tagMatureShe Thought She was Too Old

She Thought She was Too Old


Frisky Old Bird Next Door

I've always had a thing for mature women. My first two sexual experiences were with much older women when I was fresh out of high school. And though I've dated mostly women in my age group, even marrying a woman seven years my junior, I'm forever turned on by good looking mature women and would hit one every chance I get, but had eased up a bit over the years, especially now that I am thirty-eight and happily married.

Eunice was one such woman. After the death of her husband she had lived alone for one year until two years ago at the insistence of her daughter and son-in-law had moved in next door with them and her two grand-kids.

She was a short, petite brown skinned woman with just a hint of old age chubbiness rounding out her shapely body. She had medium sized boobs that appeared to be keeping up well against gravity. I know, because she would, from time to time, go bra-less while tending to the garden or doing little chores around the yard.

She was one of those people whose age was indeterminable to casual observers and I was surprised when I learned from my wife a year ago that she was actually sixty-four. We'd been guessing early to mid-fifties. The only little giveaway was her almost entirely grey hair which she kept in a low cut afro that seemed to be always sprayed with oil sheen.

She jogged regularly and I enjoyed the sight of her nicely rounded ass bouncing in her close fitting exercise shorts or track trousers when she trotted back home in the early mornings or late afternoons. She was very active, forever flittering here and there like a frisky lamb. And that was what I called her in my mind - Frisky.

From day one I'd been struck by her simmering sexuality which she seemed to be struggling to restrain, but managed to keep my interest hidden and under control. She was a pleasant, good natured and jovial person and we got along well.

About a year ago it became obvious to me that she was subtly flirting with me and enjoying it - not with any definite intention, It seemed - more like that of a person playing little mischievous games just to fight boredom and feel alive, so I indulged her, enjoying as well, the little back and forth teasing and raunchy jokes and remarks we exchanged whenever we were alone in the yard or were out of the hearing of our families. I even started calling her Frisky which amused her. However, I eventually decided that I was going to take it to another level - the ultimate level, and put myself in stand-by mode, my eyes and senses open and waiting for the right signal and opportunity.

A month or so after deciding to fuck her if I saw signs that she was willing and ready to go that way, I returned home unexpectedly one morning about three hours after leaving for work. My car had developed a problem and I'd taken it to the mechanic who promised to have it ready for me later in the afternoon and decided to call it a day as far as work was concerned. After calling in and giving instructions to my immediate subordinate - I'm the head of my department at work, I took a taxi home.

Eunice was in the shade tending to her flower plants that were on the side with my house, the sun having already drifted over to the other side. As I stood in front of the door going into my pocket for my key I called out to her.

"Hi Frisky, making use of the shade I see, guess you don't want the sun making you hotter than you already are. Might bring too much unwanted attention eh?" I said in my usual teasing manner that she'd become used to and obviously enjoyed.

She laughed heartily then said. "Ozzie baby, at my age attention is so scarce not much of it is deemed unwanted. Had I known you'd be returning home at this time I'd have been on the other side soaking up all that sun so I could be nice and hot for your eyes" She laughed again, her light brown eyes sparkling, her full pouty lips breaking apart to reveal neat white teeth.

"Frisky, you're always hot to my eyes, from the first day you were revealed to them. Day or night I can see the fire burning in you." I exclaimed.

"There you go flattering this old girl again, can't say I don't enjoy it though" she said and shyly looked away to the plant in front of her.

I let my eyes roam her attractive mature body. She was wearing a pale blue, almost white, armless cotton shift that stopped a few inches above her knees and had buttons all down the front, a couple of which were loose at the top, enough to show cleavage and a glimpse of creamy bra-less boobs. Another couple was loose at the bottom allowing my eyes, with the help of the present heavy wind, a look at smooth inviting thighs.

"Damn!" I shouted out loud, startling her. I realized that I'd left my entire bunch of keys with the mechanic, and was effectively locked out.

Concern on her face, she asked me what was wrong. I explained the situation to her.

"Well, you have three options; you could call a taxi and go get your keys. You could break into your own home or you can come around to mine, have lunch or a drink and talk away the hours with your old lady friend until it's time to go get your car" she placed her hands on her hips and looked me in the eyes, a slight, teasing smile on her heart shaped brown face.

I took in the pleasing sight of her standing there looking everything like an invitation to fuck and just knew that the moment had finally come. The time was right and she looked ripe and ready, save for a little persuasion and smooth play. Everything had casually and unexpectedly fallen into place.

"I've always wanted to spend some quality time with you my friend, talking over the fence doesn't lend much to bonding" I said, smiling.

"Well, come around, the gate is not locked" she said softly and briefly glancing down at her dress, quickly turned around and hurried off in the direction of her door.

Through the thin pale cotton I could make out the colour and outline of the panties that hugged her ass. It was lime green and didn't look anything like granny panties.

"Mind if I just hop over the fence instead of going all the way round?" I called out.

