have never measured my penis," he said.

"Fucking liar," she said.

Kevin nervously kicked at the dirt at his feet, creating a cloud of dust.

"Why would I measure my dick?" he asked.

"Because it's fucking huge," she said right back to him.

"Can we not talk about this?" he asked.

"Fine, I'll just tell all my girlfriends at school you have a real tiny weeny," she said, walking away.

"No, no, don't do that Aubrey, please," he said. "I'll do anything."

"Anything?" she asked.

"Anything," he said.

"Alright," she said, taking a deep sigh to make her satisfaction heard. "Measure your dick for me."

"Will do. As soon as I get home - "

"No, not when you get home. Now," she demanded.

"Now?" he asked.

"Yes, fucking now," she said, growing impatient.

"Alright, turn away for a second," he said.

"Enough with the turning away shit," she screamed, almost creating an echoe off the nearby rock face. "Whip out your schlong."

"No," he argued.

"Take your dick out," she said, walking in close to him.

"No," he said, still thinking that showing a female his penis was a naughty thing to do.

Aubrey had had enough of this arguing, and she went up to Kevin and used a simple karate move in order to get him to the ground.

She then jumped on top of him, and his head was soon squeezed in between the the gorgeous pair of thighs he had been gazing at all afternoon.

But those thighs - strengthened so well from years of swimming - threatened to strangle Kevin if he didn't do what the girl said.

"I am going to make this real simple Kevbo," she said. "You are going to take your dick out, you are going to let me measure it, and from this day on you will always do as I say."

Kevin not only gave into the girl's orders, but enjoyed doing so.

"Yes mam," he said.

"Now get up," she ordered.

Kevin did so, and without hesitation pulled his huge penis out through the fly of his jeans and let it hang down while he fetched a ruler - a ruler that had absolutely no purpose earlier - from his back pack.

"Your big dick is flopping around again," she said, letting out a girlish giggle.

Kevin brought out the ruler, which was yanked from his hands by the young Aubrey.

She took his dick in her hands and placed the ruler up to it.

Wanting to make sure her measurement was accurate, she yanked on his penis to pull it down as far as it would go.

"Ouch, that hurts," he said.

"Shut up. I want to see just how far it hangs down," she said.

Aubrey kept fidgeting with his penis until it dangled nearly halfway to his knees.

"Spread your legs," she ordered.

Kevin did so, making the size of his penis emphasized even further.

Aubrey then went into the boy's backpack, and took out a camera.

"Hold that pose," she said.

"But Aubrey, this is kind of embarrassing. What if someone - "

Before he could finish talking, camera flashes started going off, as the young girl wanted to fill her role of film with shots much more interesting than trees and mountains.

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