She Saw a Huge Snake

byDiana Retnuhvek©

All of the shots were aimed at his crotch - Aubrey barely even realized if she got his face in any of the pictures.

"Hold your cock for a second - to show how big it is," she demanded, almost like a professional photographer ordering a nude male model.

Kevin did so, and Aubrey stopped snapping shots only when the film ran out. She then finally snatched the ruler again and went back to taking his measurement.

"God if my boyfriend knew I was measuring some guy's dick," she said to herself out loud.

She still found it hard to believe a penis could be so large in its soft state, and the ruler did in fact prove just how large it was.

"Looks like eight and a quarter inches when it's soft," Aubrey said.

"There, are you happy now?" Kevin asked.

"Yes I'm happy. Here, take the stupid ruler and put it back in your backpack," she said, annoyed Kevin was so shy about his privates.

As the two began walking again, it dawned on Aubrey - her alertness dulled earlier by the heat and the sight of Kevin's trouser trout - that she had no idea how big Kevin was in full erection.

That was the whole idea, right? To find out how big he was when he had a boner?

She stopped and turned to the boy.

"Take your dick out again," she said.

"Why?" he asked.

"Because I want to see how big it gets," she said.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"How big it gets when you pop a boner," she replied.

Kevin didn't even bother to argue with the girl now, and when he went to pull his penis out through his fly again, she stopped him for further instructions.

"No no," she said. "Pull your pants down."

Kevin pulled his pants down to his ankles, and his extra baggy, extra long boxer shorts followed.

Aubrey gasped at what she saw - not his penis, she had already seen that. But the pair of balls that hung down almost as far as his schlong did.

"Hold your schlong up for a second - I want to look at your balls," she demanded.

"But Aubrey, I - "

"Do it," she said.

Kevin held up his horse-like penis so Aubrey could get a good long look at his balls, balls that had the size of something a golfer would be teeing off with.

Not shy at all, Aubrey took them in her hand, cupping them, and rolling them around inside their sack.

"Jesus, you have some huge balls," she said. "Reminds me of that song."

"What song?" Kevin asked.

"You know - do your balls hang down, do they really touch the ground, do they wabble while you walk, do they jiggle while you talk," the girl responded in a sing-songy fashion.

Aubrey's dirty language had caused his penis to start to grow into the erection she wanted to see. It not only elongated and inched further out and up, but also grew as thick as one of the tree trunks the two had seen throughout the day.

Too bad Kevin didn't bring a tape measure along instead of a wooden ruler, or else young Aubrey would have measured the thickness of his cock.

Kevin's penis was out of control now, as Aubrey demanded he strip totally nude for her and take a seat on a fallen tree that lay nearby.

She came up to him, her sexy thighs in direct line with his eyes, and marveled at his cock. She then sat next to him, and began a conversation about his dick.

While, of course, she remained fully clothed.

"Jesus Christ, when did it start getting so big?" she asked.

"A few years ago," he said, his embarrassment still present. "I don't know what to do, Aubrey, the thing won't stop growing."

"What do you mean?" she asked, crossing her legs and nudging them against Kevin's, in order to make his throbbing erection grow even longer.

"It's up to 12 and a half inches now. How will I ever fit this thing in my pants if it gets any bigger? Look at it for crying out loud," he said.

Aubrey was already looking at it, but now stared even more intently.

"Thought you never measured it," she said.

"Oh I'm sorry I lied to you Aubrey, really I am," he said. "It's just I'm so embarrassed about it."

"It's not your fault," she said sympathetically. "It's not your fault you were born with a horse dick. I think it's kind of funny."

"Funny?" he asked rhetorically. "You think it's funny when your dick is so big you sometimes sit on it accidentally? Or you think it's funny when your dick is so big can't even wear shorts in the summer time?"

"I'm sorry," Aubrey said, unable to control her laughter. "But I've never seen anything like it before."

Kevin's erection now fell over to the right side, like a fallen redwood.

"Tim-burrr," Aubrey said jokingly.

"Here, let me see something," she said, grabbing his cock and bending it down as far as it would go.

"What are you - "

Before he could finish, Aubrey let go, and let his dick fly up to smack against his belly.

"Wow, you can clap with your dick," she said.

"There's no way I'm gonna be able to fit this back inside my jeans," he said.

Aubrey just laughed at his problem, and kept playing with his huge penis, making it bob up and down and sway back and forth from the right to the left.

"I...I could, you know, jerk off, to make it go down," he said.

That is exactly what Aubrey wanted to see, and she stood up in front of him to get a better view.

Only Kevin wanted just a little help from her.

"Aubrey, could you do something for me?" he asked.

"Anything," she replied. "Except of course get naked."

"No, it's not that. Could you, just maybe..."

"What is it?" she asked.

"Take off your shorts and stand there in your panties for me?"

Aubrey hesitated for a moment, but decided to give young Kevin the thrill of his young life. Besides, he had given her so much in the past few hours.

"Okay," she said.

First her sneakers came off, and then her socks. Her feet, although curled up so she would not have to stand flat-footed on the rough ground, still looked sexy.

She then took off the tight khaki shorts she had teased Kevin with so well to reveal a pair of white cotton panties that let the boy see just how nice her ass really was - she turned around in order for him to get a visual he could masturbate to for many years to come.

Meanwhile, the front of her panties did a great job of covering up the thick forest of pubic hair Kevin would have died to see, but seeing panties was good enough for him right now.

And it showed.

Using a double-fisted technique Aubrey never thought was possible for a guy to do, Kevin used both hands to expertly work his cock into a frenzy, and stroke after stroke was met with cheer after cheer from his audience of one.

"Look out," he warned her. "It's gonna be a gusher."

A thick rope of come spurted out like a geyser, much like the one they had seen just a day before in their travels.

"Jesus," Aubrey said in amazement, followed by "what a load, and my oh my."

Not only was the sight of Kevin's orgasm something special, but also the sound.

"Ummmmmm," he moaned. "Oh God, Aubrey, you are so hot. You are so hot. Oh God look at all the come I'm shooting for you. Look at how big my penis is because of you - look at it for Pete's sake."

Aubrey did indeed look, and was amazed how much goo the boy shot out.

Kevin came almost as long as he peed, stream after stream of hot white come spurting out onto the leaves beneath him.

When finished, Aubrey put her shorts back on but demanded Kevin stay naked until she could see his penis in its soft state once again - she loved to make it flop around.

After chatting some more about his huge penis - Kevin agreed to show it to a select group of Aubrey's hot friends at an upcoming party, they headed to safety.

Sure enough, the parents of the two were waiting at the ranger's station. Worried about them but even more glad to see them, Aubrey's mother raced over to her daughter and spoke of a huge bear she had seen in her travels.

"Mom, I saw a snake," Aubrey replied. "You wouldn't believe the size of the thing."


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