She stopped and once again looked down the front of her dress and I realized she had wanted to get into the house while I was coming around so she could change into something less revealing.

"Well, its low enough and you're still of an age to try anything" she said stressing on the "anything".

I hopped over and fastened my eyes to the retreating ass that I was dead set on pounding. I could feel my cock already starting to stretch out.

She let me into the house and showed me to a chair.

"Just give me a minute to make myself more decent. I wasn't expecting company so I just dressed for the weather; it's so hot out there." She muttered, a bit nervously as she reached out and switched on a nearby fan.

"No need to put yourself through all that, you don't look a bit indecent to me; as a matter of fact you look quite nice. I like the way you look in this dress." I said reassuringly and as she blushed I quickly added "you dressed for comfort, be comfortable, relax, I don't mind, we're friends"

"Well if it's alright with you why should I worry, thanks" she said and sat down opposite me.

We looked steadily at each other, half smiles on both flushed faces. She spoke first:

"For this weather comfortable clothes is only one part of the remedy, the other part is cold beer." She got up and in her usual frisky manner hurried away in the direction of the kitchen. I immediately kicked off my shoes and got out of my shirt, remaining only in vest and trousers.

She returned with a couple of Banks, the most popular local beer. She stared at me wide eyed but not the least bit apprehensive as she took in the sight of me without shoes and shirt.

"You're all for comfort" she said, smiling sweetly as she handed me the beer. She stretched out her hand and touched bottles.

"Here's to comfort" she said then looked down and added "you forgot the socks" she sat down and I took off the socks and made a big deal of wriggling my toes which brought giggles out of her and she almost choked on her beer.

We chatted idly and the bottles were soon empty.

"Let me go get us some more beer" she said and started to get up.

"No." I said quickly, motioning to her to remain seated as I stood up. "Opportunity like this doesn't come often. We have a few hours, don't let us waste it."

"What do you mean?" she asked, trying to look naïve.

But I knew darned well from the glint in her eyes, the nervous intertwining of fingers and the sudden pressing of her thighs together as she squirmed in her chair that she not only knew, but also felt what I was talking about. So instead of answering I lifted my vest over my head and then proceeded to take off my trousers. When I was down to my heavily bulging briefs, the head of my cock sticking out above the waistband she brought her hands up and covered her face.

"Oh my god, oh my god" I heard her say from behind her hands as I was pulling down my briefs. "I can't believe this is happening, I must be dreaming."

I stepped out of my briefs, stepped forward and stood naked before her, my blood filled tool hard and ready for action.

"You can't believe what is happening Frisky?" she opened her eyes and jumped at the sight of the hard brown cock inches away from her reddened face, jerking intently. She stared at it wide eyed and licked her lips.

"I can't believe that you're going to do it to me ... that I'm ... I'm ...I'm going to have sex after so long. I thought I was too old, that my time had passed. I ... I can't believe you really want me. I mean you ... you are so young and I'm so old."

"You bet your sweet self that I want you Frisky; I wanted you from the first day you said hi to me. You are so sexy. And you are not too old. Age is just a number and I like your number just the way it is."

"Oh my god Ozzie, you really mean that. All this time I thought that we were just playing games with with each other for the fun of it, that you were just being nice, just entertaining the friendly old lady next door."

"You mean you didn't intend it to go this far, you don't really want me to fuck you?"

"No I don't mean that baby, I do want it but never in my wildest imagining did I think it was really possible"

"Well it is possible I'm going to fuck you right now."

"Oh my god, give it to me then, please."

She stared at my jerking cock and her hands came up slowly as if controlled by a puppet master.

"May I?" she asked, looking at my cock and licking her lips hungrily.

Without waiting for my answer she grabbed the cock like it was about to get away from her and stuck into her mouth. She clamped down on it hard and shook her head from side to side like a dog playing with a slipper or rag doll, moaning loudly through her meat stuffed mouth. She gagged and released it briefly as she caught her breath. Then she attacked it again wildly, licking and biting into the hard member before taking it back into her mouth that was like suction around the turgid head. I let her have her way for a while then I reached down and holding her under the arms raised her up into a standing position forcing her to reluctantly pull her mouth away from the cock she'd been avidly working on.

I loosened every button slowly, and let the dress fall away from her slightly trembling frame. Her body was much more compact and smooth than any other mature woman over fifty that I had ever fucked, even those much younger than she was. All the jogging and frisky moving about was keeping her in shape. I was glad, because something about her made me want to fuck her real hard; ride her like she was a young filly. Her body just seemed to be begging for rough handling.

I am usually gentle and never more than mildly rough with mature ladies but from the first day I observed Eunice out in the yard moving about it was as if every move she made was meant to send a subtle message about a special need, a need to be brutally smashed between those slightly plump thighs. Afterwards, I began seeing it even in her eyes; a taunting look inviting anger.

