tagFetishShe Sensed I was Submissive Ch. 03

She Sensed I was Submissive Ch. 03


I couldn't believe what I was seeing. She was naked in front of her webcam, rubbing her pussy while 10 guys were stroking their dicks for her. All ten cocks were across her screen like a security guard watching surveillance cameras.

I was restrained and had a big dildo in my mouth, so I couldn't move or say a word.

"Ok, we are going to play a game. The first of you boys to cum has to eat it."

I watched all of the cocks stroking in front of me, while she had her back to me rubbing her pussy for all of them. I wanted nothing more than to be able to rub my cock like all of these guys.

"I bet it is going to be CuckySucky who cums first. He has the smallest dick of you all," she said in a bitchy tone.

"I wish you other men would see his little dick. It is pretty much a clit."

As she said that, I watched him start to spurt his load on the floor in front of him. He was kneeling and rubbed the cum out.

"Good little submissive. Now it is time for you to eat it like a good little bitch."

He got down on his hands and knees and licked the cum up.

"Thanks Cucky. You are such good little cum eater."

She then closed his window, called him a few other derogatory names and continued rubbing her pussy for them.

While she did this, another guy blew his load on his chest. She closed his window.

"Wow King Cock, your cock looks so yummy. You might have my favorite cock right now.

She started rubbing her pussy harder and started to moan louder.

"Now I'm going to rate your cocks and the loser has to cum as I count down from 10 or I'm turning off his camera."

She went through the cocks one by one.

"I'm going to give you a 6, Rocketman. HungGuy, that's an 8. Subby, that's a 4. Camaro Joe, that's a 3. Runner, that's a 6, King, that's an 8. Pussy, that's a 4. Lover, that's a 7."

"Camaro, start jerking and I need you to cum on 1 as I count down."

"10, that's a boy. rub that little thing. 9...8. Seeeeven. Look at how hard that little thing gets. Six - Take your hand off of it and look me in the eyes...good boy. You are going to cum so hard for me. Five. Four. Start jerking it harder and faster. Three. Two. One. Very good. Look at all of that cum."

"Oh, it looks like Runner came already too. You might have a hot body, but you come fast."

There were now only six cocks on her screen.

"I love making you boys cum for me. Subby and Pussy, you two are going to have a contest. I want you to each jerk for me while I rub my pussy thinking about Hung and King's big dicks. You have two minutes to jerk and cum, but the one who cums first has to eat it. "

Both of them started rubbing their dicks furiously, sometimes easing up and taking their hand off.

"If both of you were here at my place tonight, I'd have you 69 with each other until you both swallowed each other's load."

With those words, Pussy shot cum out of his mediocre penis.

"Oh, Pussy, you liked that. now it is time for you to eat it."

Pussy closed his window and disappeared.

"Well boys, Pussy can't handle me, so Subby will have to have to be my cum eater. I'm banning Pussy from my room until he tips me extra. Subby, you have 60 seconds to jerk your little dick and then eat your load."

I watched as he rubbed his cock harder and harder. He was a chubby man with a smaller dick, but he was jerking it as hard as possible.

"That's a good boy. Cum for me. Cum for these titties."

She held her breasts as she said that and boom. He came.

"Ok, bitch boy. get on your knees and eat it or I"m banning you like I did the last one who was afraid to eat his cum."

Like that, Subby was on his knees and eating his cum.

"Lick your fingers and then I'll be content with you."

He licked his fingers and she closed his window.

She turned around and looked at me, smiling with accomplishment.

"Rocket and Runner, it is your turn. Which of you do you think is going to be my bitch? I have a new idea for you two."

She laughed and said, "I want each of you two to hit yourself in the dick and balls five times. Open hand, solid smacks. Ok, go."

And with her command, each of the two fit, hot guys smacked themselves in the crotch. One, two, three, four and five times.

"Can you two handle more? If you can, raise your hand" she commanded.

They both raised their hands.

"Ok, bare ass spanks. 10 spanks with force and then 5 smacks just to the balls. I want you to hold your cock with one hand and smack your balls with the other."

Her obedient boys each smacked their asses without any issues. When it came to smacking their balls, Rocket had trouble hitting his balls. He did it once, but then there was a delay. Runner did it 5 times without any issues.

"Rocket boy, what is wrong? Can you not handle the intensity of hitting your own balls? Do you not realize that I would be hitting the even harder than you are if I was there? I don't think you deserve me."

She closed his camera window.

All that were left were Runner, King Cock and HungGuy. All naked, hard and fully into her ways.

"King and Hung, you are my Alphas. runner, you are my submissive. I don't know if you all like that or care, but that's the reality. King and Hung, you both have big dicks and strong bodies. runner, you'd probably be a great bottom to my strap on. Either way, I still have a submissive in my bedroom, watching this show from behind. He's been watching you all while tied to a chair. Each of you gets 5 minutes to plan what I do to him and how I get to cum. Be as creative as possible and send me a private message with your plan. I'm going to get a drink, to tease my submissive and come back to decide. Oh, and I'm going to roll 1 die to decide. 1 or a 2, it is King. 3 or 4, it is Hung. 5 or a 6, it is runner. Be creative and see you in a few.

Within 5 minutes, she had 3 new messages in her private inbox.

"I'm not going to read all...at least not yet. I'm going to roll and then you'll find out the plan. Best of luck!"

She blew on her hands, made a kissing face to the boys and then rolled. It was a 6.

"Runner, you are the winner. This could be interesting. I'm going to read what you desire and we'll roll with your fantasy."

She read it aloud to the room full of spectators.


Dear Mistress. i want to be your chastity slave. i want You to watch me lock my dick in chastity and for You to hold the key. i will mail it to You and You will hold it until You think that i'm ready to be released. i also think that you should lock up your slave who watched the show from Your room. After i am locked, i would love to watch You get off with Your hitachi while watching King and Hung jerk their big cocks.


I had never been in chastity, but the idea has aroused me in the past. She was beautiful, dominant and this could be incredible But I thought that I didn't have a chastity device.

She turned around and looked at me. Then at my cock.

"I'm going to lock that little thing up and this is going to be fun. I'm going to own two cocks. Or dicks. Or clits. I'll call them what I want, boys."

She left the room and came back with a plastic chastity device.

She showed it to me and then to her cam. In her other hand were a few pieces of ice. She put the on my cock and balls, watching me squirm. My erection started to shrink pretty quickly. She grabbed a bottle of lube, put it inside the plastic device and ordered me to put it on. She untied my arms and let me put the chastity device on.

She assisted me with the final connections and snap, she locked it. She put the keys around her neck on her necklace and showed the keys to the cam site room. She then ordered Runner to put his on and to show her the key.

The feeling was tight but comfortable. I was a bit nervous with it on, but as soon as she acknowledged me and told everybody that I was her little sissy, I felt the erection start to grow as much as it could. She laughed at me tied me to the chair again. Then she started focusing on Runner and his similar predicament.

She then commanded King and Hung to jerk their massive cocks. They seemed to be about twice as large as mine, which made me enjoy the struggle of getting hard.

I watched as the two guys were stroking their massive cocks. She left me alone in the room while I watched each of them cum.

I sat, locked and humiliated while I waited and waited for her to come back into the room. It was just me on one end of the cam and Runner on the other, both locked in chastity.

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