Through the green nylon underwear I could see thick nappy grey bush, some even escaped the confines of panty legs. I pulled them down and she stepped out bringing her hands to shyly cover her grey, downy mat. She tried to make a joke about her condition.

"I don't know if you could find your way through this smoky forest. I'm sorry I wasn't expecting company or I would have weeded the garden."

"Sshhh, I like it, and I will find my way, don't you worry about that."

I moved her hand away and kissed her flush on the hairy vulva. Then I got up and in each hand took one of her drooping, but still fairly smooth and compact boobs. After massaging them gently, I bent over and sucked on each prominent nipple one after the other for about a minute or so.

"Let's go to the bedroom" I heard her whisper softly.

She led me to her room and when we entered I lifted her off the floor and took her to the neatly made bed where I threw her down casually and watched as her small fleshy body bounced about as she laughed like a child, before settling down with her legs and arms spread wide. I threw myself onto the bed and went straight for the old pussy with my mouth. She was already dripping wet from the anticipation of pleasure she'd been so long lusting for. Parting the ages-old growth of nappy wool I found her clit and sucked on it for several minutes before positioning myself for attack between the slim-thick thighs.

As I leaned into the bushy mound stabbing against its softness, I felt her fingers reach down and guide me to the wet entrance. I pushed forward and heard her moan as I parted her lips and forced my way into the tight passage. Satisfied that I was indeed inside and well lined up, I gave a mighty push and went almost all the way into her. She made a loud "aahhhh!" followed by an equally loud "uunnhhhh" as I pushed forward again, burying myself to the hilt in her gripping old snatch.

I remained sunk in her, motionless, for about thirty seconds giving her time to catch her breath and prepare mentally for the battle ahead. I moved back and without any preliminary little pokes I went into full slaughter mode and began pounding her with hard and long rapid cock punches. After a minute of pounding she raised her legs high in the air and I wrapped my arms around them, trapping them on my shoulders and leaning forward pressed them almost onto her breasts. I continued pounding the game old pussy as she oooohed and aaaahed loudly.

I heard her say in halting breaths. "Oh Ozzie baby, how did you guess I like it like this?" "I don't really know for sure, something in the way you move your body and a certain look in your eyes, even the way you talk, hinted at it." During all the talk I hadn't missed a beat. I just rammed her relentlessly, hearing my groin go plop plop against hers. After a while she begged me to let her lower her legs.

She spread legs and arms wide and I saw her grip the sheet tightly.

"Okay my sweet baby boy, listen to me. Fuck my old pussy as hard as you can. Rattle these old bones, make them shake and creak. This might not happen again, if this is to be my last time in the ring I want it to be a long brutal fight, and I don't care about winning, just smash me to bits, gave me something I can remember for the rest of my days and smile about. Fuck me!" She ended in an almost scream and thrust upward hard against the stiff tool buried in her.

"Shit, this is one crazy and passionate old bird, but I like it" I thought, as I began plunging in and out of her at rapid fire, hearing the pussy go swish swish with every thrust.

Her bush had cut or bruised my cock head and I could feel the pain and burning, but I kept going as I felt she was near coming. She suddenly shouted as her body erupted in a volcanic orgasm. After she had stopped jerking I turned her onto her side and raising her leg a bit into the air slammed her from behind ignoring my chafing cock. Next I put her on all fours and hit her hard doggy style, watching her ass jiggle and bounce as I poured sweat onto her. I gripped her fleshy hips and ripped into her passionately.

She rolled her hips and ass in pleasure and encouragement against my slamming and deep grinding and soon I was having my own eruption and I forced her onto her belly. She reached around and sunk her fingers into my ass cheeks as I emptied into her and I felt her walls massage my softening dick. The old girl certainly knew a trick or two.

We got up and had a shower together then a quick snack and a beer. Fifteen minutes after finishing our beers we were once again on the bed that had required fresh, dry sheets and she was sucking my cock back to hardness despite its bruised condition. When I was fully hard she lathered both my tender cock and her equally bruised, battered and tender pussy with coconut oil, got on top of me and began riding my dick hard. I reached up and grabbed the dangling breasts, squeezing them hard as she said:

"Yes, yes, yes" she leaned forward and I took one of them into my mouth and sucked on it hard while my hand twirled the nipple of the other one.

I felt her beginning to cum and bit into the brown hard pip as she screamed with pleasure and shook like a slaughtered fowl doing its last flutter. She didn't dismount. The old bird continued to ride me, grinding, jerking and rolling on my groin until I broke and shot cum up into her grey snatch. That wasn't the end, we had one more go about ninety minutes later and after another shower I got dressed and left for the mechanic's. I'd never before met a mature lady who could fuck as hard and long as my Frisky. It's been three years since that first day and we still fuck every opportunity we get.

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Me too please

I would love to ride a busty old woman, watching her tits jiggle as I move in and out of her pussy

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my wife loves it

love it I want a younger guy with nice big cock to fuck my sweet old wife. she likes big cocks and I haven't got that.

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